Netflix Embraces the Power of the “Girl Squad”


There’s been a shift lately, both in entertainment and in social movements. The Women’s March in January showed the power of women working together to present a strong message. And the recent financial success and critical acclaim of WONDER WOMEN has shown that female-led movies can stand toe-to-toe with traditional superhero films at the box office.

Netflix is embracing the power of the “girl squad” throughout their series and in their messaging. Shows such as ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, GLOW, UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT and JESSICA JONES put women in the leading roles, focusing on them and, often, their relationships with other women. These women are flawed and they’re real — but they’re also strong, together and individually. From the looks of it, Netflix is bringing a strong group of women behind the camera in order to get strong female characters in front of the camera as well — building a supportive network of female talent on and off screen.

Want to feel inspired for the direction of politics and entertainment? As a woman, do you want to see yourself represented on your screen? Watch the video from Netflix below, highlighting the strong female voices that they are broadcasting.

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