Mark Your Calendars: FOX Announces Additional Spring and Summer Premiere Dates

Press Release: FOX is announcing additional spring and summer premiere dates for 2014. FOX spices up summer with new seasons of Gordon Ramsay’s KITCHEN NIGHTMARES, MASTERCHEF and HOTEL HELL; the debuts of event series 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY and new drama GANG RELATED; the premieres of dating show I WANNA MARRY “HARRY” and new unscripted series RIOT; and the Season 11 premiere of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

THE MINDY PROJECT returns for its Spring Premiere with two nights of all-new one-hour events airing at special times Tuesday, April 1 (9:00-9:30/9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Tuesday, April 8 (9:00-9:30/9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT). The comedy then moves into its regular time period Tuesday, April 15 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT), following an all-new episode of NEW GIRL (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT). [Read more…]

Lessons from LOST: Why TV Show Finales Matter

[Editor’s Note: Due to the controversial nature of the following, the TV Addict (Daniel Malen) would like to clarify that the opinion expressed in the post below are solely that of West Coast Correspondent Tiffany Vogt (@tvwatchtower)! #TeamLindelof]

The Following post contains spoilers pertaining to the end of BREAKING BAD so if you haven’t watched Sunday’s spectacular series finale, stop reading in 3… 2… 1… This has been a momentous week in television as the AMC series BREAKING BAD ended its five-season run with a record 10.3 million viewers watching live. It was illegally downloaded another 500,000 times and who knows how high the ratings will rise once the DVR numbers are factored in. It was not only the number of viewers that was impressive, but the critical acclaim that accompanied it as fans and critics seemed aligned in heaving a collective sigh of relief that the show ended well. Everyone had been holding their breath, worried that the show would flop in its finale; that it would try to top itself and reveal that the entire five seasons had been Walt having a bad dream during a cancer-fueled fugue. Instead the show honored its anti-hero and gave him a good death — one that he rightly deserved. [Read more…]

Dispatches From The Couch: HOSTAGES, SURVIVOR, BREAKING BAD & More!

Want to know why PROJECT RUNWAY continues to be among the best reality shows on television? Not only is it focused on an actual skill, but unlike just about any other reality offering, it curtails drama rather than encouraging it. After Ken’s latest inappropriate outburst of anger this week, producers immediately stepped in and dealt with the situation. Whereas RUNWAY opted to create a situation in which Ken would be separated from the contestants with whom he’d been having issues, BIG BROTHER would have arranged for them to be permanent roomies to encourage further dust-ups. [Read more…]

First Look: BREAKING BAD Season 5 Poster

If for no other reasons than we’d hate to be the only television-related website in existence to not whet your appetite for the July 10th return of BREAKING BAD, enjoy this first look at AMC’s official key art for the show’s fifth and final season. All hail the king indeed.

Brilliant Television Writing Does Not Guarantee Television Viewers

In response to my  recent article “Superheroes Are Dropping Like Flies! An Investigation Why Television Seems to be the Genre’s Kryptonite,” one commenter offered his opinion that superhero shows are failing because the shows are not well-written.  But unlike in the movie Field of Dreams, the theory of “If you build it, they will come,” does not hold true on television.  In fact, if anything, time and time again, great writing is an anathema to the average television viewer.  It does not lure in more viewers and it does not guarantee a higher retention rate.  Great writing is but one ingredient needed to draw and retain viewers.
Examples of ratings-challenged television shows offering superior writing include a large number of “brilliant but cancelled” shows from the past decade.  Among those are:  TERRIERS, BATTLESTAR GALATICA, DEADWOOD, FIREFLY, VERONICA MARS, EVERWOOD, WONDERFALLS, ELI STONE, KINGS and even fan-favorites TERMINATOR: SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and DOLLHOUSE.  (If looking at the current television landscape, it also includes such current shows as the Emmy-winning MAD MEN and BREAKING BAD and newcomer FX’s JUSTIFIED.  It appears that no matter how many awards or how much critical-acclaim, even those will not draw in viewers.)
What is fascinating about all these shows is that whether they were immediately heralded as “brilliantly written,” now that they are gone those are the tags we put on them.  Why?  Because they were.  For whatever reason, the average viewer just did not see or perhaps appreciate the superior writing of these shows when they were on.  It is certainly true that a small devoted and vocal bunch of viewers immediately saw and appreciated what they had — but in television, small is never better.  Television shows only survive if they can pull in a large number of viewers.  More viewers equals more ad revenue and thus a longer chance at longevity.
There is a reason all of these shows are now called “brilliant but cancelled” — they simply are.
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By: Aleks Chan

BREAKING BAD is one of the most difficult shows to try to get people to watch. It sounds downright depressing: after high school chemistry teacher Walter White (two-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston) is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, he turns to cooking meth to leave his family (his pregnant wife and son with cerebral palsy) a nest egg after his death.

Drafting the help of former student Jesse (Aaron Paul), his desperate attempt to provide for his family puts him in the company of competing gangs, murderous druglords and just under the radar of his DEA agent brother-in-law (Dean Norris).  

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