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BLOOD & OIL Sneak Peeks: Cody and Billy Get Closer to the Briggs Family

The pilot of BLOOD & OIL ended with a bang when a spark touched a puddle of oil and nearly killed Billy and Hap. Naturally, they survived, but the danger is just getting started. In tonight's episode, people are suspicious when all indications point to the robbery being an inside job at Briggs Oil. Wick is doing everything he can to hide what he did, but his accomplice … [Read More...]

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SUPERNATURAL 11.02 Photos: Priests and Monsters

SUPERNATURAL executive producer Jeremy Carver said that we should think of the first two episodes of the season as two parts of a story that will reveal what the Darkness is and what it wants. Watch an extended preview for season 11 As this mystery … [Read More...]


SCANDAL Sneak Peek: A Frantic Search

The news of Olivia and Fitz's affair exploded in the last episode of SCANDAL and Olivia fled D.C. to work a case in order to escape the scrutiny that came with being the President's mistress. As Abby tried to get a handle on the situation, she decided to … [Read More...]

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