Hey Canada, Looking to Lower Your Cable Bill? Meet VMedia TV


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What this is… is a post written by a Canadian TV Addict, nay consumer, fed up with his television provider. So much so that I decided to look into legal alternatives to Canada’s cable giants Bell and Rogers.

Enter VMedia

Since 2013, VMedia has been providing Southern Ontario (and soon the rest of Canada) with television services via their IPTV solution. IPTV by the way, stands for internet protocol television and basically means that the traditional channels that one would normally subscribe to in any cable package are delivered via the internet* Oh, and did we mention that they arrive at a fraction of the cost versus what I am currently paying for now.

(*Note: Subscription to any VMedia television package requires a very affordable unlimited VMedia internet plan)

Now I know what you’re thinking: Sounds too good to be true right? My thought exactly! Which is why I decided to put in a call to VMedia’s Toronto head office and see if they’d do up a little demo for theTVaddict.com and my readers. A request, the young upstart VMedia was only too happy to make happen. But before I get into the positives following a two hour demo let me first go into a little more detail as to why I’m so fed up with my current cable provider.

Simply put, they are no longer living up to their end of the value proposition. Putting aside the TWO HUNDRED PLUS dollars per month I currently pay for cable and internet combined, the most offensive thing about my cable provider isn’t so much the cost, but rather the value. No, really. As my oodles of Apple products so clearly illustrate, I have no problem paying for quality. What I do have a problem paying for — particularly in an age where my Apple TV allows me to flawlessly cue up Netflix through a simple voice command — is an antiquated PVR/DVR solution complete with a sluggish and incredibly un-user-friendly interface. I also have a problem paying for premium programs that aren’t ever ever on demand when they need to be, a PVR/DVR that never seems to record programs I’ve asked it to, and a big and bulky black box that crashes virtually time I try to load a menu! (Don’t even get me started on their insanely bad iPhone apps…)

Okay, I’ll just say it, ROGERS should be embarrassed by their NextBox 3.0. It is virtually unusable and the major reason as to why I’ve begun investigating alternatives for my cable needs. Which brings me back to VMedia and the demo they doled out. Here are my five big takeaways:


VMedia has developed all of their own technology from the ground up. Their non-descript small Apple-TV-like device known as the Vbox (pictured above) was developed in-house using the Android platform as its building blocks. Which means, consumers not only get a very easy-to-navigate interface in which to navigate their channels, but also access to everything the Google Play store has to offer. Netflix, Shomi, CraveTV, Plex, Kodi, you name it, you’ve got it! Cooler still, since VMedia is constantly looking to expand the feature set of their VBox to provide their customers with the latest and greatest, it’s constantly being updated with new and exciting features. Features such as…

Forgot to schedule a recording of one of your favourite shows? Never fear, VMedia is here! Here that is with their (patent-pending) CloudTV which constantly records twenty-five of the most popular channels seven days at a time. In other words, thanks to VMedia, you’ve automatically got the previous seven days worth of programming at the touch of a button regardless of whether you recorded them or not.

If you’re anything like this TV Addict, you’re constantly making that “Sophie’s Choice” when it comes to freeing up space on your always overstuffed PVR/DVR. With VMedia, that struggle is no longer real (!) because, unlike Rogers’ neutered NextBox, your Vbox allows you to plug in any USB 2.0 thumb drive, flashddrive or harddrive to vastly expand the recording capabilities to the size of the device that you plugging into it.

I hate to harp on price, because it’s not everything, but Canadians are paying far too much for cable television these days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge believer in paying for content — just ask my friends who no longer mention GAME OF THRONES lest they run the risk of a twenty minute lecture on why stealing is not okay! That being said, when not a week seems to go by without a story about how Netflix has turned us into a nation of “Cord Cutters,” I can’t help but feel that Rogers, Bell et al should be rewarding those of us who still believe in paying for cable versus stealing it rather then gouge us with bigger bills and insulting offers such as the recent roll-out of so-called skinny packages.

Bell, Rogers and, to a lesser extent, Telus and Shaw, have far too much power as a result of a feckless CRTC. As such, when I discovered that there was a more affordable and equally awesome option, I immediately thought I should look into it. And look into it I did!

That being said, there is one caveat to this entire love letter to VMedia. I haven’t actually signed up for the service myself because I’m a bit daunted by the headache that is switching to a new provider. Rest assured, every time my NextBox crashes on me, I’m inching closer and closer. But am I really ready to throw away fifteen years with the devil I know (Rogers) for the “devil” I don’t?! It’s a big decision and one that I am continuing to wrestle with. In the meantime, more information on VMedia can be found over at vmedia.com And if you happen to be one of VMedia’s 18000 strong subscribers and growing, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below.

For Canadian Eyes Only: 5 Ways Bell Media, Rogers and Shaw Can Save Themselves


if this week’s unfortunate culling of hundreds of jobs (and counting) by Bell Media is an indication of anything, it’s that broadcasters in Canada are not doing well. Advertising is down, cord cutting is up and it would appear that things are going to get a lot worse before they get a lot better (Just ask the newspaper industry). As such, your very own TV Addict thought now might be as good a time as any to offer up some unsolicited advice to Canadian corporations. Namely, Bell Media (CTV), Rogers (CityTV) and Shaw (Global).

Stop living in denial
With much of Canada changing the way they watch television and consume media, Canadian broadcasts face a choice. You can (a) watch your industry quietly crumble like newspapers and the music industry did over the past two decades, or (b) take a page from Wayne Gretzky, who was once famously quoted as saying when asked about the secret to his NHL success, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” I mean hello, it worked for Netflix. Who rather than simply sit back and milk every last dollar from their traditional mail-order DVD business, saw the writing on the wall and very quickly pivoted to a streaming based model.

Create your own revenue streams
Each and every June, Bell Media, Rogers and Shaw shell out millions of dollars in an attempt to attract eyeballs and ad dollars to their new Fall season. Unfortunately each and every spring, the majority of the shows are summarily cancelled, leaving Bell Media, Rogers and Shaw with little to show for it. Conversly, their American counterparts (ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC) are laughing all the way to the bank because they managed to limit their exposure by selling, say HEROES REBORN as an example, to hundreds of different countries across the globe. In short, with ad revenue and eyeballs down, the only real money to be made in broadcasting is in owning your own intellectual property, or in the parlance of the industry “format.” Sure, it may be cheaper and easier to fill your schedule with CHICAGO SANITATION, but it’s far less profitable in the long run.

Use television as a loss leader
If Bell Media, Rogers and Shaw insist on clinging to cable television — and considering I still get phone calls attempting to sell me “home phone” I suspect they’re not quite ready to let go — they should, at the very least, lower the price! Now I know “lower the price” may be a foreign concept to executives at these companies, but here’s the reality of the situation. Bell Media, Rogers and Shaw may not be selling as many clients on home phone and cable anymore, but they are no doubt making it up with internet and cellular data packages. Two must-haves that could result in even high profits as a result of our country’s needlessly restrictive and expensive bandwidth caps. What’s more, I’ve never understood how every show that airs on, say CTV for example, isn’t available online with the exact same commercials (for cord cutters), or commercial free (for those who still subscribe to cable). Why do Bell MEdia, Rogers and Shaw make it so hard to legally watch their content. Which brings me to…

Your online portals (suck!)
Nobody likes getting punished for playing by the rules, which is why an important part in looking towards the future is improving your online portals. Do you have any idea how annoying and infuriating it is to attempt to catch up on your favoruite shows through your Bell Media, Rogers and Shaw’s official online outlets? The same ads repeat ad nauseam, shows often don’t load and worst of all, if you have to stop watching for any reason you basically have to restart from the beginning. Seriously folks, the legal option should be the best and most friction free one, because you don’t want me — or someone less ethical — to start Googling the non-legal alternatives.

Think Different
This week I purchased the new Apple TV [Review coming soon]. Like most Apple products, it just works (and brilliantly so!). You know what doesn’t work? My antiquated and infuriating-to-use Rogers digital box. Which is curious, because on the cellular side, you giant media conglomerates have actually got it right. Canadians gladly (or perhaps begrudgingly) shell out thousands of dollars annually to use your cellular and data on the phone of choice! Which raises the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question as to why don’t you follow the same model with cable boxes. Team up with Apple (or if you must, Google or Microsoft) and offer those who haven’t yet cut the cord an amazing experience. You might be surprised what we’d pay for if it was an Apple-esque amazing expierence.

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