CASTLE Recap: Aca-Murder


It was all acapella on this week’s episode of CASTLE, but with a twist. The murder of an ex-con turned acapella singer, Robin, leads Castle and the team to investigate how a mysterious car accident may be related to her death, but all the while Castle and Beckett must keep their relationship under wraps.

To open, poor Martha gets the short end of the stick when Robin’s body falls from the rafters during her rehearsal for a benefits concert. Martha’s involvement means Castle’s involvement, but because Castle and Beckett are playing a little game of “lie about our relationship status”, when Rick turns up at the station Beckett proceeds to yell at him. The boys buy the hostile breakup and after talking to the first suspect (and realizing that another ex-con from Robin’s life may involved), Castle, Espo, and Ryan make their way to Agnus’ house. While they find Agnus and bring her back to the station, Espo and Ryan also find another lie when Castle tells them he is seeing a woman named Svetlana, and the boys are none-too-pleased. Back at the station, Beckett sells this post-breakup anger with a slap to Castle’s face and her own lie about seeing a handsome doctor.

Continuing with the case, Castle and Alexis break an emoji-coded text alert on Robin’s phone and find a warehouse where a riff-off of acapella groups is going on, and Robin’s own group is awaiting her arrival. After some questioning, it is revealed that they all met in prison and stay in touch through a group run by two lawyers called “No Backslide.” In search of more leads, the team heads to the local acapella competition Robin’s group was preparing for, and discovers that Robin overheard someone in a rehearsal room talking about her history. Looking for answers, Robin visited her apparent savior on the night of the crash. But after a few minutes alone in an interrogation room with Beckett, that “savior” admits he is lying. The scarf used to tourniquet Robin’s leg was seen on another woman at the party that Robin attended the night of her crash, and that woman is none other than the lawyer who started “No Backslide.” Castle and Martha witness the arrest of the lawyer and her husband for murdering Robin when she started to put the pieces together about the night that sent her to prison, and Martha gets the chance to help Robin’s group rally for their performance.

Finally, Beckett and Castle both tell the boys that they are off to meet their new respective partners, when in reality they meet back at the loft for some more one-on-one role playing fun. Svetlana and Dr. Livestock may be fake names, but it looks like Kate and Rick have their real feelings for each other all sorted out.

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CASTLE Sneak Peeks: Back Together and it Feels So Good


CASTLE is finally back after the excruciatingly long hiatus, and with it comes the intrigue, banter, and of course, humor, that we’ve come to expect. With the sneak peeks we get a glimpse into this musically themed episode. The first thing to note is that Ryan and Esposito seem to be under the impression that Rick has been cheating on Kate (as if!) and are none to thrilled with this digression. But, all personal troubles are forgotten as the trio enter the home of someone involved in the current case, and they begin a game of hide-and-seek for the girlfriend holed up in the apartment.

But the true excitement from the clip comes from the development in Castle and Becket’s relationship. They are back together; but don’t tell anyone, because apparently its a secret! While they lay around in bed, very much naked, they discuss the fact that Kate is done playing lone wolf and that their now secret relationship is aided by some very “public” fights. Could this have something to do with protecting Rick from the man Kate is hunting? We will have to watch to find out!

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CASTLE Winter Finale Recap: Loksat Mystery Ignited


On this week’s CASTLE, when a woman is found murdered with a bag of heroin in her throat, Beckett gets closer than ever before to finding the elusive Loksat, but the cost almost becomes her marriage.

The case begins with a simple murder, a dancer on a cruise ship, but something is strange when the M.E. pulls out a bag of heroin from her throat. Castle weasels his way into the case, still trying to win Beckett back after their anniversary together. They both make their way onto the ship, where they discover a camera with footage of the victim spying on what they believe to be the drugs being moved through the trash. And this video tape comes with a clear shot of the suspect.

Bringing in the assumed drug mule, Beckett interrogates the suspect (who appears guilty of the murder but not of the drug charges), then makes a deal with the public defender, Caleb Brown, to make sure he goes to prison for 2nd degree murder. Case closed.

Unfortunately, the case isn’t quite closed for Beckett, because Vickram ran the heroin found in the victim’s throat and it was a 100 percent match to the drugs that Vulcan Simmons ships out. This match means that the murderer is connected with the person who killed Beckett’s team in D.C.

Working on trying to find Locksat and the connection to the victim, Vickram and Beckett work from their secret office while back in the Private Eye Office, Castle and Hayley make the decision to hack into Beckett’s phone. A viral war ensues where Beckett knows Castle is hacking her and Castle knows Beckett is lying to him. And so while Hayley and Vickram try to out-hack each other, Kate and Rick are on their phones, in their respect locations, trying to out-lie one another. Very confusing but sad nonetheless.

Finally, Kate and Vickram win the hacking war, and prevent Rick and Haylee from getting into their files, therefore keeping Castle from being a target on Loksat’s radar. This comes with consequences though, as Rick comes into the precinct later and confronts Kate about her behavior. Now that Castle has put all the pieces together about what Kate is investigating and why she broke up with him, he wants answers. He claims that she likes being broken and needs this obsession, which only hurts him because they could have been working this Loksat case together.

Kate seems to have taken his words to heart because at the very end of the episode, Kate comes to Castle’s door, explaining how he was absolutely right, and how she wants them to get back together. After a moment of hesitation from Castle’s part, he gives viewers what we have been waiting months for…Kate and Rick officially back together. Sealed with a steamy kiss and some witty banter about “naked times” the two make their way to the bedroom, seemingly ready to face the world together.

But will they be able to face Loksat together? Especially given Beckett’s discovery that the defense attorney Caleb Brown is working for Loksat somehow, and her subsequent plans to tail him? These questions and the state of Rick and Kate’s future will be answered when CASTLE returns with all new episodes on February 1 on ABC.


CASTLE Winter Finale Sneak Peek: Dirty Dancing


On the winter finale of ABC’s CASTLE, Rick and Kate are trapped on a cruise ship with a dangerous killer while they investigate the murder of the cruise ship director.

But Castle just wouldn’t be Castle without a little bit of silliness, and in the clip released it looks like viewers will get their fair share of that. Rick is undercover as a Mr. Dave Shermer, and takes to the stage as a part of the cruise package “Shermer” purchased. Claiming to have professional dance experience, Castle is set loose in the rehearsal, with varying results. It looks like he is trying to get some information on a young dancer named Laura.

Perhaps this Laura is related to the victim…or maybe she is the killer! Either way, viewers should tune into an all new CASTLE on November 23 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

CASTLE Recap: Couple’s Counseling


One of the show’s most lovable relationships was in jeopardy on this week’s CASTLE, and it wasn’t Rick and Kate. Esposito and Ryan were the problem couple this week, and after their “partner” counselor tells them that in order to stay partners, they need a “buffer” -for the time being- just to keep from arguing. And that buffer just so happens to be Richard Castle.

Now that Castle is working with them, Espo and Ryan quickly identifies the victim of this week’s crime, an out of work actor stabbed nine times. They sweep the crime scene and discover a camera, with pictures of the victim in a very compromising (naked) situation with a woman with a very distinct tattoo on her back.

This tattoo lead, along with bank statements that suggest payment for his sleeping around, lead the investigators to three rich, married woman who spend most of their time in the spa or in the tabloids. It just so happens that some undercover work is called for to determine which of these three women has the tattoo, which leads to Kate and Haylee in towels at the spa, trying to get their suspect. After a quick chase, and a wardrobe malfunction where the suspect’s towel falls off, Kate and Haylee find the woman from the picture.

It turns out that the woman didn’t actually kill her scorned lover, but gave information on a divorce lawyer, and one of her clients might have paid the man to sleep with her. More undercover work ensues! Unauthorized by Beckett, Castle goes in to try and get the lawyer’s ledger, which holds all the information about who hired the victim, and therefore who had motive to kill him. While undercover, some personal issues were discussed about Castle’s current situation, and when asked directly if he thought there was hope for him and Kate he remained silent. Unfortunately moments later, Castle gets caught without obtaining the ledger, but fortunately Alexis is right behind Castle to get the necessary information.

It turns out that a man named Keller has paid the victim to sleep with three of his wives (now ex-wives) but the victim seems to have grown a conscience with the fourth wife and got murdered for it. The lawyer from the firm was able to block the charges, but when Espo went back and confronted the lawyer it turns out she was in on it with Keller, and was the killer all along. Pulling out a gun and pointing it at Espo’s head the situation seems dire. But luckily, and after all of their fighting and arguing, Ryan jumps in front of the bullet just as the lawyer fires and saves Javier’s life. Ryan was fine, his cell-phone taking the bullet in the most unlikely of miracles, and the lawyer is arrested along with Keller.

Now to Kate and Richard. It was their one-year anniversary this week, and Kate agreed to go out to one dinner with her husband, even though Vickram warned her that as she and him got closer to uncovering more about who killed her D.C. team Castle could be in danger. She decided to go though, and as she walked into Castle’s now bachelor-ed apartment, food in hand, he surprised her with a kiss. They both agreed to take one night off from their “time off” and proceeded to the bedroom. Cut to hours later and they are hand in hand, with Richard assuring Kate that he hasn’t given up hope on them. But, just as Kate steps into the other room to change, her phone goes off and Castle see’s the text from Vickram saying that he has found something, its urgent, and Kate needs to call him. Hiding his newfound knowledge when Kate comes back into the room, it looks like Castle might just be in more danger than Kate knows.

What exactly will happen to Kate and Richard after this momentary lapse in separation? Watch an all new CASTLE on November 23 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

CASTLE Recap: Castle Goes Rogue


After a two week hiatus, CASTLE returns with a hilarious new episode complete with a kid genius, Castle aiding and abetting a criminal, and criminals defeated by show-tunes. Unfortunately for Castle and Beckett fans, Kate was absent from this episode, Esposito informing viewers that she is out of town for a few days.

The case was set in motion when an old friend comes to see Richard, Ethan Slaughter, and claims that he has been working a recent robbery in town of a very high tech firm. The police are brought in on this when the suspect in the robbery, Victor Lee, is found dead, with the last call on the victim’s phone and fingerprints on the murder weapon belonging to none other than Ethan Slaughter. Despite the warnings of Esposito and Ryan, Castle believes that Slaughter is innocent.

Going on the run to try and solve the murder, Richard and Slaughter discover that Lee had a partner in his attempt to steal a very valuable microchip from the high tech firm, and it turns out that partner is a 16 year old kid who Lee had been mentoring. Traveling to the mentor program, Slaughter and Castle speak to the director and its turns out the kid has an IQ of 190.

When Espo and Ryan finally catch up to the rogue PI and his friend, they arrest Slaughter for the murder of Lee, but immediately after Castle steals the keys and drives off with Slaughter in the back of the squad, and they proceed to find Lewis the kid genius. When they finally track Lewis to an abandoned warehouse, there are several men with guns ready to kill our two favorite rogue investigators. However, calling upon Slaughter’s musical theatre major in college (despite his burly exterior)  Castle begins to sing a show tune, complete with finger snaps. When Slaughter joins in, the gunmen are distracted long enough for Castle and Slaughter to initiate a fight and disarm the criminals.

As the case comes to a close, with Lewis back at the station with the microchip safely recovered, the head of the high-tech firm reveals that another 15 million dollars was stolen. This means there was another thief in the building after Lewis and Lee. After some digging, it turns out that the man who runs the mentor program that match Lee and Lewis used to work for the building owner, and was seeking revenge. After Lee confronted him after the robbery claiming to change his mind, the man murdered Lee to keep him quite. And justice is served.

The case itself was wrapped up nicely, but Castle and Beckett’s marriage is not and their separation is still weighing heavily on both their minds. Next week we’ll see if they can mend their relationship or if a divorce is on the horizon for this crime-solving team. Catch the next episode of CASTLE on November 16, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

We Shine The Spotlight On CASTLE Star Sunkrish Bala


You may know Sunkrish Bala from his recurring role as Dr. Caleb Subramanian on AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD but fans of ABC’s CASTLE now know him as Vikram Singh, a tech analyst who also shares history with Stana Katic‘s Beckett. In an exclusive interview, the actor discusses his character and his experience working with the cast.

Your character, Vikram, has a past with Beckett. What kind of intentions does he have?
Well, we are running for our lives. Beckett and I are painted into this corner because of our connection to the AG’s office. Our intentions are to survive, and to root out this evil.

Even though you spend the most time working with Stana Katic, what was your experience like working with Nathan Fillion?
Nathan’s great! It’s so amazing to work with the whole cast. They’ve been playing these roles for eight years now and to be thrust into such a well-fleshed-out universe is definitely daunting, but everyone has been so welcoming. Nathan had a lovely note and gift waiting in my trailer when I first got here. You just get a sense of how happy everyone is to be working on this show.

Aside from having a past with Beckett, your character is also a tech analyst. Do you consider yourself to be a tech expert?
I’m an Indian guy who grew up in Silicon Valley. Tech should be in my blood. Much to the disappointment of my family, it isn’t.

Which of the cast would you say is the funniest?
I feel like Seamus would like me to say Seamus.

What would you like to see happen for your character?
Honestly, I’m enjoying so much having my character join the NYPD. I love being part of the team and working on cases with characters I’ve watched on television for years!

CASTLE airs Mondays at 10PM on ABC (CTV Two in Canada)

We Shine the Spotlight on CASTLE Star Seamus Dever

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CASTLE Previewpalooza: “Driven” Sneak Peek!


This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Monday September 29th seventh season premiere of CASTLE. Direct from ABC, “In the Season 6 finale, as Richard Castle drove to his much-anticipated nuptials, an ominous black SUV bore down on him. Meanwhile, after waiting in vain for Castle to arrive at the wedding, Beckett was called to an accident scene to find Castle’s car in a ravine, engulfed in flames. Who or what caused the car crash? Is there any way Castle could have survived? The episode will pick-up at the scene of that accident, right where the finale left off, in a premiere that promises to put Beckett through the toughest case of her career.” [Read more...]