BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Purging of the Pundit”


Now that the team has dealt with the loss of Sweets, we return you to your regularly scheduled Bones episode. Here are our top five moments!

Booth’s trust issues
Booth is not sleeping, and Brennan is concerned. She’s so concerned, she’s quoting Sweets. She thinks Booth has avoidance issues, but of course Booth denies it and points out Brennan doesn’t even believe in psychology. In Brennan’s defense, he tries to deny Aubrey is his partner, and Aubrey reminds Booth he’s not the reason Sweets is gone.

He does take Aubrey to some of the interviews, but not all, and doesn’t let him look at the evidence. Brennan says Booth needs to start trusting more people than just her and that he hasn’t been to church. Eventually Aubrey puts his foot down and takes his life in his hands by calling Booth an idiot. But he manages to calm Booth down by telling him that Sweets trusted him to work with Booth, so when Booth treats Aubrey like crap, he’s treating Sweets like crap as well. At last, Brennan knocks some sense into him, and he trusts Aubrey to come to an interrogation. In the end, Aubrey comes to their home to bring them some wine, and it’s Brennan who needs to be reassured she and Booth are still partners. [Read more...]

BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “The Lance to the Heart”


What happened last episode is that Sweets got beaten to death. Total heartbreak for me and all of the characters. Booth is, of course, particularly torn up and feeling guilty that he should have delivered the warrant.

To make matters worse, Christine comes out in her best dress, because Daisy and Sweets had promised to take her to the park. We’re not privy to the lesson Christine gets about death.

Here are your top five moments!

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BONES Video Previewpalooza: “The Lance to the Heart” Sneak Peek!


This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Thursday October 2nd episode of BONES. Direct from FOX, “To find out who framed Booth for murder, the Jeffersonian team, with the help Special Agent James Aubrey (guest star John Boyd), continues to investigate who is behind a conspiracy within the Federal Government that dates all the way back to J. Edgar Hoover. Then, when foreign DNA is found in a previous victim linked to the scandal, the team is able to narrow down the number of suspects, leading them closer to cracking the case.” [Read more...]

BONES Recap: Our Top 5 Moments From the Show’s Tragic Tenth Season Premiere!


When last we left our dynamic duo, they were in dire straits. Booth was groggy in the hospital and accused of killing officers who came to his house merely to serve him a warrant, as Brennan was dragged away to be questioned.

There’s a possible conspiracy at the FBI. Someone is blackmailing judges and politicians, and the whole joint is corrupt.

It’s now three months later, and it appears nothing came of Brennan’s questioning, since she’s back at work. The good news is, he’s no longer in the hospital. The bad news is, he’s in prison. In general population. Let me break it down for you with a top five! [Read more...]