A Glimpse From Behind the Curtain: COVERT AFFAIRS Set Visit and Interviews With Piper Perabo, Chris Gorham, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Kari Matchett, Eoin Bailey and EP Doug Liman

Every once in a while the stars align and a wish is granted.  In this case, a very special glimpse behind the curtain of the smash hit summer series COVERT AFFAIRS.  Invited to attend a special press day at the COVERT AFFAIRS film set in Toronto, Canada, the press were not only given an in-depth tour of all the sets, but we also had the chance to interview a few of the people who make the magic happen, including stars Piper Perabo, Chris Gorham, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Kari Matchett, special guest Eion Bailey, and executive producer Doug Liman.  (Alas, M.I.A. that day were co-stars Peter Gallagher and Anne Dudek who were not on set filming that day.)

The sets of the CIA headquarters (including Auggie’s office, Annie’s desk, Joan’s office, and Arthur’s office) were as grand and prestigious in real life as they look on screen.  Just as lush and yet a bit more intimate were the sets of Annie’s bedroom, Danielle’s kitchen and Joan and Arthur’s house — a brand new set which viewers will be seeing very soon.  Thus, it was with much excitement and near giddy glee as we all walked around gawking at the built to scale interiors of the all too familiar settings.  Being fans of the show, it was a privilege to walk amongst the fictional world that we all loved to peek inside each week.

As if wandering through the hallowed halls of the mock-CIA sets were not enough, we were also allowed to watch a few live action scenes from an upcoming episode.  Due to the confidential nature of the filming, suffice it to say, it was a pleasant surprise to see Eion Bailey, who plays Ben Mercer, again.

Life in the COVERT AFFAIRS world is as glamorous and action-packed as one can imagine.  The activity just never stopped.  It was a great pleasure that each of the cast members and executive producer Doug Liman took a few moments out of their busy schedules to share a few candid thoughts about the show.  In fact, Mr. Liman made a special trip via his personal plane in which he flew directly to the set.  It sure makes a grand entrance when a television producer lands his plane right in the parking lot outside the studio.  It was a remarkable and generous gesture that he was willing to literally pop in and talk about the amazing world of COVERT AFFAIRS! [Read more…]

Good News, Bad News: ABC Wednesday Night Comedy Edition

Good News: After months of speculation ABC has finally given Matthew Perry’s highly-anticipated single-camera comedy a premiere date and timeslot. Bad News: Both of which belong to COUGAR TOWN, which will be removed from its plum-post MODERN FAMILY timeslot starting February 9th to make room for Perry’s SUNSHINE, only to return on April 13 where it will be followed by Elisha Cuthbert’s new laugher HAPPY ENDINGS.

Jennifer Aniston Takes a Break From Movie Career to Help out Friend Courteney Cox on COUGAR TOWN

aniston cox friends cougar town

Made official today by ABC publicity, Jennifer Aniston will reunite with her former FRIEND Courteney Cox on the second season opener of COUGAR TOWN which premieres on Wednesday September 22 at 9:30PM on ABC.

Which brings us to the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Is an Aniston guest appearance really what it used to be? Oh sure, the artist formerly known as Rachel Green will undoubtedly bring some much-needed media attention to COUGAR TOWN. But, if her track record as TV guest star (30 ROCK, DIRT), big screen movie icon (The Switch, The Bounty Hunter) and tabloid headline (John Mayer, Brad Pitt) are any indication, where Aniston leads, viewers don’t necessarily follow.* We’re just sayin’

* Unless of course she is accompanied by an impossible to resist adorable labrador retriever in the 100 million dollar plus grossing Marley and Me!.


If rating were any indication, a whole lotta you did not follow our sage advice and tune into COUGAR TOWN last season.

Luckily for you, it’s not too late to catch up on the antics of what is easily the finest looking cul-de-sac in North America courtesy of today’s TV on DVD giveaway. To enter to win COUGAR TOWN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON on DVD, simply take the pledge, by repeating the following in the comments below, “I solemnly swear to tune into COUGAR TOWN’s second season premiere when it airs on ABC this Wednesday September 22 at 9:30PM.” Rest assured, you’ll thank us later.

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Oops GLEE did it again, and by that I mean, continued to cost me money on iTunes by delivering not one, or two, but rather four show-stopping numbers (See: Maybe This Time, Last NameAlone and Somebody to Love) Seriously, last night’s episode was so good that this TV Addict didn’t even blink when our spectacular (or as some have called it, Emmy-worthy performance) as “Audience Member #24” was left on the cutting room floor to make room for some chick named Kristin Chenosomethingorother!

That noise you just heard? This TV Addict breathing a deep sigh of relief over MODERN FAMILY’s phenomenal second outing. That other noise? Me furiously banging my head on my desk as I try to decide which story-line was my favorite. In fact — between Ty Burrell’s Phil teaching his son Luke a valuable (and hilarious) lesson about responsibility by inadvertently transforming himself into the neighbourhood bike thief, Cameron and Mitchell’s attempt to seamlessly blend into their straight-laced ‘Mommy & Me’ play-group, and Jay’s (Ed O’Neill) half-hearted effort to connect with his stepson Manny that had me both laughing (“The only way Manny’s Dad is anything like Superman is that they both landed in this country illegally.”) and tearing up (“Ninety percent of being a dad is just showing up.”) — the only thing I’m sure of is that creators Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd best be making room on their shelf for an Emmy (or two!) this time next year.

Just as I was beginning to question my commitment to moving into COUGAR TOWN, along comes Beyonce’s Single Ladies and an unforgettable slideshow of an increasingly inebriated Courteney Cox. Proof that as long as our favorite ex-FRIEND continues to do anything for a laugh, I’ll be there for her.

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Taglines the New Fall Shows Probably Won’t Go With

1. Jenna Elfman gets knocked up ACCIDENTLY ON PURPOSE.
2. FLASH FORWARD to what you’ll be obsessing over after LOST ends.
3. Courteney Cox is a Desperate Housewife living in COUGAR TOWN.
4. MELROSE PLACE: Where everybody knows your name… except the guy you slept with last night.
5. Living THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE ain’t easy. Just ask Mischa Barton.

Courtesy of @hitfixdaniel — one of the smartest TV tweeters we know — comes a rare sixth addition to Today’s TV Addict Top 5.

6. This Thursday night… Before SUPERNATURAL… The CW will give you… ‘VD’

Good News, Bad News: Mindy Kaling, PUSHING DAISIES & Courteney Cox

Good News: The first episode of Mindy Kaling’s (THE OFFICE) new web series HOUSE POOR is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Bad News: There’s something terribly wrong with Network TV when Kaling’s three minute and eleven second video illicits more laughs than almost every comedy currently on TV. [See Video Above]

Good News: Wednesday’s episode of PUSHING DAISIES saw its ratings climb 16 percent to 6.6 million viewers. Bad News: Yet still managed to finish fourth in its timeslot up against Obama, Obama and yes, you guessed it, more Obama. [Source]

Good Great News: SCRUBS creator Bill Lawrence is teaming up with ex-FRIEND Courteney Cox for COUGAR TOWN. A new comedy set to air on ABC revolving around an attractive and newly single 40-year-old mother and her teenage son. Bad News: Ummm… Bill Lawrence and Courteney Cox teaming up for an ABC Comedy… the only bad news there is that it most likely won’t hit the airwaves until Spring 2009! [Source]

Courteney Cox Will Be There For… SCRUBS

Boy, when creator Bill Lawrence announced that he was looking for a ‘big name’ to play Dr. Kelso’s successor on SCRUBS, he really wasn’t joking. Direct from the Lord of the Scoop™ himself, Michael Ausiello: “J.D., Elliot and Co. have a new friend! Sources confirm to me exclusively that Courteney Cox is joining the cast of SCRUBS for a three-episode arc as Sacred Heart’s new Chief of Medicine.”

Of course such exciting news begs three important questions. 1) How bad is NBC looking right now for dropping what’s shaping up to be one helluva fantastic season of SCRUBS? 2) How confusing will the SCRUBS set be now that there are two Cox’s on the lot [That’s Dr. Cox and Courteney folks.. get your head out of the gutter!] 3) TV Guide will report this news when?

4 Reasons to Give DIRT a Second Chance

courtney cox dirt
By: Amrie Cunningham [My Take on TV]

Since FX was kind enough to send me the first two episodes of the second season of DIRT, I have to say that I’m pretty excited / interested in what they’re doing this year. Here are four reasons to check out Season 2 of DIRT, premiering tonight at 10PM on FX.

1. Courteney Cox is really great as magazine editor Lucy Spiller. We’re used to seeing her as a loveable “Friend” or as a cutthroat news reporter in the Scream movies. She is something else in the role of the editor who was stabbed at the end of season 1. She’s back with a bit of a vengeance, trying to make her magazine succeed. I’d be afraid to work with her character, for sure.

2. I feel more invested in the relationships this season. The friendship of Lucy and Don Konky (Ian Hart) is really celebrated. He’s on his meds to treat schizophrenia, and she’s really there to help take care of him. Holt McLaren (Josh Stewart) still loves Lucy and you get the feeling in the first two episodes that there might be hope for them. And Lucy and Willa (Alexandra Breckenridge) have reached a détente, and they seem to work better this year.

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We Dish DIRT with Courteney Cox

courtney cox dirt
By: Amrie Cunningham [My Take on TV]

Recently I had the great opportunity to interview one of my personal favorites, Courteney Cox, star of DIRT [and that little show about six friends and a coffee shop]. In anticipation of DIRT’s second season, premiering this Sunday March 2 at 10PM on FX, Monica, umm… I mean Courteney was kind enough to spend a half an hour chatting it up with some of the sleazy and underhanded brilliant and good-looking reporters that DIRT so easily loves to dish about.

I was wondering, this season feels a little bit more ripped from the headlines, and we were just curious to know if that was something of a conscious choice, just following the past year of what’s gone on, or if it was just accidental?
Courtney Cox:
No, it’s absolutely a choice. We thought that would be a good way to just start the season, and it is absolutely ripped from the headlines. We usually do a hybrid of celebrities and then add to the story like maybe what happened to cause this to happen to them or sum it up in a different way just for fun. But yes, it’s definitely relatable this year and I think it makes for just a more exciting television show.

Are there any other celebrities, because right now we have some story lines that are a little bit a la Nicole and Paris and David Hasselhoff, are there any other celebrities that we can expect to see something from? Any little tidbits you can give us on that?
Well, there is definitely going to be, in almost every episode you’ll see something that you will recognize, and that’s kind of hopefully the fun of it that you’ll be able to guess who this person we might be talking about, even though it’s not really about them. It could be about, like I said before, just a couple of people or a couple of situations. But yes, every episode there is that relatable kind of relatable story line.

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