SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Trapped In the Bunker


At the end of the last episode of SUPERNATURAL it was revealed that the British Men of Letters had successfully managed to brainwash Mary Winchester. When faced with her pleading sons, she turned her back — and her gun — on them. Now the Brits are planning on take down all of the American hunters and they’ve locked Sam and Dean in their own bunker to slowly run out of air and die. Toni Bevell — newly returned from England — also made an apperance. But Ketch seems determined to get rid of her so that he can rise through the ranks of the organization and locked her in there with the Winchester brothers.

Now the boys are faced with finding a way to escape their home and save their mother from her brainwashing. Dean suggests they kill Toni to buy themselves an extra day of air, but she tells the boys that she’s the only one who can successfully un-program their mother. Of course, the only way to even get Mary back is to get out of the bunker and in order to do that the boys are going to start digging to see if they have any items or spells in there with them that could help.

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Meanwhile, in the second hour of the finale the brothers do make their way out of the bunker and come up against Lucifer, who seems determined to ensure that his child is born.

The two-hour SUPERNATURAL season finale airs tonight (May 18) beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. And if you didn’t hear the news coming out of the network’s Upfront presentation, SUPERNATURAL will be doing an animated SCOODY DOO episode in season 13.

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