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Ask the Addict: Spoilers for PRIVATE PRACTICE, THE MIDDLE, 30 ROCK & More!

Is there any hope for Addison and Sam on PRIVATE PRACTICE? — Lesley
The TV Addict: Oh, there’s always hope,! Unfortunately Addison and Sam’s not-so-direct-flight to “happily-ever-after-ville” will be hitting some serious turbulence this May 15th at 10PM thanks to the arrival of a mysterious admirer [Benjamin Bratt] who offers Addison an offer she can’t, but probably should, refuse.

Any word on how DESEPERATE HOUSEWIVES plans to end the season? — Jenn
The TV Addict: In typical Wisteria Lane fashion, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES will be kicking off May Sweeps with a bang. Or to be more specific, an arrest of one on your favorite Wisteria wives. What’s more, Sunday’s episode which we recently had the opportunity to screen will also include the arrival of a prowler on the lane and some serious marital strife for one of the show’s most stable couples.

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6 Shows We Feel Somewhat Guilty For Bailing On

Despite the fact that on the surface, Showtime’s THE BORGIAS — complete with copious amounts of sex and gratuitous levels of violence — is equal to timeslot rival GAME OF THRONES in almost every respect. There is one unmistakeable thing that separates HBO’s big budget fantasy from Jeremy Irons Showtime starrer: Have you seen those adorable Dire Wolf Cubs?

As much as we hate to be that guy — you know, the Hollywood cliché who swaps his steady squeeze for a hot young newcomer — we recently decided that it was time to trade ol’ reliable Sunday stalwarts DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and BROTHERS & SISTERS for the flashier newbies GAME OF THRONES and THE KILLING. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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Ask the Addict: Spoilers for THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, BONES, NIKITA, HOUSE & More!

Any scoop on Thirteen’s return to HOUSE? — Allison
The TV Addict: Scoop Plenty… specifics, not so much. Particularly because we wouldn’t exactly want to get on Fox’s bad side by inadvertently revealing the Krazy shocking and unexpected set of circumstances surrounding Thirteen’s incarceration. Except to say the following: Not only did Olivia Wilde inexplicably manage to get even hotter over her hiatus, HOUSE fans will be thrilled to discover that Monday’s 150th episode is among the season’s best as Wilde’s Thirteen gets the not-so-good-doctor to say three words we never thought we’d hear him utter “*** **** You!” Less thrilling, the episode is completely Cuddy and Wilson free.

Just how big of a game-changer is tonight’s NIKITA? — Ben
The TV Addict: Pretty big. Although if we’re being honest here, Michael and Nikita fans should probably brace themselves for the fact that tonight’s “Mikita” heavy instalment isn’t so much of a game-changer for our titular character as it is for Michael. So much so that after tonight, it’s pretty safe to say that he will never look at his current and former co-workers the same way again. Well, that and, now he really has a reason to keep that perma-scowl plastered across his face!

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: “Very Special Episodes” Every Show Does Eventually


Faux Documentary Episode
We’re not talking about how folks on THE OFFICE or MODERN FAMILY are being tracked by a camera crew for some not-entirely-clear reason. Instead, we’re talking about episodes like the one GREY’S ANATOMY aired earlier this season in which a single episode is filmed documentary style.

My Big, Gay Wedding Episode
When it comes to same-sex couples tying the knot, ABC has practically cornered the market. There was Scotty and Kevin’s marriage on BROTHERS & SISTERS, and ONE LIFE TO LIVE married Kyle and Oliver before sending them to permanently reside on the backburner in favor of, as a network rep said, “stories that have a more favorable reaction from our audience.” Coming in just under the gun? GREY’S ANATOMY, where Arizona and Callie are planning their own nuptials!
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Ask the Addict: Spoilers for SMALLVILLE, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, BONES, NIKITA, 90210 & More!

Any word on how NO ORDINARY FAMILY plans to end its season (and possibly series)? — Brandon
The TV Addict: With the return of a big baddie! Yes, LOST’s Rebecca Mader will be reprising her role as the villainous Victoria Morrow on the upcoming April 5th finale that will have the Powells working together to save J.J. who’s been kidnapped by Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless) and forced to solve an enigma that could lead to the permanence of the trilsettum’s effects.

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for this long-suffering Booth/Brennan shipper? — Amanda
The TV Addict: There might be, depending of course on your interpretation of the following: In a roundabout way, we recently had the chance to ask the man who pulls the strings, executive producer Hart Hanson that very question and here’s what he had to say when asked in terms of character development, if it would be safe to characterize May’s finale of BONES as the show’s biggest one to date, Said Hanson, “Hahahaha, that is a very sneaky question from the TV Addict but I’m going go ahead and say yes.”

Care to share who Ivy is going to marry this season on 90210? — Jenn
The TV Addict: Umm… No. After-all, where’s the fun in this column if we can’t lord our vast array of television secrets over you? That said, what we will say, is that the gang will be getting plenty of use out of their wedding attire (read: dark suits) seeing as though the season’s penultimate episode will also have them attending a funeral.

Got anything for a WHITE COLLAR fan who is already going through post-finale withdrawal? — Ainsley
The TV Addict: When WHITE COLLAR returns this June, fans will finally get a peek into the private life of Detective Diana Barrigan when Neal meets Diana’s partner, Christie. What’s more, the episode will feature Diana as she goes undercover to protect a powerful newswoman who is about to break a deadly secret that may take down a major corporation. Which, if you ask us, is a nice change of pace from the usual episode of WHITE COLLAR where women are often overlooked and underestimated in lieu of Peter and Neal.

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Bubble Watch 2011: BROTHERS & SISTERS

In accordance with our recent conversation with a highly-placed executive at one of the big four networks,’s “Bubble Watch 2011? continues with a closer look at BROTHERS & SISTERS renewal chances.

Ratings: Suffice to say, there is a reason most shows finds themselves perilously perched on the proverbial bubble come spring, and in the case of BROTHERS & SISTERS the 6-8 million viewers the show attracts per week is numero uno!

Cost: Thanks to high profile exits by Rob Lowe (RIP: Robert McCallister) and Emily VanCamp, coupled with various members of the Walker family’s recent penchant for taking midseason vacations that have seen them going M.I.A. for episodes on end, one of the few things BROTHERS & SISTERS has gotten right this season is cutting costs.

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The Oh No They Didn’t of the Week: Is it just us, or is BROTHERS & SISTERS coming perilously close to jumping the proverbial you-know-what by pairing Kevin and Scotty up with the most adorable adoptee since the gang from GROWING PAINS adopted Leonardo DiCaprio?

Funnest — If Most Difficult To Explain To Those Who Don’t Watch The Show — Twist: On CASTLE, Laura Prepon played an actress researching Beckett so she could play the big-screen version of our hero’s fictionalized take on his partner. (Trust us. It was a blast.)

Most Disappointed Producers: Clearly, the folks behind the scenes at THE BACHELOR hoped that having Brad confront the women he’d dumped last season would result in the kind of train-wreck they’d created during last season’s sit down with Brad and Vienna. Sadly for them, it was yet another indication of just how big a mistake giving the dumb lug another platform really was.

Best Farewell: Sure, we wish they’d have aired the episodes over five weeks instead of all at once. But Syfy’s marathon of the final CAPRICA’s gave viewers a bit of closure while at the same time setting up the world in which BLOOD & CHROME — the much-discussed pilot that will be set post-CAPRICA but pre-BATTLESTAR GALACTICA — will take place.

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Shows We’ve Re-Fallen in Love With

From ridiculous season finales that featured 12 minute music montages leaving virtually every single character’s life hanging in the balance, to our intense dislike of Lana Lang, the past few seasons of SMALLVILLE have been anything but super. Luckily for the CW — our kryptonite is the likes of special guest stars Laura Vandervoort and Keri Lynn Pratt. Both of whom brought us back into the fold this season, where we not only can’t help but be impressed by the epic fashion the show has handled Lex Luthor’s absence, but the even cooler way in which every episode of the season thus far has inexplicably ended with an iconic nod to the Superman mythos.

What’s the only thing more unexpected than Annie getting off with a glorified slap-on-the-wrist and a month or two of house arrest for a hit and run in which she killed a man, ran away from the scene of the crime and covered it up for the better part of a year? How about the fact that the CW’s poorly conceived 90210 reboot has not just gotten good, it has gotten really good. And while we’re hesitant to say that the third year series has reached the heights of its predecessor just yet (Again, are we the only ones completely confounded as to when Liam got a stalker?) the show has completely turned a corner this season by mastering what made the original series so addictive. Mixing the fun (as in Monday’s surprisingly smart “Undies-achiever” party) with the not-so-fun (like Naomi’s rape and Teddy’s coming out, both of which have been handled remarkably well thus far.)

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This Just In: Hollywood Hates the Environment…

… but on the plus side, reports are flooding in throughout the internet that ABC has ordered additional scripts for NO ORDINARY FAMILY, OFF THE MAP and BROTHERS & SISTERS. While over on the CW, LIFE UNEXPECTED, fresh off its highest rated episode of the season that saw it attract 1.7 million viewers, also received an additional script order for two more episodes. But hey, what’s an acre or two of forest when it comes to your favorite TV shows, really?!