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iZOMBIE at Comic-Con: The Cast & Producers Tease Season 4

When we last saw the characters of iZOMBE, Discovery Day had come and gone and the existence of zombies had been revealed to the public. Major opted to become a zombie again and Fillmore Graves had told the rest of the United States that the zombies would continue to live in peace in Seattle if the rest of the country sent brains to them. Some citizens were fighting back, while Ravi had asked Liv to scratch him and turn him into a zombie so they could keep testing the cure.

The cast of iZOMBIE — Rose McIver, (Liv) Malcolm Goodwin (Clive), Rahul Kohli (Ravi), Robert Buckley (Major), David Anders (Blaine), Aly Michalka (Peyton), and executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright — came to San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the events of season 3 as well as what we have to look forward to when season 4 premieres in 2018.

New Seattle. Seattle is now a walled-in city called “New Seattle”. Thomas says they’ve been talking about Discovery Day from the first days of getting into the writers’ room when the series began. They originally thought around season 4 is when the secret would be too big not to come out and although they did it a little bit early they thought now was the right time. The truth being out would “give us so many more stories we could tell”.

Rebellious Liv. Is her secret getting out freeing for Liv? McIver says it’s not a “dream outcome”, but now she’s really supported and there are other zombies like her who are “out”. We know that she’ll be commanding a little bit more respect in the police station because now every detective has a zombie that they work with and she really pioneered that relationship with Clive. She will be developing a bit more of a rebellious streak as she doesn’t necessarily like how things are being handled. Thomas said one of the big friction points in the show will be between Liv and Major in terms of how “New Seattle has shaken out”. Major supports how Fillmore Graves wants to run things (an authoritarian system), while Liv thinks they’ve “pushed things a bit too far”.

Finding His Family. Major has had a pretty “rocky road”, according to Buckley, but in season 4 he has really found a home in Fillmore Graves. It provides him with a sense of purpose and, as Thomas said, it’s going to cause a problem between him and Liv.

Supportive Clive. With Dale now a zombie, we’re going to see Clive really supporting her, just as he’s been supporting Liv since he learned about her secret.

The DeBeers Family. Will Blaine thrive in New Seattle? Anders says that Blaine is back to his fun old “moustache-twirling ways” and he revealed that Blaine has taken over his father’s business. Shady Plots has become a “Michelin-star cemetery-to-table restaurant” and it will be renamed “Romero’s”. In addition, we learned that Robert Knepper (Angus) will be a series regular in season 4 of iZOMBIE, which means that Blaine’s father will be around to continue to torture him, despite currently being at the bottom of a well.

Peyton’s New Position. Peyton has been given new authority and new power while working for the Mayor (who is a zombie). There will be more cases that will be zombie-against-human and she is left having to prosecute these criminals who are running amok. You’ll also be seeing her more in a courtroom in season 4. Now that the secret is out in the world it opens up so many possibilities for the characters, although Michalka does hope that Peyton remains a human.

The Dynamic of Season 4 Now that the Secret is Out. Thomas says the first two seasons were built around end-of-the-season confrontations with big bads, but in season 4 we’ll have more smaller bads rather than just one big one. Angus will come out of the well and will be “up to no good”. He will have a lot of violent, pro-zombie people on his side. There will be a human terrorist organization (the “Dead Enders”) that doesn’t want zombies to fraternize with humans. Chase Graves, meanwhile, will be trying to hold down the middle. You’ll have angry humans on one side and angry zombies on the other and everyone else in the middle.

Refugee Crisis. There will also be a serious refugee crisis in New Seattle as everyone with a terminal disease will want to get inside the city so they can become a zombie and live. But there’s not enough brains to support the growing zombie population so Chase Graves will want to stop the flow of humans coming into the city and wants to make it illegal for zombies to turn humans.

iZOMBIE Ships. There will be a “gentleman that Liv takes a fancy to this season” that they named simply because of the shipper name they know will stem from it. Thomas is counting on the fans to come up with the shipper name he wanted when they meet this new character. In addition, it sounds like Peyton and Blaine are definitively over.

iZOMBIE will return midseason on The CW.