NCIS Showrunner Gary Glasberg Dies At 50: Our Thoughts


Millions of people lost a good friend yesterday. They may not have known his face, but they knew his heart.

Gary Glasberg, Executive Producer/Showrunner of NCIS and Executive Producer/Creator of NCIS: NEW ORLEANS passed away in his sleep on Wednesday.

It is no secret to readers that Glasberg has been my favorite television writer for many years. He had the ability to make me laugh and cry (occasionally at the same time) with a mere sentence.

Gary made the values of loyalty, trust and honor “acceptable” in a world full of uncertainty. His words gave us hope and faith in people when events made us doubt each other.

We responded to his craftsmanship by expanding the show’s loyal following. Joining NCIS in its seventh season, Glasberg helped guide the franchise flagship to become the most-watched television drama in the world.

“Today is an overwhelmingly sad day for NCIS, CBS and anyone who was blessed to spend time with Gary Glasberg,” CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller said in a statement. “We have lost a cherished friend, gifted creative voice, respected leader and, most memorably, someone whose warmth and kindness was felt by all around him. Our heartfelt thoughts and sympathies go out to his wife, Mimi, his two sons and all his family and friends.”

Glasberg was married to producer Mimi Schmir (GREY’S ANATOMY) for twenty years and they have two sons. Born in New York, Glasberg began his career writing comic books and for animation. Before joining NCIS, Glasberg brought his talents to many television shows, notably THE MENTALIST, CROSSING JORDAN and BONES.

“Gary was our rock, our cheerleader, our team captain. He inspired us with his leadership, his creative instincts and keen insight,” the NCIS cast and crew said in a statement released by CBS. “NCIS will not be the same without him, and each of us will miss his smiling face and unwavering humor, which lifted us every day.”

Glasberg was only 50-years-old, yet he managed to provide us with a lifetime of memories.

Fair Winds, Following Seas and Semper Fi, Gary. You have our admiration, our loyalty, our smiles and our tears.

BONES Comic-Con Panel: The Stars and Producers Tease the Final Season


BONES stars Emily Deschanel (Dr. Temperance Brennan), David Boreanaz (FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth), TJ Thyne (Dr. Jack Hodgins), Michaela Conlin (Angela Montenegro), Tamara Taylor (Dr. Camille Saroyan) and John Boyd (FBI Agent James Aubrey) — as well as executive producers Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson — took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con for the last time to tease season 12 (a.k.a. the final season).

Thursday’s season finale revealed that Zack seemed to be involved in the Puppeteer serial killer storyline. Was he the killer or is he involved in another way? The season 12 premiere will serve as a continuation of the last season finale. The good news is that Michael confirmed that everyone in attendance at the panel would not die. But the bad news is that he said two other characters we’ve seen in the past will die in the final season.

Other highlights from the panel include:

  • When asked about Brennan turning to psychology in the season finale, the producers said that was all about life and death. She won’t be softening her general attitude towards psychology going forward.
  • “You asked for it and we brought him back,” Michael said about Zack Addy. “We’re going to try to bring him back for three to four more episodes” because there is still a story to be told about him.
  • There’s more to come for Cam and Arastoo. “I thought the writers were going to cheat me out of a wedding, but it sounds like they are going to [go through with it],” Tamara teased.
  • TJ is feeling pretty confident about Hodgins and Angela’s future, despite the turmoil after Hodgins was paralyzed. “I think Jack and Angela will always make it,” TJ said.
  • Another undercover episode is coming! “It’s a world we’ve never been in [but it’s one] that I think only Booth and Bones can do justice to,” the producers said about a special season 12 episode.
  • How do they want the show to end? “Hopefully not in death,” Emily said. She wants a bit of happiness in the end for the characters and for Brennan to continue growing.
  • A lot is going to happen to the characters at a “faster pace” in the final season, the producers teased. There’s only 12 more episodes left, so expect the story to play out at an accelerated pace.
  • As a final tidbit for BONES fans, the producers that in episode 11 of season 12, you will find out what the long-appearing ’447′ means in the show.

BONES will return at mid-season (in early 2017) for the final season on Fox.

BONES Teasers: The Team Tries to Catch a Thief — and a Killer — in “The Jewel In the Crown”


Aubrey is in heaven on this week’s BONES when the victim leads them to a jewelry heist and international nobility. The victim of the week is found in a glass recycling plant and she just so happens to have a 2 carat diamond worth $30,000 lodged in her tooth. Here’s what you can expect from this week’s episode:

Diamond Conspiracies. The diamond found on the victim — which helpfully had a serial number on it —  is actually from a dagger. A dagger that is a replica of a very famous historical weapon and is very expensive on its own. And it was recently stolen, which thrills Aubrey to no end because he’s always wanted to play cat and mouse with a jewel thief.

The De Chaussin Family and the French Authorities. Just as Hodgins discovers that the victim is from France, in walks Inspecter Rousseau to the lab. He’s been pursuing a jewel thief for a while now and he’s convinced that a Marquis (descended from Louis XIV) is both the jewel thief and the killer — and he’s the victim’s husband as well. But the FBI doesn’t really want Rousseau’s help. Instead, Aubrey jumps right into the investigation and learns that bad investments have really affected the Marquis’ family money, but it hasn’t stopped his spending habits. Did he kill his wife and steal jewels?

Related: Watch sneak peeks from “The Jewel in the Crown”

A Ghostly Visitor? Hodgins is confused by what’s happening around him at first when things start falling and moving around him. He thinks there was a tremor, but no one else in the lab feels signs of an earthquake. Later, a trash can falls over on its own and Daisy suggests that he’s being haunted. But Hodgins, for all of his belief in alien conspiracies, isn’t open to the possibility that ghosts are real. As we later learn, something much bigger is going on here.

Vision Problems. Booth thinks that his vision is blurry in the morning because he had a few too many beers the night before, but Brennan points out that booze doesn’t work like that and thinks he should call an eye doctor. Booth resists all of her claims that something could be wrong. After all, he’s had perfect vision his whole life, which is what allowed him to be an expert marksman. But Aubrey pushes him when Booth’s condition worsens and it leads to Booth in a pair of glasses (see below!)

Don’t miss an all new episode of BONES tonight (July 14) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox (U.S.) and Global TV (Canada).


BONES Sneak Peeks: Diamonds, the French Nobility and Ghosts, Oh My!


BONES gets noble in this week’s episode. Or, more specifically, the case of the week involves the French nobility.

A body is discovered at a glass recycling plant in “The Jewel of the Crown”, but everyone is very surprised to find a diamond lodged in the skeleton’s jaw. Enter French Inspector Rousseau (guest star Sebastian Roche), who is convinced he knows who the culprit is: Marquis De Chaussin (guest star Gilles Marini). It turns out that the Marquis is the  husband of the victim and lives in Virginia. But did he kill his wife?

Elsewhere in the episode, Hodgins experiences some strange occurrences around the lab and starts to think that a ghost is following him around (despite his initial skepticism that ghosts even exist) and Booth suffers from a temporary eye illness.

Don’t miss an all new episode of BONES on Thursday, July 14 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox (U.S.) and Global TV (Canada).

BONES Sneak Peeks: An Investigation Through the Eyes of a Documentary Crew


You’re going to see a very different type of episode tonight, BONES fans. A documentary crew follows Brennan, Booth, and the Jeffersonian/FBI team on a case in order to make a TV segment on the Jeffersonian’s Medico-Legal lab. The case involves the murder of a corpse uncovered in a landfill that was dumped there more than 10 years ago.

Arastoo returns as a consultant as the squints get to work uncovering evidence. Cam is determined to keep her personal life from the cameras, so she and Arastoo are awkward around one another. We also see Brennan show up at Christine’s class for a career’s presentation and she’s very forthcoming about her work (even bringing along visual aids), which leads to some hilarious reactions from the kids. There’s also an ongoing argument between Booth and Brennan about what Christine will be when she grows up. And visually, you’ll get to see behind the scenes moments of the squints working that we don’t always see in normal episodes.

Don’t miss an all new episode of BONES tonight (June 2) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments from “The Strike in the Chord”


Hey, Bones fans! Okay, some of the Bones cold opens have been really gross, but a bunch of rats feasting on a corpse was not the best after-dinner vision. Here are your Bones Top Five Moments!

Parker Exists!
Well, sort of. It’s the middle of the night for B&B, and they Skype with Parker in London, It seems Booth has planned an adventure for the two of them hiking the Appalachian trail. As they start to talk about it, Parker says his ride is there early to take him to school. So much for family bonding time. Parker also manages to look super uncomfortable even with only ten seconds of conversation.
The cause for all of the awkwardness is discovered in Parker’s Skype call to Brennan. Goodness but she’s suddenly the go-to sensitive and understanding one. Anyway, he got into this awesome creative writing program at Oxford, and he doesn’t know how to tell Dad he’d rather do that. He enlists Brennan for help. It’s kind of cute how he consistently calls her Bones.
She does tell Booth who seems to not understand why Parker would throw away a summer of fun to do work. But Booth does come around when he sees a sample of Parker’s writing and declares it better than Brennan’s, who of course disagrees. He also says life is to be enjoyed. When Brennan asks if he’s worried Parker will turn out like her, he says if that happens, he’ll be the proudest dad ever. Awww…

New Squintern Sammy Mills?
Things do not go well from the start. She seems star-struck and only parrots back what Brennan says by rephrasing it in simpler terms. I must say Brennan is hugely patient and does try to draw her out in ways that don’t insult her but basically tells Mills to get a mind of her own.

The situation is further complicated when Mills jumps to a conclusion. Rut roh. Hodgins tries to warn her, but Mills announces proudly “I found cause of death!” as she waves around the bone. Brennan is going to lose it on her soon. And sure enough when all she does is kiss butt, Brennan again has to remind her to have an original thought.

When she does get one, she calls Cam to tell her. Sammy hasn’t even seen the worst of Brennan. And maybe she never will. Brennan points out a number of mistakes she made, said it delayed the progress of the investigation, and she’s fired.

Surprisingly, Brennan’s not horribly cruel about it and when Mills cries, puts an arm around her and says There, there” even if it is stilted and awkward. Hodgins and Angela try to go to bat for Sammy, since she cleaned up around the lab during her work-study program and they considered her a friend, but it’s no use. I’m with Brennan on this one. I don’t even know how they would put Sammy in a lab with Brennan, since I probably could have done a better job, and she’s not known to suffer fools gladly. Bye, Sammy!

Corpse of the Week
He’s Scott Hill, a sophomore.

Cam is pretty excited to be at the Lynwood University bio lab, and since it doesn’t have to do with food or video games, Aubrey has his serious face on to remind Cam they’re on the job. And, ew! I guess the rats ate themselves to bursting while feasting on Scott. Is there an eating disorder program for the poor critters?

But the answer might lie in that they were being starved for Pavlovian conditioning, so the killer thought it would be a good body dump location. This is getting grosser by the minute. And after Cam makes a crack about how the sound of a bell can make rats do pretty much anything due to their tiny little brains, all of the teams’ phones go off, and they hurriedly grab them to take a look. WAH WAH. At least they seem to understand the irony.

When Booth and Aubrey visit Scott’s roomie, McKay, and he’s told Scott’s dead, his “That’s awful” doesn’t even have the emotion you’d summon for describing a bad meal. But he has finals, you know, so he has more important things on his mind. Apparently they didn’t get in each other’s way, since Scott spent all of his time with The Whippersnaps, which Aubrey identifies as an a cappella group.

When Aubrey shows off his research skills regarding The Whippersnaps, for some reason Booth turns into a luddite who announces the Internet is for social idiots, while the art of bowling is for people on a higher plane…because Aubrey looked up facts about the case they’re working on. So…what’s your point, Booth?

Anyway, A&B enter the Whipperspace where the group is practicing a lovely rendition of “After Midnight.” But when they’re done the leader, Jake, goes on a power trip, while others point out he needs to get his diva hand under control. Ummm…simmer down, guys.

Booth breaks up the slamfest with his shiny shield. Seems Jakey took Scott’s place, and once Scott’s name is mentioned, the two guys Jake was screaming at, Ted and Julian, both immediately accuse Jake of murder.

So, poor Scott can’t get any love, as the guys in his group promptly forgot about him five minutes after he was gone, what with the National Collegiate A Cappella Competition coming up, they don’t have time for this murder stuff. Why is nobody at least concerned for their own safety amid all of this self-centeredness?
By the way, Aubrey is fanboying all over the place, so we can add a cappella singing to his list of stuff he loses his mind over, and maybe he can stop looking down on Cam.

Jake also didn’t have time to report Scott missing and just stepped in to take his place. Plus, Scott dying is a real inconvenience, since they lost a tenor right before nationals.

Was Scott a horrible person, or was it everyone he surrounded himself with?

Jake turns A&B onto Ian Johnson, Scott’s ex-best friend and member of the Whippersnaps until Scott kicked him out. Ian was a legacy, I guess, since his dad was not only a part of the Whippersnaps but a former director. He’s now a lawyer and insists on being present for the interrogation of Ian.

Ian says Scott kicked him out of the group, because he wasn’t cutting it, but after hearing Ian’s voice, I can say Scott was either tone deaf or had some nefarious shenanigans going on. Aubrey agrees. Ian goes on to say that Scott was keeping secrets.

If you might have guessed, Aubrey knows more about this singing stuff than just looking it up on the internet. He whisper-confesses to Angela he used to sing a cappella in college in a way others might admit to something much more embarrassing they did during their college years. But, you know, he has a manly rep to protect. Anyway, as a result of his musical knowledge, he’s able to identify the arrangements Scott was doing were original and amazing and not at all having to do with the Whippersnaps’ current arrangements. He convinces Angela that whatever Scott was going through, will show up in his music.

Sure enough, they find a For Liz playlist and capture footage of Scott and Liz going into a closet together. A&B go to visit Liz, and aaaand…suddenly I’m in the movie Pitch Perfect with a female group, The Ginger Snaps, singing a cappella, only with gyrations. Also, that closet action wasn’t as sexy as it sounds. Aubrey realizes those arrangements were for Liz. Scott wanted her to join their group, which is why he kicked out Ian. Seems she could hit a note Ian couldn’t. Scott wanted more press at nationals and figured the novelty of the first girl to join the Whippersnaps would get them attention.

So, this meant they were both screwing over their respective groups. Not only that, but a month previously, Scott and five other members of the Whippersnaps came down with an unidentifiable strep-like infection that was created in the lab at the university.

A member of the Gingersnaps, Esther, is a research fellow at the lab. She apparently added a secret disease ingredient to her lip gloss and set about kissing multiple members of the Whippersnaps but knew nothing of Liz’s defection. She just wanted the awesome gigs they were getting. She goes on to say that even if Scott wanted to have Liz join the group, the bylaws prohibit it. When Aubrey points out that as director Scott would have been able to change them, he’s corrected. Ian’s father, the head of the Whippersnap Alumni Foundation, is the only one who could do that.

Anyway, Esther used her best “negotiation tactics” on Mr. Johnson, because she wanted to become a Whippersnap, and by that I’m sure she means she used everything in her seduction arsenal. But Mr. Johnson wasn’t having it.

Mr. J does admit to manhandling Scott, because he threatened to change the name of the group to the WHIPPERSNAPPERS if Mr. J didn’t make Liz part of their group. Oh, the horror! But that’s as far as it went. Sooo…Mr. J directs them back to Julian and Ted. You remember them, right? Anyway, they were more qualified to become director, but Scott blackmailed them about buying term papers.

The arrest of Julian and Ted brings on Julian’s lament that he cried at the end of Legally Blonde 2, so no way could he be a murderer. The interrogation includes blubbering and babbling, and how awesome Scott was as a director, so it worked out for the best. Hey, Scott even shared his anti-anxiety meds with Julian! Anyway, the ladder in the Whipperspace practice room doesn’t match the marks on Scott, so they get to sing another day.

Solving the Case
Hodgins finds traces of meteorite in Scott’s skull. As it turns out, Scott’s “distraught” roomie, McKay, is an astrophysics major with a focus on geology. It’s always the quiet ones, right? So, McKay was the one on the anti-anxiety meds. He had a presentation to give for the astronomy fellowship and needed his meds, but since Scott had stolen them, he had a full-on panic attack and lost the fellowship. He threw the meteorite at Scott’s head, Scott stumbled, grabbed bookcase, and it fell on him and killed him. But instead of calling the police, McKay made the guy rat food.

Cranky Hodgins is Back
Oh boy. Seems Hodgins secretly contacted a surgeon, Emil Hoffman, who is doing experimental surgery for nerve regeneration. If you were expecting Angela to jump for joy over this news, you’d be wrong. And it’s unfortunate we get a glimpse of the belligerent, jerky Hodgins we’ve been seeing for the past few weeks. He’s upset Angela isn’t happy for him and announces it’s his decision alone to make.

Angela finds out that one of Dr. Hoffman’s patients died in surgery. During this whole time, Hodgins has been bottle feeding and taking amazing care of the surviving rats, even giving them a luxurious condo. Angela points out that he cares more for the rats than himself, and the other ones all died because they were poked and prodded, so does he want to do the same to himself? Hodgins does come to his senses and agrees with her, so it took him a shorter time to go back to his old self. WHEW.

In the end, Booth gathers everyone to his house. He has a video tape? of Aubrey at the 2001 National Collegiate A Cappella Championship, courtesy of Mr. Johnson. I guess since Booth is old school he might own a VCR (look it up, kids). Any self-respecting luddite would. Aubrey has hair up to the ceiling and a really nice bowtie. They all rib him good-naturedly.

And so closes another Bones chapter. See you next episode!

BONES Sneak Peeks: Booth Takes on a Secret Service Case


A Secret Service agent is murdered in this week’s BONES and it’s up to Booth, Aubrey and the Jeffersonian team to figure out who did it. When a drunk college student discovers the dead body of an agent just before a presidential visit to the area, Booth is ready to hit the ground running. When he turns to Secret Service agent and former colleague Brandt Walker, he’s shocked to learn that the government is hesitant about having a descendent of John Wilkes Booth on the case. As a result, Aubrey starts the investigation, but Booth is soon brought in. But why was the victim killed? Is this all related to the President or was there a personal reason?

Meanwhile, Brennan is in the midst of a severe flu and can’t work. She’s not used to being on the sidelines, however, and is particularly perturbed when Dr. Colin Fisher shows up as a consultant with the Secret Service. He’s thrilled to throw around his new credentials, while Brennan is desperately trying to prove that his theories are wrong and that she’s well enough to help out on the case. Finally, Hodgins takes a big risk to help out in the case by volunteering to seek out some evidence in a dangerous place.

Don’t miss an all new episode of BONES tonight (May 26) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments from “The Last Shot at a Second Chance”


Hey, Bones fans! When last we left our gang, they found out there was a serial killer on the loose, but they don’t seem all that worried about it and are instead focused on the fallout from Brennan punching out the meninist who told Booth to put a muzzle on her. Let’s get on with the Bones Top Five Moments!?

What? Me worry?
Brennan is about to be deposed but seems unaffected, so it’s great that Booth is carrying around enough worry and anxiety for the both off them. He stresses the bureau’s love of accountability and remorse, but Brennan is quite pleased with herself over the altercation and cannot be swayed, until…well, there’s a “thing” the hero of her latest novel does on page 214, and Booth promises to do it if she complies. It sounds athletic.

But Squintern Jessica’s “What could they possibly do to her?” seems like a jinx. Let’s go into the hearing and find out…

And it seems even though Booth participated in page 214, Brennan states she’s dang proud of her actions. And indeed the smug look on her face confirms it, until she’s told that if Booth’s testimony goes as well as hers did, she won’t be allowed to work with the bureau anymore. Rut roh.

In the end, with Booth by her side, Brennan does take accountability for her actions. However, Honest Booth, when asked to confirm if Brennan will never hit someone again, is hesitant to make that declaration but insists she deserves a second chance. It’s then decided that Brennan will go on six months’ probation, overseen by Booth. Essentially, she screws up, he gets punished. Brennan is not on board with this, but Booth just wants to agree and not make any waves. They squabble over this until the fade to black…

Awkward moments
Aubrey and Jessica are a thing? Well, almost a thing. If they can have their first kiss without one of them ending up with a bloody nose. And being interrupted by murder and a car going through a ten-feet-deep puddle. Moment spoiled.

In the end they decide not to rush the kiss, but when Jessica almost gets hit by a car, Aubrey pulls her out of the way, and they wind up lying on the pavement together, kissing like it’s their job. Congrats, guys.

Sebastian meets with Angela at the Jeffersonian about her latest work, only she totally forgets that he and Cam broke up five minutes ago and doesn’t warn Cam not to walk into her office. Not awkward at all.

Hodgins Has a Breakthrough
Hodgins is pushing Angela away and shrugging off every touch. She’s an abused wife at this point. It doesn’t seem like her to continue to take it.

As Angela says, “You do you, and I’ll do me” is no way to have a marriage. Angela, just go to Sebastian’s studio. At this point, you should be living there.

And to make matters worse, Angela is having sex dreams about Sebastian, because of course when your husband is verbally abusing you on a daily basis, and you have a charming, hot, sweet man who appreciates you and your work, this is inevitable. The bad news is, Angela fell asleep at her desk while having the dream, and Hodgins heard her say his name.

Even Brennan tries to talk sense into him, but they get into a circular surviving/living argument. Suffice it to say that Hodgins has given up all hope.

There’s an excellent Angela/Brennan bonding moment where Angela spills it all, and Brennan points out he can operate normally. So they could have a sex life, if Hodgins stops verbally abusing Angela for five minutes. The hug at the end was perfect. I love these two as friends.

In the end, Hodgins tries to give Angela all of his earthly possessions as he sails of into the sunset, alone. Angela doesn’t want any of that. She wants him and needs him to fight. At first he seems unmoved, but he does come home to Angela crying in bed and holds her hand. It’s a beautiful moment to see these two connect again. I’m just glad that’s over with, and next week it looks like we’re back to the real Hodgins. I’ve missed him.

Corpse of the Week
Lola Marshall, thirty two, recent resident of the local penitentiary for dealing crack. She was considered a fugitive, because two weeks ago she failed to show up at her halfway house where she was staying after being paroled. I guess we know why.

The owner/operator of the halfway house is Thomas Hemingway, and I’m immediately suspicious of him. It could just be that I recognize the actor. Anyway, he says Lola was doing well with group therapy and learning how to cope in mock interviews, because she got hired by a donut shop right away.

Her roommate at the halfway house, Jasmine, says Lola got beaten up really bad while in prison. She was laid up for months and bored, so she wound up getting her GED and turned her life around.

Anyway, a guy named Kenny was mad at Lola. He was her old supplier, and she turned state’s evidence against him. Coincidentally, Booth met Kenny while he was in prison. As he and Aubrey go to meet up with Kenny, Aubrey reads off Kenny’s file, which isn’t too promising, but since Kenny had Booth’s back during his time in the joint, he won’t hear of it.

They go to the cleanest mechanic shop I’ve ever seen, where Kenny is happy to see Booth, but not so much Aubrey, who appears to be in full jerk mode. Booth shuts down the questioning rather quickly, and Aubrey wonders if Booth’s gut and loyalty to the guy who got knifed for him is getting in the way of treating Kenny as a suspect.

Lola had a daughter, Kalani, when she was really, really young, and that daughter is now almost eighteen and having a baby of her own. She’s aging out of the system and would have a baby to support, so she went to look up mom for the first time. Lola was happy to see her. Said she wanted to support them and break the cycle. If you guessed Kenny was the daddy, you’d be right, but Lola didn’t tell him about the daughter until recently. And even though Lola wanted a big, happy family, Kenny didn’t think he was fit to be a dad, so he refused to meet Kalani.

It seems Wiley Monkey is behind what’s going on. And no, Aubrey, it has nothing to do with the Roadrunner and anvils. It’s a drug that contains cocaine, heroin, and…household cleaning products? They find a batch of it in Lola’s room in a lamp that may have been the murder weapon, and they bring in Jasmine for questioning. She’s terrified, because either they’ll put her in prison for the drugs, or “he’ll” kill her, but she won’t say who “he” is.

I have a pretty good idea…

Solving the Case
And it looks like I’m right. Hemmingway beat the crap out of Lola, stuffed her in his trunk thinking she was dead, but she wasn’t and tried to claw her way out. Then he shot her. Wow.

Jasmine was selling drugs for him, and Lola found out and threatened to turn him in. Hemmingway puts on a brave face for three seconds, until B&B tell him they have physical evidence from his car. Then, without an attorney present, he admits to the killing and justifies his actions about getting something for himself for a change. He follows this up by saying they can’t send him to prison, because he’ll be killed. Uh, maybe you should have thought about that before you confessed and then justified it.

But the good news is that Kenny is ready to step up to the Daddy plate. Booth gets them together. They hug, and now Kenny has another reason to stay on the good path.

So, that’s it! Are you glad Hodgins is himself again? What about Booth being responsible for Brennan? Do you think she won’t deck anyone for six months?
See you next week!

BONES Sneak Peeks: Will Brennan Be Disciplined by the FBI?


It turns out that the FBI has rules about consultants hitting suspects according to this week’s BONES. After striking a suspect in the Meninist episode, Brennan is being called in front of a disciplinary board. Booth has some suggestions on how she should show contrition, but Brennan doesn’t believe she has anything to be sorry for. At her hearing, Brennan insists that the suspect deserved it, but apparently that wasn’t what the panel wanted to hear and they threaten to revoke her consultant status with the FBI if Booth’s testimony goes anything like hers did. It really isn’t until then that Brennan seems to realize the severity of the situation.

Meanwhile, the Jeffersonian squints are called in to investigate the murder of a convicted felon who was released to a halfway house and then disappeared. But it turns out that a suspect in the cast has ties to Booth.

Elsewhere, Jessica returns and her first kiss with Aubrey keeps getting delayed. And it turns out they’re not the only people with relationship trouble because Hodgins continues to push Angela away. Will that cause her to turn to another man?

A new episode of BONES airs tonight (May 5) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments from “The Monster In The Closet”


Hey, Bones fans! When last we left our lovely gang, Hodgins was alienating everyone around him. Let’s see what we have in store this week. Here are your Bones Top Five Moments!

Christine and the Monster in the Closet
So, Christine has reached that age when there’s a monster in the closet. While Booth tries to comfort his daughter about how he already scared away the monster, Brennan, ever helpful, reminds them that monsters aren’t real, and therefore whatever Booth did was ineffectual. Even Aubrey weighs in. He says the key is for Christine to go up to her closet and tell the monster to go bye-bye, or her dad is “going to put a cap in his ass.”

In the end, Booth does kind of take Aubrey’s advice, though probably not the cap in the ass part, and she figures out there are no monsters…or are there?

Hodgins is Worse
Well, okay then. Hodgins is still being rude to everyone. Brennan, who can be quite rude to the living herself, demands he have respect for the dead. Angela points out that respect is no longer a part of Hodgins’ vocabulary. But apparently work Hodgins is Happy Hodgins. Again, show, I don’t understand why you’re doing this.

Corpse of the Week
Allison Monroe, 42. Disappeared a week before their tenth anniversary. Yeesh.

Ew, gross. Yuck. Taxidermy was performed on her, and the killer stuck a wire through her skeleton in order to pose her. This is a killer with dedication and work ethic. And he lived with the body for at least six months. But then like all dead bodies do, she mouthed off in some way that made him angry, and he killed her again. Is it Hodgins? Because he’s so angry at everyone right now.

Anyway, she was wearing old-fashioned clothes, and in her purse was an old-fashioned cassette tape with old-fashioned music on it. There’s also a small Bible, with marked passages that have to do with punishment for the wicked. The whole thing is really creepy.

All of this means another visit from Karen the profiler. I think last time she didn’t really profile so well, so I’m hoping there’s an improvement.

Hubby is not at all the grieving widow. He said Allison never went missing, so two hours after she was gone, he knew. Whatever, dude. Sometimes knowing something in theory isn’t the same as receiving confirmation. You’re like the poster boy for stoicism. Anyway, Allison was a social worker who took on the most difficult cases.

Hubby suggests they talk to Neal, her supervisor, since Allison got all kinds of threats from people whose kids are taken away from them, as well as prospective foster parents Allison deemed unfit.

Arastoo is back, and awkwardness ensues. This one is Brennan’s fault. But he’s there, and Cam looks really happy about it. Not.

However, when she gets alone with Angela, who admits she’s plotting to kill her husband, Cam says it’s “really, really great” that he’s there. Ugh. And he turned down the job in Berlin, so this does not look good for Sebastian. Color me unhappy.

But he is useful, in that he realized this isn’t the first time he’s seen someone killed this way. And hilariously, the reason Brennan didn’t know about the other body, is because the bones were cataloged at a time when she and Booth quit their jobs. I won’t go into how the second Brennan returned she would have gone over each cataloging to make sure everything was done correctly. Let’s just go with it.

There’s a serial killer on the loose
So, the other victim is an unidentified dude. Scavengers ate his face, so even Angela’s magical toys couldn’t do a facial reconstruction. Arastoo also did all of the tests he could to figure out who the guy was, but to no avail. Brennan, in her efforts to always not respect the living, tells Arastoo he did all he could and therefore should not feel guilty the killer is still on the loose.

His conscience is clear, but it appears Brennan is feeling all of it for herself, since she wasn’t there.

Karen the profiler has profiled the killer, and no surprise, he’s super-intelligent, because they all are on these shows. He also may have schizophrenia and is “totally cray-cray.” Yeah, if you were the FBI, wouldn’t you have total confidence in this woman? It turns out she’s only using that term because she’s been reading over Sweets’ old notes, and it said Booth would get annoyed by overly complex and officious-sounding language. Look, smarty-pants, there’s a vast chasm between complex language and condescending language that makes it sound like you’re talking to a three year old. “He’s crazy” would have been more than efficient and not made you sound like, as Aubrey says, a thirteen year old.

And if she’s the profiler, why doesn’t she try and read Booth as opposed to looking at Sweets’ notes? Karen, you’re going to need to step up your game.

Allison served as a mother figure. The killer wanted to be punished, which is why he marked up the Bible that way. Allison, in life, fit the bill for what he needed. A strong, but kind, maternal figure. But then his urge grew stronger, so he double-killed her, in order to be free to go out and murder again.

As for the unidentified dude, they’re going to look through missing persons for a guy who was a pillar of the community. Got that? Me, neither.

Aubrey goes to see Allison’s boss, Neal, who gives up all of her files immediately. Then based on Karen’s recommendation that the killer gave Allison tons of positive attention, Aubrey concentrates on Neal and asks about their relationship. I guess we’re forgetting another guy was murdered the same way. Turns out Neal had strong stalker tendencies, but he’s no killer.

Booth and Brennan head to the home of George Gibbons. Since the picture in the file is Jim Beaver of Supernatural fame (RIP Bobby!), I’m going with him being Mr. Cray-Cray.

He was turned down for being a foster parent due to that pesky kidnapping charge, but though he knew he’d be rejected, he kept going back again for another try, because Allison’s siren song was too beautiful to ignore.

They pull up to a house Criminal Minds would be proud of. Remote location. Broken windows. The smell of possible fetid remains means Booth has probable cause to enter without permission. Cats are everywhere, and it looks like the horror movie version of Hoarders. Brennan finds a necklace belonging to Allison, so I think they’ve wrapped this one up.

There’s a noise that Booth goes upstairs to inspect, and if you didn’t expect a cat scare in a house full of cats, you’d be wrong. But then! A knife to the throat. “Don’t move,” George says. And I think he means it.

Booth takes out his gun and is about to shoot George in the gut, when Brennan comes upstairs. There’s a click, and she tells George it’s a Colt 45 aimed at his head. Only not so much. It’s just a gun noise phone app. WAH WAH.

In and amongst the cockroaches and dirt, Cam finds a high-end watch, which probably belonged to unidentified dude. Angela also finds a video camera.

Only George is not Mr. Cray-Cray, despite his confession. Karen, the worst profiler ever, notices in George’s rambling diary entries that he keeps mentioning blood. She’s confused and wants to know why he had the knife to Booth’s throat and didn’t do the deed. Then she looks at more of his ramblings and deems he has vasovagal syncope. Translation? He faints at the sight of blood. To prove it, Karen SLICES INTO HER PALM. Like, not just a little, tiny cut. But oozing, dripping blood. Seriously. This is a profiler. George promptly faints. So would I, and I don’t have VS. Booth is impressed?

The watch has the initials G.H.S., which stands for Gainesborough High School, where the victim worked as a principal. His name is Douglas Burkhart. His wife is also really calm. She thought he ran off with a student, which, really? Wouldn’t there be some evidence of that? A likely student he ran off with? Fine. He didn’t know George or Allison. But she tells Booth she wants to help.

Angela realizes that the video camera was still transmitting while they were all at the house, so as Angela points out, this “sick individual” knows who they are, and I’m already getting hives, because I smell another Pel*** on the horizon.

Aubrey and Karen put their heads together and figure George is the perfect patsy, and they should ask him who the killer is. Except the killer is holding Charlie hostage. Charlie is, of course, his favorite cat. It seems the real Mr. Cray-Cray has done this before. Like when George brought him the mother figure he asked for, only it wasn’t supposed to trace back to George. And, well, George didn’t follow instructions.

George is afraid to talk, because Cray-Cray, no surprise, is smarter than everybody and will know he talked. Looks like we have another genius, omniscient killer on our hands. More bad news, just as the best lil profiler figures out a way to get the info from him, Aubrey lets her know George hung himself.

Not Solving the Case
Brennan is obsessed. She tells Booth she has to get into the killer’s mind, because they’re very much alike. Booth freaks, but she points out that the dude lived with Allison for six months and didn’t see her as a skeleton. He saw her as a person he could interact with, just as she does. Also no surprise is Brennan’s guilt over Allison’s death and her insistence that, given their track record, she and Booth would have solved Douglas’ murder.

In a scene that’s both horrifying and beautiful, Booth realizes the holes drilled into the skeleton were so he could put screws in there and use string to haul her up and make her into a macabre marionette. He reenacts it, including the bone crunching sounds as they tighten the screws. In a show about dead bodies, this one is particularly weird and unsettling.

In the end, it’s bad news and more bad news. Cam is scared to go home, what with the killer having seen her, and she asks Arastoo to drive her home, right before she admits to breaking up with Sebastian.

And the killer? Once again is nameless and faceless. And Cam has nothing to worry about. He’s focused in on Brennan. Mommy? Is that you?

It’s all coming to a head. See you next episode!