New Girl In Town: Ali Wentworth Previews Her Hilarious Guest Stop in COUGAR TOWN

ali wentworth cougar town

As COUGAR TOWN continues to embrace all the wild and adventurous spirits residing in Gulf Haven, including the newest Cul-De-Sac Crew member Tom – Jules Cobb’s (Courteney Cox) ever-present friendly neighbor, the latest addition is Tom’s girlfriend, portrayed by the vivacious Ali Wentworth.  In a recent press call, Ali candidly shared the inspiration behind her eye-popping role and whether fans will be seeing more of her in the future. [Read more…]

We Preview What Fans Can Expect From COUGAR TOWN on TBS (Hint: More Laughs, More Wine, and More Outrageous Fun!)


Making its debut on its new network, COUGAR TOWN returns with everything fans have loved over the past three seasons.  It offers an excess of wine, neighborly pranks and shenanigans, new obscure Jules’ rules, Travis and Laurie’s continuing dance of romance, and their fervent hope that Stan is not the devil-child they all fear is growing up next door. 

COUGAR TOWN has long since embraced its inaccurate moniker and continues to mock it with every breath and title card each week.  Having quickly abandoned the the world of women chasing much younger men and instead focusing on the humorous antics of an ensemble of friends living in a cul-de-sac in the suburbs of Gulf Haven, Florida, COUGAR TOWN offers instead a much warmer, hilarious, and charming environment regaling fans with delightful tales of their everyday lives.  There is a strong thread of love woven through each episode and we follow along as it entices along on another crazy adventure.  [Read more…]

10 Tidbits We Learned From Cocktails with the Cast of COUGAR TOWN

Roaring back onto television screens on January 8th on its new network TBS, the fun-loving antics of our favorite Cul-de-Sac Crew return to tickle our funny-bones and delight us with their charming escapades.  COUGAR TOWN has long since embraced its misnamed moniker and continues to poke fun at its name while striving to tell the stories of a fun bunch of friends and family living in fictional Gulf Haven, Florida.  When last seen in its 3rd season finale, neighbors turned love-birds Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox) and Grayson Ellis (Josh Hopkins) tied the knot in a sentimentally beautiful ceremony on the beach. 
During a special cocktail celebration, the producers and cast shared a few hints about what the 4th season will offer for COUGAR TOWN while mercilessly teasing each other about their on-screen counterparts.  
Here is what we learned from the rambunctious bunch of thespians: [Read more…]

Photo of the Day: Dog Day Afternoon

With television talent both in front and behind the camera making a habit of tweeting photos ranging from spoilerific to hilarious, thought it might be fun to introduce a new feature to the site that we’ve not-so-cleverly decided to call “Photo of the Day.” Today’s subject, courtesy of COUGAR TOWN star Courteney Cox (@courteneycox) comes a nice little reminder that COUGAR TOWN is in fact returning to television sometime in the not-to-distant future. Tweeted Cox, “Look who came to visit me at work!”


Smartest Move: Just how much leeway are we willing to give TBS for picking up COUGAR TOWN for one more season with a potential for two? So much so that we’re completely okay if the network wants to re-name the show TYLER PERRY PRESENTS: COUGAR TOWN.

Favorite Season Finale [Thus Far]: Thursday’s season finale of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was LOST third season finale good. Note to The CW: Whatever showrunner Julie Plec is getting paid, well, it’s not enough.

Most Romantic Gesture Ever: Ben’s admission to Leslie during Thursday’s PARKS AND RECREATION season finale that he didn’t even bother writing a concession speech may in fact have solidified their status as cutest couple ever. Wait check that, it’s official: Cutest couple ever.

Most Romantic Gesture Ever [Runner-Up]: Bringing sexy back as only it can, Thursday’s BIG BANG THEORY season ender culminated with a truly heartfelt note as Bernadette/Raj, Penny/Leonard, and even Sheldon/Amy held hands as Wolowtiz’s shuttle boldly went…

Most Tense Game: Forget the annual “Who will live or die?” scenario laid out in season finales. The real suspense comes in wondering which shows will live or die! [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why TBS Picking Up COUGAR TOWN is a Match Made in Comedy Heaven

After a season worth of disappointments and delays, COUGAR TOWN fans finally got some much deserved good news over the weekend. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that TBS is in talks with ABC Studios to pick-up the low rated fan favorite for two 15 episode seasons should ABC [the Network] opt to kick it to the curb. A move which in a nutshell, is a match made in Comedy heaven. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

TV Bubble Watch 2012: We Irresponsibly Speculate On Which of Your Favorite ABC Shows Will Live to See Another Season

With the Network’s traditional May UpFronts just around the corner, thought now might be as good a time as any to take a closer look at the potential fates of your favorite shows.

You Take the Good: Hovering in and around the 2 million mark in terms of coveted 18-49 viewers, BODY OF PROOF ended a fairly middling season on a ratings high point.
You Take the Bad: Stars Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan deserve so much better than this tedious write-by-numbers procedural.
You Take Them Both and There You Have… Our Prediction: Despite Delany and Ryan’s value on the international market, BODY OF PROOF will not make the cut when ABC announces their new fall slate in mid-May. [Read more…]