Starring: Tyler Ritter, Jack McGee (“Common Law”), Laurie Metcalf (“Roseanne,” “Getting On”), Joey McIntyre (“The Hotwives of Orlando”), Jimmy Dunn and Kelen Coleman (“The Newsroom”)

Genre: Multi-camera comedy

Premiere Date: Thursday, October 30, 9:30 p.m., CBS (CTV in Canada)

Direct Competition: “A to Z” (NBC), “Gracepoint” (Fox), “Scandal” (ABC), “Reign” (CW)

Premise (in 140 characters or less): A Boston-bred, Irish Catholic family has odd ways of eliciting affection for the youngest son, a 29 year-old gay man contemplating a change. [Read more...]

UNDER THE DOME Stars Colin Ford, Alexander Koch, Eddie Cahill, Mike Vogel and Rachelle Lefevre Share Season 2 Scoop


Murder, Mystery and Mayhem! What’s in store for your favorite denizens of the dome during the second season of the hit CBS series? We caught up with UNDER THE DOME stars Colin Ford, Alexander Koch, Eddie Cahill, Mike Vogel and Rachelle Lefevre to find out just that. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more...]



On Day 10 of the 16-day biannual Television Critic’s Association Summer 2014 Press Tour, CBS introduced its new programming and the following is a snapshot-look at a few of its new series debuting Fall 2014.

“Madam Secretary” is CBS’ new political drama starring Tea Leoni, as Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA analyst who is the newly appointed Secretary of State. Co-starring is Tim Daly, as her husband, and Zeljko Ivanek, as the White House Chief of Staff, the show offers a strong portrayal of life inside and outside the White House, as well as its thorny interoffice politics. The show is a fast-paced and finely-tuned political thriller with a bit of a dark-side when another layer of the story comes to light. One of the more interesting features is that Leoni and Daly’s characters share a very supportive and loving relationship, which is rarely seen in television marriages. It is refreshing and helps the audience feel like their characters are worth rooting for in the midst of global politics, which can get very ugly and cut-throat. The multi-faceted characters and multi-layered storylines make this one of the strongest new shows debuting this Fall. Point of interest: Morgan Freeman, who co-starred with Tea Leoni in the film “Deep Impact,” is one of the show’s executive producers along with Barbara Hall (“Homeland,” “Joan Of Arcadia”). (Premieres on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 8:00 pm.) [Read more...]

EXTANT Scoop: Creator Mickey Fisher and Showrunner Greg Walker Talk the Mysteries of Their New Halle Berry Sci-Fi Starrer


CBS Television has jumped into the sci-fi genre pool with another big splash. This summer CBS is debuting its new sci-fi series EXTANT starring Halle Berry. It starts off as a tale of a female astronaut returning from a 13-month solo mission in space and finding out she is pregnant. Just how is that possible? In addition, she is returning to her husband and son, though she has a hard time acclimating back into her family, especially with the unexpected news of an impossible pregnancy. To add a bit more a twist on the sci-fi angle, her son is a humanic — or rather a robot android that simulates human interaction.

EXTANT looks to explore what it means to be human, what else may be out there in the universe and whether entities alien or android can understand truly the human condition and forge genuine bonds and love.

In a recent press conference call creator and executive producer Mike Fisher and show runner and executive producer Greg Walker talked about the genesis of the show, what themes it seeks to explore and if there is life beyond this season. [Read more...]

UNDER THE DOME Scoop: Season 2 Returns With More Shocking Deaths, More Discoveries and More Unexpected Alliances

under the dome season 2

Season 1 of UNDER THE DOME was certainly full of shocks and surprises, and when it returns for Season 2, it certainly delivers on those heightened expectations. And when the show says that no one is safe, it means it. Look for another major character death to start the season off with a heart-breaking jolt. Also revealed right away will be another neat trick of the dome. Just when the residents of Chester’s Mill thought they had figured out all that the dome can do, the dome proves it still has a trick or two to reveal.

So what exactly is the dome? Is it an entity of its own or is it a tool of unknown origin? Given everything that it has done so far, it is beginning to look more and more like the dome itself is a living, breathing entity — and perhaps of alien origin. Since this is a Stephen King story, the possibility of alien life is actually not that far-fetched. How else can one explain it? [Read more...]

RECKLESS Preview: Crooked Cops, Sizzling Solicitors, and Steaming Hot Intrigue in the Deep South


In a world where southern hospitality, southern gentlemen and southern belles seemed to be the way of life, CBS’ new drama series RECKLESS seeks to expose another side of life in the South. Nestled amongst the picturesque town of Charleston, South Carolina and behind those polished wood doors and underneath the fine linen clothing lies a very sexy world where justice and the justice-system collide.

Facing off on opposite sides of the legal system are Roy Rayder (Cam Gigandet) and Jamie Sawyer (Anna Wood). Roy is the local golden boy and newly appointed City Attorney with a long family history in Charleston and Jamie is a fresh-face attorney who just moved from Chicago. Roy may be coming out of a disastrous marriage and Jamie has managed to score herself a hot young thing right out of the police force, but the sexual tension between Roy and Jamie is hot enough for everyone standing nearby to feel their sparks. [Read more...]

Mark Your Calendars: CBS Unveils Fall 2014 Primetime Schedule

Press Release: CBS announced today a multi-phase rollout for its new season with fall premiere dates ranging from the kick-off of NFL THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL on Sept. 11 to the launch of its top-rated Thursday entertainment lineup on Oct. 30.

“The addition of THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL provides the flexibility to strategically roll out our fall season in multiple waves, maximizing promotional platforms and scheduling opportunities to give our new and returning series the best possible launch,” said Nina Tassler, Chairman, CBS Entertainment. [Read more...]