BUNHEADS Star Bailey Buntain Previews Tonight’s Guest Starring Gig on THE MIDDLE

bailey Buntain bun heads the middle

Attention BUNHEADS addicts who may-or-may-not be suffering through serious withdrawal following a shortened, albeit delightful summer season: Have we got some good news for you. Bailey Buntain (Ginny) guest stars on tonight’s episode of THE MIDDLE. And while we can’t promise any Amy Sherman Palladino-esque patter or mind-blowing musical interludes, we can guarantee that there will be plenty of laughs. Particulaly when sophomore Sue decides to take Buntain’s freshman Jenna under her wing. Or at least that was the distinct impression the affable actress left with us following a bubbly one-on-one in which she talked about her guest starring role, the challenges that come with acting opposite the hilarious Eden Sher and what’s next for her character when BUNHEADS returns. [Read more…]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with BUNHEADS Star Sutton Foster

In anticipation of what we’ll thankfully be calling tonight’s summer finale of BUNHEADS, theTVaddict.com thought now might be as good as any to share our brief one-on-one with star Sutton Foster, who we recently had the pleasure of catching up with at this past July’s ABC All-Star Party during the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Hollywood. [Read more…]

Good News, Bad News: ABC Family, RAISING HOPE, PERCEPTION & More!

Good News: ABC Family has awarded Amy Sherman-Palladino’s BUNHEADS with an additional eight episode full first season order, while renewing MELISSA & JOEY, SWITCHED AT BIRTH and BABY DADDY for additional seasons respectively. Bad News: Not so lucky are the cast and creative team of JANE BY DESIGN, who will be headed back to the drawing board after getting the proverbial ax following a low rated first season that failed to live up expectations. [Source] [Read more…]


As an enormous fan of CHUCK I’m hoping you can tell me when we might expect to see Yvonne Stahovski enter the frame this season on DEXTER? — Rickey
The TV Addict: As much as we’d like to be able to tell you that Ms. Strahovksi will be front and center during DEXTER’s first episode back, you’re going to have to wait until episode three. Of course, having already had the pleasure of watching episode one, you’ll be pleased to know that what it lacks in the Strahovksi department it more than makes up for with a return to form for the series thanks to Deb finally learning the truth about her brother’s extra curricular activities. In fact, I think star Michael C. Hall said it best during the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour when he summed up the season as so, “Whatever your opinion of ranking the seasons, for my money DEXTER is never more compelling than when he is in trouble and never been deeper trouble than he is now.”

Any hints as what zaniness might befall the town of Bluebell when HART OF DIXIE returns for its much anticipated second season? — Ashley
The TV Addict: Are you ready for some football fitness?! We hope so, because that’s the question Dr. Zoe Hart will be asking the residents of Bluebell during the second season in an attempt to slim down the town’s ever-expanding waistline. A waistline whose diet includes a steady staple of, well, fried everything. And while we’re on the subject of waist, fans may-or-may-not be please to discover that Lavon will be wasting (See what we did there!) very little time when it come to picking up the pieces of his broken heart post-Lemon rejection.

Did you happen to pick up any clues as to the identity of SCANDAL’s Quinn during your reason time spent at the Television Critics Association Press Tour? — Sara
The TV Addict: Unfortunately, since Shonda Rhimes has trained her troupe a little too well when it comes to the oh-so dark arts of spoiler avoidance, the only thing we could get out of SCANDAL star Guillermo Díaz (Huck) is the following. “I know who Quinn is now and everyone else will know after the show’s first episode back. Or they think they might know. But a lot of questions will be answered in the first episodes and I think people will be really satisfied with it/ It definitely is going to change the relationships between everyone on the show. It’s going to change things for sure, but change can be good.” [Read more…]

We’re Not in Stars Hollow Anymore! Kelly Bishop Talks BUNHEADS

If 154 episiodes of the GILMORE GIRLS illustrated anything, it’s that Kelly Bishop knows a thing or two about playing a family matriarch. Which is why, it probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that when BUNHEADS creator Amy Sherman-Palladino was looking to cast another memorable mother, she looked to Bishop once again. But just what is it like re-teaming with Sherman-Palladino for another quasi-mother/daughter series and how does BUNHEADS differentiate from her time spent in Stars Hollow? We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Bishop on a recent conference call to find out just that. [Read more…]

Sutton Foster Previews Her New ABC Family Series BUNHEADS, Talks Working with GILMORE GIRLS’ Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and Opposite Kelly Bishop

In celebration of tonight’s much-anticipated premiere of BUNHEADS, ABC Family’s latest small-town set series from the mind of a woman who knows a thing or two about small towns (GILMORE GIRLS creator Amy Sherman-Palladino), your very own TV Addict was recently afforded a few minutes of one-on-one time with star Sutton Foster. Needless to say, Foster, best known for her Tony Award winning roles in Anything Goes and Thoroughly Modern Millie, was only too happy to fill us in on what exactly a “bunhead” is, what it’s like working with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Kelly Bishop, and because we couldn’t resist, her two cents of Lorelai Gilmore’s romantic life. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Summer TV Preview: BUNHEADS

Strippers! Showgirls! And Broadway mainstay Sutton Foster! Evidently ABC Family wasn’t kidding around when they branded their Network as a different kind of family. How else to explain tonight’s much-anticipated premiere of BUNHEADS that sees Foster play Michelle, a Vegas showgirl who is whisked away from her not-so-ideallic life in the chorus by a persistent suitor (Alan Ruck) to teach ballet alongside his overbearing mother (Kelly Bishop) in a small town. Of course, where things get really interesting is that the aforementioned non-descript coastal town just so happens to be populated with a collection of very colourful characters. Silly us, did we neglect to mention that BUNHEADS is from the brains of no less than the small screen’s authority on quirky small towns that is GILMORE GIRLS creator Amy Sherman-Palladino? “I think Amy has a very specific voice unlike anything else on television,” said star Sutton Foster in a recent interview to promote the show. “You have a whole new set of characters, a whole new town, a whole new base, but you’ve got the rapid-fire dialogue and that wit and the humor that GILMORE had. So it’s exciting to hear Amy’s writing again on television and I think GILMORE fans are going to love it.”

BUNHEADS airs Mondays at 9PM on ABC Family (ABC Spark in Canada)

From Broadway to BUNHEADS, Sutton Foster Previews Her New ABC Family Series

BUNHEADS is the story of what happens when life takes a Vegas show dancer in an unexpected direction when she accepts an unusual proposal. Leaving the bright lights of Las Vegas and finding herself in a cozy small town teaching at a ballet dance studio, the life of Michelle Simms will never be the same.  Fortunately the young dancers provide Michelle with a unique opportunity to explore a new life and rediscover her love of dance. Taking a few minutes to chat with press in a recent conference call, star Sutton Foster explains what drew her to this remarkable, heart-warming series and what exactly is a “Bunhead!” [Read more…]