SUPERNATURAL: Let’s Speculate About Season 13


The season 12 finale of SUPERNATURAL had quite the body count (read our recap). Normally I’m not one to deal with speculation — I much prefer facts and spoilers — but this finale had the potential to be more of a game changer than we’ve seen of SUPERNATURAL for many, many years. And so with months to go before we get confirmation of what will happen, it might be fun to speculate on what’s to come.

Before we go on let me be very clear: I do not possess any spoilers that you, dear reader, don’t know. Everything I say from this point forward is 100% pure speculation on my part. It is entirely possible that I may be absolutely, completely wrong about this theory. But if I was writing this show, this is how I would do it.

So with that in mind, let’s begin with the facts….

What We Know

The British Men of Letters are, essentially, dead in America. It’s clear that at least part of the vast organization still exists in the UK, but I suspect that we won’t see them again, or at least for a long while. I think that story is concluded (for now).

Rowena is dead. We didn’t see Lucifer kill her, but it seems as if she is definitely gone. Her possible return is probably the most uncertain part of this speculation. Then again, they didn’t even bring Ruth Connell back to kill off her character, so if we never see some version (we’ll get to that soon) of Rowena again I would be extremely disappointed.

Crowley is dead. In some ways, the character had a bit of a redemption arc. He went out in perfect Crowley style — having proven his “loyalty” to his unlikely frenemies, the Winchesters, but not allowing Lucifer to best him one last time, even if he had to kill himself to do it. Crowley, in other words, went out on his own terms.

Castiel is dead. Unlike Crowley, Cas is a far more tragic figure in death. It’s clear now that he wasn’t really brainwashed by the nephilim, but he was shown a future he hoped would come to fruition. And in the end he died trying to stop Lucifer, but he didn’t achieve his purpose and so there’s a certain amount of tragedy to his demise. The interesting thing is that, despite the fact that the scene was quite dark, it seems very likely that you could see Castiel’s burnt and broken wings on the ground after his death once the camera panned up to the overhead shot. Frankly, they look different from the full wings we used to see of angels before the “fall”.


I think this is important because back in 2015 while visiting the SUPERNATURAL, we spoke to the VFX department about why we hadn’t seen burnt angel wings in recent seasons at that time. VFX Supervisor Mark Meloche explained that the showrunner at the time (Jeremy Carver) had made the choice not to show the wings any longer. Now we have a different showrunner (Andrew Dabb), but it’s interesting that he chose to bring back the burnt wings for this particular moment. Was it to prove that Castiel was, indeed, dead?

A multi-verse exists in the SUPERNATURAL universe. I’m always happy to see Jim Beaver return to the show, but what was the purpose of this alternate world? (Let’s call it Earth 2 for simplicity’s sake). Was it just a place to temporarily lock up Lucifer and Mary? If what was the case, then why show us an Earth 2 version of a beloved character? Was it for expository purposes only? Was that world going to try and spill over into the existing SUPERNATURAL world a la the MORTAL KOMBAT movie?

E2 Bobby was also very clear — there exists no copies of our show’s two lead characters in this alternate reality. There is no Sam or Dean and both Winchester parents are dead on Earth 2. Why specifically address that fact if that wasn’t going to lead somewhere? I think it was crucial to understanding this speculation. But what we know is that Earth 2 exists and that it is possible that different versions of some characters who have died in the normal SUPERNATURAL reality could exist, much like E2 Bobby.

Mary and Lucifer are trapped on Earth 2. Neither of them are dead, but right now there seems no hope that they might return to their Earth unless Jack were to open up another portal. There exists no alternate version of Mary in Earth 2, but I suppose there could be an alternate version of Lucifer there.

Kelly is dead and the nephilim (Jack) has been born. Whether or not Jack is evil remains to be seen. His ultimate purpose (whether it’s to destroy like Lucifer or bring peace to the world as Cas had hoped) is unknown. The powers he possesses are also unknown. Let’s assume, however, that Jack does not have the power to supernatural beings back to life, as only God/Chuck seems to possess that power and he has headed out on vacation with his sister.

Let’s go on a short tangent here because I know what you’re going to say — angels have the ability to bring people back from the dead. Dean, Sam and Charlie were all resurrected thanks to angels. Here, however, is the difference — in each of those cases their souls were returned to their (healed) bodies. Angels do not have souls. That’s been made clear to us. Presumably when an angel dies they are simply gone. God, having created everything, could bring back angels (much like he did with Cas) because he created them in the first place. But there’s been no confirmation that an angel, an archangel or even a hybrid-archangel such as Jack could resurrect an angel, so how could someone like Jack simply bring Castiel back to life? That would blatantly violate everything we know about the show’s canon.  In addition, every time Cas has died in the past it was because he was exploded. He’s never experienced death the way that other angels have — by being stabbed with an angel blade and seeing his burnt wings. Angels don’t come back from that (and yes, there’s been a hint that maybe Gabriel survived but that hasn’t been proven and it’s speculation up until this point).

Meanwhile, demons are slightly different than angels as they are souls that were twisted into evil. Technically Crowley could possibly be brought back to life, but I think that the history of the show dictates that it’s unlikely. There has to be a reason they showed both Castiel and Crowley “fizzling” out as they died and why these are the deaths those two species experience. The fizzling out essentially indicates that their essences — the things that make them “alive” — are obliterated.

So that brings us to the speculation portion.

Is This What Season 13 Has in Store for SUPERNATURAL?

In order for this speculation to proceed we have to assume something extremely specific: that the versions of both Crowley and Castiel as we know them are truly dead and they will not be returning. However, I think it’s unlikely that both Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins are actually gone from the show permanently. How, then, do you bring one or both of them back?

In addition, let’s see what Andrew Dabb told EW before the finale: “There are some things that happen that impact strongly and directly on the [Winchester brothers], while at the same time, we are starting a new chapter in the show, [though] not in a way of erasing what’s come before,” Dabb says. “I think it’s something that will be a natural progression of what we’ve done but also cool and different and hopefully give us a lot of energy going into season 13.”

How does one start a whole new chapter if one or both of Castiel and Crowley are simply resurrected somehow (even if it takes work to make that happen)? That seems like the same old chapter to me.

Again, this is pure speculation on my part — but what if the new chapter involves the Earth 2 versions of Castiel and/or Crowley? What if, somehow, these supernatural creatures have inhabited the same vessels (that seems a bit farfetched in a world where the through-line from point A to B is completely different, but let’s assume it’s the case). What if Mary and Lucifer somehow come across one or both of these alternate versions of Castiel and Crowley at some point early on in season 13?

And what if the Winchesters find a way to open up the portal once again (with or without Jack’s help) and out comes Earth 1 Mary and Lucifer and Earth 2 Castiel and Crowley? Then E2 Cas and/or Crowley need to figure out a way to live on E1…

Such a situation would shake up the dynamics of the show. The Earth 2 versions of Castiel and/or Crowley could be entirely new characters in a way that Demon Dean or Soulless Sam weren’t. It’s the ultimate nature versus nurture argument — there will likely be some similarities to the characters that we know, but they would have gone through an entirely different set of circumstances. They live in a world where the apocalypse happened. They have never met Sam and Dean and have never been affected by their friendships with them. They are how to introduce entirely new characters while still utilizing the same actors. What we know of Earth 1’s Castiel and Crowley does not disappear (in other words, Dabb is not “erasing what’s come before”), but we would be starting a new chapter with semi-new characters.

If this doesn’t happen and somehow Cas and/or Crowley is simply resurrected using Jack’s powers or there’s another explanation (like one or both of them were inexplicably switched somehow with their counterparts and didn’t actually die), then that would be the worst storytelling choice the writers could make. Bringing back the same characters is not new. It’s not bold. It’s a cop out of the cheapest order and it would be cowardly for the writers to fall back into old, stale patterns. The show needs a shake up and this would be the best way to do it without resetting the whole mytharc. Earth 2 would also give the writers the opportunity to return other deceased characters in new ways and to show us how these characters would be different for not having had Dean and Sam in their lives.

SUPERNATURAL has a limited shelf life left. Eventually the show has to come to an end in the next few years. It’s simply inevitable. If we assume that there’s a clock ticking down somewhere, Dabb can opt to continue the status quo for another few years. But I wonder if he chose a different route instead. Again, this is pure speculation, but it would breathe a new shot of life into the show’s supporting characters and find a way to shake things up.

UPDATE: Mark Sheppard (Crowley) has announced that he is leaving the show after the season 12 finale, which means that original Crowley will not be returning and it looks like E2 Crowley will also not be making an appearance. Meanwhile, Misha Collins (Castiel) also said at a recent convention that he will be returning, although he did hedge his words a bit and said “I do think we’ll see a version of [Cas] again”. There seems to be no indication with respect to Castiel whether this speculation is correct, but I’m hoping I’m right. If not, as I mentioned above, simply healing him would fly in the face of canon and just return us to the status quo (except minus Crowley).

SUPERNATURAL will return this fall for season 13. Hopefully by the time Comic-Con rolls around we’ll get some indication of whether this speculation is completely off base or if it’s possible.

In the meantime, what do you think? Is this speculation completely off base or do you agree? Or do you have some thoughts of your own?


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  • Dana

    It’s a different world with its own different rules! So maybe it was in that world all about Dean and Sam to never be born so they don’t stop it, i guess. This dimension is just another possibility like the one they’ve been sent to when they became the actors Jensen and Jared! This is my explanation and idk if it makes any sense to you.

  • percysowner

    To be fair, the beings that have beaten us over the head with it are the angels, who aren’t the most reliable of narrators. Azazel went around collecting multiple candidates for Lucifer’s vessel. Now, he then got them to kill each other off, apparently believing that was the way to find the best bet, but they all had to be able to hold Lucifer in one way or another. Basically Lucifer was pretty much down to one really suitable vessel, Michael, not so much. Once Lucifer was released and the angels really got involved it was in their interest to convince Dean to say yes to Michael. Michael told Dean he wasn’t the ONLY vessel, merely the best. Michael readily inhabited John and a resurrected Adam, so he wasn’t THAT picky.

    Dean fit a narrative that the angels liked. He was readily available and already angry with Sam for having “betrayed” him in season four. It was easier to stoke that anger and set up the big cage match with the one they thought was their strongest contender. There is a lot more pressure when you are told you are the ONLY choice to save the world vs. being told you are the best, and you’ll have to kill your brother, but if you say no Joe Blow over there will do in a pinch.

    In a world without Sam and Dean, Ava or Jake might have one the Lucifer’s vessel crown and the angels would have found some Winchester cousin to say yes to Michael. That leaves no one to stop the Apocalypse and possibly two weaker vessels fighting to a draw, keeping the Apocalypse going for years.

  • RxThexLetter

    Or it could just be a world where the British Men of Letters Never existed (or the entire order for that matter) because remember, the UK has been clear of monsters for centuries. Maybe the only reason Sam and Dean needed to exist was because the other options were in the UK and would not be obtainable?

  • Morrigan Aensland

    Ya I agree with you. Also Billie mentioned something about old Death and new Death. Also still wondering what the cosmic consequences are gonna be. They didn’t bring this subject up again.

  • Stan Eisen

    Thank you! Well Said! I agree with you 100%. The accusations of misogyny completely ignore the entire premise of the show (which you eloquently pointed out, is about two brothers living a nomadic life fighting evil, which leaves almost no time or energy for romance or relationships). Activists typically want to force their wishes on the masses and when their desires are not satisfied, they revolt and throw a tantrum until something changes. For things that matter, that’s great, for a TV show, not so much. I just read a story out of Portland where two white females traveled to Mexico to learn how to cook Mexican food. They returned to Portland, started their own business and began selling authentic Mexican food (from a food truck I believe). Leftists freaked and protested enough to get them closed down because they “culturally appropriated” their recipes from the poor Mexicans and were exercising their white privilege… Rather than empower two women with the guts to do what they did, they tore them down… Sad.

  • Shazam

    He didn’t kill Death, it was a Reaper. Dean killed Death at the end of season 10.

  • Rachel Royce

    I am so f-ing sad about Cass, Rowena, and Crowley. They’re the reasons I kept with the show so long (Sam and Dean too of course but those three made the show so much more fun. I think the point of E2 has to do with the cosmic consequences Billy warned us about and Cass killed Billy to save the Winchesters. Perhaps E2 was to kind of show Sam and Dean how important they really are to the world. I don’t think that’s the only reason though because it seems too easy. I think Rowena, Cass, and Crowley (not Sheppard) are going to make reappearances in E2. I mean, why not? Bobby was there. Why not those three? Also I don’t want Crowley to come back as a regular anymore. I really liked his ending. It was so Crowley, and his character I think has gone as far as it can. Almost the same for Rowena, but she so wouldn’t have gone out like a b****. She’ll be back (I hope). As for Cass, I want him back and I really don’t think his character has evolved in the way he should have. But I don’t think he’ll come back for good. It was like with Bobby’s death, too important to the Winchesters as a defining moment. I really don’t know what’s going to happen with Mary, but I hope she comes back. She still owes Dean and Sam so much, and I think her character right now is too important for the brothers’ development. Also I think she was trapped with Lucifer so there’s a reason to let Lucifer out again. Otherwise, why trap her? There would be no reason. And perhaps another reason for E2 is to bring back Michael. His character has been gone too long IMO and I think it would be really cool for him to come back into play. But if Michael’s there, will we have 2 Lucifer’s? So much speculation and room for an exciting new season! Anyway, that’s my opinion. I think all three will be at least seen again, with E2.

  • Rachel Royce

    Well, there’s a world were the supernatural doesn’t exist and even a tv show about it. And John had another son who could have been and is a vessel. Perhaps they went another way. We’ve never really explored John’s family. Maybe something different happened. Also they never said this was Lucifer and Michael fighting, it was angels vs demons. Maybe they don’t even have anything to really do with this fight.

  • Rachel Royce

    I think Mary had to come back. I didn’t like her story and she was so annoying and I was mad about her and ketch and she really pissed me off. But I think her character is needed. It gives Sam and Dean closure with the mom they idealized when deep down they knew everything is her fault and they finally got to face that. And I don’t think Dean will grieve her. I think Dean’ll grieve Cass. He was their brother and they’ve been through so much together, much more than Mary. No I don’t think Mary will be grieved because I think the boys are gonna try to get her back, but Cass, his death I think will nearly destroy Dean.

  • Ben Loucius

    Castiel is one of the Biggest main character the reason why people watch the show is because of him and the winchesters the show would totally suck with him if castiel doesn’t come back i’ll just stop watching it . and he has powers to help hunt too.

  • Ali Mae Olmstead

    BRING BOBBY BACK!!! i would love see him and mary interact! Honestly though i haven’t liked her character anywhere near as much as i loved bobby! Come on writers he wants to come back!!

  • Adam

    This season is where the show finally jumped the shark for me. Supernatural season 12 was a huge F U to its British fanbase. I’m also guessing someone ordered sweeping changes behind the scenes. It’s good that they got rid of so much baggage (and some annoying minor characters) but bad that they killed Rowena off-camera (the actress or the character must have really annoyed someone for her to be written out like that!). There’s no way the show runners went Game of Thrones without someone’s orders; this show was getting way too inbred and nepotistic. I mean, bringing Mary back now? What was that about? Why did the show need to go backwards? And bear in mind that I LOVE the show, I just think that Supernatural has had its day. Too many poor and confusing decisions which resulted in a massacre of established characters.

  • Federer Brasileiro

    I think they will find MIGUEL in E2. And… well, the rest you know.

  • seriouslyticked

    I just want Rowena back!!!!

  • William L Bermudez

    Nice speculation. Remember a normal nephilim was pretty powerful. Jack is human with archangel grace and almost rip reality apart just by be born. There is a reason the heavenly host want them to die. I think Jack will be scary powerful. I will like to add that, demons are humans souls corrupted but humans souls, the show was pretty clear with that at season 8 through 10. Returning to the nephilim; maybe Jack can bring Castiel back. Remember this show is famous because of cliffhangers finales. Which I hated sometimes. You know what? they forget Jesse little kid from season 4. Half demon, half human make Cass a toy. I think Jack will blast everybody minds. Season 13 here we go!!!!

  • Apolloyn

    Not true. God boasted of just how many times he’s again, over and over put castiel back together again. All he said was hard. Was Arc-angels, as they were the stuff of primordial creation. So it would indeed be no feat for Jack to bring cass back as if my assumption is correct. We are about to meet a truly powerful being unlike any we have. Short of God. Or the darkness, but far beyond Satan or any other.

  • Samantha Fritz

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  • Keri Robinson

    i would of sooner of had Crowley back then Cas the storylines for Cas has run out in my option why there hasn’t been much back story to Crowley it is such a shame that we lost Mark next season i also hoping that Mary will never be back in the show but i think they will and there is also talk about Chuck bringing Cas back please don’t i like Chuck but in very small doses. at least we get Jody back for at least one with the spin off in the works but not overly fussed on Donna being in spin off she annoys me so much