ONCE UPON A TIME at Comic-Con: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 7


ONCE UPON A TIME is getting a reboot for its upcoming seventh season and some fans might be curious about the show continuing with the departure of so many prominent characters, including Emma, Snow White, Prince Charming, Belle, Zelena and more.

Executive producer Eddie Kitsis says they had a plan for the original show that ran six seasons and they wanted characters to get their happy endings. Now it’s time for a new adventure. They don’t plan on erasing the last six years in any way, but they’d like for fans to come on a new journey with them. The producers hope that some of the departed characters will pop up throughout the next season.

ABC brought the first two scenes of the new season to Comic-Con and the first show us Henry (who has graduated from high school) departing from Storybrooke. He wants to keep telling his own story and he doesn’t think he can do that in this realm. Apparently Emma, Snow and Charming all agreed to let Henry go pursue his path as the Author and now he’s saying goodbye to Regina. He hops on a motorcycle (like August!) and then drives through a portal. It’s the only bean that he has so, as he points out, getting back to this realm will be “an adventure”. In the next scene we see the grown-up version of Henry driving the motorcycle through the woods where he comes across the new Cinderella and crashes into her carriage. He seems surprised to see her. We also saw another preview for season 7 and you can see it below.

As Kitsis later explained, Henry wants to go see other stories and the grown-up version of him falls in love with Cinderella in season 7. When he gets into trouble he calls on help from his family and Regina, Hook and Rumple are the ones who answer his call, which leads to the four characters going on an “epic journey”. Kitsis also said that they’re planning to do a prominent LGBTQ storyline “this year”.

We’re also going to see a new version of Alice in Wonderland and Tiana from THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG.

ONCE UPON A TIME returns for its seventh season on October 6 on ABC.

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