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In the Mix: Vanessa Lengies Talks MIXOLOGY


Kacey and Dominic have a lot to learn about life and love in tonight’s episode of MIXOLOGY! I spoke with Lengies about Kacey and Dominic’s relationship, why he goes to Tom for advice, and what we can look forward to in the last couple of episodes this season. Read the rest of this entry »

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WonderCon 2014: THE 100 Cast Dishes on Love Triangles and the Struggle for Power


In the CW series THE 100, there are two worlds that are slowly colliding — the vibrant and lethal world of Earth, where the teens were sent to see if it is inhabitable; and the dying and decaying world of the Ark up in space.

In recent episodes, those worlds began to collide when Clarke’s mother Abby (Paige Turco) sent Raven (Lindsey Morgan) down in a space pod to find out what is going on after they lost communication with the teens’ ship after it land on Earth and their life-support wrist monitors began to go dark. After being forced to kill another 320 people in order to extend the last remaining oxygen supply for those still trapped up on the Ark, it is vital to find out if Earth can be a safe refuge for those who will die without another oxygen source.

In last week’s episode, Raven reach Earth and was reunited with the teens, but was left without any way of communicating back with the Ark. Bellamy (Bob Morley) fearing that the others would find out that he shot Chancellor Jaha (Isaiah Washington), destroyed the space pod radio while Raven was unconscious – a hasty act which he soon regretted after finding out that the Chancellor had survived the gun-shot wound.

In one last desperate attempt to catch someone on the Ark’s attention, Raven, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy worked together to send up rocket flares. Alas, while seen by Abby on the Ark, Abby had no idea what to make of the streaking flashes of light in the sky.

Simultaneously, the headstrong Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) had wandered off alone in the woods and got captured by the Grounders.

So this week’s episode “His Sister’s Keeper” is all about the rescue of Octavia and the continuing efforts to find a way to contact the Ark.

While at WonderCon this past weekend, stars Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Devon Bostick, Lindsey Morgan and executive producer Jason Rothenberg talked about the various developing love triangles, the tug-of-war for power between the factions on Earth, and the challenges of filming such an intense post-apocalyptic series. Read the rest of this entry »

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ARROW Preview: “Seeing Red” (Roy, Romance and Rampage, Oh My!)

arrow seeing red

First the bad news, Roy (Colton Haynes) wakes up. Yeah, that shouldn’t be the bad news. But this is the episode where Roy goes on a rampage and Starling City takes a heavy beat-down in the process; and the city is not the only victim as when Oliver (Stephen Amell), Sarah (Caity Lotz), Diggle (David Ramsey) and Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus) all try to help Roy, they come away wondering if there is anyone who can stop Roy. So at a time when everyone should be solely focused on taking down Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett), it is one of their own that they are tracking and battling.

But before their internal war breaks out, Oliver and Sara take a beat to enjoy a private moment and start to discuss their future. But can superheroes ever really have futures? Must they live their lives only one day at a time? This ongoing conversation between Oliver and Sara reveals all the doubts and the excitement that they go through looking ahead. Read the rest of this entry »

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• ESPN To Broadcast NFL Wild Card Playoff Game, NBC Gets Divisional Round Matchup.
• Sad But True: Discovery Channel To Turn Scuttled Everest Jump Footage Into Documentary About Deadly Avalanche.
• What!? Max Greenfield Almost Quit Acting to Become Writer Before ‘New Girl’
• Those Eyes! Will Lost’s Nestor Carbonell Romance Alicia on THE GOOD WIFE?
• NBC’s ‘Crossbones’ first trailer: See John Malkovich as pirate king.
• Deal of the Day: Huge savings off CSI on DVD.

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On TV Tonight: Wednesday April 23, 2014

NET 8PM 8:30PM 9PM 9:30PM 10PM 10:30PM
ABC The Middle Suburgatory Modern Family Mixology Nashville: On the Record
CBS Survivor: Cagayan Criminal Minds (R) CSI (R)
CW Arrow The 100
FOX American Idol The Americans (FX)
NBC Law & Order: SVU (R) Law & Order: SVU (R) Chicago PD (R)
Misc Melissa & Joey/Baby Daddy (ABC Family) Million Dollar Listing: New York (Bravo) Hot in Cleveland/The Soul Man (TVLand)

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THE ORIGINALS Scoop: Chase Coleman Talks The Fun Of Playing A Werewolf Willing to Go to War With the Vampires


In a world run by vampires and witches, the one thing everyone tends to forget are the werewolves. In the CW series THE ORIGINALS, the one key ingredient has always been the power of the wolves. Yet Klaus (Joseph Morgan) himself is a hybrid werewolf/vampire and his baby mamma Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is also a werewolf. It is so easy to get distracted by vampire drama and the witches plots, and the silly human rebellions against supernatural rule, but one should never forget about the werewolves. They are always there and waiting for their chance to strike.

In a recent exclusive interview, co-star Chase Coleman, who plays the werewolf Oliver, talked about what is starting to brew with the wolves and their pack, and how that leads to some complications with Hayley, who is trying to live amongst her kind and assume her role as one of its ranking members. Read the rest of this entry »

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WonderCon 2014: Josh Dallas and Rebecca Mader Talk ONCE UPON A TIME Season 3

By Sarah Stephens

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, executive producers for ONCE UPON A TIME, kept teasing us about this past Sunday’s BIG episode and now we know why. With huge reveals about Cora and Snow’s family connection plus Zelena’s end game, what else could possibly be in store for Storybrooke? At Wondercon over the weekend, the stars promised much more! Check out our interview with stars Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) and Rebecca Mader (Zelena). Read the rest of this entry »

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BONES Recap: “The Nail in the Coffin”


In the long previously, it’s all “Ghost Killer this and Ghost Killer that,” so I’ll go out on a limb and say this episode centers around the elusive Ghost Killer that hasn’t been talked about in a really long time.

We begin with a dad telling a campfire story about demons. Mom keeps telling him to stop, because he’s scaring the little girl, but the little boy is into it. Dad finally takes the hint and shuts up, and that’s when a skeleton body seems to fall from the sky. Mom is unimpressed with Dad’s tricks, but when the skeleton head falls into her hands, the screaming begins. Except for the boy, who thinks it’s all really cool.

Booth and Brennan at home. Apparently they’ve asked Brennan to fill out the bureau assessment for Booth re: that Germany promotion. Brennan has chosen to forego the measly three lines they’ve given her, in favor of an eighteen-page essay on comportment. Booth reminds her, this promotion affects her too, as if this territory wasn’t gone over with a fine tooth comb the previous week. But Brennan is being objective and dispassionate. Booth gets the call about the skeleton, but there’s a catch. Cam doesn’t want Brennan there, as this may be a Ghost Killer victim. She doesn’t think Brennan can be objective, so she’s using Clark instead. Brennan reacts to this in the way you’d expect, by insisting she’s going. Booth brings up how she and Cam got into it the last time. She asks if he agrees with Cam. He doesn’t, but he thinks she should be a team player and let it go. She seems to acquiesce. Read the rest of this entry »

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• Ouch! Netflix Says It May Raise Prices For New Customers As Q1 Earnings Beat Expectations.
• Aereo’s Day in Court: What the Case Means for the Major Players.
• Deal of the Day: Huge savings off CSI on DVD.

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On TV Tonight: Tuesday April 22, 2014

NET 8PM 8:30PM 9PM 9:30PM 10PM 10:30PM
ABC Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D The Goldbergs (R) Trophy Wife (R) Celebrity Wife Swap
CBS NCIS (R) NCIS: Los Angeles (R) Person of Interest (R)
CW The Originals Supernatural
FOX Glee New Girl (R) The Mindy Project Fargo
NBC The Voice About a Boy Growing Up Fisher Chicago Fire
MISC Degrassi (Teen Nick) Tosh.0 (Comedy) Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy)
Syfy Face Off Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge

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