THE 100 Season 4 Finale Sneak Peek: Death Comes for Us All

the 100

THE 100 season finale is finally here, and with it comes the long wait for season 5. In last week’s episode, Bellamy, Clarke, Echo, Emori, Murphy, Monty, and Harper finally made it to Raven at Becca’s Lab, but as a result they had no time left to get back to Polis. Instead, the ragtag crew hatched a plan to head into space and ride out the death wave, using the remnants of the Ark to survive. So by the time The 100 returns to The CW next spring, we could be looking at a very different show.

First though, we have to see what becomes of everyone in tonight’s final episode, titled Praimfaya. Written by creator Jason Rothenberg and directed by The 100 regular Dean White, the season finale is a literal race against time as everyone readies for the end of the world. At Polis, Jaha and Kane will need to work together to select the 100 souls from Skaikru who will join 1100 Grounders from the remaining 11 clans down in the Second Dawn bunker.

Meanwhile at the lab, those trapped outside the bunker have their work cut out for them as well. Not only do they have to prepare an oxygen generator and enough food to last them for five years while on the Ark, but the road getting into space will be just as dangerous. As Raven tells the crew, they’re only going to have an hour of time to get there on the rocket, so the odds are really stacked against them.

Still, by the end of the episode, we should know who survives in the bunker and out in space (or maybe even on the ground in the case of Clarke and her nightblood), yet finding out if there’ll be a five-year time jump may have to wait until next season.

Watch sneak peeks from the episode below. THE 100 season 4 finale airs tonight (May 24) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. The show will be returning in the winter of 2018 for its fifth season.

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