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LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Comic-Con Preview: The Crew Tries to Fix Time in Season 3

When we last saw the crew on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW they had essentially “broken time”, causing serious consequences for the world. For example, they arrived in present-day Los Angeles to find dinosaurs roaming the city. During the show’s Comic-Con panel The CW released a new preview for season 3 of the show.

How will the Legends fix time? “One episode at a time,” teased the producers. The show will open with a direct pick-up from the end of the last season and while they’re not going to fix all time right away, they will start dealing immediately with dinosaurs in Los Angeles. The Legends also won’t just be the only game in town. Rip Hunter has reconstituted a new version of the Time Hunters and the big question for the team will be where they fit into this new playing field — because they definitely aren’t the only game in town and they’re not necessarily the best in terms of time travel.

In terms of new villains, last year the producers loved having a collection of bad guys and they want to continue drawing from familiar faces and villains from the various DC shows. The producers also announced that Damian Darhk will be returning (with Neal McDonough returning as a series regular). The last time we saw him was in Miami in 1987 and in the next season they’ll be meeting a new version of Damian — one who is a bit more dark this time. The show will also be bringing back Captain Cold (as a recurring guest star) but he won’t necessarily be “version that [Rory] remembers”. Expect a different version of Leonard Snart.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW will return for a new season on October 10 on The CW.