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SCORPION: The Team Must Work With Their Old Nemesis in Season 4

The fate of the world is at stake when SCORPION returns for its fourth season. Team Scorpion’s old nemesis, Mark Collins, returns with news that the earth is heating up, which could cause the extinction of all mankind. He suggests that he team up with his old crew to head to northern Norway so they can stop the event from happening. But not everyone is happy about this plan. Cabe doesn’t trust Mark (see: the electrocuting cuff he keeps on him). And Toby doesn’t trust their former teammate any further than he can throw him — especially since Collins went after him last time. Unfortunately, Collins is the only one who knows where the fissures that could kill everyone are located, so they have no choice.

Meanwhile, season 3 ended with a big event — Paige and Walter finally admitted their feelings for one another and got together. But no longer being marooned on that island and back in their normal lives doesn’t mean everything will be smooth sailing. In fact, Walter and Paige awkwardly navigate their new relationship when the show returns. But expect to see a hilarious morning-after musical number called “Everything Is Absolutely Genius”.

SCOPRION returns for its fourth season on Monday, September 25 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.