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CHELSEA: How to Produce an International Talk Show

Netflix's CHELSEA is a new type of show. It's the first talk show to premiere in over 190 countries around the globe at the same moment in time and it's processed in 20 different languages within a short period of time. In other words, producing CHELSEA is a … [Read More...]


ARROW Season Finale Preview: Divided We Fall?

ARROW writers love words and know how to use them well. They chose a well-known word -- ” Genesis” -- as a theme this season ... the first book of the Bible, which tells the story of the beginning of the universe and features the rebirth of the world after … [Read More...]


GALAVANT Stars Thank Fans With Epic Dance Video

Are you bummed about the cancellation of GALAVANT? I am. Thankfully, the cast is pretty awesome and put together a fun dance video thanking the fans for the #MoreGalavant campaign to continue the show. Timothy Omundson kicks off the video with a … [Read More...]

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