DANCING WITH THE STARS: New Season’s Celebrity Cast Announced


THE OC is coming to DANCING WITH THE STARS. As announced this morning, Mischa Barton is coming to an all new season of DANCING WITH THE STARS. Jodie Sweetin will also be following in the footsteps of her FULLER HOUSE on-screen sister Candace Cameron Bure and joining the competition.

Here’s the full list of celebrity contestants, along with their pro partners:

  • Mischa Barton (actress) with Artem Chigvintsev
  • Antonio Brown (NFL wide receiver) with Sharna Burgess
  • Nyle DiMarco (actor, model and spokesman) with Peta Murgatroyd
  • Kim Fields (actress, director, producer and writer) with Sasha Farber
  • Doug Flutie (NFL football player & sports analyst) with Karina Smirnoff
  • Marla Maples (Broadway performer) with Tony Dovolani
  • Von Miller (NFL linebacker) with Witney Carson
  • Wanya Morris (singer) with Lindsay Arnold
  • Geraldo Rivera (talk show host & journalist) with Edyta Sliwinska
  • Jodie Sweetin (actress) with Keo Motsepe
  • Paige VanZant (UFC fighter) with Mark Ballas
  • Ginger Zee (weather anchor) with Valentin Chmerkovskiy

DANCING WITH THE STARS begins a new season on Monday, March 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

When Child Stars Go Good: Candace Cameron Bure Talks NEIGHBORS, FULL HOUSE and DANCING WITH THE STARS


Mother, actor, producer, author, and now dancer, Candace Cameron Bure really does it all! I spoke with the lovely and talented actress about her guest role on the ABC family comedy THE NEIGHBORS, her time on FULL HOUSE, and how her experience on DANCING WITH THE STARS has been so far. [Read more…]


Worst Casting Decision: LAW & ORDER: SVU will add Gilbert Gottfried in a recurring role. Because an annoying character is what the long-running franchise needs as it struggles against newbie REVENGE. And speaking of REVENGE.

Best Halloween Treat: Move over Thursday night, forget Monday, thanks to the heartfelt hilarity that is THE MIDDLE, SUBURGATORY, MODERN FAMILY and HAPPY ENDINGS, Wednesdays on ABC — capped off with the increasingly addictive Emily VanCamp sudser that is REVENGE — has officially become our favorite night of television bar none.

Oddest Announcement: Butter-loving chef Paula Dean told Jay Leno she’ll be launching a clothing line. Wonder if it’ll be sold at K-Mart or in the deep-fried section of the local Piggly Wiggly?
Most Diluted Franchise: Much as we love THE SIMPSONS, the annual Treehouse of Horror is really stretching the definition of “horror” by spoofing Avatar. [Read more…]

THE GOOD WIFE! BIG LOVE! HIMYM! GLEE! Our TV Addict Week in Rewind

Biggest Headscratcher: Between COMMUNITY’s love affair with COUGAR TOWN, THE OFFICE’s shout-out to DALLAS, PARKS AND RECREATIONS’ nod to NCIS: LOS ANGELES and 30 ROCK’s myriad of pop culture zingers touching on RIZZOLI & ISLES, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, AMAZING RACE, ROSWELL and ENTOURAGE, one can’t help but wonder how the fledgling fourth place Peacock Network might be doing ratings-wise if their own shows paid half as much attention to NBC’s roster as they do others!

Loudest Fan Outcry: Viewers of GENERAL HOSPITAL were so upset about the soap turning four-year-old Jake into road kill that their response garnered attention from such media outlets as The New York Post.

And the Award For Best Ending We Didn’t See Coming But Probably Should Have Goes to…: BIG LOVE, which just about made up for two seasons of disappointment with a finale that gave us the BIG ending we were hoping for. God only knows what we’ll be without you indeed.

Faux Campaign We Can Really Get Behind: All we can say to Ellen DeGeneres’ plea that networks stop airing two-hour episodes of reality shows is… Amen!

Best For Your Consideration Emmy Reel: Following Monday’s fantastic father-son reunion between Barney and his bio-dad on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, is anyone else up for forgoing all of that silly campaigning by just awarding Neil Patrick Harris and John Lithgow their Emmys now?

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things You Didn’t Know About DANCING WITH THE STARS Host Tom Bergeron

Fan of Tom Bergeron? Well, today is your lucky day! Because tonight, following two hours of DANCING WITH THE STARS, the Bergeron-athon continues with a guest appearance on CASTLE. And here to kick it all off (and by ‘all’ we of course are referring to the officiall unofficial start to National Bergeron Appreciation Day which may-or-may-not be something we just made up this very moment) is theTVaddict.com, with five thing you didn’t know about the man.

He never set out to be a host.
“I started in radio when I was a teenager,” admits the man who has made a household name for himself by hosting ABC’s reality TV juggernaut that is DANCING WITH THE STARS. “Years ago I did regional and improv theater and really was more drawn to that. Television sort of happened as an accident. A very happy accident.”

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Morning Static: MAD MEN, SMALLVILLE, 24 & More!

Welcome to our new morning round-up of big/interesting TV news that you may have missed over the past 24 hours because unlike us, there’s a fairly good chance that have a life outside of the small screen.

2.8 million Americans reinforce the fact they’re indeed smarter than a fifth grader by tuning into MAD MEN’s record breaking third season premiere. [EW]

After umpteen seasons on 7th HEAVEN, David Gallagher is finally being let out of Hollywood purgatory, signing on (alongside WAREHOUSE 13’s Allison Scagliotti) to SMALLVILLE as the Wonder Twins. [io9]

Melissa Joan Hart and Debi Mazar’s career trajectories officially hit rock bottom with yesterday’s announcement that they’ll be just a few of the D-Listers to go DANCING WITH THE STARS. [TV.com]

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Tonight’s TV Addictions: April 7, 2009

The remaining eight contestants perform songs from the year they were born. Interesting fact: At least one of them reportedly has naked pics floating around on the web. On your marks… get set… Google!

FRINGE (8PM FOX, CTV in Canada)
Serial killer, creepy kids, dancing Walter…. we can’t wait!

90210 (9PM CW, Global in Canada)
Jason Priestly… directed this outing, which pretty much revolves around Silver and the fallout from that whole video mess that unfolded in the last episode.

I ain’t gonna lie: I went into this show last week hating it. Call it THE LOVE BOAT syndrome, but by the end of the pilot, I’d been lulled into a state of somnambulistic-like bliss that left me… well, not exactly eager for more, per se, but somehow not opposed to the idea.

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Tonight’s TV Addictions: March 16, 2009

Penny starts a hair-product business that suffers when her friends, particularly Sheldon, become involved.

Assuming our teaser from earlier today was not enough of an incentive to get you to tune into tonight’s brand new installment of GOSSIP GIRL, we’ve got six words for you: Nelly Yuki in a fat suit!

Putting aside tonight’s investigation involving a dead young Nanny. Tonight’s real mystery is how on earth Castle and Beckett manage to get any work done amidst the incessant one-liners and flirtatious glances.

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Tonight’s TV Addictions: March 9, 2009

Nerd Alert! Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Dr. George Smoot makes a cameo appearance. Oh, and some girl named Summer something-or-other also drops by [see pic]

Two Words: Vote WOZ!

CHUCK (8PM NBC, CityTV in Canada)
While Sarah and Casey hunt down another baddie, Chuck Bartowski remains holed up in a safety bunker with Clive Owen wannabe Agent Cole Barker (Jonathan Cake)

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (8:30PM CBS, E! in Canada)
Direct off a two season stint on OCTOBER ROAD (also known as, How I Met Your Father), the always radiant Laura Prepon beings a multi-episode arc as Ted’s old college girlfriend.

Does the immensely likable Nathan Fillion finally get the starring vehicle he so richly deserves? Click here for our review.

HEROES (9PM NBC, 10PM Global in Canada)
“Sylar… I am your father,” would be the first words out of special guest star John Glover’s mouth if we wrote HEROES. We’re just sayin’

So to will we, assuming that food is In-N-Out Burger or Pinkberry.

Question of the Day: ELI STONE Edition

After ELI STONE only managed to hold on to a disappointing 47% of lead-in DANCING WITH THE STARS’ audience on Tuesday night, this TV Addict would like to pose this question to the 16 or so million Americans who are inexplicably hooked on the reality show juggernaut.

What does ELI STONE have to do to keep 53% of you from changing the channel the moment host Tom Bergeron says good night? Tuesday’s episode had both dancing and stars, thanks to a guest starring turn by the artist formerly known as Joey Potter [Katie Holmes]. Seriously, what’s the deal?