STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Preview: Evil Has Returned to Hawkins

stranger things

Will’s family and friends may have succeeded in bringing him back from the Upside Down and defeating the Demogorgon, but danger still lurks in Hawkins.

In the first extended preview for season 2 of STRANGER THINGS that debuted today at Comic-Con, we see the young boys playing video games at an arcade when some ominous voice starts calling out to Will. None of this is real and it turns out that Will is having terrible visions, but the danger is very, very real.

Cue Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as the rest of the trailer plays out, with Will’s mother terrified for her son and a glimpse at more government agents. Whatever is happening in season 2 looks like it will be far bigger than the evil that spread in the first season. Because this time the monster isn’t just coming for Will…it’s coming for everyone else.

And then we get our first glimpse of Eleven, who might be breaking free of the other side and re-entering our world.

STRANGER THINGS returns for season 2 on October 27 on Netflix.

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