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GAME OF THRONES Preview: Who Will Stand Together?

HBO dropped a new GAME OF THRONES trailer during the show’s panel at Comic-Con today and the preview shows a look at the week’s ahead after the recent premiere. Daenerys has arrived on the shores of Westeros and has settled at Dragonstone where she is waiting to make her move to seize the Iron Throne. Cersei is not just going to roll over and let a usurper take the throne she has schemed to get for so long, so she wants to convince others to join her in opposing the daughter of the Mad King.

Meanwhile, Jon has become aware that Dany has dragons and a large store of dragonglass and he would prefer to make an alliance with her in order to stand against the army of the Night King. But there are some among his followers who don’t trust the Targaryens.

Now we have three major camps who could unite or fight in the coming days: Cersei, Jon and Dany.

GAME OF THRONES airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.