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SUPERNATURAL: Alexander Calvert Teases What’s Next for Jack

This week’s SUPERNATURAL proved that Jack is far from in control of his powers. After heading out on a case with Dean, Sam and Castiel, Jack accidentally killed someone when trying to stop the episode’s monster-of-the-week. Unfortunately, his guilt convinced him that he needs to get far away from the people who have taken him in. This will lead to the Winchesters and Castiel splitting up to track down Lucifer’s son, but what he might get up to in the interim is anyone’s guess.

While visiting the set of SUPERNATURAL in Vancouver, we spoke with Alexander Calvert (Jack) about what’s next for the nephilim.

Why Did Jack Go on the Run? “Jack at this point is really naive to the world and to kind of get his first taste of being responsible for something so terrible really weighs on him and throws him in a direction that he’s not ready for. And that’s going to lead him to kind of make his next decision and his next kind of progress of where Jack is. Moving forward is him taking on that kind of darkness that he wasn’t really ready for yet.”

Where Does Jack Go? When Jack heads off, will he be working solo to search for answers? “Working is a good way to put it. He’s definitely trying to figure himself out and because of the guilt of what happens in ‘Tombstone’, he really pushes himself forward because he’s so guilty and messed up for hurting this person who was innocent. When Jack goes away from [the Winchesters and Castiel], he’s definitely on his own. It’s about his search for his father and his search for figuring himself out. Down the line, we’ll definitely see Jack interact with some fan favorites, I’ll say.”

The Continued Development of Jack’s Powers. In “Tombstone” we saw how thrilled Jack was after moving a pencil with his powers. Will we see him continue to develop his powers so that he can help Dean and Sam with their ultimate goal: get Mary back? “Going forward, you’re definitely going to see Jack try to do that. He knows ultimately that the thing that’s driving Sam and Dean is their mother and the way that Jack can be of service to them is to open that up and help Sam and Dean complete their journey in a way.”

The Danger of Jack. Given how powerful Jack is, what could happen if he starts to feel rejected? For example, what if the people he’s trying to count on turn against him somehow? “I think that’s a really dangerous place for Jack. The thing he wants more than anything is belonging. That’s why he’s attaching himself to Sam and Dean so much. He wants a family and he wants to belong. That’s a great point. If there’s that rejection, things could really go south. I hope that’s not the case.”

SUPERNATURAL airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Watch a preview for the next episode below.