OZARK Sneak Peek: The Byrde Family Flees in Netflix’s New Drama Series


Jason Bateman stars as Marty Byrde in the new Netflix drama OZARK, which co-stars Laura Linney as his wife Wendy.

The Byrde family, along with teenage kids Charlotte and Jonah, are like any other normal except. For the fact that Marty is a Chicago financial advisor who also serves as the top money launderer for the second largest drug cartel in Mexico. Marty and his family are at risk when his situation with the cartel goes awry, which prompts Marty to move his family from Chicago to the lake region of the Missouri Ozarks.

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In the sneak peek below we see Wendy prompting Marty to go to the police, but he doesn’t think they’ll make it that far. With everyone’s lives in danger his only option is to sell the house and flee the city.

OZARK premieres on Netflix on July 21.

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