RIVERDALE: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 2


Fred Andrews was shot at the end of RIVERDALE’s first season but the identity shooter is a mystery to Archie and the fans. In fact, that’s going to be a big mystery in the second season, much like Jason Blossom’s death was in the first season.

The cast and producers of RIVERDALE came to San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s to come for this sleepy — and murderous — little town.

An Extended Season. Season 2 of RIVERDALE has been extended to 22 episodes, giving the show a full season next year. Because the show has a huge cast and couldn’t focus in on several characters in season 1, executive producer Robert Aguirre-Sacasa says that we’re going to see more of Kevin and Josie and the Pussycats in season 2.

Fred’s Fate. We’re going to find out Fred’s ultimate fate by the end of the season 2 premiere. The first episode is Archie and the gang sitting and waiting to see what happens to Fred. Archie will also be dealing with his father being shot and “there’s almost a switch that goes off”, leading us to see a different side of Archie, according to K.J. Apa. In the midst of all this uncertainty, however, expect to see what the producers call the show’s “sexiest scene” between Veronica and Archie.

Jughead’s New School. In season 2 Jughead is put in the middle of two worlds that are going to “collide and erupt”. But as the season goes on he’ll be forced to pick a side, which will make things difficult for him as he’s a morally grey character according to Cole Sprouse. With Jughead always a bit of an outsider, we’ll see that continue even more in season 2 when he’s physically away from the rest of his friends by going to another school. We’ll also start seeing him stand out at Southside High, which could actually lead to some trouble for him. Aguirre-Sacasa also hinted that they’re trying to cast actors to play Jughead’s mother and sister for the second half of the season and hope they can introduce those characters later in season 2.

Jughead and Betty. Lili Reinhart says that Jughead’s new school and gang activities will scare Betty a lot, leading to a bit of a Romeo and Juliet situation for the pair. Their relationship will be tested according to Sprouse and Jughead in particular will be tested the “most by the world around him”. Betty will be put in a position whether she will have to decide whether to be with Jughead or “call it quits for the betterment of herself”.

Dark Betty. Reinhart said that season 1 featured “dark Betty” but season 2 is more of a “tortured soul Betty”. We’ll be exploring a lot more of her darkness and watching her come to terms more with it instead of just “covering it with a black wig”. But who will she lean on through this journey? She’ll find a lot of comfort in Archie, Betty and Jughead, but we’ll see more of Archie and Betty’s friendship in particular in season 2. Aguirre-Sacasa also hinted that we’ll see Betty “loosen her ponytail a bit more this [coming] season”.

The Lodge Family. Camila Mendes said that Mark Conseulos really slid into the role of Hiram Lodge for season 2. He’s been a very smooth businessman, but Mendes says that Veronica doesn’t really trust her father. He apparently is trying to be a better person, bit Hiram and Hermione are definitely keeping secrets from Veronica and she’s desperate to be let in. We’ll also see Archie and Hiram interacting in season 2. But a really big problem for Veronica is the fact that we’re going to see another man coming into her life — her ex-boyfriend from New York City will be coming and he really brings out Veronica’s dark side.

Girl Power. Episode 2.05 is a big episode of “girls sticking together”. Veronica’s ex-boyfriend will be causing a lot of trouble for both Veronica and Cheryl and it sounds like the girls band together to combat his brand of trouble.

A Chilly Cheryl. “Cheryl gets colder and meaner in season 2, but she takes the reins back from her parent and starts taking control of her life a lot more,” according to Madelaine Petsch.

A New Face. We’ll be seeing a new character – Toni Topaz — from the Archie comics. She’s a student at Southside High and is a Southside Serpent. She’ll be Jughead’s guide into the Serpent world and Aguirre-Sacasa jokes that she’s “like a female Jughead”. But she’ll also be trouble in terms of getting Jughead deeper into this gang. Will she be bisexual like in the comics? Yes, according to the producers.

New Relationships. Kevin will be dealing with the heartbreak of his boyfriend leaving at the end of season 1, but Casey Cott hints that Kevin will get another boyfriend in season 2. Ashleigh Murray also hinted that Josie might be “batting her eyes” at Reggie Mantle.

A Taste of the Supernatural. Apparently the producers have been discussing a “prominent supernatural character from the comics” and it was hinted that they might be making an appearance next season.

RIVERDALE will be returning on Wednesday, October 11 on The CW.

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