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FAKING IT Scoop: Rita Volk Previews Tonight’s Big Episode!

Big things happened last week on the sophomore season of the addictive MTV dramedy, FAKING IT. Not only did Amy find out about Liam’s (Gregg Sulkin) family secret, Karma (Katie Stevens) went and told the whole drama club that her and Amy weren’t really dating. Also, did I mention Laverne Cox was on the show? She was incredible, hilarious and hopefully a recurring character. … [Read More...]

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Recap: THE AFFAIR Won’t Split Off Like a Tangent

Noah hasn't learned from Bruce's mistakes. Just like his aristocratic father-in-law, our male protagonist finds himself bewildered by temptation. His need for a little 'me time' is just a desire to further his iniquitous tryst with Alison. Alison, on the … [Read More...]


REVENGE Recap: The Curious Case of David Clarke

Emily Thorne's journey has already jumped one too many sharks, but that doesn't mean that "Revenge" can't course-correct what little it still has going for it this fall. In Sunday's "Meteor," David Clarke was reintroduced to the world, but not formally … [Read More...]

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