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ARROW: The Cast Teases the Introduction of The Dragon

Last week’s ARROW revealed that Slade’s son is alive, but he’s grown up to become a very bad man. This week, Slade and Oliver will have to figure out how to stop him from engaging in some very bad behavior. While the two men deal with that situation, the Green Arrow (Diggle) leads his team in a battle against “The Dragon”/Ricardo Diaz, a new villain in Star City who is stealing valuable tech.

“I’m excited to see the reaction of the Dragon coming into play,” Rick Gonzalez (Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog) said of the upcoming episode. “Working with Kirk Acevedo is fun. I think he’s awesome. There’s some really cool sequences in there, involving him so I’m interested in seeing how people feel about that.

Echo Kellum (Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific) explained that the Dragon is “just complete bad ass. He says something, and he can be as calm as possible, but you know that there’s an intense intent behind it and that you do not want to mess with this guy. I think he’s very meticulous in the things that he does, and you really see a pretty cool connection between him and Diggle’s character.

Meanwhile, Diggle’s use of drugs to mask the pain of his Lian Yu injury will play a big part in this week’s episode. “This is going to be a situation where Diggle’s life is threatened because of this. The team has already been jeopardized by Diggle’s indecision, but it’s going to go further with his drug use,” David Ramsey (John Diggle/Spartan) previewed. How might other members of the team react to the knowledge of what Diggle is doing?

Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) said that he believes Oliver will deal with the situation maturely: “Inevitably, Oliver is going to find out about what’s going on with Diggle and his injury. That, to me, was a really interesting opportunity to not just walk into a room and start screaming, but [to] figure out why this person did what he did and, more particularly, why does John feel the need to keep it from Oliver?”

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