Showcase Scoop: Lucas Bryant Teases The Search for Audrey, Redemption for Mara and the End of the Troubles in HAVEN Season 5

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The path of true love is never as smooth as hoped. In the case of Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) and Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) in HAVEN, their romantic relationship has had many obstacles – the latest being Audrey’s alter-ego personality Mara, who is claiming original rights to the body and who insists that Audrey exists no more. But for someone like Nathan, he will never believe his true love is gone forever. He will always fight to save her and be with her.

In a recent exclusive interview to promote tonight’s two-hour premiere of HAVEN on Showcase in Canada, star Lucas Bryant talked about the quest to get Audrey back and what possible obstacles lied ahead in Season 5 of HAVEN. [Read more…]

HAVEN Scoop: Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose Tease Season 5, New Troubles and Mara

haven lucas bryant emily rose

Viewers only caught a brief glimpse of Audrey Parker’s alter ego Mara in the Season 4 finale. But at the time, it was enough to send shivers down fans’ spines. Season 5 brings Mara to the forefront of HAVEN and the majority of the season will deal with the quest to get Audrey (Emily Rose) back, even though she is right there with them – just trapped in the body of Mara.

In a recent press conference call, stars Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant candidly shared what it is like filming two episodes at a time for the extended 26-episode Season 5, carefully and playfully teased whether there might be something going on between Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Mara (Emily Rose), and gave props to the HAVEN fans for steadfastly standing by the show and venturing out to the remote coast of Nova Scotia from the four corners of the globe just to visit the set of where HAVEN films. [Read more…]

HAVEN Season 5 Scoop: Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose Tease “Pancakes,” Hot Lovin’, and True Love’s Kiss for Mara

haven lucas bryant emily rose

With the Season 4 finale of HAVEN dropping one last bombshell on fans with Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) vanishing right before their eyes and her former persona Mara taking over, fans have been anxiously clutching at their hearts during this long hiatus to find out whether Audrey is gone for good.

After all, fans waited many years for those fun lovin’ scenes of Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Audrey enjoying some quality alone time and a chance to make “pancakes” together. Season 4 definitely provided some sexy time and lots of loving moments. Alas, it felt all too short-lived and now we are all wondering if the days of “pancakes” are long gone.

In an exclusive interview, star Lucas Bryant provided a little more insight and a bunch of hilarious teasers for fans to ponder whether there is the chance of any “pancakes” in Season 5. [Read more…]

We Shine the Spotlight on MOTIVE Star Lauren Holly

lauren holly motive

Known for her memorable performances in such series as NCIS and PICKET FENCES, Lauren Holly has carved out a remarkable career in television. Her current television series MOTIVE has brought her back into the spotlight with a role that is equal parts sass and sizzle, which is not easy to do in a police procedural. But Holly has brought a unique and eye-catching portrayal to the role of Dr. Betty Rogers.

In a recent exclusive interview, Lauren provided a few hints about the secret life of her character as well as offering teasers about the upcoming Season 2 finale, which just may bring out some secrets that were better off left in the dark. [Read more…]

YOUNG & HUNGRY Scoop: Star Jonathan Sadowski Spills on the Upcoming Wedding & Foods That He Craves

jonathan sadowski young & hungry

ABC Family’s new comedy series YOUNG & HUNGRY offers top-notch comedy surrounding the antics of a young woman who convinces an upcoming billionaire to take her on as his personal chef. It is the makings of a classic rom-com with one big difference, the show leans a bit more towards the comedy side with a strong ensemble made up of veteran comedians, including Jonathan Sadowski, Emily Osmemt, Rex Lee, Kym Whitley, and Aimee Carrero.

All are relatively young to have such strong comedy chops, but every scene with them in it is just flawlessly funny. The best scenes are with the entire cast, but even when they play off each other in pairs, it still tickles the funny bone and makes your ribs ache from laughing. That is not to say there is not a health dose of romance too. It is just a bit more subtly woven amongst the bigger comedic moments.

Yet this week’s summer finale for YOUNG & HUNGRY will be employing both the rom-com elements to fine form as the clock ticks down on Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) and Caroline’s (Mallory Jansen) wedding and whether Gabi (Emily Osment), Elliot (Rex Lee) or Yolanda (Kim Whitley) can just stand by and watch it happen all knowing that perhaps Josh is over-looking the one person who may really be the one his heart wants.

In a recent press conference call, star Jonathan Sadowski happily shared some insights into the comedic gold that keeps this cast on their toes and teased the upcoming wedding episode. [Read more…]

DOCTOR WHO: Welcoming Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor

doctor who peter Capaldi the twelfth doctor

Ripping a page right out of classic DOCTOR WHO, Series 8 introduces actor Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor in a quiet, unassuming manner. Gone are the days of frantic frenzy and over-exuberant energy of the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) or the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith). Peter Capaldi’s introduction carries the weight of responsibility of returning the Doctor with a more stately performance. The Twelfth Doctor does not run or yell, in fact he is rather confused and uncertain as he steps into the now unfamiliar shoes and tries to figure out who he is all over again – and he is not the only one. Yet Clara (Jenna Louise-Coleman) and the fans are uncertain too. Just who is this Twelfth Doctor? That will be carefully explored as Series 8 unfolds. Will Clara learn to accept this stately version of the man she knew or will his new persona be as confusing to her as it will be to viewers? [Read more…]

Fall TV Preview: A TO Z Brings the Rom-Com Back to NBC

a to z nbc

Looking to reintroduce romantic comedy back into the television landscape, NBC’s new series A TO Z explores the adorable story of how Andrew met Zelda and their hilarious attempts at dating in the digital era, where simple communications can come across as mixed signals with the everyday use of texting and social media. As viewers will see, Andrew works at an online dating company and Zelda is an attorney, and it would initially seem that they could not be farther apart — but destiny had other plans.

At a special press screening of the pilot episode “A is for Acquaintance,” the stars and producers of A TO Z talked about their unabashed love for rom-coms and how they all fell in love with the idea of bringing such a humorous love story to television. Stars Cristin Milioti, Ben Feldman, Lenora Crichlow, Henry Zebrowski and creator Ben Queen also all candidly shared whether they have ever signed up for online dating, their unique strategy for competing in their timeslot, and what kind of feedback they have gotten since the pilot episode was made available online. [Read more…]

THE 100 Scoop: The Cast and Creative Team Tease the Fates of the Hundred in Season 2


After leaving fans clutching their hearts at the end of the Season 1 finale over the presumed deaths of Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Finn (Thomas McDonell), and perhaps the eminent death of Chancellor Jaha (Isaiah Washington), who sacrificed himself to save the remaining population of the Ark, it was only too fortuitous to run into two of the executive producers of THE 100 at the CBS summer TCA party and attempt to get some long-awaited answers.

In an exclusive interview, executive producers Bruce Miller and Jason Rothenberg talked about where Season 2 shall pick-up for the hundred and what may have become of those last seen in dire straights in Season 1. [Read more…]

THE LOTTERY Scoop: Athena Karkanis and Yul Vazquez Talk Leading A Nation on Brink of Extinction


On Lifetime’s new drama series THE LOTTERY, Yul Vazquez portrays President Thomas Westwood and Athena Karkanis portrays White House Chief of Staff Vanessa Keller, and their respective characters are carrying the fate of the world in their hands. With only 52 fertilized embryos available and the last child born 6 years earlier, it is essential for the U.S. government to choose wisely the women from the national lottery who will be surrogates for the next generation, which they pray will be more fertile than the world currently is – or extinction of the human race is a real possibility.

In a recent press conference call, Athena Karkanis and Yul Vazquez talked about their characters’ unique challenges in the face of such dire circumstances. [Read more…]

We Shine the Spotlight on JUSTIFIED and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Star Alicia Witt


Known for fine her television work ranging from last season’s JUSTIFIED to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, thespian Alicia Witt is not just a film and television actress, she is an accomplished singer/song writer too. She is an entertainer that can do it all, and she does it well. She is a joy to watch and a delight to hear as well. Her energy and vitality is just infectious.

During the Television Critic’s Association Summer Tour, Alicia was on hand to promote her upcoming Hallmark Channel holiday film, as well as to talk about her current work in a local play in Los Angeles and her live singing performances.

So in an exclusive interview Alicia took a few moments to talk about her varied entertainment endeavors and her dreams for her next television project. [Read more…]