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THE FLASH – ARROW Crossover Photos: A Legendary Gathering of Heroes

The CW's DC shows are having their second major crossover in early December and setting up the new spin-off series, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. In part 1 of the crossover -- which will take place on THE FLASH -- Vandal Savage arrives in Central City and has his eye on Kendra Saunders. When she and Cisco are attacked, they turn to Barry for help. But Savage -- who is an immortal -- … [Read More...]

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SHERLOCK: New Photos for the Victorian Special

SHERLOCK fans will have to wait a bit longer for season 4, but fortunately we've got a one-off Victorian special coming on New Year's Day to tide us all over. And now we have additional photos of the main cast members, including Sherlock, Watson, Mary, Mrs. … [Read More...]

NCIS Photo s13e10 Blood Brothers

NCIS Sneak Peeks: Thankful For Great TV

Last week, NCIS shocked audiences when Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) split with husband, Jake (Jamie Bamber), after finding out he was having an affair. Every aspect of the episode excelled, right down to the reveal that Ellie (an Oklahoma girl) drives a … [Read More...]


LIMITLESS Sneak Peek: Dad’s Compelling Demand

LIMITLESS is at its best when it has some fun with its characters, as it did last week. But it is its most compelling when it turns serious, as it does this week. Last week, Brian Finch really, really, really wanted his own FBI "headquarters!" CJC head Naz … [Read More...]


CASTLE Winter Finale Recap: Loksat Mystery Ignited

On this week’s CASTLE, when a woman is found murdered with a bag of heroin in her throat, Beckett gets closer than ever before to finding the elusive Loksat, but the cost almost becomes her marriage. The case begins with a simple murder, a dancer on a … [Read More...]

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