Stars Hollow Scoop: Sally Struthers Reflects on Returning to GILMORE GIRLS


Whether you binged it all within the first hours of its release or are savoring the four-season themed installments of Amy Sherman- Palladino’s dream of a show, GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE for a rainy day. The revival is all anyone has been talking about these days. The universally loved series came back stronger than ever on November 25th and in honor of being back in Stars Hollow, we chatted with Sally Struthers who plays Lorelai’s crazy, loud, and loyal neighbor. Here are our top 5 questions with GILMORE GIRLS resident, Babette, portrayed by the lovely and talented, Sally Strutters.
When the show ended in 2007 did you ever think that you would get to be back in Stars Hollow? 
Sally Struthers: This was a huge surprise to us all. Usually, when a show is over it is over – None of us thought it would ever come back. I’m so happy it did.
How did it feel to come back after being away from Babette for so long? Did it take a while to get readjusted to the character or did it come instantly?
It came instantly. That is in my blood.  I molded that character after my idol, the iconic Ruth Gordon.
How is it working with Liz Torres? The two of you have such great banter on the show, are there any fun scenes between Babette and Miss Patty that we can look forward to?
I’m only in one scene with Liz Torres unfortunately, and that is my biggest disappointment. I’ve always loved working with her and we have been friends for over 45 years dating back to when I was on All In the Family, and she played the housekeeper.
What is your favorite Babette moment from your time on the show?
I loved all the dialogue Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote for me. Those lines were hilarious. I was always so excited to go to work and deliver.
What is your favorite moment from the revival? 
My favorite moment was simply the joy of being back at the Warner Brother set of Stars Hollow. Wandering around the back lot was Nirvana.
You can watch GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE on Netflix. 

Stars Hollow Scoop: Liz Torres Reflects on Returning to GILMORE GIRLS


While some binged GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE, some very patient people are savoring the four installments and spacing them out over the next couple of week’s. We’ve got a spoiler free interview with Stars Hollow’s very own, Miss Patty, Liz Torres to hold you over until you finally cave and binge the rest of the season.

Everyone really wanted this revival and really fought to get this revival. How did it feel to know that so many people truly wanted this show to come back?
 Liz Torres: Oh it’s amazing! It’s such a miracle that anything gets done on television that lasts. It used to be in the old days – because I started back in the 1800s (laughs) they would shoot a pilot, then take up twenty-eight shows, now if you do eight you’re lucky. It’s a miracle that people like it and watch it and that the network picks it up. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, I’m so happy and really grateful to be a part of something so wonderful.
Why do you think way back when the show premiered people fell so hard for a show with such low stakes?
I don’t think there had been a show with a mother that young. Lauren was so young; those issues were fresh during that time. There were so few shows that were directed at the heart of women like that, such a clear generational gap, I think that’s why. Also, because older women who have grown children, it’s refreshing, a young mother daughter relationship.

Did it take you a while to get back into character when you stepped back on set for the first time? Did it come to you naturally? 
Totally natural! It’s a second skin for me, it doesn’t feel like I’m acting. Sally (Struthers) does a character and she puts a lot of energy into it, and I’m just Miss. Patty, I felt like I should’ve given Miss. Patty a little more color, and let the words carry me. I thought that Miss. Patty was a tough talking, showbiz broad, so I just really tried to sell the words.

Whose storyline were you most excited for in the revival? Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham)? Rory (Alexis Bledel)?
Well I always thought she’d end up with Luke! I was always kind of rooting for him, he’s so difficult and so interesting, but he’s not a bad guy he’s just difficult. He deserves somebody like Lorelai to nudge him into reality. I was always pulling for him. I’m not sure which way the show will go, but she’s always had such wonderful boyfriends too, it’s hard to pick, but I guess I’m rooting for Luke because he’s been there since the beginning.

What can you tease about your scenes?
I’m paired up with Babette (Sally Struthers) again, so that should be the Abbott and Costello of Stars Hollow. Working with her is such a joy because I was in ALL IN THE FAMILY with her years ago and I just know what she is going to do before she does it, and she knows what I’m gong to say before I say it. It’s like we’re working on telepathy with each other and it’s so much fun. I get so happy when I see her. 

You can stream GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE now on Netflix.

Stars Hollow Scoop: Yanic Truesdale Reflects on Returning to the GILMORE GIRLS


With the GILMORE GIRLS revival GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE still fresh on everyone’s Netflix cue, we caught up with Stars Hollow’s Michel played brilliantly by Yanic Truesdale to gab all about the revival! So, if you’re one of the few (I can’t include myself in this) people who has some self control and is savoring the four perfect installments of the revival this SPOILER FREE interview will definitely take you back to Stars Hollow and get you even more excited for the revival!
When the show ended in 2007 did you ever think you would get to go back to Stars Hollow again?
Yanic Truesdale: No, I did not when the show ended. Although years went by and I did realize that the show kind of never went away.  As an actor you feel the pulse of a show that you’re in on the streets, by people talking about it and all of that and it never really went away. When it started on Netflix it was, for me as an actor, it felt as if the show started again, as if it was a brand new show because you had a whole new generation discovering it. It wasn’t surprising when it came back.
When you first read for Michel and first read for the show what stood out to you about him back then?
The first time around, it was very instinctive my take on him. For some reason I connected with him, Michel is very sarcastic and has dry humor and has an opinion on a lot of things and I can relate to it on that part and that was my way in. Also, I had gotten more scripts and discovered more of his personality I kind of molded who he was once we went along. Emotionally I understood the feeling of an outcast, I was living in LA and I’m French-Canadian, also I am a black kid in a white family. My mother is white and I was raised by her, I don’t know the black side of my family. So that feeling of feeling like an outcast that Michel very much had was my way into the character.
Going back and doing the revival did you pick up right where you left off with him?
The character felt very much like it would to be meeting an old friend again. The connection with him was very quick, he has grown like all of the characters have grown in the revival. There is much more going on in his life, at least we will know much more that is going on in his life. To me as an actor its very rewarding because there is more meat to him, there is more storyline and there is more going on with him that is actually shared with the fans. It was very rewarding this time around.
Can you tell us anything new that we will get to learn about Michel in the revival?
Well you will get to see his love life, which we’ve never seen. You will get to know what is going on with him personally and all of that kind of stuff. That to me is huge because we have never seen anything with him outside of the inn.
Aside from Michel, whose storyline are you most excited for the fans to see in the revival? Are there any characters that have a funny storyline throughout the revival?
I don’t know about funniest, just because we lost Ed (Herrmann) and he was so beloved by the fans and so beloved by us. He was such an awesome guy and the fact that he is not there is a big part of the story. Emily’s (Kelly Bishop) storyline because of what she’s going through with the loss of her husband has many layers to it for us. It’s very touching and there is a lot going on there with what it does to her relationship with her daughter and that’s very rich and that’s very moving to me.
Are you happy with how the revival ended?
Yeah! The ending is very surprising but makes a lot of sense. It will leave many with their mouths open. It is a very full circle kind of ending. This is the thing I am most curious about, to see how fans will react to the ending.
People were obviously SO excited when the revival was announced (myself included) what are some shows that you would love to see brought back?
Well I was a huge fan, and the irony of it is that they did bring it back – THE COMEBACK, with Lisa Kudrow because that is very much my sense of humor. Her humor is very dry and sarcastic and they brought it back for a season and I could take fifteen seasons of THE COMEBACK and it still wouldn’t be enough for me. Another show that I loved and was so upset that it went away last year was GETTING ON on HBO, which again was very dry and sarcastic humor and I thought they were all so good in it.
You can watch GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE on Netflix. 

Secrets & Lies: Floriana Lima Introduces Us to ABC’s Sudsy New Series THE FAMILY


Tonight at 9:00 the highly anticipated ABC series, THE FAMILY premieres. The show centers on the Warren family, whose youngest son, Adam mysteriously disappears and is presumed dead. After a decade of unanswered questions, he reappears and turns the town and the Warren family’s lives upside down. Determined journalist, Bridey is eager to learn more about the mysterious reappearance of Adam and is willing to go to great lengths to find out the truth. I caught up with Floriana Lima who portrays the driven reporter about how her character will interact with Adam this season, what drew her to Bridey as a character, and what we can look forward to in tonight’s premiere.

What can you tell us about your new show, THE FAMILY?
Floriana Lima: It’s a drama full of twists and turns, secrets and deceit, following the return of a politician’s son who was presumed dead after being kidnapped 10 years earlier.  Things get pretty crazy and we see that the family knows more than they’re letting on.

Your character Bridey is a reporter who is trying to find out what happened to Adam (Liam James).  What drew you to Bridey as a character?  How will we get to know her this season? 
I was drawn to Bridey because she’s such a ballsy, career driven, go-getter, who wants to be seen as a legitimate journalist. She is willing to do literally anything to get a lead on the Adam Warren story, and that to me, seemed like a really fun role to get to play with. You’ll see her use her resources to draw out some of the dark secrets the family is keeping, and it gets rather interesting and twisted. You’ll also come to realize that she has a few moral dilemmas of her own along the way.

How will we see Bridey interact with Adam this season?  How will she get involved with his case? 
Bridey is studying Adam on the periphery through her resources.  She’s looking at everything from a different perspective and stumbles upon some important things that get her closer and closer to piecing together the truth.

Aside from Bridey, what character are you most excited to learn more about this season? 
Willa Warren played by Alison Pill, she’s definitely weird and hiding some things.  There is more there, for sure.

Are there any scenes or episodes you’re really excited for people to see this season? Anything with Bridey that you can tease from future episodes? 
Every episode has something new that will keep you wanting to get more of the story.  Without giving away too much, I would say episode 4 “Feathers or Steel” is where things get crazy, my character gets really involved, and things start to come to light.

What shows are you loving on TV right now? 
I just got caught up with MR. ROBOT, which I love, and also, VEEP, BROAD CITY, and THE WALKING DEAD, which are all so good.

You can watch the series premiere of THE FAMILY tonight at 9:00 on ABC. You can also follow Floriana on Twitter at @florianalima

Photo Credit: Rowan Daly

We Shine The Spotlight on THE LEAGUE Creators Jackie and Jeff Schaffer

FMC-film-school-jackie-and-jeff-schaffer 3.26.54 PM

Tonight the final Shiva winner will be crowned, and one of the funniest shows on television will come to a close.  It feels like just yesterday we met these terrible, ruthless, and hilarious fantasy football lunatics, it’s sad yet appropriate that we are saying goodbye. THE LEAGUE has had a slew of football players and comedians guest on the cult hit and has featured ridiculous storylines (remember when Jenny faked having cancer). From Mr. McGibblets to Taco Corp, this show was a touchdown and it’s truly depressing that it all comes to an end tonight.

I caught up with the creators of the show, husband and wife power producers Jackie and Jeff Schaffer about tonight’s finale, the final Shiva, and their favorite guest stars over the years.

Was there ever a time when you weren’t sure who should win the Shiva? How do you decide who wins each season?

We try to set up the general arc of the season first, that way you know that things you are doing in the beginning of the season pay off at the end.  For example, in the beginning of the season Pete bumps into his ex-wife Meegan (who’s dating Andre), and now at the end of last week’s episode, she comes back pregnant.

As for the Shiva and the Sacko – We try to balance who wins and loses in fantasy with who wins and loses in life:

At the end of Season 1 we wanted Andre to win the Shiva and because of it lose his girlfriend Shiva.

In season 3, we wanted Kevin to win and hear he’s going to have a son, and be happier about winning the Shiva.

And sometimes it’s not as much about who wins as who loses. (Like when Kevin came in last in Season 5 so we could do the “You’re the Ruxin” church choir.)

It’s all about the funniest stories.

There was an animated portion in last week’s episode. What sparked the idea for that? 

Jackie had wanted to do that since the first time Seth and Jason got together in Season 3. An animated Rafi-Dirty Randy episode seemed like the natural progression for characters’ people thought were inhuman anyway. As Seth himself said, “How were these guys ever not animated?”

Looking back when you began developing the show did you always know how you wanted it to end or did you shape the seasons and finales as time went on. 

When we were developing the show all we could think about was how to shoot the pilot. That was honestly as far as we thought.

It’s like ordering a giant pizza.  You never order it and think “What’s that last bite going to be like?”  When you sit down to eat, you’re really only thinking about that first slice.  Then later you look back and say “Wow, I ate seven pieces! No wonder I’m so exhausted.”

How has this whole experience been for the two of you? Any specific episodes or scenes that stand out as favorites?

Shooting the show is incredibly intimate. We shoot entirely on location so if we are at Kevin’s house we are in the TV room of an actual house, not a set.  And there’s no writing staff, there are no other directors, there are no other producers – the show is made everyday on set by the cast and us.

And every scene is a live rewrite.  It’s an incredible, raucous experience.

Our fondest memories of the show are being on set with the funniest people on the planet making each other laugh every day.

As for favorite episodes…

Jeff: I really loved this year’s draft episode – the Draft of Innocence.  Everyone was forced to live in Andre’s personal vision of fun.  It’s such hell for them.

I think it was the best draft episode we’ve done.  Rafi mistaking the draft for a slave auction is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while. And I loved the bartsitsu fight at the end.

As for scenes that are memorable…

One in particular comes to mind.  In season 4, the episode was 12.12.12. Rafi and Dirty Randy were making an end of the world amateur porn because they thought the end was nigh.  And they are making it in Andre’s apartment.  But Andre had sold his apartment to Deion Sanders. Yes, that Deion Sanders.

So we have a scene with Seth Rogen and Jason Mantzoukas, porn star Kayden Kross and Deion Sanders in a scene together. This would only happen on THE LEAGUE.  And it’s capped with Rafi’s immortal line to Prime Time, “I don’t know who you are, but you’re about to get Chlamydia.”

Jackie: And we have to mention getting Marshawn Lynch to joke about the end of the Super Bowl in this year’s season premiere.  We are Seahawk season ticket holders, and having a chance to comedically exorcise those demons, with our favorite player of our favorite team? It was the perfect culmination of everything we love about doing the show.

That was too many favorites. What can we say? It’s a fun show to make.

What can you tell us about the series finale? Can we expect cameos from any fan favorite guest stars?

One fan favorite – Shiva – makes a return. We couldn’t end the show with out the amazing Janina Gavankar.

There’s also a big role played by another guest star – probably the biggest we’ve ever had….

What are some series finales that the two of you have enjoyed over the years? Were there any that you looked to for inspiration while writing THE LEAGUE’s series finale?

We wanted to make very sure that the finale felt like an episode of THE LEAGUE, and ended in a surprising funny way.  Not turn into some other thing with sappy wrap-ups.

The show ends like it began, with these guys learning nothing and spending an extraordinary amount of energy giving each other shit in creative ways.

We thought the MAD MEN ending was pretty sensational, but we wanted to make sure all our cast was together at the end, both in the show and on set for filming the last scene.

So our final day of shooting the whole cast was there together.  And it was fun, and emotional, and retrospective, and a truly amazing send off.

You can watch the series finale of the beloved FXX comedy tonight at 10:00.

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with JANE THE VIRGIN Star Yael Grobglas


Very rarely do we find ourselves rooting for the villain, or at least the character on a television show causing so much heartache and chaos. For the adorable and quirky Monday night fan favorite, JANE THE VIRGIN, that person is Petra Solano. We first met Solano in the midst of stealing her husband’s sperm with intentions of getting inseminated as a last attempt to save her marriage. Since our first meeting with Solano we have watched her hold a man captive, steal more of Rafael’s sperm, and marry a man from her past. Now we get to watch Petra tackle a new challenge, pregnancy.

While many love and admire Petra (me being one of them) the obvious can’t be avoided. This whole situation would essentially not exist without Petra being, well, Petra. Jane (Gina Rodriguez) would never have met Rafael (Justin Baldoni) or had Mateo, she probably would have married Michael (Brett Dier) and would have become a teacher by now.
I had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely and talented (and nothing like her character) Yael Grobglas about her role as the likeable villain, Petra Solano on the hilarious and addictive CW telenovela-style comedy, JANE THE VIRGIN. I spoke with Grobglas about her time on the show, her character Petra, and what show’s she is loving on television right now.
First off I have to ask, are you team Michael or team Rafael?
Yael Grobglas: I’m team Michael. Just because there is something about him that throughout this entire time, he’s had Jane’s best interests at heart. He’s left her alone to make her own decisions and let her discover what’s best for her and I respect that. That was the right way to go about it.
The critics have responded so well to it and the fans love the show. How has this whole experience been for you?
It’s been absolutely outstanding! It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I moved here for the show and my life changed greatly because of the show. The cast have become a second family to me. I think what’s so great about our group of people, our cast and crew and everyone, everyone knows how lucky they are to be on the show. To get to work with people we really truly love, that’s amazing. Secondly, we get to work on material that we really enjoy. We get to do such a huge range of things and we don’t have to choose whether we are going to be funny or dramatic because we get to do it all. There is such incredible writing, it just makes our job such a pleasure. You see a group of people that are showing up everyday with such huge smiles on their faces and it’s been such an unbelievable experience, just having a great time making something we enjoy. Once it aired and we saw the love that we were getting for the show and for our characters from the fans and from the critics it was overwhelming to suddenly have that feeling that “oh other people are enjoying this thing that we enjoy making so much, this is the best thing ever.” It’s been like that ever since.
Your character is a really mean person but yet the fans responded really well to her, I mean I love her and a lot of the fans do as well. Why do you think people have taken to her even though she does such mean things? How is it playing a character like Petra?
(Laughs) Jennie Urman our creator from the very beginning told me what she had in store for Petra. She told me that Petra is not your typical villain. She enjoys writing in a way where one moment you love her, one moment you hate her, and she stuck to it. That’s what such a present for me, being able to play a villain but she’s not necessarily doing mean things to be mean. Don’t forget, she begins the show as her last resort getting inseminated by her husband’s sperm without him knowing about it. This is already a desperate move and this happens in the Pilot. Obviously that goes horribly wrong because Jane gets inseminated, and ever since then it’s just been her struggling to maintain this life that she wants to live. I think that the writer’s managed to really justify everything she does. You see her softer moments, her background, and her relationship with her mother (Priscilla Barnes). I feel like nothing comes out of nowhere, life happens to her and she’s just forced to deal with it and she deals with it in a way that might not be the way I would deal with it in real life or anybody else would. I think because of that wonderful writing people can have a soft spot for Petra (Laughs). She’s not mean.
She is dealing with a lot of stuff right now. How will we see her deal with the pregnancy later on, especially with Milos (Max Bird-Rindell)?
I don’t know yet; I think there are a few great options. I think it will be very easy to think Petra will be this terrible mother because that is all she knows, Being the villain that’s what you would expect. But I think maybe we will get to see a different side of her, maybe we will get to see Petra being this protective lioness of a mother and this whole different side of her coming out. I think it will definitely be incredibly interesting.
What shows are you loving on TV right now?
You can watch Yael tonight on JANE THE VIRGIN at 9:00 on The CW and you can follow her on Twitter at @yaelgrobglas.

Review: Shonda Rhimes’ Year Of Yes


“Writing was… well, for me it was like sitting down at a piano for the first time and realizing that I always knew how to play.”

It’s not everyday your hero writes a book, so when mine did I couldn’t get to the book store quick enough. Shonda Rhimes is not just another showrunner producing content for the masses to enjoy week after week, she is the showrunner. Her shows have always changed the way we view sexuality and race, but her latest venture, “Year of Yes” will change the way you view yourself.

What drew millions to her characters was how effortlessly she projects our realities. She uses these beautifully flawed characters in her shows as vessels to say the things each and every one of us are too afraid to say. She does this while humbly expressing that she is not doing something groundbreaking, but rather projecting the world how it truthfully is. In “Year of Yes” Rhimes turns the tables a bit, rather than speak through her characters she expresses her frustration and fear with the realization that she is miserable, and tired of saying “no.” She offers wisdom from her own experiences that could apply to to anyone. A shy young man in college that is terrified to leave the comfort of his dorm room, seeking comfort in the grip of his X-Box controller rather than attend the club meeting he’s secretly been interested in. Or the married mother of two who is tired of living a life of soccer practice drop-off’s and school bake sale fundraisers, but instead want’s something more. Or even me, the shy and overly scared TV nerd who dreams of writing for television, like, actual real and wonderful television, but is too afraid to even think of doing it. Rhimes speaks to all of us. She does not just listen to the little voice in her head telling her to say “yes,” she hurls it off the pages and forces us to relate to it and to join her in this “yes” revolution.

Ask any GREY’S ANATOMY fan the scene that changed it all for them. They’ll tell you George O’Malley’s (T.R. Knight) death. Okay, too soon? Ask them again and they’ll say when Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) recited the iconic “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.” monologue. Yes, that was iconic but still not what I’m looking for. Ask them a third time, and if they’ve genuinely watched the show and watched these characters develop and blossom they will say the scene where Cristina (Sandra Oh) holds up the fish she caught and breaks down into an out of body life realization, mid-picture. In a way, that is the same message Rhimes’ book is spewing. If you have lost yourself for a bit and want to be the you that you have always dreamed of being, then open yourself up to the possibilities that come with saying, “yes.” Dr. Yang would have never gone fishing prior to that episode. She was in a dark and twisty place. She made the fist step by saying, “yes” and maybe not even realizing it at the time, she saved herself.

While that scene is one of the most memorable, Rhimes talks about yet another one. In fact, it is Oh’s last scene on the popular doctor drama. It is the iconic scene where Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington) is offering Cristina his hospital. Rhimes compares this venture for Dr. Yang to getting her own chocolate factory, mentioning, “she has learned, as difficult as it is, how to be her own sun.” In a way, Rhimes became her own sun; she opened herself up to possibilities she never did before, jumping hurtles that once terrified her. She closes the chapter beautifully, almost finding a piece of herself in the brilliant doctor Yang, stating, “Yes does feel like the sun. Maybe I’m building my own damn chocolate factory.”

Rhimes accounts numerous occasions where she feared passing out, laughing till she snorts, and dying due to a number of random medical conditions she’s thought up because of her GREY’S background. You would never know this watching one of her shows or reading an interview with her, she is poised, intelligent, her shows are impeccably complex and executed very well. “Year of Yes” offers a look into a different Rhimes, a Rhimes we aren’t used to. A vulnerable and beautifully human side.

One section in particular stands out to me, chapter ten “Yes, Thank You.” Rhimes lists three ways the powerful women in the entertainment industry handled being praised. “Not a single woman in this room can handle being told she is awesome. What is wrong with us?” As a woman, I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Rhimes mentions that she took door number two, which was ducking her head and looking embarrassed. As opposed to the other options which were, door one, shaking your head and looking away, and door number three, laughing and being embarrassed that you’re surrounded by all of these awesome women. I certainly can’t speak on behalf of all women, I can hardly speak on my own behalf, but women do this regularly, and it is horrifying. We belittle our own accomplishments and can not wrap our heads around the idea that maybe we are pretty incredible and capable of groundbreaking, earth shattering, things.

Everyone who has spoken to me for more than five minutes knows that I worship this woman, I have for years. I’ve written countless articles on her shows, analyzed her scripts, and cited her as one of my biggest influences on numerous internship/ college applications, but never have I been prouder or more delighted to call her one of my heroes than after I turned the last page of “Year of Yes.” From beginning to end I went on a journey I did not even know I signed up for. When I decided to major in television it was partly because television is the one thing I have always felt most passionate about. However, it is mainly because I feel as though if I can make even a fraction of the difference Ms. Rhimes has made, then I’d be more than satisfied with what I have contributed to this world. Ms. Rhimes has said that all she wanted to be when she grew up was Toni Morrison. Well, all I want to be when I grow up is Shonda Rhimes.

P.S. On behalf of everyone, thank you for creating a universe that we all can escape to and find solace in. I’m sure you would have made a magnificent librarian in Ohio, but I think you chose the right path.

We Shine The Spotlight on JANE THE VIRGIN Star Brett Dier


It’s not hard to fall in love with Michael Cordero from The CW’s fan favorite, JANE THE VIRGIN. He’s kind, endearing, a bad-ass when necessary, oh and he rescued Jane’s baby. Over the course of the twenty-something episodes in the shows run we’ve seen an incredible amount of growth from our favorite detective. The man behind this fearless character is the incredibly talented, Brett Dier. I caught up with the hilarious and exceedingly nice actor about his initial reaction to reading the Pilot, his character Michael, and what we show’s he is loving on TV right now.

Now in it’s second season and stronger than ever. Did you ever think looking back at the first time you read the Pilot people would love the show as much as they do? What was your initial reaction to reading it?

I honestly had no ideabecause I try not to expect anything in this industry because when you expect things you tend to get heartbroken. (Laughs) I tried to just take it as a job, one day at a time. I knew that the Pilot was really good but I tried not to hope for anything more than just doing a goo Pilot. I didn’t want to be heartbroken if it didn’t get picked up, but I knew the Pilot was really interesting and a different kind of show than anything I’ve ever seen or read.

Michael isn’t the stereotypical detective that you usually see on TV. He’s very soft spoken and easy going. What drew you to him as a character?

Michael’s a really interesting character, he’s a detective but he’s also a very vulnerable guy. He’s not just a straightforward, “here’s some information” type of guy. The moments with Jane are really important to show that side, and the moments with his detective work he has to be very intense about things. That balance was really cool to figure out, that was one thing I was excited to do. People say he’s like a puppy dog, but when it comes to his detective work he doesn’t turn into a puppy he’s like a different kind of dog. (Laughs) Finding those two things was really cool to do, I just love telling Michael’s story, I’ve never been this close to a character before in my life. Playing a character for almost two years is really kind of cool.

How do you think Michael has grown since the first season? I mean do you think if she doesn’t choose him that he could ever move on?

I think he’s grown a lot; he’s become more secure going through this. The whole pregnancy thing made him really insecure in his head about everything but now he’s more secure. But I don’t think his love for Jane is ever going to go away. He can still love his life and move on if she doesn’t choose him, he’ll be okay but he will always care about his person and I think that’s selfless love. That doesn’t exist too often and I think Michael has that selfless love towards Jane, it’s like love without possession.

Obviously you’re a bit biased but who do you think would be the better match for Jane? Rafael (Justin Baldoni) or Michael?

(Laughs) Honestly I think that Michael is better for Jane. Rafael’s a great dude, I love Rafael! I mean, Brett loves Rafael, Michael hates Rafael. (Laughs) I think he knows her more and he’s always been there, even through the worst things. Not a lot of people would bounce back when something happens like this in a relationship. He doesn’t have to still be there, he could have been mad and could have just forget about her, because he’s a selfless person he’s going to help her no matter what. I think Jane needs somebody like that in her life. Michael and Jane’s life couldn’t get worst, going forward he’ll always be there because it’s already been at it’s worst.

Clearly Michael has a tougher side when he’s doing his detective work, what can you tease about the the Sin Rostro case. Will we see anything crazy with Rose (Bridget Regan) in the coming episodes?

This season is pretty intense! I think Michael’s personal life gets the lowest it could possibly can. It couldn’t get any worse. The Sin Rostro story develops to a point that becomes insane. Lots of twists and turns. It’s definitely a dangerous place for Michael to be.

Petra’s (Yael Grobglas) having a baby. What was the reaction to that during the read through, it must have come as a shock to all of you on the show? What was the reaction to that storyline during the read-through?

I started laughing (Laughs) because how can more stuff go down? Justin who plays Rafael was really surprised. Everyone had a lot of different reactions.

What shows are you loving on TV right now?

Being my girlfriend just started VEEP, that’s really great. Do you watch that show?

I do! It’s so great.

It’s so good! I love it, I really love LOUIE, that’s one of my favorite shows of all time. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and BREAKING BAD were my two favorite shows, and I started watching BOJACK HORSEMAN. I think RICK AND MORTY is the best cartoon ever made, and SOUTH PARK, because I love nasty humor.

You can watch Brett on JANE THE VIRGIN tonight at 9:00 on The CW.

We Shine The Spotlight on QUANTICO Actress Anabelle Acosta


Anabelle Acosta stars on ABC’s breakout fall hit, QUANTICO. The show follows the lives of of the FBI’s newest recruits, the NAT’s. The show shifts between their early days training and present day, where Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) is suspected by the FBI as a national terrorist. Acosta plays Natalie Vasquez, a competitive and ruthless ex-cop, FBI trainee. I caught up with the talented actress about her character Natalie, what training scenes were the most fun to film, and what we can look forward to on tonight’s episode.

What was your initial reaction to reading the QUANTICO scripts? What drew you to Natalie as a character?

I loved the complexity of the writing, and flashbacks and flash forwards of the show. I was drawn to Natalie because of her strength and the layers she has as a character. She’s awesome to play.

Aside from Natalie, which character are you most excited to learn more about this season?

I’m excited to learn more about Caleb’s (Graham Rogers) character and what ends up happening with his relationship with his father.

Will we learn more about Natalie’s past? Will we learn more about her life as a cop, pre-QUANTICO?

Yes, things from Natalie’s past like the issue with her daughter and a boyfriend she had back in Laredo will be revealed as the season progresses. Some things about our characters stories we find out as we shoot and get scripts the writers and creators like to keep us in suspense.

What can you tell us about this week’s episode?

This week’s episode focuses on mostly surveillance. There’s also some steamy sexy scenes you don’t want to miss.

Which QUANTICO exercise scenes were your favorite to film. They look incredibly intricate and fun. Any stand out as your favorite?

The pool one was challenging. Being handcuffed underwater was really challenging yet fun at the same time.

What shows are you loving on TV right now?

I’m a big fan of THE LEFTOVERS on HBO.

You can watch Anabelle on an all new episode of QUANTICO tonight at 10:00 on ABC.

GREY’S ANATOMY Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “Old Time Rock and Roll”


This week there was a silver flood all over Grey Sloan Memorial. Dozens of elderly patients filled the hospital after a bus accident. We saw a glimpse into Maggie’s new romantic endeavor, learn about Edwards’ emotional past, and got to meet Callie’s new girlfriend.

April and Jackson
Not so much of a thing that happened in this episode but more of something we needed to see. It’s getting old, the back and forth bickering, but they really need to sort out what their whole situation is and what they are going to do going further.

Jo needs to calm down and not snitch on her friends.
Edwards expressed her emotional and traumatic childhood experience in the hospital to Amelia. After doing so Jo explained to Amelia that Edwards was lying to get ahead, when it turns out she wasn’t lying. Dr. Webber informed Amelia of the truth and eventually apologizes and invites Edwards to help out with her patient again. Also, Edwards is super awesome and super strong.

The interns learned how to show compassion.
It’s hard to think of any intern class being as clumsy and timid than the current one, but then again, Izzy cut the LVAD wire, and Lexie and her class cut out their own appendix’s and in the grand scheme of things, this class isn’t that bad. They learned how to properly explain to a patients loved ones that their family member has passed. Though it was much harder for some, after Meredith’s pep talk, it’s safe to say they are starting to learn to be descent doctors.

Maggie and Intern DeLuca hook up.
Finally, some happiness for our girl, Maggie! Sure, she’s sleeping with an intern, but a hot intern! I think this could be a good pairing, they both take their job seriously and he seems to genuinely care about her. Hopefully we will learn more about this relationship next week.

Callie is dating the doctor that told Meredith Derek was dead.
So Callie’s “perfect, wonderful, dream girl” is the woman who lowkey let Derek die? OK. Shonda, what? Why? Obviously, no matter who Callie dated we would not welcome them with open arms because, #TeamArizona. But really? THIS is the girl you choose to set her up with, I’m not sure this will last too long after the other doctors, and Callie find out who she it. (I fully understand this woman is not responsible for Derek’s death, but like, it’s still weird.)