Escape From Panama: Jeffrey Donovan Teases Tonight’s Return of BURN NOTICE

burn notice panama
When we last saw our heroes on BURN NOTICE, they had been left for dead in the jungles of Panama after foiling a rogue CIA operative’s attempt to blow them into smithereens.  As a special 6-episode treat, BURN NOTICE returns this week to check in on our heroes Michael Weston, Fiona, Sam and Jesse and to see how they are fairing now that the entire world thinks they are dead and without their usual resources to return back to the United States to clear their names.  In a recent press conference call, star Jeffrey Donovan shared what is next and what other fun surprises the show has in store as they endeavor to escape from Panama. [Read more…]

BURN NOTICE Scoop: Matt Nix Explains the Tragic Death That Rocks Michael Westen’s World

Killing beloved characters on a TV show is always risky.  It can invoke the ire of loyal fans, but it can also be the catalyst to propel a story forward.  BURN NOTICE was always premised on a CIA agent getting “burned” and then stuck in Miami with his mother and his ex-girlfriend.  Fortunately, in the six seasons since that pivotal moment, BURN NOTICE found a way to make Miami “home” for Michael and its avid audience.  The escapades of Michael, Fiona and Sam, which later included Madeline and Jesse, has made the show like family for viewers.  We cheered as they championed the little guy getting kicked around and saved countless lives.  We also rooted for Michael as he fought valiantly to clear his name and make the responsible parties pay for his predicament.   And we fell in love with Michael and Fiona and their blossoming relationship. 
Throughout all the adventures, there was always a strong undercurrent of love and family.  So when one of the family is struck down, it is a blow to the gut as well as the heart.  In last week’s heart-breaking episode, Michael’s brother Nate was caught in the crossfire.  It was the loss of part of our BURN NOTICE family and we mourn for Michael’s loss.  In a recent conference call, creator and producer Matt Nix talked about the decision to take the show to such a dark place and make such a sacrifice so close to home. [Read more…]

Summer Scoop: Gabrielle Anwar Talks All Things BURN NOTICE and Whether or Not Fans Can Expect a Prison Break From Fiona Any Time Soon

The high-octane spy series BURN NOTICE may give off the impression it is an “all boy’s club,” but what would the show be without the powerful love story of Michael and Fiona. After all, Fiona was the only person who came to Michael’s rescue the minute she found out that the super spy had been “burned” by his former employer. For the past six seasons, Fiona has proven to be more than just the eye-candy or trigger happy-girlfriend, she has been the reason that Michael found the strength to pursue his oppressors and frequently spurned him into helping more than one client in distress. In a recent press conference call, star Gabrielle Anwar shared what it is like playing such a strong, powerful and capable woman on the show. [Read more…]

BURN NOTICE Redux: Now That’s How You End a Season!

By: Jeffrey Kirkpatrick

Judging by the weekly ratings, it is apparent that for most shows to have a measurable shelf life these days, they have to follow a formula. After-all, the bulk of the TV watching population doesn’t want to get bogged down in details, so just keep it to the status quo, entertain them for an hour or so, and move on.  

Unfortunately for those of us who enjoy creativity and storytelling at its finest, this can lead to hours of some painfully routine and uninspired television. Occasionally, though, even a show that follows a relatively rigid, paint-by-numbers format like USA Network’s spy series BURN NOTICE can toss a hefty curve ball at you. Consider last night’s powerful season five finale which had Michael going for broke against Anson, his ultimate nemesis and the man who burned him. [Read more…]

Are You a BURN NOTICE Super-Fan? Tell Us Why and Win!

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Comic Con Quickie: Creator Matt Nix Teases What’s In Store For Michael Westen on BURN NOTICE

Not attending San Diego Comic Con 2011? Not a problem! Because, courtesy of our West Coast Correspondents Tiffany Vogt and Jennifer Schadel will be risking life and limb to get you up close and personal with your favorite stars. Next up, executive producer and creator Matt Nix, who drops some intel on some of the challenges — both personal and professional — Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) will have to face during the scorching summer season of BURN NOTICE. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Comic Con Quickie: Bruce Campbell Talks THE FALL OF SAM AXE

Not attending San Diego Comic Con 2011? Not a problem! Because, courtesy of our West Coast Correspondents Tiffany Vogt and Jennifer Schadel will be risking life and limb to get you up close and personal with your favorite stars. First up, BURN NOTICE star Bruce Campbell, who took a few minutes to talk about THE FALL OF SAM AXE, his take on co-star Jeffrey Donovan as a director, and clear up a few pesky “Evil Dead” rumors. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Exclusive Interview: Coby Bell Teases BURN NOTICE Season 5

After last week’s reveal that CIA Agent Jesse Porter had turned in his government-issued badge in favor of private security consulting, the question on everyone’s mind is:  what exactly is Jesse up to?  Turning to the man who knows the answers, Coby Bell took time out of his busy film schedule to provide an exclusive glimpse into Jesse’s world. 
When asked what was really up with Jesse’s new security consulting job and whether it was a freelance or one-company kind of gig, Coby laughingly said that it is all in the hands of the writers right now.  He is just along for the roller-coaster ride.  He acknowledged that it was a way of keeping Jesse free to help with whatever comes up in the wild BURN NOTICE adventures with Michael, Fiona and Sam.  It also provides Jesse with a source of legitimate income and a way to bring in new clients.  As a bit of tease, Coby shared, “We never really talk about the company Jesse works for. You know about it, but we never really go there.”  Based on that response, it sounds like there is either something shady going on or the writers are keeping that particular door open for a later date.
When asked if there is one word he would use to describe Jesse, Coby initially laughed and said, “Sexy!”  Then he added, “Bad-ass!  They’re all bad-ass!”   Either one would suit Jesse just fine given his sultry persona on screen and his confidence in some very tricky high-stakes situations. [Read more…]

The Year Round Programming Debate: Do We Want Our Summer Shows in Winter?

By: Tiffany Vogt

This Fall brought an interesting phenomena to television: For the first time summer shows were returning in November and December, after only a short 2-3 month hiatus. Just when viewers were adjusting to summer shows returning in January and February, the television networks had the bright idea of mixing it up and bringing back their biggest summer shows to compete during November sweeps and during the December dead-zone.
It used to be that television was divided into the standard television season running mid-September through late May, with a winter break in December and January. Yet with the need to push for year-round programming, networks began dabbling with a third season, launching summers shows in June and July to run for 8-12 weeks.
For the most part, summer shows were a huge success. Viewers loved having new programs to watch with little or no competition vying for their attention; and networks got to test the waters of whether or not it was financially viable to launch a third season.
[Read more…]

The Power of Subliminal Programming: How TV Changes Our Behavior

By: Tiffany Vogt

After a recent episode of BONES, I noticed for the first time how easy it is for television to influence our personal lives. In this particular episode, Dr. Temperance Brennan was chastising Booth for failing to put the toilet seat cover down. After her detailed, if not repulsive rationale, Booth was prompted to buy new toothbrushes for himself and his new girlfriend. Maybe it was only meant to be a funny reminder of how when one enters a relationship, one needs to alter some of their bachelor ways; but it was a vivid reminder of how the rest of us need to be more aware of our environments. I know I immediately tossed my old toothbrush and bought a new one which I now keep in a drawer and not in a container next to the sink. BONES actually got me to rush out and buy something I had not thought to replace. How often can we say that a TV show had such an immediate effect on us?
It was upon further reflection that I began to think back over my buying habits and how they have changed; and for the first time I noticed how subconsciously I had altered my personal behavior in direct response to what I was watching on television. In fact, over the years, many of television shows have had a subtle, subconscious influence on what I buy.
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