THE ORVILLE Comic-Con Preview: Not the Final Frontier


Think of a comedic version of STAR TREK and you’ll probably have pinned down the show. Sprinkle in a dash of Seth MacFarlane’s signature sense of humor and you’ll have an even better understanding of the show.

THE ORVILLE takes place in the 25th century, where Earth is part of the Planetary Union, which has a fleet of 3,000 ships. Ed Mercer (MacFarlance) gets an opportunity to command one of the ships (The Orville) after a bitter divorce. But he’s throw when the First Officer assigned to his ship is his ex-wife, Kelly Grayson. Throw in some rag-tag crew members (including an alien from a single-sex species and an artificial life form) and you’ve got THE ORVILLE.

Now Fox has released a new teaser trailer ahead of the show’s panel today at San Diego Comic-Con.

THE ORVILLE premieres September 10 on Fox.

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