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THIS IS US: The Cast Talks Season 2

With Sterling K. Brown’s recent Best Actor Emmy win, THIS IS US is heading into its second season with critical and fan acclaim. The NBC series didn’t reveal how Jack died before its first season ended, but we may be working our way towards that big moment in season 2. For now, however, there’s still a lot of life yet to live for many of these characters.

Several characters are facing big choices or obstacles as we head into season 2. Kate and Toby have moved in together and she wants to pursue a career as a singer, but her journey won’t be easy. Then there’s Kevin, who has recently reunited with his ex-wife, Sophie, but is facing the possibility of taking on a movie and having to be away from her. Meanwhile, Randall tells his mother that his wife is struggling with his decision that they should stop a child.

In the past, Jack and Rebecca have separated, but how soon before the pair reunite? Or will Jack’s death interfere with that?

Browse through photos from the premiere above and then watch sneak peeks below.THIS IS US returns September 26 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.