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THE FLASH Season 4 Extended Preview: Bringing Barry Home

Iris West is determined to keep moving forward when THE FLASH returns for its fourth season. She can’t bring herself to sleep in the bed she shared with Barry, but she took his final request that she go on with her life to heart. And while she is struggling to deal with the loss of the man she was going to marry, she isn’t prepared to listen to Joe’s suggestion that they have a funeral.

Instead, she has rallied the team to keep protecting Central City. But, as Cisco points out, they’re only just barely holding the city together. And when a new villain shows up demanding to see The Flash, Cisco wants to get his friend back from the Speed Force.

But which Barry will emerge from the Speed Force? Is it the same Barry we used to know? In a new extended preview for season 4 below, we see that he’s pretty unresponsive. At least until Iris gets kidnapped by the new villain. That might be exactly the kick that Barry needs to get into his new suit and back on to the streets.

THE FLASH will return for a new season on October 10 on The CW.