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THE 100 Sneak Peek: Survival Requires Sacrifice

As we head into the second half of season 4 of THE 100, the situation on the ground is only getting worse. Last week's plan to go into space and make Nightblood so that everyone can survive the coming radiation abruptly ended when Clarke, Bellamy and King Roan … [Read More...]


What’s Coming to Netflix Canada in April 2017?

Season 2 of the Netflix original series THE LAST KINGDOM is coming to Netflix Canada in April 2017, as are weekly episodes of season 3 of iZOMBIE, and the first season of GIRLBOSS. We're also going to see several Netflix original films, including CASTING … [Read More...]


iZOMBIE Season 3 Preview: Rise of the Zombies

Liv's zombie secret is out in season 3 of iZOMBIE. Now that Clive and Peyton are both fully aware of the fact that she and Major are zombies, their little group dynamic will be very different. And not only that, but Liv has become aware that there are far more … [Read More...]


DESIGNATED SURVIVOR Sneak Peek: Damage Control

The spring season of DESIGNATED SURVIVOR, just a couple of episodes old, has already taken some explosive turns. We saw the head of the FBI, Jason Atwood, who claimed responsibility for the Capitol Building bombing to keep his kidnapped son safe, finally … [Read More...]

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