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STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Trailer: It All Leads Back to Hawkins

Mysterious things continue to happen in Hawkins, Indiana when STRANGER THINGS returns for its second season. After Will was rescued from the Upside Down, some people are convinced that everything he experienced was “all in his head”. But that’s not true. There’s something even more evil — and far larger — out there and it’s coming to Will and all of his friends and family.

In the final trailer for the new season, Will may be the key to combating the new danger that everyone faces, but Joyce is just desperate to save her son. And you’ll catch an even bigger glimpse at the return of 11, who was trapped in the other world after sacrificing herself for her friends.

With Judgement Day coming quickly, our small group of unlikely heroes will be joined by several newcomers who are all desperate to stop the spread of the new monster.

STRANGER THINGS returns for its second season October 27 on Netflix.