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FULLER HOUSE Preview: The Family You Love is Back

fuller house

FULLER HOUSE stars Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber stopped by ELLEN today to unveil a short trailer for the revival series and then Netflix released a full length version online tonight.

The new trailer shows how all three girls end up living in the same house. When DJ’s husband dies, she’s left alone with her three boys. After overhearing her tell her baby that it’s just them now, Stephanie and Kimmy decide to move in and help her.

FULLER HOUSE will be streaming on Netflix on February 26.

FRESH OFF THE BOAT Sneak Peeks: Huang Family New Year

fresh of the boat

It’s Chinese New Year on this week’s episode of FRESH OFF THE BOAT, and the Huangs are doing it right. With plans to celebrate with family in Orlando, Jessica has the kids up and adam at 5:00 am (for their 2:00 pm flight) and is apparently extremely excited to visit with family, bring in the new year, and definitely sing karaoke.

But everything doesn’t go as planned, and thanks to Louis screwing up the plane tickets they are forced to stay home-bound for the holiday. They go to a party hosted by the Asian-American Association of Orlando (led by a very white, non-Asian man) but what greets them is not a pleasant sight. Instead of traditional red envelopes, they have Year of the Rat horn rimmed glasses. Instead of fireworks, at midnight they will have a “rat drop”. And instead of an authentic dragon dance, a male stripper in a gator mascot costume jumps around to “Everybody Dance” by C&C Music Factory.

Be sure to watch an all-new FRESH OFF THE BOAT on Tuesday February 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: Secrets in the Holmes Family


Joan dropped a bomb on last week’s ELEMENTARY when she told Sherlock she believed someone had tried to kill his father.

In this week’s episode, Sherlock decides to investigate who may have targeted Morland for death. Apparently Scotland Yard and the French police are unaware of the potential killer, so Sherlock turned his attention to a contact within a mercenary group that Morland occasionally employs. But from the looks of the clip below, he spent more time having carnal relations with contact than getting valuable intel from her about the attempted murder.

Elsewhere in the episode, Sherlock and Joan are going to learn that Morland is keeping a secret that threatens the safety of all of them. And the pair investigate two murders that are connected to a for-profit college and its illegal recruitment practices.

Don’t miss an all new episode of ELEMENTARY on January 28 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

SECOND CHANCE: Adhir Kalyan and Dilshad Vadsaria Introduce the Goodwin Family

second chance

Mary and Otto Goodwin are close siblings. They’re also incredibly intelligent and very wealthy after having founded the tech company Lookinglass (think: bigger than Apple). When SECOND CHANCE begins, however, Mary is ill and Otto is desperately searching for a cure for her. But the cure comes in the form of resurrecting someone from the dead and when he finds a perfect candidate — Jimmy Pritchard — Otto proceeds with his experiment, despite Mary’s hesitations.

During a visit to the SECOND CHANCE set in Vancouver, Dilshad Vadsaria (Mary Goodwin) and  Adhir Kalyan (Otto Goodwin) spoke to journalists about their characters’ close relationship, Otto’s search for his sister’s cure and how the arrival of Jimmy Pritchard throws tension into their relationship.

Otto is Very Special. “The way that I’ve approached the character is not to try and be so specific that I pinpoint one thing that reflects the characters,” explained Kalyan. “But rather describing the character as being ‘twice exceptional’. And people and children who are classified as ‘twice exceptional’, they’re classified as that in relation to people who are regarded as neurotypical, or relatively normal. And the ‘twice exceptionality’ comes in where they have twice the gifts, but also twice the challenges. And some children who are ‘twice exceptional’ are on the autistic spectrum, but you don’t have to be autistic in order to be ‘twice exceptional’.”

How Much Does Mary Mean to Otto? “Otto’s center rests in Mary,” Kalyan said. “And so in that sense, how she’s doing and how she’s operating really affects him in a very direct way. If she’s doing well, he finds such great comfort and happiness in that. But, of course, within the framework of where the show picks up and is taking place, this disease — in the way that it’s consuming her — is consuming him too. And, as a result, he’s shifted his focus away from work and is entirely focused on trying to find a solution to do the impossible, really. Which is to try and save her from this terminal illness. So, to speak to that, he is really a character who depends on her and it’s a genuine fear of his that if she goes, that he will be completely lost. And may not know how to get through it.”

Adjusting to a New Person in Their Lives. “Right now where we are with the characters are really just getting used to the dynamic that Pritchard brings into the Goodwin home, and this element that he’s brought into Mary’s life,” Vadsaria said. “Because her two most important people in her life — or the two most important things in her life have been Otto and Lookinglass. And now he’s brought this other facet into her life, and I think that’s quite exciting and new and eye opening and in the sense of she’s never traveled down that road before.”

What Does Otto Think of the Budding Friendship Between Mary and Jimmy Pritchard? As Rob Kazinsky said in our interview with him, Mary and Jimmy “certainly have a balancing effect on each other”. Kalyan said that “there is obviously a degree of chemistry between the two of them. And that is something that you get the sense is going to develop. Those intimate moments become more profound as the season unfolds. But I think Pritchard becomes a threat. He becomes a threat because he is now been given this opportunity to have a second chance at his own life. But with that comes his unpredictable actions. His need to sort of want to do better than he did the first time around. And he often puts himself in harm’s way. By putting himself in harm’s way, he threatens the experiment. Threatens having the ability to provide this service he has to [the Goodwins] in Otto’s mind. But also, more so than that, [there's] this emotional reaction [Otto's] not ever seen in Mary before. And I feel like he starts to feel as though Pritchard is taking Mary away from him…I think he’s growing increasingly concerned that not only has this experiment now out of control, but he might lose his sister in the process.” Kalyan also said that “He’s not interested in the emotional quality Mary attaches to him. He’s a means to an end and in his eyes, if Pritchard can’t do it, he would find someone else who could, and if Pritchard can do it, then once he’s fulfilled his purpose then he’s useless.”

Mary as the Moral Compass of the Show. “I think the thing with Mary is that she’s the heart of the show, so she has that moral compass, and where Otto sees Pritchard as something that he separated from an experiment, Mary sees Pritchard as this human being who has these flaws, and the pain and the complications and everything,” Vadsaria explained. “And of course when it comes to Otto, Mary has been responsible for raising him. So it really has to do with her having a very big heart and feeling what each person is going through, and having that dynamic where you have sort of these polarizing characters, and Otto and Pritchard that are so in their worlds and very much on their [own] roads, and Mary having to balance these two important people now in her life. Pritchard she needs to live, Otto is her brother and really this human being that she’s raised from a very young age…so yeah, it’s quite complicated.”

Will the Treatment For Mary Actually Work? “It’s definitely not as easy as [Otto] hoped it would be, but there is a commitment on his part to the solution because there’s no alternative,” Kalyan explained. “The alternative for him is the end of days, really. We will get a sense as to whether this experiment is working or if other steps need to be taken.” In addition to the effects of the treatment on Mary herself, Jimmy could threaten the whole experiment with some of his actions, Kalyan said. “It’s a little work in progress where every 24 hours he still has to go back into the tank so that he can be restored and there are a lot of challenging moments along the way where because of this unpredictable activity, sometimes it is a race against the clock, because even though the idea exists that maybe we could replace him with just another body, you know the effort to sort of go through finding someone with that genetic precursor is a sort of fairly daunting and risky prospect.”

How Jimmy and Lookinglass Allow the Goodwins to Do Good.
“Mary and Otto have done good through Lookinglass,” Vadsaria said. “For example, it’s not [just] for profit. If you think about social entrepreneurship and what you can give back, it’s very much that sort of mindset. And it’s a progressive company, so everything they’ve done [is about] how can we help humanity and mankind move forward. What Pritchard now brings to the table is a different way of helping people, ‘here and now in this very moment someone’s in trouble, what are we going to do to get them out of trouble, and every life has its worth’. And in that sense there is that camaraderie that comes in, in that sense there’s that common ground and it’s a different approach now to how we’re going to do it. And of course it’s a lot more action. It’s a lot more fast-paced then what’s happening behind the scenes with technology, trying to cure cancer, and those types of things.”

Don’t miss the series premiere of SECOND CHANCE on Wednesday, January 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

SECOND CHANCE: Rob Kazinsky and Tim DeKay Introduce the Pritchard Family

second chance

Like many families, the Pritchard gang is not normal. When SECOND CHANCE begins, Jimmy Pritchard is a disgraced former sheriff who is content to drink himself to death and sleep with prostitutes…while in his 70s. His son, Duval Pritchard, is an FBI agent raising a teenager daughter as a widower, trying to deal with his father and keep his less emotionally mature sister together.

But there’s an opportunity to change when Jimmy Pritchard is killed after stumbling into a robbery in his son’s house. Only Jimmy isn’t going to get a chance to die like everyone else, because Otto Goodwin helps to bring him back to life in order to save his terminally ill sister, Mary. Resurrected with a younger body and enhanced strength, Jimmy gets a second chance at life — but will he take it? During a visit to the SECOND CHANCE set in Vancouver, Rob Kazinsky and Tim DeKay spoke to journalists about their characters’ dynamics and what’s in store for the Pritchard family.

Will Jimmy Be a Different Father and Person This Time Around? ”I don’t think he will be,” Kazinsky admitted, “I think it would be incredibly boring if this experiment made him a decent person and that’s the whole point of this show. I mean, yeah, you got a second chance, but [it's a] nature versus nurture kind of thing. Seventy-five years being a pretty horrible human being is not going to change just because suddenly you have a young, strong body. There are mistakes you want to make the most of, but nature will out. And you’re still going to be, essentially, selfish and spoiled and shortsighted.”

Will Duval Be Suspicious About Who Jimmy Is? In a word, yes. Jimmy isn’t hiding the fact that his name is Jimmy Pritchard, even if he’s not coming right out and telling Duval he’s his father in a younger body. But what happens in the pilot is going to make Duval very suspicious about who Jimmy is. “There’s something about this guy,” DeKay says. “DuVal thinks he’s valuable, I think. So, I think he’ll use him for that. But there’s something more that eats at him.”

Despite Duval’s Curiosity About Jimmy, He’s Still Not Eager to Have Him Around. “Here’s the thing, right now [Duval] doesn’t want the guy in his life because ‘I don’t know who you are. I do not know who you are. I can tell you have had a dark past. I don’t want that. I don’t want that near my house’,” DeKay said. “If he ever finds out who he is, that’s all the more reason I don’t want you in my house. So no matter what, he doesn’t want him near him, but Pritchard has a strong desire so there is great tension there.”

Will Jimmy Be Using His Younger, Attractive Body to Party and Have Fun? Despite heading to a party and hooking up with a beautiful woman the first time he escapes from the Goodwins, Jimmy won’t be doing that “as much as you would think he is,” Kazinsky said. “He’s still kind of finding out who he is again [and] his major gripe here is that he is tethered to Lookinglass and Mary and Otto and he can’t leave them. He has to come home to them every single time [to have his body be rejuvenated] and he dies without them. He didn’t ask to be brought back. When he was murdered he was, he was you know a tired man, he was ready for the end. He didn’t fight too hard, he was just ready to go, he had had a pretty torrid last 20 years of his life. He didn’t ask to be brought back and yet he has and he doesn’t have a choice in it and I think there is an enormous amount of anger there. That anger manifests in a, not in a f*** you attitude toward Looking Glass, [but more] in terms of ‘I’m going to go and do what I feel I should be doing, what the right thing to do is, I’m going to go and help my kids I am going to go spend time with my grandchild and I am going to go and solve some damn crimes, because I am justice’!”

Will We See Flashbacks Between Older Jimmy and Duval? “We do,” Dekay confirmed. “One [reason is] because Philip Baker Hall is so great. There are flashbacks where you see the two of us. Obviously not [long ago] flashbacks, but just recently, so that Philip is in the picture. Literally.”

How Will Jimmy Work with Lookinglass and the FBI? “Solving crimes would be a lot easier if the law enforcement wasn’t restrained by law,” Kazinsky admitted. “And, you know, when somebody has done something awful and they get off on a technicality, that’s always a horrifying thing to have to sit there and watch. And when you have the ability and technology to find these people and see what they’ve done and you have somebody outside the law like Pritchard who is able to dispense the true ideal of justice, then you end up with a very powerful, megalomaniacal and dangerous vigilante….When you put that kind of power — which is the only super power that exists in the real world — in the hands of somebody [whose] morals are questionable, that’s when Duval becomes more and more important. And the straight edge side of the law does become important, to balance out this vengeful spirit that Pritchard is.”

How Are Duval and His Sister, Helen, Like Their Father? “Helen is….it’s like TWINS,” Kazinsky explained. “You’re [got] Arnold Schwarzzengar who got all the good and you’ve got Danny Devito who got all the bad. And in that respect, Duval got all the good sides of Pritchard. He got all the responsibility, the strength. And Helen got all the negatives. She got the real bum end of the deal from Pritchard. I think Helen is his real kind of guilt. I think that’s the one thing that he really needs to fix more than everything else. Or not even fix, just help and apologize to. Duval was strong enough to kind of deal with things on his own and Helen was not. And I just think that Prichard owes her a lot more than he owes Duval.” DeKay explained that “[Duval and Helen] need each other, they need each other greatly, she’s a mess, a wonderful mess. They both are in their own way because they were raised by a monster…But now because I’m a widower and have been for a long time, we need each other simply because we’re siblings and you need your siblings at some point, and if you don’t, it’s sad. They’re always in each other’s lives, and they love each other. There’s no judgment there. So yeah, she will continue to be in his life.”

What Kind of Influence Will Mary Goodwin and Jimmy Have on Each Other? “They certainly have a balancing effect on each other,” said Kazinsky. “One is a straight laced as possible and one is a jagged edge. He shows her how to live and she shows him how to exist and those are two different things.”

What Will Jimmy’s Relationship With Otto Be Like? “Not fun,” Kazinsky admitted. “They are polar opposites. You have somebody [like Otto] who is so regimented and rigid and obsessive compulsive. When you are that wild [like Jimmy is] against something so staid…you know Mary can adapt but Otto, he actually cannot adapt and there is a little bit of nemesis happening there. I don’t think Pritchard appreciates how dangerous Otto can be.”

Is Enhanced Strength Jimmy’s Major Super Power? “He is not done evolving and he will continue to evolve throughout the course of the show,” Kazinsky warned. “The way he is now is not the finished product. There is a reason there was an original title to this ["The Frankenstein Code" and that's] where he is kind of going to end up. There is a monster inside.”

Don’t miss the series premiere of SECOND CHANCE on Wednesday, January 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

FULLER HOUSE: First Look Photos Show the Tanner Family Back in Their Home

After announcing a premiere date of February 26 and releasing a teaser, Netflix has finally released photos from FULLER HOUSE.

The photos show the Tanners reunited back in their famous home (sans Michelle Tanner, who is apparently working in NYC) along with the new members of the family: DJ’s three boys — 12-year-old Jackson (Michael Champion), 7-year-old Max (Elias Harger) and newborn Tommy Jr (Messitt Twins) — and Kimmy’s teen daughter Ramona (Soni Nicole Bringas).

Both DJ and Kimmy and DJ are single mothers (although DJ is widowed) and Stephanie has moved in with her sister and Kimmy to help raise the children. Original cast members Bob Saget, John Stamos, Lori Louglin and Dave Coulier will be making regular appearances. Scott Weigner, Eva LaRue, Maks Chmerkovskiy, Val Chmerkovskiy and Juan Pablo di Pace will also guest star.

fuller house

fuller house

fuller house

fuller house

ELEMENTARY Preview: Joan and Sherlock Return with a Fascinating Case and Family Drama


ELEMENTARY returns from its winter hiatus with a strong and intriguing case — as well as a little bit of Watson family drama — in what might be the best episode of the season thus far.

While the focus has primarily been on the Holmes family this season with the arrival of Sherlock’s father in the premiere, it’s Joan’s stepfather who steps into the limelight this week. Captain Gregson calls Joan into his office to hand her a book — a book about a Chinese-American and British detective duo who consult for the NYPD. Joan is shocked that someone has written about her and Sherlock, but she quickly realizes who the culprit is: her stepfather, Henry Watson (played by John Heard). Their relationship has been a solid one, but it’s threatened by Henry’s new book and Joan’s demand that he get it out of print immediately. Her biggest concern is for Sherlock himself — as an incredibly private person, she’s sure he won’t be eager to see his exploits in print.

As the Watson family drama unfolds, Joan and Sherlock are called in to consult on the murder of a retired FBI agent. Upon inspection, they realize that the man’s death is connected to an unsolved case from his career: the kidnapping of Mina Davenport. Davenport was returned to her family recently, but her kidnapper was never found. And if you think that the Watson family is going through some drama, wait until you see the Davenport family. In particular, keep your eye on Sarah Cetrulo, who plays Mina. Cetrulo’s performance becomes more and more compelling as more is revealed about her character and Mina’s circumstances. Without a doubt, this case is one of the most interesting we’ve seen from ELEMENTARY in a while and it will leave you guessing until the final scene.

Don’t miss an all new episode of ELEMENTARY on Thursday, January 7 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS or on Wednesday, January 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Global TV in Canada.

THE FLASH Recap: A West Family Reunion

the flash

Last night’s Winter Finale of THE FLASH presented a very emotional episode and I have to admit that I was a little surprised. Maybe it was because we were still coming off the crossover – which was super action-packed – but “Running to Stand Still” hit the breaks on the action front and gave us a heartfelt family tale.

We had a three villains for the price of one special deal, but even then, the episode itself wasn’t really about them. The Weather Wizard, Captain Cold and the Trickster all made an appearance and, while Snart said thanks, but no thanks to the opportunity of trying to take out the Flash, the Trickster is a complete psychopath and was all too happy to help Mark Mardon with his crazy plan to kill Barry once and for all.

Their shenanigans, though not very effective, provided two great moments between Patty and the Flash. It turns out that Mardon was the one who killed Patty’s dad years ago, way before the particle accelerator exploded. The reason she became a cop was to finally catch him and bring him to justice for what he did to her father. So when the news of his escape, along with Snart and Jesse, reached her ears, she made it her mission to track down the metahuman and put him down for good. The first time she tracks him down, Barry saves her as the Flash, when it turns out that the lead they followed was a trap that very nearly got them killed. When they get out of the factory, she tells him the whole story, how it is her fault that her dad died because she was the one who was supposed to be at the bank that day.

Now, I know I have been saying how I love Patty and I want her to stay on the show forever. But what really sells Patty as such a lovable character is Shantel VanSanten’s performance. And up until “Running to Stand Still”, she had just been the quirky cop, who was going out with Barry and ended up scoring a gig as Joe’s partner in the metahuman task force; but last night she proved to be a much more complex character and VanSanten did a tremendous job at portraying the desperation Patty felt at having her father’s murderer right in front of her and the struggle to not give in and end his life when she had the chance. Both scenes she had with the Flash were amazing, but the last one, in particular, really tugged at my heart. I’m really glad she decided to open up to Barry by the end of the episode, even thought he already knows everything. Now I want her to stay on the show forever even more.

Elsewhere, Iris was struggling with the fact that she was keeping some major news from Joe. She learned that Francine was pregnant when she left, and that she had a baby boy they never knew about weeks ago, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell her dad about it, for fear that the knowledge that he had a son he never knew would crush him. I have to say, the West family scenes really messed with my emotions. We all know Jesse L. Martin is a spectacular actor, so it’s no surprise that he absolutely rocked these scenes – but the real surprise here was Candice Patton. Finally, finally, they’re giving her something good to work on and she was absolutely amazing. The moment she broke down and told Barry about Wally, and then when they both told Joe, sweet baby Jesus, my heart almost couldn’t take it and I admit there were lots of tears involved. I am really curious as to where they are taking this storyline, especially now that we finally met Wally – however brief that meeting was.

Meanwhile, I was shocked to find out that Harry has been in contact with Zoom. The speed demon is forcing him to help Barry get faster and stronger, so Zoom can eventually steal his speed force when the time is right. If Harry doesn’t help him, he will kill his daughter. I completely understand Harry’s motivation, but how ironic is it that – after Barry purged all those feelings from his chest – Harry is going to go and double cross him?

What did you think? Hit the comments below and tell me all about it, or come talk to me on Twitter.

THE FLASH returns with an all new episode on January 19 at 8/7c on The CW.

MODERN FAMILY Commentary: More Commercials, Less Fulfilling

modern family

It was around 2012 that I first noticed the difference. I had heard around that time that producers were being forced to cut some time out of that allotted for story telling to make more room for commercials. You might not think that a minute and a half or two would make a lot of difference in a half-hour show, but you might be wrong.

ABC’s MODERN FAMILY has been one of the most popular American sitcoms in recent times. It has, until recently, yearly come up for Emmy nominations and wins. The comedy has been witty, the writing has been excellent, and the acting has been stellar. From its beginning there was a pace in the show that allowed a progression from situation setup to comedic punchline that was natural and fun. It was as slick as slipping a size six foot into a size six and a half glass slipper. Then something changed. That was around 2012.

I noticed that the characters, after building through the setup, suddenly sped to the punchline. There was no more easy progression, it was a rushed set more akin to a Vaudeville lineup where there are too many acts, too few minutes, and the cops were expected to raid the theater at any minute. All that interesting plot setup only to quickly slap the viewer in the face with a slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am joke and then swiftly move you on to the next plot setup. The show lost its timing and, thus, its mojo, so to speak.

I watch other sitcoms and they don’t seem to have this same problem. CBS’s new sitcom LIFE IN PIECES easily and breezily fits in four segments plus commercials, and although they leave you breathless with their speed, you don’t feel like you’ve just been dragged through the circus side show. CBS’s THE BIG BANG THEORY, which has been on air longer than has MODERN FAMILY, doesn’t seem to have suffered the same pacing problem. It remains funny without you feeling rushed. Same with ABC’s recent hit sitcoms THE GOLDBERGS and BLACKISH. Maybe the thing here is, these two didn’t have an established pace to adjust.

MODERN FAMILY began airing in the fall of 2009, when, according to one source, television programs were about 30 percent commercials. The percentage of commercial time has varied over the years, but during the time of MODERN FAMILY’S run it peaked at 33 percent in 2012. According to most sources, the average sitcom runs about 22 minutes, and the format of four to eight characters, three acts with one main plot and two subplots, a teaser opening and an epilogue or closing are standard. Still another source looked at the jokes per minute in American sitcoms, with MODERN FAMILY coming in toward the bottom at 5.68, just under THE BIG BANG THEORY (5.80) and just above FRASIER (4.09). Those are a mixture of the old and more recent sitcoms with established records to compare.

Every sitcom is a bit different. They depend on whether they are single-camera or multiple camera shows, which affects their flexibility in shooting scenes, shots, and locations. Also important are the number of characters in a show. As I said in the paragraph above, they average between four and eight, with FRASIER having four main characters, THE BIG BANG THEORY having seven main characters, but MODERN FAMILY having twelve!

So after all that data, here is my point: Yes, we need advertising to pay for the free television we all enjoy. But the push to add more profits has taken its toll on at least one program, and that is MODERN FAMILY. What was once a well-oiled comedy machine has found a size 2 sabot shoved into its gears, one that is unfortunately just big enough to ruin its pace and its flow and its soul. I often can’t bear to watch as the actors stumble over lines to fit the joke into the otherwise well-choreographed setup, the viewer trying to catch their breath as the next set of actors set up the next sting. And I’m sad that what was a really funny show for me has become more of a joke for the way commercialization has turned the show into the tail that wags the dog.

I am encouraged that this turn for the worse has so far apparently not affected other sitcoms. But with the number of 30-second commercials falling in favor of more 15-second commercials to pump up profits as one source noted, shoeing in more and more of them will surely cut even more time from the story line and one day even the most stalwart sitcoms will succumb to the same challenge of telling a good story in a shorter amount of time.

ABC Family Announces All Winter Premiere Dates: THE FOSTERS, RECOVERY ROAD and More

the fosters

ABC Family (to be named Freeform in January) has officially announced all winter premiere dates. New scripted drama RECOVERY ROAD and returning series THE FOSTERS are both set to premiere at the end of January, joining the already-announced premiere dates of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, SHADOWHUNTERS and more.

Here’s all of the January and February dates for the new and returning shows:

  • Tuesday, January 12 at 8:00–9:00 PM ET/PT – Winter premiere of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS
  • Tuesday, January 12 at 9:00–10:00 PM ET/PT – Series premiere of SHADOWHUNTERS
  • Monday, January 25 at 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT – Winter premiere of THE FOSTERS
  • Monday, January 25 at 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT – Series premiere of RECOVERY ROAD
  • Wednesday, February 3 at 8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT – Winter premiere of YOUNG & HUNGRY
  • Wednesday, February 3 at 8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT – Winter premiere of BABY DADDY