CASTLE Series Finale Postmortem: The Caskett Of It All


So it happened.

After eight long seasons, CASTLE ended last night with a less than satisfying conclusion. After a rocky season 8 and Stana Katic’s dramatic exit a few weeks ago, the ABC show was ultimately cancelled after much debate about whether it would return for a new season without Katic or not. Last night’s season finale ended in such a sour note for fans across the world, that we had to sit down and get the words out about it.

Just as we did when the news of Katic leaving the CASTLE hit the media, I got a couple of friends together who, like me, had once been reviewers and big fans of the show. So in a collaborative effort, Shana Lieberman from Gossip and Gab, Lissete Lanuza from Fangirlish and I discussed what happened in the finale, Caskett and our wishful thinking for the show, now that we have gotten to the bitter end.

Here at TheTVAddict, we are discussing Castle and Beckett’s relationship and our distaste for tha cliché happy ending we were treated to. If you head over to Gossip and Gab, Shana is hosting our thoughts about the finale in general, and Lizzie is hosting our wishful thinking at Fangirlish.

Luciana Mangas: This was one of the few TV relationships that I was ever really, really invested in. When I first started watching CASTLE, the chemistry between Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion seemed to jump off screen and it was such a joy to watch them banter back and forth. I tuned in because the premise sounded fun, but I stayed because their relationship – romantic or otherwise – was one of the best things I had seen in a while.

It was so much fun to watch them and cheer them on, but with time, it started to get frustrating that they never got together when they clearly had deep feelings for one another. And then they finally got together at the end of season 4 and we could not have been more overjoyed then. Season 5 was alright because they were still finding their footing as a couple and things had changed, so we understood why sometimes their scenes together felt a little strained.

Then we had the season 5 finale and I can’t even begin to describe what went through my mind then. I was ecstatic when Castle proposed to her, don’t get me wrong. But if you go back now and watch it again, the look on Castle’s face is nothing like someone who is happy about asking the love of his life to marry him. Sure, we can say it was because of the situation then – and that’s what I told myself when it happened – but if we’re really honest about it, that was the beginning of the end.

We will never know what actually happened behind the scenes, but looking back, their scenes together started to get more and more strained and forced. Katic gave it her best, because she tried to make it look natural and organic and she tried so hard to find that chemistry they always had when they were bantering. In fact, she was the one that made it bearable to watch whenever they had a love scene, because Fillion always looked like an awkward teenager who didn’t know where to put his hands.

Sigh. Castle and Beckett together had so much potential, but TPTB didn’t know what to do with them once they got together. Of course, some people will cry it was the so called “Moonlighting curse”, but it totally wasn’t. It was lazy writing that got progressively worse – particularly after Marlowe stepped out. And then they started to separate them more and more, culminating in this godforsaken season 8. By then, the rumors that things were not going well behind the scenes were flying rampant, and it was impossible not to wonder if that was why they decided to put Beckett and Castle in their respective corners and barely interact at all.

I didn’t watch most of season 8, but I know they were apart for a good portion of it. And then when Beckett finally came clean, they still barely had any scenes together. I mean, what gives? For a relationship that was so celebrated and loved by the fans, they were doing a disservice to the audience by keeping them apart. Add that to the complete reversal of Beckett’s character, and we have a show that became unbearable to watch.

Caskett was a relationship that I once upon a time was really invested in. But it died a gruesome death at the hand of the writers and producers when they decided to split them up. Not even that ridiculous “happy ending” last night could fix what has forever been tarnished for us. I am going to remember the earlier seasons fondly, but god knows I just want to forget that the relationship I saw in past two seasons ever happened.

Shana Lieberman: The beautiful confessions of love from Castle and Beckett were wasted on secondary characters, even though this was the last time we’d ever hear them. (Whether the series had continued or not, Caskett was through…) How did we get here? Someone tell me how we got to the point where Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion, two leads who once had such great chemistry which drove every dramatically charged moment on this show, couldn’t even be face-to-face to have their characters express their love for one another for the last time.

Seriously. How. How is that even a thing that’s allowed? If, for whatever reason, Katic and Fillion couldn’t play those emotional words opposite one another, they shouldn’t have been written at all. Kind of like none of the awkward attempts at “romance” shouldn’t have been bothered with since at least season six, given the unbalanced commitment — Katic threw herself into every scene, while Fillion often looked bored and incapable of knowing where to put his hands — and lack of sizzle.

Remember when every season finale involved some sort of tense, emotional conflict between these two perfect opposites? The “Caskett” in the Castle series finale was nothing more than an empty recitation of words, whereas those obligatory Beckett apartment fights of the past were full of heart.

But “at least Caskett is intact,” right? Wrong.

The more I hear, “oh, I’m happy with this because they didn’t kill Beckett,” the more enraged I become. Because they did kill Beckett, just not physically. They destroyed everything that made Kate Beckett a hero — save for maybe some badass ninja moves, that beautifully expressive face, and the hairporn.

Beckett became, over the course of Castle’s eighth season and, arguably during the seventh season as well, nothing more than a prop. There was a clear effort to remove her as the hero of the story; considering she was nothing more than a baby factory and muse in the messily tacked on “happy ending,” it looks like the Mission Destroy Beckett was a wild success. The audio from the ending moments of “Flowers For Your Grave” was meant as fan service, but, at least for this fan, was a slap in the face. The same goes for the line ripped from the series’ original opening credits…And “always,” which lost its meaning the second Beckett walked out on Castle to “protect” him, was the nastiest betrayal of them all.

This was not Caskett. This was Castle, with Beckett as a sidekick.

One of my least favorite Castle episodes — at least before this trainwreck of a season — was the sixth season’s time traveler episode, “Time Will Tell.” The man from the future didn’t present a logical conclusion to the Caskett story, at least as far as I was concerned, so for this ending to essentially prove that ridiculous fabrication true was yet another disappointment. But at least that episode was written by its original dynamic duo of Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller, whereas this…was not.

Lissete Zanura: Oh, Caskett. You could have been everything. Instead, you were… I don’t even know what you were at the end. Were you a thing? Did you exist? Or were you merely wishful thinking and good memories?

I’m going to go with the later.

Years ago I fell in love with two characters who complimented each other, with the so-obvious-it-was-almost-tangible chemistry of the two leads and with a story of a man who found, not a muse, or an inspiration, but a partner in life. And yet, the funny thing is, for all that this show was named “Castle,” for me, it was always about Kate Beckett.

We saw her through his eyes, yes, but it was her we were invested in. She was the one with the tragic background, she was the damaged one who had to find a way to live and love. She was not just the muse, or the baby-making-machine, she was a hero in her own right.

At least for the first seven seasons or so.

Rumors of off-screen strife aside, I can’t even comprehend how we’re now discussing what didn’t work about Caskett. Because the truth is, in the beginning, almost everything worked. Each of them brought something to the relationship, and each of them took something from it. Simply put, the Richard Castle and the Kate Beckett we knew and loved were better because of each other.

Did it feel like that at the end, or did they mostly feel like a burden the other had to put up with?

I know how it felt for me. It felt like the spark was gone. It felt like the love was gone. It felt like the off-screen issues were affecting the acting, the writing, and more importantly, the show.

Was that really what happened? I don’t want to speculate. But I do want to say that having our two leads proclaiming their love for each other to everyone but each other was the cherry on top of this whole mess of a season. Not even the tacked-on, horrible clichéd ending could bring back my good will, mostly because even the words in that were wrong.

Kate Beckett was never just the muse, or the inspiration. Always never meant despite the fact that you got kidnapped and chose to stay away or, despite the fact I left you, you know, to protect you from stuff that you probably didn’t want to be protected from. They were never meant to be these people.

In the end, we lost Caskett way before this season finale, and the last tiny crumbs they threw our way in no way, shape or form make up for the mess they made of what was meant to be a timeless love story. Remember the word fan-service? Everyone likes to use it. Well, this, this was FAN-SERVICE, and of the worst kind. The kind we would have rather done without.

For our thoughts on the finale and our wishful thinking, visit Gossip and Gab and Fangirlish, respectively.


CASTLE Series Finale Recap: A Happy Ending


The series finale of CASTLE (it’s so very weird to type that) aired last night and it was an hour of action and suspense before a few final moments of closure that fans were looking for.

It began with Castle and Beckett staking out the park where double-agent-turned-good-guy Caleb informed them that the cellphone he uses to communicate with the infamous Lockstat is located. When Beckett and Castle receive the call (pretending to be Caleb) and the instructions that go with it, they think they finally have a lead. But, when they go to stake-out the place Lockstat told “Caleb” to go over the phone, it turns out it is a trap, and gunfire rains down on their very vulnerable position. Between the bullets and with their downed communications, it doesn’t look like they have a way out.

At least, until Mason Wood drives in on a fast-food truck to save the day. Last seen in Los Angeles heading the Greatest Detective Society, Mason assures a wary Kate that he is to be trusted, and Castle backs him up. They split up, with Beckett going back to the precinct and Castle getting Martha and Alexis and heading back to his office. They determine that the setup at the warehouse occurred because the real Caleb was killed earlier that day in a car fire (the workings of Lockstat’s right-hand man) and that the new Caleb set them up.

After Vikram told Ryan and Espo everything that has been going on, they begin investigating and are able to track the car of Lockstat’s right-hand man from the scene of the car fire back to his home. Espo and Ryan take a SWAT team to the house, but it turns out it is completely empty. At this exact moment, Rick leaves his office to try and find Beckett at the precinct, and gets in a cab with none other than Lockstat’s right-hand man.

He is brought to a nice building, but strapped to a chair and given a truth serum by this right-hand man, who goes by Mr. Flynn. While the serum takes effect, the real Lockstat comes into the room to ask Rick the big questions. And it turns out Lockstat is Mason Wood. After getting over the initial shock, Rick is forced to give up his friends and family (including Martha and Alexis), admitting they know about Lockstat and are, therefore, going to be “eliminated” by him.

Things just seem to be getting worse as it turns out that Kate was set to meet with Mason and doesn’t know that she will be meeting with certain death if Rick can’t get out and find her. This is exactly what he does, though (with some help from Ryan and Espo). Just before Mr. Flynn puts a deadly dose of chemicals into his veins, Ryan and Espo comes in guns a-blazing and save Castle, while simultaneously holding off the gunfire from Flynn’s serviceman outside. Castle gives Mr. Flynn a taste of his own truth medicine and finds out where Kate is being taken, then escapes through the wall and goes to find her.

Once the pair confront Lockstat, they are able to (despite being unarmed by the room’s anti-magnetic device) take him down and they embrace lovingly after a full day of action. After that nice resolution, the team heads back to the precinct where Martha and Alexis greet a very happy Richard. Ryan and Espo take Vikram out for a drink (at 7 am) and even Lainie is there to greet her BFF Kate. All seems well as Kate and Rick enter their apartment — at least until Caleb comes into frame and out of nowhere puts a bullet in Rick’s chest. Kate comes in and shoots him down, but not before taking a bullet herself.

The two make their way towards each other on the ground, crawling in their own blood and as the camera pans away viewers see the empty room of Castle’s living room. A voice over from the pilot episode has Castle offering to be one of Kate’s conquests should they go home together, and Kate replying “he has no idea”. The fate of our favorite couple is left hanging for only a moment of suspense as the empty room becomes filled again with stuffed animals and cards and the words “seven years later” appear at the bottom of the screen. A smiling Beckett chases what looks like twin boys around the room, while a young girl runs to the table. The Castle family of five sits down for breakfast as the classic “always” is said by both in a nostalgic voiceover.

So, after 8 seasons, fans finally got to see the future Castle and Beckett deserve, full of love and happiness. It has been quite the journey for Castle and Beckett, and for their fans as well, but it has been a good one. Thanks, CASTLE, you will be missed!

CASTLE Series Finale Sneak Peeks: The End is Near


After the startling revelation that CASTLE will be airing its final episode this week, viewers are looking for closure for the show’s lead romantic partnership: Captain Katherine Beckett and author Richard Castle. But will the two make it through the hour safe?

In the sneak peek below, it looks like at least Castle finds himself in harm’s way. Tied up to a chair, he meets one Mr. Flynn (an alias), who intends to get the names of everyone who knows about Lockstat out of Castle. Although Castle claims he could withstand any number of torture techniques, Mr.Flynn decides to use science instead of nail screws. The truth serum he injects means that Castle will give up every name within the hour, and then Castle will die.

The second clip shows Castle on the phone with Beckett, pleading with her to get out of the police department. Castle is holed up in his office with his family, but Beckett is still out in the open with Lockstat on the loose. He claims it isn’t safe, but Beckett responds that she is in her police department, with her officers, and that it is the safest place in the world.

Let’s hope she is right.

Be sure to watch the series finale of CASTLE tonight (May 16) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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CASTLE Cancelled by ABC


CASTLE fans recently got the news that CASTLE stars Stana Katic and Tamala Jones were being let go from the series, which didn’t please them at all. And despite that cost-cutting measure, the network has dropped the axe on the long-running series.

Star Nathan Fillion had signed on for a ninth season if the network had opted to renew the series, but it looks now like the season 8 finale will be the end.

For more on which shows are getting picked-up, renewed and cancelled, click here.

CASTLE Recap: A Murder Most Shakespearean


Not only was the victim of this week’s CASTLE an actor portraying Hamlet, but the story of his murder was pointed out by Castle to be “most Shakespearean in nature”. The victim was a Hollywood superstar currently taking a break by trying out Hamlet in a piece directed by a very prestigious director. But, it turns out he didn’t quite have the chops for the part. After finding him stabbed with a pen, the team goes to his apartment and finds none other than Martha Castle!

Don’t worry, they were not “bed-fellows” as the Bard himself would say, she was just giving him acting lessons and, when he didn’t show for their scheduled appointment, she fell asleep. The team also approaches his ex-girlfriend — a fellow actor who happens to be playing Ophelia in this production, but she alibis out.

When it seems like the case is a dead end, Espo discovers the victim had a step-brother who apparently went to prison for a heist the two pulled together a few years back, and he’s been mad that his brother got off and became a big star while he stayed behind bars. But, when they interview the brother he reveals that his brother apologized and was going to set him up for life. The only problem is that the brother also revealed that the victim owed a ton of money and was going to be broke in a few months. In the interrogation he did say, however, that his brother had been working on something to ensure a huge payout.

This “something” is connected with a Mexican drug cartel. After the team finds footage of the victim meeting with someone involved in one of Mexico’s biggest cartels, they realize that the case may go a lot deeper than some Hollywood scandal.

Unfortunately, before they can investigate much further, Castle is kidnapped in a parking garage and taken to a secret house by none other than the cartel boss himself. Though the meeting starts off intimidating — with Castle tied up — it ends with the boss revealing he wants Castle to write a screenplay and the two end up drinking fine wine and laughing. Apparently the boss had offered the victim the opportunity to direct and write a movie — a biopic — about his life. It would have been a huge investment and opportunity. But unfortunately, the boss-man said no.

Once Castle is inevitably rescued — but not before tripping up the cartel boss and ensuring his arrest — they do some more digging and realize that the victim had promised the directing job of the cartel boss’s movie to someone else before eventually taking it back for himself. This wronged woman turned out to be the very director who gave him his shot on stage as Hamlet. The two had worked together in acting school, but as he became successful she was stuck doing off-Broadway plays. This was supposed to be her big break into film — an industry that she points out as being notoriously difficult for women to break into — but instead he took that away from her.

They arrest the woman, and Ryan gets a chance to channel his inner-director by helping his daughter with her pre-school show (an adorable little song/dance about flowers) and Rick and Kate get a quiet date night in with Chinese food. That is until someone drops off a package from El Hefo. Castle is worried that he is being blamed by the most dangerous man in the world for being the one responsible for his arrest, but the box is nothing but script notes and biographical info — apparently El Hefo still wants Castle to write his screenplay. The only catch is a note tucked inside that says acts one and two are in the box, but act three is still to come and it starts with a “bang”. Not to be overly wary, but the timing and phrasing makes me very nervous for the safety of our favorite crime-solving duo, especially given the knowledge that actress Stana Katic will not return for Season 9.

Here’s hoping that Becket makes it through the season alive!

Catch an all new CASTLE on May 9 at 10 PM ET/PT on ABC!

CASTLE Sneak Peek: Castle Caught by the Cartel


An seemingly intense kidnap scene looks to take place on this week’s CASTLE. Tied up and being held underground by a Mexican drug lord doesn’t seem to be a great situation for Castle to be in at the moment, but when Rick asks, politely, if he can be untied so they can talk about what is really going on the man holding agrees. Then, as it turns out, they talk about the victim of the week — a playwright with a running Shakespeare play, who was actually in contact with the drug lord presently holding Castle (not) hostage.

But how did the victim know the man standing in front of Rick? Well, apparently he was after the rights to this man’s life story and wanted to turn it into a movie. But, Cartel Boss turned down the hopeful young writer and, the next thing you know, the would-be playwright is found dead.

Now comes the interesting part for Castle. Apparently the Cartel Boss is a fan, and he asks Castle to be the one to write his movie. Seems like a good business deal, right? Wrong. Tacked on to this is the requirement that Castle stay with him in this cave-like dungeon, underground, for a year. And if Castle were to refuse, the man threatens to ship his body back home.

Not such a great business deal after all, then.

Don’t miss CASTLE tonight (May 2) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

CASTLE Recap: The Luckiest Man Alive


There were three deaths in this week’s hour of CASTLE, but only one victim. And that victim happened to be alive at the end of the episode. How? Well, Castle tries to argue immortality, but the doctors say it was just luck.

The victim, Allan Masters, drank poison first, and the NYPD was called in just like always. Lanie pronounced him dead and the team searches the apartment when, all of a sudden, Allan wakes up. Rightfully confused, they take him to the doctor, where Castle throws out superhero theories and ideas about super-cell regeneration, while Beckett and the team focus on who tried to kill him.

While Espo and Ryan track down a man Allan recently fired from the waste management plant where he worked, Castle brings Allan back home with a protective detail parked outside the door. However, that protective detail doesn’t stop the rigged electrocution trap on Allan’s bed. Lanie comes once again and this time pronounces him dead for real. Until, that is, Allan jumps up and asks if anyone has been cooking barbecue in his house.

The case continues to confound as the now seemingly immortal Allan tries to think of anyone who would want him dead. They interview another suspect who had access to the poison and two bags packed for Mexico, but it turns out he was worried that whoever was after Allan was after him as well. This man informs Beckett and the team that apparently the mob plays a role in this.  Allan doesn’t care, though, as he finally (with Castle persuading him) gets up the nerve to ask a girl he likes from work out on a date.

While at dinner, a man named Horatio who works for a company that Allan had recently investigated for a big chemical spill shows up. He is Allan’s arch-nemesis, as Castle claims. After vague threats, Horatio makes an offer to protect Allan from further attempts on his life, but Allan refuses, saying he won’t work with Horatio.

The team is finally able to identify two gangs, the triads, usually at war, who have signed a peace treaty for some reason. Allan seems to have stumbled into something he doesn’t quite understand. But, with Lanie’s help identifying a substance Castle recovers from one of the triads’ business fronts, they piece together the puzzle.

It turns out synthetic heroin was being made in the US. This drug is more addictive, has less painful side effects, and is domestically made, which all equals more money for the manufacturer. This is why the traids were at peace and this is why they were after Allan. The chemical plant where they make one of the elements of the drug had a spill and if Allan put together the chemical spill with the news reports of this new drug, they would be exposed.

With this new information, Allan is afraid that the girl he took on a date is in danger. He rushes out to save her, but when she pulls out a gun and reveals she is the head of the drug operation and, consequently, the one trying to murder him, things take a turn for the worse. She puts a bullet right through his forehead just as Castle and the police arrive.

But, because this is the luckiest man in the world, the bullet apparently didn’t puncture any brain tissue or skull fragments. After another visit to the hospital Allan is declared completely fine.

Whether it is believable or not, Allan Masters is one lucky character.

While the case is solved, Kate had her own personal case to deal with. Her IT man was able to ID someone working for Locksat, and this same man comes to visit Kate and threaten her life if she continues to persue this mystery. Kate fires back with a threat of her own, but also an offering of peace if this man will work with her. The final minutes of the episode have him meeting back up with Kate and Castle, handing over a phone with a time and place of where Locksat calls him every month.

This could be the big break that Kate needs to solve the mystery of who is behind Locksat. But, given actress Stana Katic’s recent firing from her role as Kate Beckett, this could spell out a dangerous and painful way to write Beckett out of the show. Here’s hoping Kate Beckett can survive through the rest of the season!

Catch an all new CASTLE on May 2 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC!

CASTLE Sneak Peek: Superhero Lazarus


There’s an intriguing case for the team on this week’s CASTLE. When Castle interviews a man hospitalized after a presumed attack, he gets a bit overexcited about the possibility that the man in the hospital gown is a real life superhero. This fantasy is made even more believable for Castle when the man reveals there was a chemical spill that he was exposed to. Now, even though the chemical wasn’t toxic or dangerous to humans, Castle remains convinced he’s right.

There is also a possibility that this man is not only a superhero, but apparently immortal? The sneak peek below shows a scene where, after pronouncing the victim dead, Lanie shows Castle and Espo around the (now deceased) man’s room. That is, until he happens to stand up and ask them what they are doing. Castle talks to the now biblically-risen man about what he saw on the other side, but this particular Lazarus doesn’t have the answers Castle is looking for, claiming to remember trying to call the cable company and then waking up to find his house full of people.

Catch this all new episode of CASTLE tonight (April 25) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

CASTLE: A Tribute to Stana Katic and Kate Beckett

beckett series premiere

The news of Stana Katic’s dismissal hit the CASTLE fandom hard this week. It is no secret to anyone that the show has been struggling for the past couple of years — more so after creator Andrew Marlowe left his post as showrunner. So we knew things weren’t doing great lately. Most fans doubted that there was even going to be a season 9 after such a rocky season 8, but we never, ever, expected this to happen.

When Deadline first broke the news, the fandom immediately rebelled against it. Tamala Jones was going to be let go along with Katic – while all the male actors stayed – which seemingly reinforces a pro-male/anti-female mentality. We don’t even know if there is, in fact, going to be a season 9, but ABC has made a bad decision with these “firings”. After all, there is no show without Kate Beckett, as evidenced by the ratings this past season.

In the midst of our shock and anger over this entire situation, I got a couple of writers, who are also CASTLE fans and reviewers and we came to the conclusion that Stana Katic deserved so much better than this. So these are our thoughts over this unfortunate, heartbreaking news:

Luciana Mangas: I hadn’t been watching CASTLE in a while. Ever since the show changed showrunners and started going in a different direction (with that that Castle-as-a-PI storyline), I started to lose interest until, eventually, I stopped watching altogether. However, every time there was a rerun from earlier seasons, I would stop what I was doing and catch up on an episode, because that was where the magic was — Castle and Beckett verbally sparring and Beckett being her usual kickass self.

The main reason that I was drawn to CASTLE in the first place was that they had such an amazing female lead character. Katherine Beckett was this larger-than-life force of nature, exceptionally good at her job, respected by her fellow officers and peers, but she was also human. She had flaws; she had a hard time dealing with her emotions and sometimes that got her into some serious trouble; she was tenacious and loving and caring and she was such an amazing role model for women across the world.

I think that’s why the news of Stana Katic being let go hit me so hard. Because, even though I wasn’t really watching the show as consistently as I once had, I knew Kate Beckett was still there and there was always hope that some day they would fix the mess they had made of the past couple of seasons. But now she’s not going to be there anymore, no matter what they do. I don’t know how they are going to write her off, but whatever they do it will never do this fantastic character justice, because it will always be overshadowed by the way her dismissal was handled.

Budget cuts? Really? It is old news that female actors make a lot less than males, so this makes absolutely no sense at all. To simply dismiss a performer that was the shining star of the show and (in my opinion) a big reason the majority of the fans stuck around until now is just beyond preposterous.

Of course we don’t know the particulars of whatever happened behind-the-scenes, but no matter what, Stana Katic deserved better than this. Even though the show is called CASTLE, it was her character, Kate Beckett, that drove the show for the better part of these past eight seasons. Sure, we had supporting characters that did their part, but it was Beckett who pushed the show forward; it was the mystery of her mother’s murder that drove the show for several seasons and – most importantly – it was her character that was handled in a respectful and humane manner.

Richard Castle did his part as the narrator of the story. It was mostly his point of view that we were treated to, but it didn’t matter because he was always watching her. After all, the show started with him shadowing her for a new series of books, and he did fall in love with her in the process, so it was only natural that his entire focus would be on her. No matter what, Kate Beckett was the driving force of this show, with Stana Katic basically carrying seven seasons on her shoulders.

It seems like a lot saying that she carried the show, but it’s absolutely true and she did it on talent alone. Episodes like “Knockdown”, “Knockout”, “Veritas”, and “Kill Shot” – just to mention a few – were among some of her very best work and it is such a shame that she never got an Emmy nod for her performance. Katic dedicated so much to this show, influenced so many young lives with her performance as a kickass detective, that it is truly disheartening to see what is being done to her now, after all these years of hard work.

I can speak for myself when I say that she had a major impact on my life. It was because of her performance as Detective Beckett that I started writing again, that I met so many great people and had some great opportunities, so I will forever be grateful to her for that.

So, Stana, for all your hard work, your fantastic performance, your dedication to the show and the fans and for changing my life, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You can rest assured that wherever you go, we will follow. Anywhere.

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