It appears that SUPERNATURAL is taking another shot at the spin-off game. Several years ago the show attempted a spin-off titled BLOODLINES which wasn’t well-received and never proceeded to series. But it seems that this time around the show’s producers might be basing a spin-off around a well-known SUPERNATURAL character: Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes). Warner Bros has declined to comment on this story, so the news is speculative, but it sounds like a new spin-off is in the works.

Titled WAYWARD SISTERS, the rumor is that the new series will be introduced as a backdoor pilot during SUPERNATURAL’s upcoming 13th season and will focus on Mills and a group of troubled young women who have all been orphaned by supernatural tragedy. Together the women would come together to create a monster-fighting force. There’s no confirmation yet on which other characters might join the spin-off, but there have been several SUPERNATURAL characters connected to Jody (including Claire Novak, Alex Jones and Sheriff Donna Hanscum) that would fit in with this world.

If the series proceeds, Andrew Dabb and Robert Berens would serve as writers and would be joined by Phil Sgriccia, Robert Berens as producers.

It’s likely we’ll hear official confirmation about this in the near future — perhaps even at San Diego Comic-Con, which kicks off on July 19.

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