Must See TV: KNOTS LANDING Vet Rocks Daytime!

Fans of primetime soaps remember Donna Mills as the scheme queen of the cul-de-sac that was KNOTS LANDING. And this week, Mills will be joining GENERAL HOSPITAL in a hush-hush role the soap’s headwriter Ron Carlivati wrote with her in mind. So who will she be playing? We haven’t a clue… but you can bet we’ll be watching her Port Charles entrance at 2 p.m. EST this Friday, March 14! Are you stoked to see Mills return to soaps? Who do you think she’ll be playing? Watch the preview vid, then hit the comment section below!

Soap Fans Call Out Oprah!

Talk about your ironic twists of fate: It looks as if soap operas — a genre Oprah Winfrey all but declared dead a while back — could be the key to saving her network.

Hot on the heels of OWN (aka the Oprah Winfrey Network) doubling its order for the sexy sudser THE HAVES AND HAVE NOTS thanks to it getting what are, for the struggling outlet, boffo ratings comes news that this summer, they’ll be running episodes of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. [Read more…]

Happy Anniversary, GENERAL HOSPITAL!

While your typical primetime drama is lucky to last long enough to air 50 episodes, the ABC sudser GENERAL HOSPITAL today will mark a truly epic milestone as it broadcasts its 12,785th.

As our friend Richard M. Simms, executive editor of Soaps In Depth magazine says, “That’s 12, 302 more episodes than LAW & ORDER ran during its 20 year run.”

So how does a show celebrate such a huge occasion? By pulling out all the stops, according to Simms. “The show has turned this anniversary into an incredible event for the fans. Over the past few months, favorite characters have come back to the show, storylines from the past have been revisited, and it’s all leading up to the return of the Nurses Ball.” [Read more…]

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Top Scribe Speaks!

Over the past few months, GENERAL HOSPITAL fans have been rocked by one revelation after another, from Jason’s death to A.J.’s return… and of course, the moment when Duke ripped off that rubber mask to reveal that he was actually Faison in disguise. And the man who has been behind all of those shocking twists is Ron Carlivati, the show’s head writer who, along with executive producer Frank Valentini, came on board the troubled show shortly after ABC had axed its only other sudsers, ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. [Read more…]

Sudsy Shocker: GENERAL HOSPITAL Super Spy Returns!

tristan rogers Robert Xavier Scorpio

When our pals over at Soaps In Depth tweeted on Friday that they’d spoken to Tristan Rogers, we suspected that there was something good coming down the pike. The only question was whether the daytime superstar would be returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL — where he played bad-guy busting, woman-wooing World Security Bureau agent Robert Xavier Scorpio (think James Bond, but with an Australian accent) — or THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, where he played grandbaby-napping, secret-keeping Colin Atkinson. The fact that the mag tweeted from their ABC account (@soapsindepthabc) left us hopeful that GH would be the winning soap, and this morning, the publication’s editors confirmed the news: Scorpio is back, baby! Look for Rogers and his alter ego to show up in Port Charles on Thursday, November 15, and for Soaps In Depth to report the details of his return in their cover story that goes on sale Monday, November 12!

Daytime Emmy Nominations 2012: Let The Speculation Begin!

If you’re a soap fan — or follow folks on Twitter who are — you no-doubt know that this morning, the Daytime Emmy nominations came out. And as always during award season, the biggest buzz is not necessarily about who’ll win… but who didn’t make the cut. Certainly this year is no exception, with more than a few folks baffled by and furious about the fact that ONE LIFE TO LIVE — which was canceled this January — was snubbed in the Outstanding Drama category. (Technically, it could still be nominated next year, as the judging period runs January to January, and the show ended on January 13th of 2012… but the odds are against that happening.) So who will be vying for a trophy on daytime’s biggest night? Here, courtesy of our friends at Soaps In Depth magazine, are the nominees!


It turns out everything’s better when done mash-up style… including commercials. Our favorite so far has to have been the downright brilliant ad used to advertise the release of COMMUNITY’s first season on DVD. But this week, a new challenger has stepped into the ring thanks to a celebrity-fuelled, catchy-as-all-get-out ad ABC’s been running for GOOD MORNING AMERICA (Airing weekdays from 7-9PM). Any vid that gets the blood pumping and features The Muppets deserves a shout-out!