LUCIFER Comic-Con Season 3 Preview: A New Spring in Lucifer’s Step


When we last saw Lucifer he had been kidnapped and was dumped in the middle of a dessert. Oh yeah, and his wings are back! Who had taken him and how did his white wings return? That’s a big mystery for season 3 of LUCIFER.

A preview that aired during the show’s Comic-Con panel reveals a lot of new footage from season 3. Lucifer has a new spring in his step as he strolls through the streets in a white suit to match his white wings. Meanwhile, Chloe and Dan are back together and kissing on the job. Plus there’s a cage fight between Lucifer and Amenadiel and Ella as a showgirl.

Fox also announced that SMALLVILLE’s Tom Welling will be joining the cast for season 3 as a police officer.

LUCIFER returns on October 2 on Fox.

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