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NCIS: NEW ORLEANS Season 4 Premiere Sneak Peek: Going Rogue

There is always a lot to do in New Orleans. The Fried Chicken Festival was last weekend. KISS, Pat Benatar, Huey Lewis and the B-52s will be playing nearby at the Gretna Heritage Festival this weekend.

And there’s always tracking down a stolen big-rig of nuclear waste on NCIS: NEW ORLEANS to keep people busy.

Pride (Scott Bakula) is still on a six-week probation after handcuffing Mayor Hamilton (Steven Weber) to church scaffolding and threatening to leave Hizzoner there to drown in the side-effects of the Clearwater corruption aftermath.

When Patton (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell) drops by Duane’s under-renovation bar, the two men find Pride’s classic convertible vandalized, leading the NOLA boss to conclude that Hamilton may not be the only one who dislikes him.

Speaking of dislike, it seems that the rest of the NCIS: NEW ORLEANS team is not particularly fond of their new interim leader, Supervisory Special Agent Paula Boyd (Becky Ann Baker). Whether it is Boyd’s personality, management style or the idea that she just is not Pride, the team does some secret backchannel investigating.

Of course, working off-book is what got them into their current situation.

With the threat of a “dirty bomb” in the works, Loretta (CCH Pounder) and new mayor, Zena Taylor (Amanda Warren) express concern to Dwayne about terrorism. Lasalle (Lucas Black) and Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) bump heads with Boyd at the big-rig’s crash scene, while Percy (Shalita Grant) and Sebastian (Rob Kerkovich) check out the truck.

They examine the possibility of the stolen waste being used to make the bomb. But the Crescent City has been down before, and it copes with disaster in many ways…festivals, food and good music.

On that “note,” tonight’s musical guest star, Jimmy Buffett, joins the growing list of notable performers appearing on NCIS: NEW ORLEANS.

Tonight’s episode, “Rogue Nation,” guest stars Matt Servito, Tim Guinee, Diany Rodriguez, Nicolas Coucke, Eric Johann, Brian Matny, Major Dodge, Steven Waldren and Todras Sam. “Rogue Nation” was written by Brad Kern and directed by James Hayman.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS airs on CBS tonight (September 26) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.