BONES Series Finale Recap: How Did It All End?


After 12 seasons on the air and 246 episodes, BONES finally came to an end this week. The penultimate episode ended with a literal bang as the Jeffersonian was blown up by Kovac, a man seeking to destroy Booth and Brennan. The pair of them, along with Angela and Hodgins, were still trapped in the building when it exploded.

The good news, as we quickly learned in the series finale, is that all members of this crucial group of characters did survive the explosion. But the bad news came soon enough.

And that’s where the series finale picked up…

We panned over the destroyed remains of the show’s signature location, as well as the unconscious bodies of our squints and heroes. Hodgins, Angela and Booth all quickly realized each other was alive and Booth started screaming out for his wife.

Outside the Jeffersonian, Aubrey and the rest of the FBI tried to get in touch with Booth. When that didn’t work he headed over to the explosion site and was reunited with Cam and Arastoo.

Brennan was soon found, but she was very injured. Once she was conscious, however, she was desperate to remember what she had been looking at before the explosion. And then Brennan announced that something was wrong with her…something very serious and relevant to her brain.

Panicked, Booth tried to find a way to get all of them out of there, but the rescue crews arrived in the nick of time. Outside, an on-site test by a neurologist revealed that Brennan’s fears were real and her ability to process complex information had been compromised by the explosion. Still, Brennan wanted to get back to work inside the bone room.

As the squints headed back inside the lab, Booth went back to the FBI to try and catch Kovac. Some photos from Cam’s wedding actually led them to a possible accomplice.

When Brennan headed to the FBI and told Booth she was afraid of who she was if she didn’t have her intelligence, he assured her that she was so much more than just her forensic knowledge — she was the woman he loved and an incredible person to boot.

Meanwhile, thanks to some work by Cam and Hodgins, the team realized that Jeannine Kovac wasn’t Kovac’s wife — she was his sister. Soon after, a raid at an abandoned house led to Brennan recovering her complex thought processes and Booth shooting and killing Kovac, thus ending his vendetta against Booth and Brennan.

Back at the Jeffersonian re-construction had already begun and Brennan happily told Cam, Angela and Hodgins that she would be fine.

At the FBI, Aubrey announced that he was going to get the same promotion but remain in Washington, D.C. And while Aubrey’s most recent girlfriend had broken up with him, it seemed like there might be other romantic possibilities for him in the future…perhaps with Leslie Green.

A nice montage of various lab artifacts led to a lot of memories for BONES fans, but there was some big changes to come, even as the group reminisced about the past.

Hodgins and Angela revealed that they were working on a children’s book with characters based on people from the lab. Cam, meanwhile, announced that she was adopting three young boys with Arastoo, which is why she was going on an extended leave. Finally, Hodgins was told he would become the interim Director of the lab (a.k.a. the ultimate King of the Lab).

The final moments of the series finale found Booth and Brennan outside the Jeffersonian where Booth assured his wife that she would return to the lab soon enough.

Thus BONES came to an end, with a few changes for some characters and a future for all of them. And long-time BONES fans got one last nod — Brennan showed Booth a clock from her office that had stopped at the time of the explosion: 4:47.

BONES Teasers: Artificial Intelligence and Surprise Birthday Parties

Brennan is celebrating her birthday in this week’s BONES! The foremost forensic anthropologist is coming up on a milestone — her 40th birthday — while trying to solve a case involving artificial intelligence. Here are a few teasers about what to expect in this week’s episode.

Zack’s Shadow Remains. Zack’s declaration that he wasn’t guilty of murder is still hanging over Brennan’s head and when we begin this week’s BONES she’s re-examining the Lobbyist’s murder to figure out if she was wrong about Zack being the killer. It soon becomes clear that the show isn’t dropping the Zack storyline any time soon.

Surprise! Meanwhile, Brennan is also planning her own 40th surprise party, which Booth finds odd — after all, you’re not supposed to plan yourself a *surprise* party. Her father, Max, also stops by for the party and it looks like he’s hiding a secret. But how that will play out in the final season is something we’ll have to wait and see.

Raining On Their Parade. Daisy returns this week and asks Brennan to act as her reference for a very prestigious job. But Brennan throws some cold water on her chances, telling Daisy that she shouldn’t get her hopes up for the senior position since she’s so young. Daisy isn’t the only one insulted by Brennan — when Angel wins a MacArthur Fellowship (ie. a “Genius Grant”) award, Brennan is skeptical that Angela won such a prize before she did. Is Brennan suffering from a little bit of envy?

AI. The case of the week involves the death of a man who created artificial intelligence bots to help autistic children. His co-workers quickly point to a group who think that the robo-pocalypse is coming and that AI will enslave the human race. Apparently the victim — as much of a genius that he was — also loved to troll and bait those members, who think that the government will weaponize these bots.

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BONES: Booth and the Squints Search for Brennan in the Season 12 Premiere

The final season of BONES picks up exactly where last season’s finale left off: Brennan has been captured by her former colleague Zack, insinuating that he has once again been found out as a killer. Brennan immediately demands that Zack let her go, but he insists that he’s the boss now and he has things he needs to tell her.

Here are a few teasers about what’s to come in the season 12 premiere:

A Desperate Search. Cam is the one who realizes that Brennan and her captor could still be in the Jeffersonian, while Hodgins and Wendell try to follow her trail using Hodgins’ equipment. In one of the photos above you can see Brennan holding out her hands to stop Booth, so it’s clear that Booth finds Zack. But when he does you won’t believe what Zack claims. All it not what it seems. And what Zack tells Brennan makes her doubt everything she believes even though everyone else is convinced of Zack’s culpability.

The Interrogation. Aubrey is the one who interrogates Zack after his arrest and big chunks of Zack’s recent backstory is filled in. Surprisingly, his connection to the Jeffersonian is not as severed as we had suspected and Zack’s relationship with Booth is also made clear. Both revelations shock the team but Booth is eventually forced to examine his own belief with regards to Zack’s guilt.

Hodgins’ Pain. The good doctor continues to have spasms in his legs and Angela makes a discovery about Hodgins’ treatment that leads to a shocking revelation for him. As a result he confronts his old co-worker and his chance at mobility again.

Karen’s Return. The FBI agent returns in time to help with the current case and she becomes convinced that the killer has Dissociative Identity Disorder. She also has a novel plan to expose the killer. Later, the discovery of another victim helps break the case wide open.

By the end of the episode Zack’s present and past criminal deeds will have been addressed and it’s clear that this long-gone character has not been forgotten as the show enters its final season.

Don’t miss the season premiere of BONES on Tuesday, January 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

BONES Final Season Preview: How Will It End?


Twelve years after BONES premiered, the show is preparing to say goodbye. The upcoming season will be the show’s last and now Fox has released the first preview for the season. We open with Booth vowing to get Brennan back. She’s been kidnapped by Zack Addy, a former squint-turned-criminal mastermind.

Not a lot is known about the final season, but Fox has this to say: “The 12-episode run will celebrate the long-running comedic procedural beloved by millions of fans around the world, and bring the storylines of Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Booth (David Boreanaz) and the Jeffersonian-FBI team to a close, allowing the show’s loyal fans to say goodbye to these indelible characters. The final 12 episodes will feature special surprises, including the return of fan-favorite characters, as the countdown to the finale begins.”

BONES returns with new episodes on Tuesday, January 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

BONES: Final Season to Premiere in January


BONES is coming to an end with its upcoming twelfth season and today Fox announced that the show will be returning on Tuesday, January 3 at 9:01-10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

The 12-episode run will celebrate the inventive series and bring the storylines of Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Booth (David Boreanaz) and the Jeffersonian-FBI team to a close, allowing the show’s loyal fans to say goodbye to these indelible characters. Throughout the final chapter, fans will see the return of fan-favorite guest stars and squinterns, as well as an old flame from one of the team’s past. Fans also will experience a wedding, follow an epic serial killer storyline, go undercover in a lumberjack competition and see Booth and Brennan’s marriage get put to the test. As always, new guest stars will be introduced, as well as a final round of gory murders, from which brand-new investigations will arise.

“From the very first season, BONES was called ‘The Little Engine That Could.’ So we could not be prouder of ending up as FOX’s longest-running scripted drama,” said creator and executive producer Hart Hanson. “And we got there because of an insanely loyal, loud, lovely, lively audience.”

“We’ve loved working on BONES and are so excited to bring our fans this final season,” said executive producers and showrunners Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson. “After 12 years on the air, it’s an honor to be able to write the exciting and meaningful ending, which the show deserves.”

NCIS Showrunner Gary Glasberg Dies At 50: Our Thoughts


Millions of people lost a good friend yesterday. They may not have known his face, but they knew his heart.

Gary Glasberg, Executive Producer/Showrunner of NCIS and Executive Producer/Creator of NCIS: NEW ORLEANS passed away in his sleep on Wednesday.

It is no secret to readers that Glasberg has been my favorite television writer for many years. He had the ability to make me laugh and cry (occasionally at the same time) with a mere sentence.

Gary made the values of loyalty, trust and honor “acceptable” in a world full of uncertainty. His words gave us hope and faith in people when events made us doubt each other.

We responded to his craftsmanship by expanding the show’s loyal following. Joining NCIS in its seventh season, Glasberg helped guide the franchise flagship to become the most-watched television drama in the world.

“Today is an overwhelmingly sad day for NCIS, CBS and anyone who was blessed to spend time with Gary Glasberg,” CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller said in a statement. “We have lost a cherished friend, gifted creative voice, respected leader and, most memorably, someone whose warmth and kindness was felt by all around him. Our heartfelt thoughts and sympathies go out to his wife, Mimi, his two sons and all his family and friends.”

Glasberg was married to producer Mimi Schmir (GREY’S ANATOMY) for twenty years and they have two sons. Born in New York, Glasberg began his career writing comic books and for animation. Before joining NCIS, Glasberg brought his talents to many television shows, notably THE MENTALIST, CROSSING JORDAN and BONES.

“Gary was our rock, our cheerleader, our team captain. He inspired us with his leadership, his creative instincts and keen insight,” the NCIS cast and crew said in a statement released by CBS. “NCIS will not be the same without him, and each of us will miss his smiling face and unwavering humor, which lifted us every day.”

Glasberg was only 50-years-old, yet he managed to provide us with a lifetime of memories.

Fair Winds, Following Seas and Semper Fi, Gary. You have our admiration, our loyalty, our smiles and our tears.

BONES Comic-Con Panel: The Stars and Producers Tease the Final Season


BONES stars Emily Deschanel (Dr. Temperance Brennan), David Boreanaz (FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth), TJ Thyne (Dr. Jack Hodgins), Michaela Conlin (Angela Montenegro), Tamara Taylor (Dr. Camille Saroyan) and John Boyd (FBI Agent James Aubrey) — as well as executive producers Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson — took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con for the last time to tease season 12 (a.k.a. the final season).

Thursday’s season finale revealed that Zack seemed to be involved in the Puppeteer serial killer storyline. Was he the killer or is he involved in another way? The season 12 premiere will serve as a continuation of the last season finale. The good news is that Michael confirmed that everyone in attendance at the panel would not die. But the bad news is that he said two other characters we’ve seen in the past will die in the final season.

Other highlights from the panel include:

  • When asked about Brennan turning to psychology in the season finale, the producers said that was all about life and death. She won’t be softening her general attitude towards psychology going forward.
  • “You asked for it and we brought him back,” Michael said about Zack Addy. “We’re going to try to bring him back for three to four more episodes” because there is still a story to be told about him.
  • There’s more to come for Cam and Arastoo. “I thought the writers were going to cheat me out of a wedding, but it sounds like they are going to [go through with it],” Tamara teased.
  • TJ is feeling pretty confident about Hodgins and Angela’s future, despite the turmoil after Hodgins was paralyzed. “I think Jack and Angela will always make it,” TJ said.
  • Another undercover episode is coming! “It’s a world we’ve never been in [but it’s one] that I think only Booth and Bones can do justice to,” the producers said about a special season 12 episode.
  • How do they want the show to end? “Hopefully not in death,” Emily said. She wants a bit of happiness in the end for the characters and for Brennan to continue growing.
  • A lot is going to happen to the characters at a “faster pace” in the final season, the producers teased. There’s only 12 more episodes left, so expect the story to play out at an accelerated pace.
  • As a final tidbit for BONES fans, the producers that in episode 11 of season 12, you will find out what the long-appearing ‘447’ means in the show.

BONES will return at mid-season (in early 2017) for the final season on Fox.

BONES Teasers: The Team Tries to Catch a Thief — and a Killer — in “The Jewel In the Crown”


Aubrey is in heaven on this week’s BONES when the victim leads them to a jewelry heist and international nobility. The victim of the week is found in a glass recycling plant and she just so happens to have a 2 carat diamond worth $30,000 lodged in her tooth. Here’s what you can expect from this week’s episode:

Diamond Conspiracies. The diamond found on the victim — which helpfully had a serial number on it —  is actually from a dagger. A dagger that is a replica of a very famous historical weapon and is very expensive on its own. And it was recently stolen, which thrills Aubrey to no end because he’s always wanted to play cat and mouse with a jewel thief.

The De Chaussin Family and the French Authorities. Just as Hodgins discovers that the victim is from France, in walks Inspecter Rousseau to the lab. He’s been pursuing a jewel thief for a while now and he’s convinced that a Marquis (descended from Louis XIV) is both the jewel thief and the killer — and he’s the victim’s husband as well. But the FBI doesn’t really want Rousseau’s help. Instead, Aubrey jumps right into the investigation and learns that bad investments have really affected the Marquis’ family money, but it hasn’t stopped his spending habits. Did he kill his wife and steal jewels?

Related: Watch sneak peeks from “The Jewel in the Crown”

A Ghostly Visitor? Hodgins is confused by what’s happening around him at first when things start falling and moving around him. He thinks there was a tremor, but no one else in the lab feels signs of an earthquake. Later, a trash can falls over on its own and Daisy suggests that he’s being haunted. But Hodgins, for all of his belief in alien conspiracies, isn’t open to the possibility that ghosts are real. As we later learn, something much bigger is going on here.

Vision Problems. Booth thinks that his vision is blurry in the morning because he had a few too many beers the night before, but Brennan points out that booze doesn’t work like that and thinks he should call an eye doctor. Booth resists all of her claims that something could be wrong. After all, he’s had perfect vision his whole life, which is what allowed him to be an expert marksman. But Aubrey pushes him when Booth’s condition worsens and it leads to Booth in a pair of glasses (see below!)

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BONES Sneak Peeks: Diamonds, the French Nobility and Ghosts, Oh My!


BONES gets noble in this week’s episode. Or, more specifically, the case of the week involves the French nobility.

A body is discovered at a glass recycling plant in “The Jewel of the Crown”, but everyone is very surprised to find a diamond lodged in the skeleton’s jaw. Enter French Inspector Rousseau (guest star Sebastian Roche), who is convinced he knows who the culprit is: Marquis De Chaussin (guest star Gilles Marini). It turns out that the Marquis is the  husband of the victim and lives in Virginia. But did he kill his wife?

Elsewhere in the episode, Hodgins experiences some strange occurrences around the lab and starts to think that a ghost is following him around (despite his initial skepticism that ghosts even exist) and Booth suffers from a temporary eye illness.

Don’t miss an all new episode of BONES on Thursday, July 14 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox (U.S.) and Global TV (Canada).

BONES Sneak Peeks: An Investigation Through the Eyes of a Documentary Crew


You’re going to see a very different type of episode tonight, BONES fans. A documentary crew follows Brennan, Booth, and the Jeffersonian/FBI team on a case in order to make a TV segment on the Jeffersonian’s Medico-Legal lab. The case involves the murder of a corpse uncovered in a landfill that was dumped there more than 10 years ago.

Arastoo returns as a consultant as the squints get to work uncovering evidence. Cam is determined to keep her personal life from the cameras, so she and Arastoo are awkward around one another. We also see Brennan show up at Christine’s class for a career’s presentation and she’s very forthcoming about her work (even bringing along visual aids), which leads to some hilarious reactions from the kids. There’s also an ongoing argument between Booth and Brennan about what Christine will be when she grows up. And visually, you’ll get to see behind the scenes moments of the squints working that we don’t always see in normal episodes.

Don’t miss an all new episode of BONES tonight (June 2) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.