Should Booth and Brennan fans be worried that tonight’s episode revolves around a murder of a polarizing divorce attorney? — Francine
The TV Addict: Well, since Booth and Brennan aren’t actually married, fans don’t technically have anything to worry about! That said, the amount of time spent around bickering couples, sleazy divorce layers, not to mention a couple of corpses does bring certain issues for both Booth and Brennan bubbling to the surface. Particular Booth, who hasn’t quite forgiven himself for what happened to Brennan who herself is having trouble adapting to coupledom having spent three months on the lam. And, while we’re on the subject of those three months running from the law, BONES fans disappointed with last week’s somewhat lacklustre season premiere that put a swift end to a very contrived separation will be pleased to know that tonight’s follow-up episode is vastly improved thanks to some sharp dialogue and relatable issues between their favourite Foxy couple.

Any clues as to what Kalinda’s life will be like now that her much-talked about husband is back in town on THE GOOD WIFE? — Miranda
The TV Addict:To say that Kalinda fans are in for a real treat when THE GOOD WIFE kicks off its much anticipated fourth season may in fact be the understatement of the year. Not only does Kalinda get more time in the spotlight than ever before, her storyline with her husband (Marc Warren) has us wondering if THE GOOD WIFE writer’s room spent a little too much of their down time this past hiatus reading the likes of 50 Shades of Grey and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

This long suffering HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER fan could really use some encouragement: Should I even bother tuning into tonight’s season premiere? — Brandon
The TV Addict:Short answer: Yes, yes, and oh yes! Unfortunately the long answer is a slightly more complicated. So, to avoid giving away anything about tonight’s immensely enjoyable season opener, we’ll simply leave it at this: Those recording the show are going to want to make extra-sure that they’ve got those last few minutes covered! Also, serious kudos to co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for perfectly working Marshall and Lily’s newborn baby into the fold. [Read more…]

Ask the Addict: Spoilers for BONES, REVENGE, FALLING SKIES, HART OF DIXIE, SMASH & More!

With season eight just around the corner, any chance you care to brighten my day with a little scoop on BONES? — Paul
The TV Addict: Happy to! But rather than have us let the sunshine in, we have a feeling fans would much prefer to hear direction from executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan, who had this to say when we posed that very question at Fox’s All-Star Celebration during the recent Summer portion of the annual Television Critics Association Press Tour in Hollywood:

The TV Addict: Please just tell me everything you can about the upcoming season premiere?
Nathan: It happens at the very beginning of the season!
Hanson: It ends about forty-five minutes in!
Nathan: With commercials it’s about an hour!
Hanson: At the end of last season Brennan was on the run because of Pellant and the season opener asks the question as to whether our guys get her back and put Pallant in jail so that she can come back. Chances are they’ll succeed because we have a second episode!
Nathan: But they might not succeed in the way that think they’re going to succeed.
Hanson: Things don’t resolve. [Read more…]


FALLING SKIES second season finale is this Sunday. Any idea how it ends? — Jason
The TV Addict: Boy do we ever! Unfortunately, to reveal the seriously cool scene on which the spectacular second season ends would probably not be in our best interest of a website proprietor who very much welcomes TNT’s penchant for dropping off screeners at our door! Thus, we’ll simply say this: Not only will FALLING SKIES cliffhanger of an ending leave fans bug-eyed by offering up a sequence of events that they’ve yet to see before, it sets up what sure as heck looks like a very interesting third season.

Despite the fact that the word “BlueBell” covers up far too much of Wilson Bethel for my liking, let me be the first to say how much I enjoyed your recent self-made promo for HART OF DIXIE. Now that you’re good and buttered up, how about a little scoop? — Skylar
The TV Addict: Would you believe that there is a serious downside to living in a small town like Bluebell? As luck would have it, everybody knows everybody’s business. Case in point, we have it on fairly good authority that one of Blue’s most notable bell’s recently spent an afternoon perusing the aisles of the local grocery store for household essentials. You know, stuff like potatoes, plums and PREGNANCY tests. Oops… we may have already said too much!

The only thing more exciting than the recent report that has John Barrowman jumping on board The CW’s ARROW would be if you could shed some light on the character he’s playing. Spill! — Jamie
The TV Addict: Since we don’t actually know who the artist formerly known as Captain Jack Harkness will be playing, we hope some irresponsible speculation will suffice. Speculation that involves a recent casting notice that found its way into our inbox for ARROW’s fifth episode of the season that has the production searching for a thirty to forty year old male named Edward who is described as the clean-shaven soldier and leader of a unit that captures Oliver. Think Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Basterds. [Read more…]


As an enormous fan of CHUCK I’m hoping you can tell me when we might expect to see Yvonne Stahovski enter the frame this season on DEXTER? — Rickey
The TV Addict: As much as we’d like to be able to tell you that Ms. Strahovksi will be front and center during DEXTER’s first episode back, you’re going to have to wait until episode three. Of course, having already had the pleasure of watching episode one, you’ll be pleased to know that what it lacks in the Strahovksi department it more than makes up for with a return to form for the series thanks to Deb finally learning the truth about her brother’s extra curricular activities. In fact, I think star Michael C. Hall said it best during the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour when he summed up the season as so, “Whatever your opinion of ranking the seasons, for my money DEXTER is never more compelling than when he is in trouble and never been deeper trouble than he is now.”

Any hints as what zaniness might befall the town of Bluebell when HART OF DIXIE returns for its much anticipated second season? — Ashley
The TV Addict: Are you ready for some football fitness?! We hope so, because that’s the question Dr. Zoe Hart will be asking the residents of Bluebell during the second season in an attempt to slim down the town’s ever-expanding waistline. A waistline whose diet includes a steady staple of, well, fried everything. And while we’re on the subject of waist, fans may-or-may-not be please to discover that Lavon will be wasting (See what we did there!) very little time when it come to picking up the pieces of his broken heart post-Lemon rejection.

Did you happen to pick up any clues as to the identity of SCANDAL’s Quinn during your reason time spent at the Television Critics Association Press Tour? — Sara
The TV Addict: Unfortunately, since Shonda Rhimes has trained her troupe a little too well when it comes to the oh-so dark arts of spoiler avoidance, the only thing we could get out of SCANDAL star Guillermo Díaz (Huck) is the following. “I know who Quinn is now and everyone else will know after the show’s first episode back. Or they think they might know. But a lot of questions will be answered in the first episodes and I think people will be really satisfied with it/ It definitely is going to change the relationships between everyone on the show. It’s going to change things for sure, but change can be good.” [Read more…]

Ask the Addict: Spoilers for SUPERNATURAL, TRUE BLOOD, NIKITA, 90210 & More!

As a 90210 fan who is still reeling from Naomi’s unexpected pregnancy reveal at the end of last season, I’m curious if you have any ideas as to just how the show plans on dealing with it come season 4? — Allie
The TV Addict: Assuming of course new showrunners Patti Carr and Lara Olsen bother to stick with last season’s somewhat out of left field baby bump bombshell, we can assure you that the pregnancy will have very little effect on Naomi. At least if the first two episodes of the season are any indication, which according to reports will not just see Naomi continue to be the life of the party, but do so in a manner that will catch the attention of both the authorities and the Dean of California University. Ouch!

Season 7 of SUPERNATURAL cannot come soon enough! Any scoop? — Noam
The TV Addict: Entitled “The Girl Next Door,” SUPERNATURAL’s much anticipated seventh season will kick off by not just introducing fans to an old flame friend of Sam’s, but will flashback to Sam and Dean’s teenage years where we’ll meet, as the episode’s title suggests, the girl next door… a beautiful girl who in typical SUPERNATURAL fashion harbours a terrible, emphasis on the terrible, secret. [Read more…]

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