THE CATCH Season 2 Preview: Playing a New Game


Con man Benjamin Jones broke the cardinal role of the confidence game in THE CATCH: don’t fall in love with your mark. He and his partners intended to con top private investigator Alice Vaughan, but Ben fell in love with the woman he pretended he was going to marry.

At the end of THE CATCH’s first season, Ben made the ultimate sacrifice and turned himself in to save Alice from going to prison for a crime she didn’t committ (and a crime *he* actually committed). When the show returns for its second season this spring, “Ben is forced to reckon with his criminal
past, while the team at Anderson Vaughan Investigations must come to terms with getting in bed with the bad guys. How will Alice and Ben game the system — and each other — to stay together and overcome their less-than- legal pasts?”

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It’s clear from the preview below that Ben wants to reunite with Alice when he gets out of prison for art theft and it looks like he’ll get his chance sooner than he thought when the FBI recruits him as a consultant to help take down other criminals.

THE CATCH returns for its second season on March 9 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

TIME AFTER TIME Preview: The Past and the Present Collide


TIME AFTER TIME opens in London in 1893. HG Wells is not yet a famous science fiction writer, but he is an inventor. One night he invites a group of friends over to see his latest invention: a time machine. What he doesn’t know is that his friend John Stevenson — a surgeon — is actually the infamous Jack the Ripper. When the police arrive looking for him, John jumps into the time machine and heads to present day Manhattan. Naturally, Wells follows in order to apprehend him.

Wells arrives in Manhattan in the middle of a museum exhibit featuring himself. He’s hauled off to the office of the curator, Jane Walker, who is intrigued by his appearance. He, on the other hand, is flabbergasted by the future and acts like a fish out of water.

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Wells soon realizes that the future is more in tune with John’s predilections than his own. And when Wells discovers that that Jane will become a victim of Jack the Ripper, he and Jane two must figure out a way to save her.

The cast includes Freddie Stroma as H.G. Wells, Josh Bowman as John Stevenson/Jack the Ripper, Genesis Rodriguez as Jane and Regina Taylor as Vanessa Anders. Kevin Williamson and Marcos Siega (BLINDSPOT and THE FOLLOWING) serve as executive producers.

TIME AFTER TIME premieres on Sunday, March 5 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

ABC Announces Midseason Premiere and Return Dates: ONCE UPON A TIME, TIME AFTER TIME and More


Ahead of its TCA presentation today, ABC has unveiled its official midseason schedule. Several fall shows won’t be returning until late February or even March, while the miniseries WHEN WE RISE will begin at the end of February. In addition, several midseason shows — including THE CATCH, TIME AFTER TIME and IMAGINARY MARY will also be held until March.

Thursday, January 26
8:00-9:00 p.m. Grey’s Anatomy
9:00-10:00 p.m. Scandal (Season Six Premiere – watch a preview)
10:00-11:00 p.m. How to Get Away with Murder

Monday, February 27 – Thursday, March 2
9:00-11:00 p.m. When We Rise

Sunday, March 5
8:00-9:00 p.m. Once Upon a Time
9:00-11:00 p.m. Time After Time (Two-Hour Premiere)

Wednesday, March 8
10:00-11:00 p.m. Designated Survivor

Thursday, March 9
10:00-11:00 p.m. The Catch (Season Two Premiere – watch a preview)

Sunday, March 12
9:00-10:00 p.m. Time After Time (Time-Period Premiere – watch a preview)

Sunday, March 12
10:00-11:00 p.m. American Crime (Season Three Premiere)

Wednesday, March 29
8:30-9:00 p.m. Imaginary Mary (Sneak Peek)

Tuesday, April 4
9:30-10:00 p.m. Imaginary Mary (Time-Period Premiere)

Wednesday, May 24
8:00-11:00 p.m. Dirty Dancing

SCANDAL Season 6 Premiere Photos: The Election Results are In!

The season 5 finale of SCANDAL left fans with one big question — who is going to be the next President of the United States? In the finale, both Mellie and Francisco Vargas (her opponent) had chosen their running mates. Vargas had selected Cyrus, who seems eager to return to the White House, while Mellie….well, Mellie’s running mate was actually chosen for her: Jake.

But who will ultimately win the election? That will be revealed in the upcoming sixth season premiere of SCANDAL. ABC has said that the election results will be announced and “the shocking results lead to an explosive outcome”. Place your bets on what that could mean. Meanwhile, photos from the upcoming season premiere also show Fitz dealing with a crisis. After all, he’s still the President for another several months.

Browse through photos above from the season 6 premiere of SCANDAL, airing on Thursday, January 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

DESIGNATED SURVIVOR Sneak Peek: Many Plots Thicken

designated survivor

Many plots have thickened on DESIGNATED SURVIVOR as we approach tonight’s new episode.

The least of President Kirkman’s worries right now are Congresswoman Hookstraten’s designs on his office. Last episode FBI Deputy Director Atwood and Agent Wells discovered in their investigation of the Capitol Hill bombing that surviving Congressman MacLeish may have been in on the plot. Atwood was about to update the president, but as he entered the Oval Office for a private meeting, there was MacLeish, whom Kirkman’s chief of staff had vetted and approved to be named is Kirkman’s new vice president. Atwood couldn’t say anything in MacLeish’s presence, and so he left, leaving the president and vice president-designee wondering. Atwood was then contacted by a mysterious woman when his son came up missing after football practice, telling him unless he does what he is told, he won’t see his son again. Which leads us into this week’s episode.

The country is about to elect a new House of Representatives, but on the eve of the election the president is forced to consider cancelling the elections altogether. Meanwhile, the mysterious woman hands Deputy Director Atwood instructions to follow to a “t” or he won’t see his son alive again, presenting Atwood with a huge personal and professional conflict. And news of the death of the terrorist responsible for the Capitol Hill bombing, in U.S. captivity, has leaked, providing President Kirkman with one more crisis to handle.

Watch the sneak peek below and tune in to DESIGNATED SURVIVOR tonight (November 30) at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

Marvel Developing THE INHUMANS TV Show for ABC


Marvel’s AGENT CARTER may have been cancelled, but the studio is bringing another comic series to ABC: THE INHUMANS.

According to Marvel’s website, a version of the first two episodes of MARVEL’S THE INHUMANS will run worldwide exclusively in IMAX for two weeks at the beginning of September 2017. ABC plans to then premiere the weekly series in fall, with additional exclusive content that can only be seen on the network.

“The Inhumans, a race of superhumans with diverse and singularly unique powers, were first introduced in Marvel Comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965. Since that time, they have grown in prominence and become some of the most popular and iconic characters in the Marvel Universe. MARVEL’S THE INHUMANS will explore the never-before-told epic adventure of Black Bolt and the royal family.”

CONVICTION Sneak Peek: Dealing with Racial Questions in America


This week’s CONVICTION comes in the wake of the network’s decision to cut the number of episodes in the season down to 10. While this is not an official cancelation, it does not bode well for the future of the freshman legal procedural. But, despite this setback, CONVICTION looks to tackle ever-present issues in the world today.

The team will move forward with CONVICTION’s weekly cases, trying to find if justice has been rightly served to those in prison. This week, Hayes and her team tackle a racially-charged case which has its members on opposite sides.

The subject is a young African American woman convicted of killing a white police officer when a protest she participated in turned violent. Frankie, a Latino man and an ex-convict himself, defends the woman, saying that her trial was moved out of the city and her jury consisted of all white jurors. But when the conversation turns to why the police showed up to a peaceful protest in riot gear, Maxine (the cop who also happens to be a black woman) offers the truthful insight that a glass bottle thrown at a cop hurts the same amount, wether it is a white or black man throwing it.

In addition to the clearly charged racial bias of the case, Maxine herself faces a dilemma in her personal life. Through her investigation she is having trouble reconciling all parts of her identity. When she visits her father to discuss it, she explains her fears that a black person is all the world sees of her, and all the world will see of her son. She then asks advice of her father on how to raise a black son in America, where racism and racial bias are seemingly everywhere. Her father responds with poignant wisdom that all she can do as a strong and moral woman is raise her son right.

Don’t miss an all new CONVICTION tonight (November 14) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

ONCE UPON A TIME 6.07 Recap: Has the Evil Queen Gone Too Far?


Last night’s ONCE UPON A TIME showed us just how evil the Evil Queen can be. With a fantastic episode, featuring Snow White and Prince Charming in a storyline that was actually interesting, the ABC hit show proved that it has gotten back to its groove from seasons past. “Heartless” showed that the Evil Queen is just cruel and… well… heartless in her crazy quest for revenge against Snow White.

Snowing. I’ll be the first to say that they usually bore me to death. I used to really like Snow White and Prince Charming in the first couple of seasons, but for the past two to three seasons, they have both been pushed to the back burner and seemed to have made that spot a permanent residence. They hadn’t had any interesting storylines for a while now, so last night’s episode was truly a breath of fresh air for these two. It really felt like a season 1 episode and it was such a joy to see Snow when she had just escaped her kingdom and was still trying to learn how to be a badass. I admit I liked the flashbacks a lot more than the present day storyline, but that was mostly because I love that part of their story together, when they were still getting to know one another and Snow was still a bandit and a fugitive. To see them realize that they had actually met before and saved each other’s lives, but just hadn’t seen each other’s faces then was so touching and brilliantly executed.

Now back at the present, the Evil Queen is obviously out to get them and her new plan actually works. When she threatens them to give up their hearts or she will make everyone in Storybrooke drink water from the River of Lost Souls, they are put in an impossible position. Either way they lose, so they just have to choose if they’d like to save the town or save themselves. Knowing them like we do, we all knew it was a no brainer that they would eventually sacrifice themselves. But then the Evil Queen proved that she is ruthless and even more cruel than we thought, because she managed to alter the sleeping curse in order to fit Snow’s and Charming’s very special case of a shared heart.

She put the actual curse on their heart, so that when they use a true love’s kiss to save each other, the one doing the saving falls under the curse, while the cursed one wakes up. That way, they will never be able to be together again. So way to go, Evil Queen. You got what you wanted.

The worst ship of the year. Speaking of the Evil Queen, can we officially declare that she and Rumplestiltskin make the most bizarre, icky ship to ever grace this show? Every time they’re on my screen together – making out *shudders* – it feels like a car crash. I am completely horrified and yet, I can’t look away to save my life. I have no idea where this partnership (relationship?) is going, but I really, really don’t want to see them together. It seriously gives me the creeps.

I loved that Zelena saw them and told Belle everything just to spite the Evil Queen, but that caused Belle to confront Rumple and that was glorious. I still hope that she never, ever gets back together with him, but seeing Belle standing up for herself and her unborn child was awesome.

Captain Swan. I just had to squeeze this in because that vault scene was just so fantastic and made my heart nearly burst with rainbows and little hearts. Hook and Emma are a testament that a relationship can work and that we don’t need contrived drama just for the sake of drama to keep them apart. Their relationship has its faults, yes, but they have amazing writing on their side and showrunners who are not afraid to let a couple stay together and face adversity together. Other shows should really take notes from ONCE UPON A TIME on how to handle a relationship between two characters after they get together. Yes, ARROW, I’m looking at you.

Just a final comment before I go: I am so glad they didn’t kill the dog in the Enchanted Forest. So glad. Wilby lives!

A new episode of ONCE UPON A TIME airs next Sunday, November 13, at 8/7c on ABC.

CONVICTION Sneak Peek: Hayes’ Weapon of Choice — The Truth


After Hayes’ “truth bomb” in the last episode of CONVICTION, “the agony” of Hayes continues. Dealing with the fallout from her national interview — where she admitted that her status as former first daughter got her out of a cocaine possession charge and into a new job as head of the CIU — Hayes is looking for a way to make things right.

She tries first with Wallace, giving him a present (an enormous bottle of ibuprofen, a gag gift to get them back to their flirtatious selves), but instead of getting in on the joke, Wallace throws it in the trash. After sincerely arguing that she didn’t know he was going to face blowback from her interview in the form of an attorney general investigation, Hayes is given a bit of a metaphorical slap to the face. Wallace is done. Done with her, personally that is. He confesses that while her unproductive, wild and — more often than not — destructive behavior turns him on, he can’t have it in his life.

It seems Wallace isn’t the only man to cut Hayes out of his life recently. After the interview, viewers saw Hayes head back to her shared apartment with her brother, only to find that all of her belongings had been brought down and that Jackson had instructed the doorman not to let her through. In this week’s preview it doesn’t look like things have gotten better.

But there is some hope. Hayes calls on her mother (a rare event) for advice. The elder Morrison advises Hayes that even though she didn’t mean for Wallace’s job to be put in jeopardy or for her mother’s Senate poll numbers to drop, these consequences are directly correlated with her actions and, therefore, are her responsibility, no matter how sorry she is. Here, viewers see in the sneak peek below the way in which Hayes could possibly come out on top — by wielding her “weapon of choice: the truth.”

Viewers will see this weapon of Hayes play out in the case of the haves versus the have nots where a man’s wife was apparently murdered by a young man who they welcomed into their life and home out of pity. If it turns out he did the crime then he is to stay in jail, but Hayes and her team fear that this particular inmate may not have gotten a fair trial given his social status.

Be sure to tune in to a brand new CONVICTION tonight (November 7) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

SCANDAL: ABC Announces the Season 6 Premiere Date


Are you going through a drought, SCANDAL fans? Have no fear, because ABC has announced the midseason premiere date for the show.

The midseason premiere of SCANDAL will air on Thursday, January 19 9:00 p.m. EST, when the TGIT lineup of GREY’S ANATOMY, SCANDAL and HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER returns with all-new episodes (ay this time he winter finales of GREY’S ANATOMY and HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER will air on Thursday, November 17.

Here’s the new ABC Thursday night schedule beginning in late January:

Thursday, January 19
8:00 p.m. GREY’S ANATOMY
9:00 p.m. SCANDAL