OUTLANDER: Starz Announces Premiere Date for Season 3

Starz has officially confirmed that season 3 of OUTLANDER will premiere on Sunday, September 10th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. The cable channel also released the key art, which can be viewed below. In addition, new photos from upcoming episodes are in the slideshow above.

In season 3 of OUTLANDER — which picks up right after Claire returns to her life in 1948 — we see her pregnant with Jamie’s child. As she struggles with the fallout of her reappearance, she also has to deal with her marriage to her first husband, Frank.

Meanwhile, Jamie is back in the 18th century suffering the after-effects of the battle of Culloden and the loss of Claire. Years pass for both of them and they learn to build a life awy from each other. But, as we saw at the end of season 2, there’s a possibility that Claire can return to the past and be reunited with Jamie again.

Key Art_ Outlander S3 (tune in)

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