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SUPERNATURAL Photos: Meet the Wayward Sisters

SUPERNATURAL is launching a new potential spin-off series, but this one focuses on characters we already know — such as Jody Mills and Claire Novak. The show has also introduced two new characters in season 13 that will move to the spin-off if the show is picked up: Patience (introduced in episode 13.03) and Kaia (who will be introduced in the upcoming midseason finale.

While we’re not entirely sure how the show will play out if picked up to series, we do know that the midseason return (to air in January) will serve as a backdoor pilot, bringing all of these new and old characters together. Presumably Jody’s house will serve as a base of operations for these “Wayward Sisters”.

Browse through photos above for the January 18 backdoor pilot for “Wayward Sisters”, airing on SUPERNATURAL at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.