THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peek: Domestic Issues


Things have taken a turn to the domestic side lately on THE BIG BANG THEORY.

Last week, Howard and Bernadette had a big to-do with Raj, who had found out before they did the gender of their baby. They decided they didn’t want to know before the birth, but in the last clip before the fade to black, Bernadette called Raj in the middle of the night unable to stand the suspense. Meanwhile, Amy’s apartment had been flooded and Leonard and Penny suggested that Amy and Sheldon try out life together in Penny’s apartment, giving Leonard and Penny some much desired Sheldon-free privacy in Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment. It started out alright, but Sheldon’s obsessions quickly became an issue.

This week, we see issues between Sheldon and Amy escalate and Leonard and Penny must separate the quarreling couple, Sheldon threatening to break off their relationship because Amy won’t observe the bathroom schedule. Back at the Wolowitz residence, Howard and Bernadette decide to stay home instead of taking a planned vacation only to receive unexpected guests — just as Howard is upstairs giving Bernadette a soothing foot massage.

See the sneak peek video below and watch THE BIG BANG THEORY tonight (October 17) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on CTV (Canada).

THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peek: When Sparks Fly


I see a flood of emotions for tonight’s THE BIG BANG THEORY.

Last week, Howard and Leonard worked feverishly to meet a fast-approaching Air Force deadline to miniaturize the military application to their new technology while Sheldon struggled with the math required to make it work, only to find out he couldn’t do the math. Stressing out and fearing the worst, the trio approached the Air Force to beg forgiveness, only to be told it was no big deal. Ho-hum. On the other side of the sitcom, Raj was trying to help Bernadette deal with her ho-hum feelings toward her pregnancy. Raj arranged an online chat with his obstetrician father in India, who calmed Bernadette’s fears, saying not all women are excited about becoming mothers but they almost all become great moms.

In tonight’s THE BIG BANG THEORY, Howard and Bernadette are bummed when they learn Raj knows the gender of their new baby before they do. And Amy’s apartment floods out, so she works out a cohabitation arrangement with Sheldon. Will sparks fly?

Watch the sneak peek below and tune in to THE BIG BANG THEORY tonight (October 10) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on CTV (Canada).

THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peek: Oh, heavens! Oh, no! Oh, my!


Themes on THE BIG BANG THEORY seem to be maturing, right along with Bernadette’s pregnancy.

Last week, Bernadette learned that someone at the office had let out the news that she was pregnant, something she was keeping secret for fear she would be taken off leading an important project. Then Penny confessed it was she who had accidentally let the news slip. There was tension between the two at first, but they healed the rift as Bernadette confessed she had felt insecure, always being at a disadvantage because of her size and cuteness.

Then Howard had the encounter with the military he had been fearing, meeting a Colonel who said the Air Force was very much interested in their new technology. With Leonard and Sheldon at his side, he expressed doubt about the military’s use of the technology and the colonel said it didn’t matter; they would use it. When the Colonel said they’d had another team look at it and they thought they could develop it in a shorter time span than Howard’s team thought they could, Sheldon blurted out they could halve the time.

This week picks up the themes again. Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon work overtime to give birth to their military project on time, prompting Sheldon to consume an energy drink to stay awake — oh, heavens! And Raj visits Bernadette on his day off, offering to go with her to the mall to shop for baby clothes or clean out the baby’s new room, but she is reluctant and Raj learns her true feelings about her pregnancy — oh, no! Off on their own, Penny and Amy go to a university mixer party at Bert the strange geologist’s house — oh, my!

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THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peek: Howard and Bernadette’s Very Nervous Day


Last week’s THE BIG BANG THEORY was all about the gathering of family for the re-enacting of Leonard and Penny’s wedding. We met Penny’s mother and brother for the first time, and we picked up where last season left off in the supposed encounter between Leonard’s father and Sheldon’s mother — there was no “there” there, although there was a hint that there may be a “there” there some day in the future. And as Amy drove Sheldon’s mother to the airport after the wedding, Sheldon’s mother taught Amy how to put Sheldon in his place. All good fun.

In this week’s episode, we’re treated to two important story lines. We knew from last season that the military was interested the guys’ award-winning paper and the resulting patent on the infinite persistence gyroscope. Last week a representative from the Air Force Department of Material Command showed up to talk with Howard, and Howard, who has been nervous about government “spooks” following him everywhere, avoided contact. This week, he finally gets the visit. Also last season we learned that Howard and Bernadette were expecting a baby, and this week we find out that Bernadette has been keeping the news a secret at work. Only, a certain friend let the news slip out to a colleague and now Bernadette is worried about the impact that might have.

See the sneak peeks below and watch THE BIG BANG THEORY tonight (September 26) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on CTV (Canada).

THE BIG BANG THEORY Season Premiere Sneak Peeks: When Families Collide


Do you miss Sheldon, Leonard and the rest of the gang from THE BIG BANG THEORY? Perk up, because they’re back! The season 10 premiere is tonight (September 19), and it picks up where last season left off.

If you recall the end of last season, Sheldon’s mother and Leonard’s father — visiting for a replay of Leonard and Penny’s wedding — went off for a little tryst. Tonight’s brand new episode picks up on the aftermath with an awkward morning after. New tonight will be the introduction of Penny’s anxiety-plagued mother, Susan, and her drug dealing brother, Randall, as the whole family gathers for the wedding ceremony. Back are Penny’s laid-back father and Leonard’s less-than-supportive mother, along with everything we love about this series.

Don’t forget that Howard and Bernadette are expectant parents and Raj is juggling two girl friends. Oh! And Sheldon and Amy have finally had coitus. Can you imagine where this is all leading?

View a clip below from tonight’s new episode and watch THE BIG BANG THEORY in its new time slot Mondays at 8:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on CBS (U.S.) and 7:30 p.m. ET/10:00 p.m. PT on CTV (Canada).

THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peeks: Where Last Week’s Kiss Leads

the big bang theory

Things get really interesting on tonight’s THE BIG BANG THEORY. We hear that Sheldon and Amy will finally have “coitus,” but is that true or is it just hype to get us to watch?

Last week, Sheldon was obsessed with a song that he couldn’t get out of his head. He hummed it while he worked, he hummed it at breakfast, he hummed it at dinner, he hummed it till it drove him crazy — along with Leonard and Penny. And what’s worse, he didn’t even know what song it was. Discussing it with Penny, the synapses in his genius brain finally connected and he realized it was from a Beach Boys song with lyrics that mentioned everything that he liked about Amy. What he came to realize was that the song he couldn’t get out of his mind was actually his going over and over in his mind the things he loved about Amy.

Now, Amy had given up on Sheldon, who in the previous episode had said he wasn’t interested in getting back together with her. So Amy called Dave, her last date with whom she had broken up because all he wanted to do was talk about Sheldon, and invited him to dinner. And as Amy and Dave were sitting on her sofa nervously kissing, she heard the unmistakable sounds of knock-Amy! knock-Amy! knock-Amy! on her door. Amy answered the door to find Sheldon, who explained that he had come to realize he loved her and wanted to be her boyfriend again. And Dave, still the big fan of Sheldon, told the dummy to kiss her. Which to the delight of the live studio audience, Sheldon did — long and full.

And that brings us to tonight’s episode. “He’s ready to get physical,” Bernadette tells Amy in a video clip. Another shot shows Amy and Sheldon in bed together. Sheldon is “giving” Amy a special gift for her birthday! We shall see. A different video clip also makes STAR WARS references including in the title graphics and one below shows Bob Newhart dressed in an Obi Wan Kenobi costume. It seems Old Ben Kenobi will appear in a dream sequence to give Sheldon advice on which is more important, making it to the STAR WARS movie showing or making Amy’s birthday special. Speaking of the STAR WARS opening, Leonard, Howard, and Raj have an extra theater ticket and need to decide who to invite to join them — STAR TREK’s Wil Wheaton makes a guest appearance.

See our previews below and be sure to watch tonight’s winter season finale episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peeks: New Dates Take a Holiday

the big bang theory

Well, that went well. Last week on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Amy and Sheldon both made their first attempts at new relationships and both failed.

Amy’s new beau, Dave, was tall and had a British accent. That was enough to excite Penny and Bernadette but not enough to satisfy their curiosity. So the two staked out a parking spot across the street from the restaurant where Amy and Dave were having their dinner date. There, using binoculars to spy on the pair, Penny and Bernadette thought they saw Dave intensely interested in Amy. What we saw was that Dave was actually intensely interested in Amy’s former boyfriend, Sheldon, who as a math teacher Dave idolized. Dave spent the whole date talking about the one thing Amy didn’t want to discuss: Sheldon. Taking Dave home after the less-than-successful date, Amy decided she wasn’t interested in Dave anymore, and when Dave tried to hit on her for an introduction to Sheldon, Amy kicked him out of the car.

For his part, Sheldon decided he was over his pity party over Amy. He asked Raj and Howard to help him find a new girlfriend. They set up an ad on Craig’s List to attract an intelligent woman who is as much a science, science fiction, and game geek as Sheldon by requiring her to solve a series of puzzles that would reveal his contact information. If she showed up by 10 p.m., she would win. The three waited excitedly, but no one arrived in time. Just as they were giving up, there was a knock at the door. Sheldon opened the door to find a very attractive young woman. She seemed ideal, but after a short conversation, Sheldon said she missed the deadline and shut the door in her face, leaving Raj and Howard dumbfounded — with the rest of us.

This week, new dates take a holiday as Sheldon and Amy try just being friends in “The Platonic Permutation,” spending time together at the aquarium for Thanksgiving. What could go wrong, right? Howard reluctantly joins Bernadette, Raj, and Emily as volunteers at a soup kitchen for the holiday. And it appears Leonard knows a thing or two about Penny she doesn’t realize.

Watch a preview below and catch tonight’s new episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peeks: Moving On

big bang theory

Looks like Sheldon and Amy are moving beyond their relationship on THE BIG BANG THEORY.

Last week on THE BIG BANG THEORY, guest stars Wil Wheaton and Adam Nimoy, son of the late actor Leonard Nimoy who played the original Mr Spock on STAR TREK, interviewed Sheldon for a cultural retrospective on the iconic STAR TREK character. But during the interview as Sheldon attempted to mimic his hero’s emotionless logical persona, he couldn’t help showing his human side and fretted over losing Amy. This will lead into tonight’s fun episode — more in a moment.

In the Wolowitz childhood home not far away, Howard and Bernadette got in a tiff over redecorating, and as Howard resisted but reluctantly helped Bernadette’s father in the remodel, he disclosed that he can’t wait to have children. Turned out, however, that Bernadette isn’t very excited about the idea and had been blaming Howard for the reluctance. When Howard admitted he hasn’t been the most helpful husband around the home, growing up in a home without an attentive father he always dreamed of being the better dad he never had, and so Bernadette warmed up to the idea.

Now back to tonight’s episode, “The Mystery Date Observation.” Sheldon decides he’s finished with the self-pity over losing Amy and he’s ready to move on. So he turns to Raj and Howard, who were responsible for him finding Amy, to help him attract a new girlfriend. So, naturally, they post an online ad!

Of course, Amy has been ready to move on for some time — she’s had three dates already. But Amy is shy about the whole dating scene, so Penny and Bernadette try to help her come out of her shell. When Amy is reluctant to give details about who she’s dating, the pair go into spy mode.

Watch the clips below and catch tonight’s new episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peeks: The Trouble with Emotions

the big bang theory

THE BIG BANG THEORY returns to its home on Thursday nights after a short stint on Mondays.

Last week saw Leonard and Sheldon breaking university rules to seek badly needed supplies of helium for an experiment, because their traditional supply was on back order. They met a dealer of elicit helium in an underground garage and paid a premium price for it, only to feel guilty and try to return it, this time for a premium restocking fee. Barry Kripke offered to let them have his helium if they put his name on their paper, which led Sheldon and Leonard to meet the elicit dealer in the underground garage and once again pay an exorbitant price.

Meanwhile, Penny and Bernadette tried to help Amy solve her dating problem. Raj showed them the dating app he’d been using and they downloaded it for Amy, only to make fun of the people she was attracting and Amy started to feel guilty. Turned out she’d already been dating and not telling anyone, and the group couldn’t believe they didn’t know. “It’s new and weird, and I didn’t want you to get excited about it.” She was just experimenting, mostly just going out for coffee. Poor Amy.

This week in “The Spock Resonance,” Sheldon is being interviewed for a documentary about STAR TREK’s iconic science officer, Mr. Spock. The episode guest stars Adam Nimoy, son of the late Leonard Nimoy who played the original Spock, and Wil Wheaton of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Nimoy is looking for people to interview about Spock’s impact on culture, and Wheaton suggests Sheldon “is gold” — as the preview videos show, he’s not mistaken.  Not unlike Spock, Sheldon struggles to suppress his emotions as he confronts the breakup of his relationship with Amy. In a neighborhood not far away, Howard and Bernadette are remodeling his childhood home and they can’t even agree on which room begin redecorating.

Watch the clips below and catch THE BIG BANG THEORY as it returns to Thursdays on November 5 at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peeks: Helium and Dating Wars

the big bang theory

Last week on THE BIG BANG THEORY, at Bernadette’s urging Howard, Raj, Sheldon, and Leonard sought to get some exercise, opting for the less strenuous, less demanding sport of fencing. While taking lessons from Sheldon’s arch nemesis Barry Kripke, Sheldon let it slip that he and Amy are no longer a couple and Kripke let it rip that he was interested in her. Amy wasn’t ready to start dating again and turned Kripke down.  Sheldon for his part fumbled asking a random young lady for a date. So nothing advanced in their mutual decision to move on — yet. Rumor has it new relationships may blossom for both, even if just briefly. Are we in for a dating war?

Off to the side, Stuart asked Penny, Amy, and Bernadette for advice on getting women into his comic book store. Seems his sofa for breast feeding (with video surveillance to keep the pervs in check) hasn’t helped, nor has his creepy behavior around women, discussed at length on social media. Turns out there was nothing the ladies could do help poor creepy Stuart.

This week on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Amy sticks her toe in the relationship waters as Bernadette and Penny find a dating app for Amy’s phone, which produces some interesting results. Is this our first glimpse into Amy and Sheldon’s new battle to move on?

And as you’ll see in the preview video below, Sheldon and Leonard are forced to seek unusual sources for the helium they need to work on a project in the face of a nationwide shortage. A cloak and dagger rendezvous with a questionable source proves troublesome.

See the sneak peeks and then catch “The Helium Insufficiency” episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.