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SUPERGIRL: Melissa Benoist Teases the Rise of Reign in the Midseason Finale

Tonight’s midseason finale of SUPERGIRL brings to a head a storyline that has been teased since the show began its third season: the rise of Reign. Sam (a.k.a. Reign) has spent several episodes trying to account for her superhuman abilities, only to discover that she’s an alien like Supergirl. Not only that, but she’s technically a World Killer, and this week she’ll be issuing a challenge to Supergirl.

The only problem, of course, is that Sam is also a friend to Kara and the daughter of a young girl. Which side of her will win this internal fight? And how far will she go to fulfill her supposed destiny?

During a visit to the set of SUPERGIRL last month, star Melissa Benoist teased that “I think Reign is going to surprise people. She is pretty spectacular to behold and she will give Supergirl the fight of her life. I think what sets her aside from the villains that we’ve seen — the big bads that we’ve seen up to this point on the show — [is] she has a really surprising back story that’s quite grounded, [and] that gets you really invested in who she really is fundamentally.”

How will Kara feel fighting someone she knows? “I think Kara will always choose to fight to change someone’s mind or to make someone see the good in the world or [to convince them] that they should fight for something different, or maybe they’re misguided, or maybe they shouldn’t be hurting people. I don’t know if sympathy is the world, but Supergirl and Kara’s compassion always trumps whether she needs to defeat — that’s always the first choice.”

Whether Kara can convince her friend not to turn dark side is the big question. But Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers) warned that Reign “is a big bad and she’s a big bad, so it’s really everybody trying to figure out what they can do with their skillset or what they have to be able to take her down as quickly as possibly and that is just not boding well for anybody, other than Reign, really, when it comes down to it.”

Don’t miss the midseason finale of SUPERGIRL tonight (December 4) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.