BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “High Treason in the Holiday Season”


Hello, Bones fans! Fall is in the air, and Brennan is a bad liar. Here are your Bones Top Five Moments!

No turkey on Thanksgiving?
Brennan tries to distract Booth from the telephone call she just finished that clearly involved a surprise for Booth, by telling him they will not have turkey on Thanksgiving. First she tries to humanize the bird, and then she tries for the waste of food option, all to no avail. Booth will invite Aubrey, which admittedly is a good option for the wasted food argument, along with Angela, Hodgins, and the whole dang neighborhood if he has to, as long as he gets to eat himself into a coma and watch the game. Of course, he has to cook the dead bird.

Meanwhile, Booth is convinced the surprise is a jet ski, so he’ll be in his footie pajamas on Christmas day, waiting for his new toy.

Corpse of the Week!
Vivian Prince. Per Hodgins, front page, left column of the DC Sentinel and the finest political reporter in the country. She broke an NSA snooping story. Apparently she out-Snowdened, Snowden.

In the car, Booth and Aubrey have an argument about freedom of the press, and afterward it seemed like David looked directly into the camera. Weird.

At the Sentinel offices, they meet with David Pyne, Vivian’s boss, who is sure that an NSA hit squad, Greystream Solutions, got to her. He says he doesn’t know who gave Vivian the documents, a source known only known as “The American.” Then he just loses it and yells, “Kolfax, get in here!” But it turns out he’s all worried he’s going to lose his job if he’s not the first with the story about Vivian getting killed. How compassionate of him. Kate Kolfax is just as upset, in that not at all. I guess Vivian was real popular. And unless Booth has something quotable to tell her, she’ll be off to do her Vivian is Dead story.

Aubrey makes a crack about how Vivian had to get tons of plastic surgery to compete with the younger, prettier, perkier Kolfax. Pyne makes no apologies about putting that pretty face on the front page and video blogs. Booth is dismayed that the news is no longer about telling the story. Because I guess he’s been living under a rock.

A Mr. Gill from the NSA comes into Cam’s office to tell her that he’ll be heading up the Vivian Prince investigation. Cam tells him to go away. She doesn’t want to hand over information to the very agency that may have killed Vivian. She doesn’t work for him, she doesn’t answer to him, and unless Mr. NSA can come up with a court order, she’s not handing over anything. And by the way, she can get security to escort his ass out of there.

B&B have it out about if Greystream is right or wrong on the way there. It’s like a live version of my Facebook feed. Where is the mute button?

The Greystream guy, Cooper Blackthorn, is all “blah blah blah…above your clearance level,” so Brennan figures as long as they’re stonewalling, she might as well cut to the chase and asks if they killed Vivian. To which Blackthorn answers, “Yes, of course we did! I’ll just go get the dudes who did it and be right back.” Or not. What he really does is give them a hypothetical that goes something like, “I’m not saying we killed her, but if we were this totally awesome hit squad she said we were, you wouldn’t have found her.” And then he makes some reference to the evidence that Booth thinks points to a professional, that he considers to be the work of an amateur, even though no evidence was presented to him. So they may or may not have listened in on conversations pertaining to the case. Well, that was productive. And not a little bit scary. If Blackthorn was trying to paint Greystream as this benign organization, I’d say they need another mascot.

And when Hodgins finds out the NSA guy, Gill, came calling, he’s convinced it was all just for show, and he just placed bugs all over the place. Hodgins is worried the NSA is trying to use the Jeffersonian to find The American, so he collects everyone’s phones and basically says all communication will be done by carrier pigeon from here on out.

When B & B get to Vivian’s, they find a glucometer. There’s no laptop, but Booth does find out Vivian was going to cut off alimony payments to her loser ex. He’s a sports writer named Sal Raymond, but he’s not quite as successful as his wife, since he has the high school sports beat. Yikes. But loser ex insists everything was amicable, and that no more payments was his idea.

Then the guy who is NOT an FBI agent makes the logical argument that the NSA couldn’t have killed Vivian, because it just makes them look worse and points them toward Kate Kolfax, our perky and ambitious reporter. Vivian had promised her the front page, until The American stories came out, and she decided she wasn’t going anywhere.

Gill shows up at the F.B.I. right after Aubrey gets done questioning the ex, creepily knows he’s going to interview Kolfax, and says to ask her about the encryption key that decodes the emails between Vivian and The American. He also insists there are some people at the NSA who want them to be better and knows things need to change. He says if somebody “on their side of the fence” killed Vivian, they want this person found, and now I’m beginning to get a clearer picture of Mr. Gill and what he’s about.

Aubrey goes to Kolfax as an interviewee. Then he tells her they got fingerprints on whoever broke into Vivian’s, they know this person is using an encryption key to try and read the emails, and that person is about to be arrested for murder. Kolfax, being a reporter, picks up right away that the interview was a ruse, and I’m trying to figure out why Aubrey took that tack at all, since he didn’t even try. She hands over the laptop and the encryption key: George Orwell. So she just thought it was a passphrase, tried it, and it didn’t work, and that’s what she spent three hours doing? If she didn’t try “1984” she needs to be fired like yesterday.

But okay, if I have this straight, the glucometer they found at Vivian’s is a dual access system. Essentially you need an access code plus the biometric encryption in order to read the files. The verification code was drawn from her blood. Vivian’s blood has her genetic markers. Without her blood, they can’t read the encryption. And though you can’t draw blood from a stone, you can from a bone, and voila, an email from The American about meeting at the Riverbanks Inn, room 43.

But the Riverbanks Inn can’t provide any records, because they cater to Washington insiders who want to conduct their affairs off the grid. No security footage. No TV. No phone. No wifi. Jammers on the property. Not a hotel I’d wanna stay at, that’s for sure. Then the front desk dude mentions their “associate,” and Booth busts down the door, gun drawn, to find the lovely Mr. Gill already snooping.

Brennan finds blood all over the curtains and conveniently catches the room service guy and his sterling silver plate covers with a nice spike on top, and identifies it as the murder weapon. Room service guy is extra helpful and says Vivian stayed there six months ago, was cheating on her ex, and the ex nearly killed her. The ex still insists they were totally fine, mentions the guy she was cheating with wore Ferragamo shoes, and says he had an interview at another paper in Tallahassee the night Vivian was killed. Though how this guy would know Ferragamo shoes from Payless will remain a mystery.

When Hodgins does a fingerprint analysis on the room, he discovers Gill pretty much touched every available surface and comes to the accurate conclusion that an NSA guy wouldn’t be that stupid and had to touch everything on purpose to cover up that he’d been there before wearing his Ferragamo shoes. Then he says something I figured out when Gill talked with Aubrey. He is The American. Essentially Vivian lied to hubby about having an affair. She ruined her marriage to protect her source.

Hodgins, Booth, and Brennan talk at the Royal. Hodgins wants to protect Gill’s identity, while Booth is all for exposing him. He tells Hodgins off, and for good measure his wife as well for her secrets, even though he’d deduced that secret had to do with a jet ski, but whatever.

Parker Returns!
Parker, Booth’s son who we haven’t seen in…forever, shows up from London. And of course, he looks a hell of a lot older. When he said, “Hey, Dad,” it actually took me a moment to remember Booth had a son. That was the secret Brennan had been keeping. And she got them tickets for the Flyers/Predators game. Booth does not apologize for throwing a tantrum.

Vivian’s No-good, Very Bad Day!
It turns out Vivian was tortured. Lucky for everyone, the squintern this week is Rodolfo, who is familiar with torture. He not only knows it’s called palmatoria, he also happens to know the exact region of West Africa it comes from And remember creepy Cooper Blackthorne, the head of Greystream? He was stationed in West Africa for five years.

Solving the Case!
I guess Parker and some Flyers tickets softened up Booth, because he meets with Gill at the Riverbank and manages not to scream at him.

After Booth spells out to Gill what he did wrong, like he doesn’t know, he tells Booth the drive he gave Vivian had thousands of documents. The first story was only the tip of the iceberg. She was going to keep hammering at Greystream. And I guess the sweep for bugs at the Jeffersonian wasn’t effective, because he knows they figured out Blackthorn was the one who tortured Vivian.

Now that Booth knows they’re going to take Blackthorn in for the murder of Vivian, he wrongly figures Gill’s life is no longer in danger, and he arrests Gill for treason. I guess he skipped the part about proving Blackthorn did it and putting him away first. But it’s too late now. Gill is on the front page already.

The NSA has thrown Blackthorn to the wolves, so he’s cooperating. Apparently he was operating on their orders to use “enhanced interrogation techniques” on Vivian to retrieve the documents. But Vivian took the torture and kept on ticking, so he just walked away. He tortured, but didn’t kill, Vivian.

And guess what? Vivian was actually killed with a metal detector. And who did we see with one of those? Gill. It seems he didn’t like the way Vivian ran the story about Greystream to where she put innocent lives in danger. Dude, she’s a reporter. Anyway, he just wanted his jump drive back. He figured out she was just using the documents to keep her job because of Kolfax. How naïve could this guy be? So, he was using the wand to find the drive, they scuffled, he hit her, and she fell into the room service cart.

He never found the drive, but when Hodgins takes a late-night snoop in Vivian’s office, he finds it in a pen holder with a quote from Orwell at the bottom of it. Instead of broadcasting everything that’s on it, he gives it to Booth who still doesn’t apologize for his tantrum. Ah, well.

That’s it! It ends at the B&B house for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, with Angela thinking of having another kid. We won’t be seeing our Bones crew for three weeks, and it looks like that may be the season, if not series, finale. Stay tuned!

BONES Sneak Peeks: Holidays and the NSA


The team wades into hot water in this week’s Thanksgiving episode of BONES.

Booth, Brennan, Aubrey and the squinterns are called in to investigate the death of a political journalist whose body was found on the grounds of an exclusive golf club. As it turns out, this journalist had recently published an article exposing corruption within the NSA. Once the NSA starts sniffing around in the investigation, Hodgins’ paranoia takes over and the team realize they’re being watched.

Meanwhile, back at home, Brennan is secretly planning a surprise for Booth and the team gathers to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

Don’t miss an all new episode of BONES on November 19 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Promise in the Palace”


Hey, Bones fans! Today’s episode theme is, do you believe in magic? Let’s get into the Bones Top Five Moments!

Sebastian is back!
Do you remember that Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Sebastian Kohl who purchased one of Angela’s pictures? Well, here he is again, and they look quite chummy. Did I mention he’s handsome and dashing? With an awesome English accent? Anyway, he’s supposed to be Angela’s mentor, but Cam and I both think he’s interested in more than just Angela’s pictures.

Cam and I are both wrong. He has the hots for Cam. Girlfriend, whatever perfume you’re buying, please clue me in. Arastoo and Sebastian? Those are some serious pheromones. But she turns him down, because of her recent breakup. Oh, don’t let this gorgeous ship pass you by, Cam. She does go to Angela and come clean. She also admits she’s not over Arastoo and is worried she won’t get back what she had with him. Angela says she might not, but she definitely won’t if she doesn’t try.


Somehow Brennan found out about Cam and says she’d want Booth to move on if anything happened with them. Her listing things that could go wrong does not help anyone. Of course, Booth does not want Brennan to move on.

In the end, Cam does come to her senses and calls him. So, yay! More Sebastian to come!

Corpse of the Week!
Klarissa Mott, age twenty seven. She’s a bit of a question mark. She has clear signs of abuse but no restraining orders or domestic violence calls. Nobody has filed a missing person report on her, and she has no relatives in the DC area.

Booth and Aubrey go to see her roommate, Anna. They do that thing where they take an entire ride over in the car and don’t speak about the case until they get all the way to their destination and are just about to knock on the door. It happens again later.

Anyway, Anna is there with her boyfriend, Victor, and they’re just started a catering business. Also, Aubrey and food. Get your head in the game, dude, and stop eyeing the truffle oil. I’m sure the big deal they’re making over that won’t be important later.

So, the reason Anna didn’t report Klarissa missing is because they didn’t really know each other. Klarissa kept to herself and was into “some weird stuff.” You might ask what that weird stuff is. Well, in her bedroom she has straitjackets and handcuffs, and while my mind went in a different direction, Aubrey guesses Magician. But Anna says that according to Klarissa, the correct term is Escape Artist. She did shows at the Magic Palace. Her stage name was Klarissa Bilbao.

I’m going to try to ignore the blatant car commercial as Bones and Booth head to the Magic Palace. My eyes rolled by themselves.

Lenny Jay is there, played by Jay Thomas. He says he gave Klarissa her start when he saw her doing street magic in the National Mall. He says her act was ground breaking. She took more risks than most Escapologists. She’d just been given the Friday night main stage, replacing Big Phil, who’s not very big at all. He plays with fire, and they found second-degree burns on Klarissa. It turns out he played a prank on her all of the time, where she opens a box, and a flame comes out. She usually catches it but has been distracted lately. This makes no sense to me, playing the same trick over and over again, but I’m no Escapologist.

A physical therapist who illegally sold prescription drugs, and she paid in cash for flexibility training, is a dead end. Though she was getting a bunch of emails threatening her because she poached tricks

It turns out Lenny Jay Jr. is the one who sent the emails to Klarissa. Lenny Sr. had given her his best trick, The Drunken Monkey, an escapist move where he’s locked in a vat of scotch. Junior was not at all happy with this, since daddy promised to hand that trick down to him. Junior found this out by following Klarissa around and as a result of the stalking saw her dropped off by some guy who kissed her.

Aaaaand, guess what? Klarissa is allergic to fungus. And you know what truffles are. Oh, Victor, you have some ‘splaining to do…except you totally know it wasn’t him, right? Sure, they were smooching and some of the oil got onto her neck, but he didn’t kill her. He dropped her off at the Palace and was supposed to meet up with her later that night, but she never showed up.

Someone sent Klarissa flowers, but it wasn’t Victor. Anna, his girlfriend, did snoop through his phone, but her awesome boyfriend is “careful about this stuff” and left no incriminating evidence. What a prize this Victor is, huh? Anna did know about the affair, but she stayed quiet for the sake of the business. She seems to feel Victor is not worth killing over.

Solving the Case!
Turns out the flowers were sent by the Golden Pearl Casino in Vegas. Guess who got a new job? And guess which Escapologist who just gave Klarissa his best trick over his own son, wouldn’t be happy about that?

Klarissa had the key in her mouth to unlock the padlock for the Drunken Monkey trick. Unfortunately for Lenny, he strangled her, and the key went down her throat, so he couldn’t clean out the inside of the padlock. Brennan gives him some mumbo jumbo story about the stuff inside matching the frequency of luminescence in order to make Lenny confess, which he does. Broken promises. They could kill you.

The Magical Mr. Edison!
After Clark expresses a love of magic, in a show of humanity Brennan asks him why he has such an interest in it. He explains it got him through a rough patch in middle school and makes the HUGE error of showing Brennan a trick, which she figures out and belittles him with it. So much for the brief show of humanity. His second magic trick doesn’t fare any better, even when Hodgins supplied him with a disappearing spoon.

Their attempt at showing her the awesome history of magic stored at the Jeffersonian brings about another bout of condescension. Seriously, I get whiplash whenever they do this with Brennan. One minute she’s aware of how she can be and the next she isn’t.

The Tooth Fairy is a Fraud!
It should surprise nobody that when Christine loses a tooth, Mr. Booth is all for the Tooth Fairy making an appearance, while Brennan thinks it’s a pastiche of minor myths that lack thought or substance. And contrary to Booth’s belief that it’s tradition and can’t hurt anyone, Brennan says she doesn’t want her daughter to think it’s okay to have someone break into her room and steal discarded body parts. Wow, that’s…wow. And Brennan’s idea to simply explain to Christine about the scientific reasons behind tooth loss doesn’t sound near as good as money under the pillow.

Besides, Hodgins has been leaving tons of cash for Michael Vincent, and surprisingly the six year old isn’t mad at his parents for perpetrating a fraud.

However, after Brennan fooled Lenny, she realizes deception can sometimes be a good thing, so she came home and slipped the cash under Christine’s pillow.

Then Booth does a magic trick with her paperwork Brennan doesn’t understand how he accomplished. At last. A Trick she can’t figure out.

That’s it! So, what do you guys think of Cam’s new love interest, Sebastian? Was the Tooth Fairy good to you when you were a kid?

BONES Sneak Peeks: Magic vs Science


It’s Brennan versus the deceptive nature of magic in this week’s BONES.

The team investigates the murder of an escape artist whose body was found in the woods. When they discover that the victim worked at the Magic Palace, Brennan reveals her thoughts on magic. They also learn that the victim had secret activities in the works that may have made them some enemies in the magic community.

Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan argue about whether to introduce Christine to the tooth fairy when their daughter looses her first tooth, leading them to poll their friends. And Angela gets a visit from Sebastian Kohl, who is acting as her mentor. But is Cam right about him wanting more from Angela?

Don’t miss an all new episode of BONES on November 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Senator in the Street Sweeper”


Hey, Bones fans! Let’s skip over the disgusting opening where a street sweeper licks blood off his finger from some corpse’s shredded remains, and get right to it, shall we? Here are your Bones Top Five Moments!

A Television in the bedroom?
Booth wants a TV in the bedroom to watch the game, due to the kids monopolizing the other one, while Brennan points out how couples with a TV in their bedroom have sex half as often. And not only that, but what if the Philadelphia Whosits have a losing season? Booth will be all depressed and not in the mood. Well, Booth has a solution. He’ll be making some “extra” time for them. Parents of newborns everywhere wonder if this means they’ll be shipping off the baby off to Angela’s house.

But I think the biggest impediment to their alone time might be that their bedroom doesn’t look like it has walls or doors.

In the end, Brennan winds up leasing a fifty-six inch television, and while she makes it clear Booth had better keep up with the number of sexytimes of her choosing or the TV goes back, she rejects said sexytimes in favor of her interview about the case, a documentary, and a James Cagney film.

Corpse of the Week!
Rick O’Malley, a first-term senator from Virginia. Wonder how he’d feel about his remains getting scavenged by a raccoon and ground up by a street sweeper. Caroline, for reasons obvious reasons, doesn’t want Brennan going along for such a delicate death notification.

Aubrey and Booth talk about O’Malley on the way to the notification. Aubrey seems to revere O’Malley, since he used to be a blue-collar worker. He was the general manager for a coal mining company. Aubrey waxes poetic about how O’Malley wasn’t just a career politician and cared about his constituents. Compares him to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and surprises Booth and the rest of us when he admits he has political aspirations. He says there’s a senate seat opening in 2020 that has his name on it.

Aaaand that notification they were going to make? Not necessary with the large amount of reporters gathered like vultures on the O’Malley front lawn. Booth talks about a leak at the F.B.I. Will this be important later?

I’m immediately suspicious of the little guy opening the door. He’s talking on the phone about no press statements and how he doesn’t care if it’s Diane Sawyer, blah blah blah. After he lets in Booth and Aubrey, he walks away.

Mrs. M. isn’t all that flustered about finding out about her husband from the press. It’s pretty much been her whole life. But she says living their lives in the public eye was worth it. One of the reason Mr. M went into politics was to save local jobs, aka coal mining jobs. Two mentions of coal mines in five minutes. Hmmm…that’s not significant, right?

The little guy is Eric Morales, O’Malley’s Chief of Staff. He calls O’Malley a revelation.

Mrs. M says Mr. M had recently been aloof and receiving calls at all hours from the party’s majority whip, Senator Hayley Winters. As a result, she was suspicious he was having an affair with Hayley. And the night before, they were at a fundraiser together.

I’m no expert, but if they’re having an affair, shouldn’t it be more…secret?

As Caroline says, there’s no way in H-E-double hockey sticks she’s going to let Booth haul the senate majority whip into the F.B.I. without any evidence she was involved in anything, But they catch a break. Aubrey comes to say Hayley called and wants Booth to come to her office, so she can brief him. Caroline is thrilled she doesn’t have to take any antacid. But not so fast! She’ll need the whole bottle, since Hayley, being a former doctor, requested Dr. Brennan’s presence.

On the way to talk to Hayley, Brennan tries to assure Booth she’ll be on her best behavior, but Booth doesn’t want that. As a matter of fact, he wants her to be as Brennan as she can be, including saying stuff that can be misconstrued as offensive. I don’t think there’s any misconstruing where Brennan is concerned. Anyway, Booth wants to get a read on Hayley, so if she’s clutching her pearls as Brennan insults her, so be it.

Squintern Jessica and the Background Check!
Caroline tells Aubrey that Justice wants a background check on Squintern Jessica to make sure she’s cleared to work on the body SHE’S ALREADY WORKING ON. Aubrey assures Caroline he knows Jessica and won’t find anything. I don’t know Jessica, and I’m sure he’ll find something, so his blind faith is more than a little naïve.

Sure enough, she was involved in Greenpeace in college. There’s a lovely picture of her in the crowd of a demonstration in front of what looks like an animal research facility. Someone is throwing fake blood on a guy with glasses, while another guy holds up a “SCIENCE GONE MAD” sign and another a “Free the Animals” sign. As if it couldn’t get any worse, a pipe bomb exploded outside of the building five minutes later. But Greenpeace was cleared. Hey, the word peace is right there in the title.

But wait! There’s more! Jessica…went on the road with the band Fish? And at the time she took drugs. Then in a bout of honesty, Jessica tells Aubrey she doesn’t currently do drugs anymore but can’t guarantee she won’t do them again.

Jessica is a lot of things, but she’s not stupid and can see Aubrey’s disappointment written all over his face. He does have a moral decision to make as to whether to report all of the information back to Caroline. Jessica insists she’s not the same person, in the same way Aubrey isn’t the same kid who watched his dad hauled away to prison. Except the difference here is that Aubrey didn’t do anything illegal. But honestly, I expected a lot worse.

All of this is taking place as a friendship has developed between Aubrey and Jessica that appears to be heading toward something more than watching Battlestar Galactica together.

Aubrey does tell Caroline there are some skeletons in Jessica’s closet but nothing to create a mistrial, which is good, because again, it’s probably too late at this point. Aubrey believes Caroline knew what he’d find. And here’s where Caroline goes off the rails a bit for me. It seems more like she made the request. I guess she knows of Aubrey’s aspirations and wanted to make sure he was with “the right kind of woman.” Caroline, you’re one of my favorites, but I hate that you’re making me side with Jessica. This was manipulative of Caroline, and she doesn’t strike me as that kind of character.

Jessica goes to Angela for romantic advice and hints there was the potential for the relationship to go somewhere, so she’s upset by the latest developments.

Rounding up the Suspects!
Hayley, played by Brenda Strong, seems friendly and efficient. She’s also the most famous of the suspects, so I have my eye on her. Hayley’s aides are preparing a bill to increase the debt ceiling, so the government doesn’t shut down again. And Brennan is being extra-Brennan. She’s insulting and belittling at every turn. She also insinuates that possibly Hayley was the killer. No dummy, our Hayley, she decides to make their discussion private.

The first zinger Brennan hits her with is the affair. Hayley is flattered anyone thinks she has the stamina. The fundraiser the night before is brought up, and in typical fashion for all suspects, she’s all, “Nope! Everything is hunky dory!” Then she appears to think a moment, and whenever the suspect says, “Wait, now that I think of it….” you always know what follows is not an incident that would just slip someone’s mind.

Turns out there had been a handful of protesters, and it got O’Malley unnerved. He left shortly after. Yeah. That’s totally not important at all. A man runs out of a fundraiser right after being unnerved by protesters, he’s murdered that night, and it’s an afterthought?

Anyway, surprise, surprise, the protests were there because of an amendment to the debt ceiling bill about reducing coal emissions. Ding ding ding! And though O’Malley’s whole platform was in support of coal miners, he was going to vote in favor of the bill. Booth nails Hayley on being the one to persuade O’Malley, and Hayley talks about how sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the sake of the party.

Some grainy footage is scraped together of a guy accosting O’Malley at the fundraiser. Though for the first time ever, Angela is unable to do facial rec, Caroline has it handled. He’s Frankie Cesari, the unofficial president of the coal mining lobby in Virginia. Caroline has a history with him, since he “disappeared” her witness to Frankie’s embezzling. I’m going with Frankie as a total red herring, so let’s move on.

Aubrey discovers O’Malley is clean except for a monthly withdrawal of $2,000. His last meal was pigeon (EWWW!). After the fundraiser, a cab driver dropped him off at an Indonesian restaurant where he was spotted embracing a young woman, who of course winds up being his biological daughter, Anissa. O’Malley and her mom had a one-night stand, and she was the result. While B&B accost her about that measly two-thousand bucks and how she blackmailed daddy for it, she insists he was just helping her with college, which makes way more sense. I mean, seriously. That’s not a lot of money.

Anyway, O’Malley talked with Anissa about that vote he didn’t want to make. She told him to follow his heart.

A needle mark is found behind O’Malley’s ear. The killer thought they could poison O’Malley and make it look like natural causes, but O’Malley fought back, thus how he wound up beaten to death. The first most natural suspect is the doc, Hayley, but upon closer inspection of the wife’s alibi, it falls apart, and she’s a diabetic with access to needles. I have another theory. We’re told multiple times about how poison is a woman’s method for murdering, so immediately I suspect a dude.

When Booth and Aubrey get to the O’Malley house, there’s even more reporters. Hayley is there, and they’re gearing up for a press conference Mrs. M is about to give, but it’s not about her husband. It’s about the Widow’s Mandate. When a senator dies while in office, the governor must find a replacement for the remainder of the term. The logical choice is the widow, who is most likely to share the spouse’s ideology.
Though Booth told Aubrey to keep quiet once they got to the house due to his political aspirations and it not being a good idea if he rocked the boat, Aubrey does just the opposite. He’s like a male Brennan, so I don’t know why anybody thinks he’s more diplomatic. He’s rude and condescending. He insinuates people are guilty before he checks out alibis. And he makes people shut down rather than creating an environment where they’ll confess.

And Brennan gets a gut feeling I’m sure a week from now she’ll forget she ever had.

Virginia is the Murder Weapon!
A petrified coal statue of the state of Virginia is the murder weapon, and since coal turns organic tissue blue, Booth just has to look for the suspect with a blue cut on their hand.

Would it surprise you to find out Morales is the one with the blue cut on his hand? Not only was he having an affair with Mrs. M., but Mr. M was going to vote against the party, so yay for more coal emissions? And is anyone surprised by this outcome? So, Morales knew about the Widow’s Mandate and they could have made a difference together and she understood about making sacrifices for the good of the party, and blah blah blah…murderer.

It all ends with Aubrey on what looks like a date with Jessica. He’s now jaded about politicians, even though his hero voted his conscience instead of with his party. And ugh, I hate to admit it, but they’re actually kind of cute together, and they make each other more likable.

So, that’s it. What do you think of the Aubrey/Jessica relationship? Do you agree they kind of work as a couple? Do you have a television in your bedroom?

BONES Sneak Peeks: Political Aspirations


Two amusing sanitation workers (guest stars Sal Vulcano and James Murray; “Impractical Jokers”)  discover a body on this week’s BONES. The pair are surprised when they discover the remains of a U.S. Senator in a street sweeper, which leads the team to Capitol Hill. There they meet with the Senate’s majority whip, Hayley Winters (guest star Brenda Strong), and the victim’s chief of staff to try and figure out who orchestrated this political murder.

Elsewhere in the episode, Aubrey reveals his dream of a future in politics to Booth. And when he starts dating squintern Jessica, he digs in to her past to ensure nothing there can hurt his political aspirations.

Meanwhile, Booth wants to get a new TV for their bedroom, but Brennan warns him that TVs in bedrooms typically lead to less sex between couples.

Don’t miss an all new episode of BONES on November 5 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Resurrection in the Remains”


Hello, Bones fans! It’s Halloween at the B&B house, and Booth is prepared with fifteen pounds of candy, no matter how bad it is for a child’s endocrine system. And it’s Sleepy Hollow crossover time! It’s a good thing your recapper watches both shows. Here are your Bones Top Five Moments!

Halloween Fun!
Brennan fires the first shot, when she makes Booth think he’s eating real brain.

Of course, there’s Hodgins’s demon eyes. He only has one pair of contact lenses, as all contact lens wearers do. Michael Vincent flushed them down the toilet, so all he had were the demon eye ones. Yes, he took the time to make sure those were on hand but not an extra pair of regular ones. Happens all of the time.

Booth does get Brennan back when he pretends to be a reanimated corpse.

The Corpse of the Week with a Halloween Twist!
Next to the corpse the gang finds a mortsafe, or an iron safe that was used to prevent grave robbing. I don’t know how effective it was, since somebody has already opened it. I guess they didn’t get the memo about not opening up old coffins with a weird symbol on it. Bad juju. Baaaaaaad juju. And look! Inside is an eighteenth century soldier in full Redcoat regalia! And he has no head! I wonder how that fits into the whole Sleepy Hollow thing…and you know what kind of episode this is going to be when a carved pumpkin rolls into the coffin and lines up nicely with where Redcoat guy’s head should have been. Cam: “Happy Halloween.” WAH WAH. Never mind that it’s a corpse from the EIGHTEENTH CENTURY and maybe you would want to get that pumpkin out of there, no?

Back to the more current COTW, she’s Sarah Lippman, a third-year medical student. She’s usually all magenta-haired and pierced goth girl, but she was found with Mary Sunshine’s pink dress, pink shoes, and blonde hair. Her boss, Chief Resident John Cruz, explains she was trying to look the part of a doctor and points out her boyfriend, Joel Brown, in the anatomy lab. A bearded guy who was standing next to Joel and digging through a dead body with him, seems overly interested in what’s going on and watches the door longingly after Joel leaves with Booth and Aubrey.

Joel insists that even though people thought they were an odd couple, because he’s a good Catholic boy, they were good together, and she was happier than she’d ever been. The new appearance, he insists, is because he’d rubbed off on her. But inside Sarah’s locker, there’s an old witchcraft book with the same weird symbol on the cover that was on the mortsafe.

Abbie and Ichabod!
The Redcoat COTW was a high-ranking British officer, so it’s odd that he was buried under a church in the middle of nowhere.

Just as Hodgins says there’s something otherworldly going on with the corpse and the symbol, etc., Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane show up. I don’t care how ridiculous it is that they’re standing in the middle of the lab. I’m just happy to see them.

Ichabod explains he’s from the historical society, and he helps F.B.I. agent Mills. Brennan’s not about to give up the bones, and Abbie says she’s not leaving without them, so this forces Abbie and Ichie to stick around the lab.

Hodgins immediately mancrushes hard, when after he makes fun of Crane’s garb, Crane goes off on one of his famous rants. And a guy names Seeley takes it a little personal when Aubrey makes fun of Ichabod’s name.

Anyway, Crane and Abbie believe that the Redcoat COTW is Abraham Van Brunt, aka Mr. Headless Horseman, born in 1749 and decapitated on the battlefield in 1781. Angela is immediately charmed by Crane. Because she’s human. She’s also done facial reconstruction on the faceless dude and begins the facial recognition process.

While they wait for the results and Crane’s big head blocks the screen, Brennan says she finds Crane’s and Abbie’s persistence both irritating and impressive. Crane says, “We are a partnership of opposites, yet our affinity for one another bears the ripest of fruit.”

Brennan rightly assumes they’re sexual partners. Crane, of course, is highly offended by this accusation and insists they’re not. Brennan says, “Then I would suggest you consider it” and talks about how rewarding it was to take her relaysh with Booth into the personal realm. For once, Crane is speechless. That’s quite a feat.

If around this time you heard great, heaving gasps and squealing, that would be Ichabbie shippers everywhere.

Anyway, I guess they’re saved by the facial reconstruction, and the result is surprising and ominous for Crane. It’s not Abraham but General William Howe, Commander of the British Forces during the War for Independence. Dude was a cruel bastard, apparently. Crane throws around phrases like “mystery of the highest magnitude,” and he will not rest until it’s solved. Brennan gives him a look like, “Whatever, you intense weirdo.”

And it’s kind of cool, because Booth and Abbie have teamed up to scour Sarah’s apartment. Booth finds a note that reads, Last night was insane. XX. and we all guess it wasn’t written by her good, Catholic boyfriend.

Anyway, they find a hammer next to a fine-tooth saw with some red threads in it, so this must be the way he became Headless Howe.

Crane identifies the book found in Sarah’s locker to be Librum Sub Umbras, which Brennan translates to Treatise on the Subject of Shadows. It’s filled with Alchemical recipes, blood rituals, druid rites, and necromancy. Then Brennan makes the humongous error of calling it a book of nonsense. Crane tries not to go on a rant while he explains it’s a book of spells, and the key to unlock it is a mystery to all but the most learned scholars. They’re replicas of an illuminated manuscript first painted by Bavarian monastic scholars.

The word “illuminated” sparks an idea in Hodgins. He says they need to illuminate the text with candlelight, and I kid you not… Angela puts a burning candle onto the Angelatron. And y’all? It totally works. This episode is insane in the best way. Crane reads the hidden text. It says the text is the guide by which the Witness will procure the skull and give him the power to raise the dead.

Rut roh. I guess Sarah missed the part about the Witness. Which she isn’t, but Abbie and Crane totally are, in the biblical sense.

Crane gives shifty eyes as he says he wishes he had the resources to delve a little deeper. HINT, HINT. Brennan gives him free rein of the Jeffersonian archives. That’s like Disneyland for Crane.

To add to all of the strangeness, it appears Sarah’s brain neurons had been dead for two weeks, which would have made her clinically dead two weeks before she died. Wendell helpfully explains that maybe the person Sarah brought back from the dead was herself. DUN DUN DUN!

Aubrey figures out that Sarah died and was resuscitated two weeks ago, but according to her insurance, there’s no record of it. Aubrey also discovers Sarah went to a bar and spent $250 on a bottle of champagne. And, ew. She was beaten to death with Howe’s skull.

Would it surprise you to find out that Booth knew Corbin, Abbie’s mentor? Corbin said Abbie was a lot like Booth back in the day, and I laugh when Booth chastises Abbie for wanting to save the world overnight. Pot, meet kettle.

I was right to suspect bearded guy, since he was the one sharing that expensive bottle of champagne with Sarah. He wrote the “insane” note. However, he’s gay, so there goes that theory. He tells Aubrey he and Sarah became friends, because they both were close to death. He was really sick as a kid, and Sarah had a sister who died young. Not exactly the same thing. Sarah became obsessed with finding out what happens after you die.

And oh my goodness, we’re now dropped into the movie Flatliners, where he induced Sarah’s heart to stop and brought her back. Sarah said it was transforming. I wonder if she was visited by people she’d harmed in her past…Well, I guess not. She saw her sister, who told her to let go of all of her fear. That’s what they were celebrating.

After swabbing Sarah’s injury, Hodgins comes up with stuff you spray on the underside of morgue tables, so off they go to the anatomy lab to sift through the corpses and find some recent blood spatter. It’s on the ceiling. `

In the archives, Crane finds an edict from George Washington that says not to bury Howe in England but in the colonies. Crane pushes it further and says he meant preferably in Sleepy Hollow. Brennan notices the signature is off from the handwriting, and Crane can’t hold back his pride when he says the letter was dictated to a trusted captain. But Brennan being Brennan, she’s wants to wait for proof the letter is authentic, which must be aggravating to the guy who wrote it. So, the bones are still hers.

Angela analyzes the note, and she states what we all know. That the handwriting in the letter is Crane’s. But when confronted, Crane has an easy explanation. His ancestor, also named Ichabod, wrote it. Brennan accepts this explanation but still won’t give up the bones until the case is solved.

Solving the Case!
Howe’s skull is found in the medical waste from the anatomy lab, along with two empty vials. The prescriptions were filled the night Sarah died by the Chief Resident of her program, Dr. John Cruz, who we met for two minutes at the beginning of the show.

Anyway, long story short, John not only knew about the experiments, but he supplied her with the drugs to do it. After his wife left him, he drank too much, and Sarah smelled it on his breath. Rather than report John, she blackmailed him for the drugs.

Howe’s canine tooth is missing, and when Brennan finds out from Crane it was porcelain, she realizes it must have injured the killer’s hand as he was, you know, using the skull to bash Sarah. The tooth was found in and among some coffee cup debris, and voila, skin cells. Who do they belong to?

The boyfriend, Joel. He admits to touching the skull, as he was there when Sarah dug up Howe. This is a fact that if he wasn’t guilty, he probably should have copped to earlier. Sarah’s new goody-two-shoes persona wasn’t so much a result of him rubbing off on her, but her Flatliners experience. She wanted Joel to experience as well. The couple that dies together…

Except Joel, the guy with all of the faith, saw nothing when he went to the other side. Sarah took his faith away. So when he came to and saw her holding the skull, he snapped and killed her with it.

Fondled in the Forest!
Anyway, case solved, B & B and Crane and Abbie head to The Founding Fathers for a drink. Except Brennan and Booth bead a hasty retreat, in order to give Abbie and Crane some alone time. Maybe after Crane finishes his Sex on the Beach, or as he says Benjamin Franklin referred to it, Fondled in the Forest, he’ll be in the mood.

That’s it, folks! How did you like the crossover? As a fan of both shows, I have to say, I didn’t know how they’d pull it together, but I think because they went for fun and lighthearted, it worked. Did you watch the continuation on Sleepy Hollow?

BONES Sneak Peeks: Booth and Brennan Meet the SLEEPY HOLLOW Stars


Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills take a trip to BONES in this week’s episode in the first of a two-part Halloween BONES/SLEEPY HOLLOW crossover, which also sees Booth and Brennan head to the other series.

It’s Halloween at the Jeffersonian and the squints get a surprise visit from new FBI Agent Mills and Crane, who have come to Washington, D.C. from Sleepy Hollow to claim a headless body that is being investigated by Brennan and her team. Mills and Crane team up with Booth and Brennan to try and figure out who the 200-year-old headless corpse actually is and how the body is linked to a contemporary murder victim.

Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan try to one-up each other with the ultimate Halloween pranks (starting with Brennan tricking Booth into believing he had eaten a real brain — gross!)

Don’t miss part 1 of the BONES-SLEEPY HOLLOW crossover airing on October 29 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves”


Hello, BONES fans! The show starts out with the most awesome boy on the planet who can’t wait to get home and watch Fashion Runway. I was hoping his narrow-minded dad would be the corpse of the week, but alas, no. Let’s get started with this week’s Top Five Moments!

Agent Andy is Dead?
Booth is quite distressed to learn that tough Agent Andy has taken a bullet to the sternum and has been killed off in Brennan’s latest manuscript. When they arrive at the scene, Brennan screams about Agent Andy’s death. Can she get in trouble for spoiling the ending of her own book? Cam is upset, while Hodgins would have preferred spoiler tags. Booth manages a few more digs about the corpse of the week’s wife or editor shooting him in the face.

Aubrey tries to commiserate with Booth and insists one person solving crimes on their own is ridiculous, but no! Brennan is adding a new character, a younger, sexier partner. I believe Brennan has just brought out the salt and lemon. Aubrey, always one to pick up on social cues, thinks the new character is based on him.

The New Intern!
Intern Wells is back and lucky us, as Angela says, he’s even douchier than usual. Brennan says she can easily replace him, so yay! She’s bringing in another female intern.

Wells confides the reason for his crankiness to Hodgins. Let’s just say…it could best be cured by the little blue pill.

The new intern is Beth Mayer played by …BETTY WHITE! How awesome! Finally, an intern I adore on sight. Well, okay, I liked Wendell pretty early on, but still. Betty! She invented the computer platform the Angelatron’s graphic simulator is based on. So, yeah, she’s a living legend. And she’s back to being the saucy lady we all know and love.
Even better, Brennan is threatened by her. Seems Mayer is taking a picture of the bones in Limbo (aka, the unresolved cases) and uploading them to the Angelatron, so they have a digital database.

The Corpse of the Week!
His name is Justin Ross, and dang, he was a cutie. He was a real estate agent with Franklin Realtors. To add insult to injury, he was chewed on by coy-wolves, a coyote/wolf hybrid.

A temp, Chris, is supposedly the last person to see Justin alive. Though his reaction to Justin’s death is rather unconventional, and he asks for a do-over, he does provide Aubrey with a good lead. Justin was involved in fantasy football, and it got really heated. Full-on “screaming at the top of your lungs” type threats.

A video went viral of Justin shooting one of his rivals, Craig, with a paintball gun while the guy wore stuffed antlers. And he has the misfortune of saying, “I’m gonna kill you, Justin!” Don’t play fantasy football, kids! If you lose, you could wind up getting publicly humiliated by someone hunting you down with a paintball gun, as well as being a murder suspect!

Craig is a real winner. Ashlie, his wife, sounds like she’s already consulted a divorce attorney. But Craig is too busy trying to snap up Justin’s players to talk to the F.B.I. Craig has a hot tip for Aubrey. Go talk to Lou Divers, an NFL starting running back.

In a world where celebrities now communicate directly with their fans, Lou and Justin got into an intense Twitter war that got so fierce, Lou went and visited Justin right before he got killed.Apparently, Justin threatened Lou’s wife and kids. Gosh, I wish I could say this is a rare occurrence, but it happens every day over minor stuff just like this.

Anyway, they straightened it out in person. Case closed. It seemed Justin was in a much better mood when Lou visited him, what with having the bestest fantasy football team ever.

This is serious business. That team got him fifteen large. Wowza. B&B head off to talk to Wetzel, the fantasy football commissioner, who is in charge of the payout. On the way, they discuss Booths more recent gambling addiction. He admits to the itch, but it doesn’t go beyond that. He acknowledges it and moves on.

Wetzel may be all-powerful in fantasy football, but his boss at Sandwich Hut treats him like a serf. Anyway, he takes his commissioner duties vey, vey seriously and has put the entire pot into Justin’s funeral.

Turns out Justin was trying to get the house of his assistant, Chris, who we met earlier, out of foreclosure. They had a last-minute buyer lined up, but Justin ruined it by missing the meeting. When brought in for questioning, Chris clues the gang in that Justin missed the meeting because of a woman. And that woman is? Ashlie, Craig’s wife.
She blames it on Craig and his man cave and his fantasy football. And after meeting Craig, I can’t say I blame her. Ashlie let it slip to him she was having an affair with Justin. Somehow Ashlie is just now figuring out that when the man she’s having an affair with dies right after she tells her husband about it, that he could be guilty. You need to be a little quicker on the draw there, Ash.

When they visit Craig, he fights off Aubrey (but not Booth, he’s not that stupid), so he can make a trade. He’s spitting mad they stopped him but confesses that he went to confront Justin. However, instead of beating him up or killing Justin, he just wanted one of Justin’s players, Aaron Rodgers, as quarterback. In trade for the man sleeping with his wife. Craig: Husband of the Year. But they couldn’t, because the commissioner said it was collusion. Craig gets taken away in handcuffs.

But wait! The coy-wolf poo had cured meat in it, and the murder weapon was two-pronged. Now where…

Oh, hello Commissioner Wetzel who didn’t approve that Aaron Rodgers trade. Justin, who wanted Wetzel fired as commish, came to confront Wetzel at the sandwich shop. Wetzel killed him with a meat holder, dumped him in the woods, and covered him in ham as coy-wolf bait.

Justin, maybe in your next life, you’ll treat people better and won’t wind up in a forest covered in ham.

Hodgins Gets Tranquilized!
Hodgins volunteers himself to go into the woods and retrieve the coy-wolves with Justin’s bones in their tummies. Dr. Mayer suggests Wells go with Hodgins, what with nature being good for Mr. Happy. Please, let us not speak of Wells’s happy place ever again.

But when they get there, they realize they are looking for poo, not wolves, and when they go to take off the guns, Wells “accidentally” shoots Hodgins.

But Wells gets his groove back by taking off his shirt, wrapping it around his head, and howling like a wolf. Also, Angela is wrong. When he returns, he’s way, WAY douchier.

But the best part is that after Wells insists Hodgins overreacted, Hodgins shoots him with a dart. I do hope it takes away his mojo again.

Brennan Asks for Advice!
Brennan sits down with Mayer to apologize for her jealousy getting in the way of seeking her sage advice. She decides to make up for it by sitting down with Mayer and asking her advice on the Agent Andy situation, explaining that Booth thinks Brennan was working out her anger with him for quitting the F.B.I.

But Brennan says when she wrote the book, they were both taking time off, and it was a time of utter peace and quiet. Mayer, ever astute, homes in on the peace and quiet thing. She says gals like them can’t take peace and quiet. They need to be challenged.

She’d witnessed B&B bickering and says creates heat. Peace and quiet=no heat=boring=killing characters. In the end, Booth is arguing for the death of Agent Andy, while Brennan argues against it. Knowledge of sternum injuries versus knowledge of gunshot wounds. Who will win? We don’t know, because Booth shoots Brennan with the sink hose, effectively ending the argument. I don’t know if that was planned, but they looked like they were having a good time.

So, that’s it, folks. Here’s hoping Wells stays away for a good, long time. And Agent Andy doesn’t die.

BONES Sneak Peeks: Twitter Wars and Fantasy Football


Brennan unveils her new book in this week’s BONES and while Booth initially praises it as the best one she’s ever written, he’s flummoxed when she tells him she doesn’t intend to bring back the character Andy from the brink of death. Since she wrote Agent Andy based on him, Booth doesn’t want the character to die.

Meanwhile, when the remains of a real estate agent are found in the forest, Brennan invites forensic anthropologist Dr. Beth Mayer (guest star Betty White) to assist in the investigation. And it turns out that Mayer has an abundance of knowledge about the world of fantasy football, which comes in handy when it’s discovered that fantasy football played a big role in the victim’s life. We also learn that he got into a Twitter feud with NFL star Lou Divers and owed a large sum to the league’s commissioner, which makes them both suspects.

A new episode of BONES airs on October 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.