THE CROSSING: First Look at ABC’s New Mystery Series


THE CROSSING begins in the idyllic fishing town of Port Canaan — an American town with coffee shops and bookstores. Sheriff Jude Miller’s days aren’t filled with high-intensity police work….until something inexplicable happens. One day hundreds of bodies wash up on a beach. Many of them are dead, but 47 of them have survived.

Enter Department of Homeland Security Agent, Emma Ren, who joins Miller to assess the situation. But the two are confused — after all, there have been no plane crashes or boat accidents that would explain how the people washed up on the store. And everyone is strangely asking for asylum — because they are Americans fleeing a war that is supposed to happen 150 years in the future.

The survivors explain that they are escaping a genetically superior population of humans who have ascended to power in the future and embarked on a campaign to kill off all members of the lower classes. They’ve traveled back to this time to find a better life, but conspiracy theories soon spring up. Are the refugees actors or invaders? To determine their true motives, they’re held in a secret location under strict supervision.

Soon Miller finds himself marginalized by Emma and the Feds. He’s shocked when he’s confronted by Rae — one of the survivors who seems to be a member of the advanced master race. But Rae is just a mother desperate to find the daughter she has been separated from and Miller is called upon to help.

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THE CROSSING stars Steve Zahn, Sandrine Holt, Natalie Martinez, Tommy Bastow, Jay Karnes, Rick Gomez, Kelly Missal, Simone Kessel, Marcuis Harris, Bailey Skodje, Rob Campbell, John D’ Leo and Grant Harvey. Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie and Jason Reed will serve as executive producers.

THE CROSSING will air midseason on ABC (see ABC’s full fall 2017 schedule).

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