It’s been a while since you’ve answered any CASTLE related questions. Care to rectify this little oversight? — Alec
The TV Addict: Ask and ye shall receive. Specifically, scoop on an upcoming episode that has CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe cleverly jumping on the fairytale bandwagon. Hilariously titled, “Once Upon a Crime,” the February 27th episode will see Castle and Beckett on a “grimm” (See what we did there?) hunt to catch a fairytale killer when women dressed as Red Riding Hood and Snow White are discovered dead.

Your recent interview with star Jeremy Sisto got me wondering about the identity of George’s wife and Tessa’s mother. Do you think we’ll meet her by the end of SUBURGATORY’s first season? — Lisa
The TV Addict: No! That said, we do have it on very good authority that you will meet the next best thing to Tessa’s absentee mother during the SUBURGATORY season finale appropriately titled “The Motherload.” That being… her absentee Grandmother!

There have been some seriously spoilerrific HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER photos floating around the interwebs teasing an upcoming episode that hints at a reconciliation between Robin and Ted. Care to shed some light on the subject? — Steph
The TV Addict: While we don’t pretend to really know whether or not Robin and Ted are going to give “coupledom” another go, we promise you that fans are not going to want to miss the February 20th episode that will see Ted rock Robin with a personal declaration as to how he feels about her. Read into that what you will. [Read more…]


Your recent interview with HART OF DIXIE creator Leila Gerstein zapped this Zoe/Wade shipper of pretty much all hope for a season ending hook-up. Is there anything at all you can tell me to make me feel better? — Lisa
The TV Addict: Not really! What’s more, if you didn’t enjoy our recent one-on-one with Leila Gerstein, you’re really not going to like the one teensy little tidbit of information that we left out of the piece that alludes to the fact that mathematically speaking, one of your favorite DIXIE denizens is all but guaranteed to end the season with a broken heart. Revealed Gerstein, “Between Zoe, Lemon, Wade, George and Lavon there are an uneven number of boys and girls and someone is going to be left out in the cold. I know that.”

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I’m hoping you can give me some heartwarming news for those of us still rooting for Mark and Lexie on GREY’S ANATOMY. — Brenda
The TV Addict: Mark and Lexie fans will be happy to know that the two genetically-blessed doctors will be spending the most romantic day of the year together. Slightly less exciting is what they’ll be doing on Valentine’s day, which is babysitting for Meredith/Derek and Arizonz/Callie’s respective babies!

Any scoop on my favorite new series ONCE UPON A TIME? — Rich
The TV Addict: Do you happen to know an 11 to 14 year old girl who looks eerily like a young Ginnifer Goodwin? If so, get them to a talent agent STAT (!) because producers are currently on the look out for a young Snow White. (Legal Mumbo Jumbo: By accepting this bit of casting scoop you may-or-may-not have inadvertently promised 10% of any and all earnings should said aforementioned 11 to 14 year old girl turn into the next Dakota/Elle Fanning!) [Read more…]


Dying for some NIKITA intel after the recent doozy of a midseason finale. Any clues as to what happens next? — Dakota
The TV Addict: While we don’t pretend to have any viable intel on the mother of all twists that went down in the most recent episode, we can report that all signs are pointing to Nikita doing a little soul searching in the New Year. And by soul searching, we of course mean confronting the sole woman who may-or-may-not be able to shed some light on Nikita’s long-awaited “origin story!” An origin story which in typical NIKITA fashion will come complete with flashbacks to an underground rehab clinic, murder, Mexico, plenty of gunplay, and some guy named Percy.

Now that BONES is back in production, care to share the name of Booth and Brennan’s baby? — Jane
The TV Addict: As much as we would absolutely love to reveal the name of Booth and Brennan’s baby. our love of staying on creator Hart Hanson’s good side wins the day yet again. Thus, in lieu of any actual information we hope you’ll forgive us for this highly ambiguous tease: Lifelong loyal BONES fan should already know the name of Booth and Brennan’s baby. And yes, now would be your cue to guess away in the comments below. [Read more…]


As someone who has always had a special affinity for DEXTER since the very beginning (Note: Not as creepy as it sounds, we promise!) we’re disappointed to admit that when it comes to summing up our feelings for the show’s much-anticipated current season, the best we can come up with is ‘conflicted.’ On the one hand, four weeks in, the show’s writing team deserves credit for managing to keep this aging series interesting by promoting Deb to Lieutenant, correcting last season’s wrong that was Laguerta and Angel’s marriage, and introducing a truly terrifying team of baddies (Edward James Olmos’ Professor Gellar and Colin Hanks’ Travis Marshall) into the mix. On the other — something that we can’t quite put our finger on — is missing. Whether it’s a symptom of the increasingly predictable nature of the show (Does anyone else have a feeling that Professor Gellar is to Travis what Harry is to Dexter?) or the fact that the astounding success of the series has all but eviscerated the once spine-tingling stakes for America’s favorite serial killer seeing as though Showtime isn’t about to put a knife in the back of its most popular property anytime soon, the simple fact of the matter is that this once must-watch-for-fear-of-being-spoiled-show has quietly devolved into yeah, we’ll-watch-it-when-we-get-around-to-it. #sad [Read more…]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Star James Denton

Mike Delfino may be a man of few words, but his portrayer James Denton is all talk. Which was certainly good news for this TV Addict who was recently given the opportunity to chat with the affable actor about all things DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Will Mike and Susan get their happily-ever-after? What’s the mood on the set as the show prepares to say goodbye? And what’s next for the man who has spent the better part of the past decade playing America’s favorite handyman? Find out for yourself after the jump. [Read more…]

Is There Any Hope for Tom and Lynette’s Marriage? Felicity Huffman and Doug Savant Dish on the Final Season of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES

If the popularity of our recent interview with Doug Savant is any indication, a whole lotta you care about the marital status of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Tom and Lynette Scavo. But is there really hope for what was once considered to be Wisteria Lanes model couple? We recently had the opportunity to chat with stars Felicity Huffman and Doug Savant to find out just that. See for yourself after the jump. [Read more…]


Until the last minute twist that revealed who is about to be a mommy, last night’s season premiere of GOSSIP GIRL was… well, nothing much to talk about. Serena’s Hollywood job is a snore, thanks in large part to the boring folks cast to play the various cliches and stereotypes surrounding her. Chuck deciding to say “yes” to everything would be a great development… if we’d ever thought of his as someone to deny himself anything. Nate continued to flounder in storyline limbo, sleeping with yet another older woman. (Does this guy need therapy to deal with his mommy issues?) And, of course, Blair whined. About what this week? Well, let’s see. She whined about every detail regarding her royal wedding and, most ludicrously, she whined about not be allowed to attend some royals-only speech. That’s right, she’s upset about not being able to attend a speech. There was, of course, a party, as is required of every episode. I imagine that in the writer’s room, the first thing they discuss each week is what the party-of-the-week will be and how it will turn into a disaster. The only real surprise at this particular party was that the pool around which it took place did not have anyone shoved into it. Things finally perked up in the final moments with Chuck’s bruise, Blair’s secret and Serena’s run-in with the chick who pretended to be her cousin last year, so hopefully, next week’s outing will be more juicy. [Read more…]

Ask the Addict: Spoilers for THE BIG BANG THEORY, DEGRASSI, BONES, FRINGE & More!

As somewhat of a socially-awkward nerdy-type myself, I would love to know about the future of Penny and Raj on THE BIG BANG THEORY. Statistically speaking, what would you say their chances of working out are? — Kevin
The TV Addict: Okay, here’s the thing. The first thing you should know about the TV Addict, is that if we had even the slightest smidgen of talent in the department of mathematics, we would not be sitting at our desk this morning writing about television. Secondly, Raj and Penny’s future romantic prospects during the upcoming fifth season of THE BIG BANG THEORY is what we would call a classic good news/bad news situation. On the bad news front: All evidence is pointing to Penny and Raj not living happily ever after. But, before you bury your head in World of Warcraft for the three days, we’ve got — you guessed it — some good news for you. The friendship forged courtesy of their unexpected night of passion during May’s season finale looks to be leading towards Penny introducing Raj to his ideal match. Which is to say, fans should brace themselves for the arrival a beautiful love interest for Raj who, in a twist befitting the brilliance of the BIG BANG THEORY, won’t require the not-so-talkative Raj to strike up a verbal conversation because…. drumroll please… she’s deaf! [Read more…]

DESPERATE No More! Felicity Huffman Reflects on the End of an Era and Teases HOUSEWIVES’ Cougarlicious Final Season

For seven seasons Lynette Scavo was almost single-handedly responsible for raising countless kids amidst marital strife, murder and mayhem. Unfortunately for said aforementioned housewife, this season will bring with it its biggest challenge yet: Looming unemployment.

Yes, after months or rumors and speculation the woman of Wisteria Lane will get a much-deserved reprieve from what has to be one of the country’s most ill-fated addresses as President of ABC Entertainment Paul Lee confirmed during this weekend’s executive session at the 2011 Television Critics Association Press Tour in Los Angeles that the upcoming eighth season of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES will be its last.

“I did that weird thing when you hear big news where you sort of distance yourself from it. I was with my friend [actress] Sarah Paulson who kept going, ‘How are you feeling, what’s going on, how are you feeling?’,” explained Felicity Huffman during an ABC’s cocktail party. “Then I went home, was really sad and I cried. I cried at the kitchen table with Bill [Husband William H. Macy] and then my daughter came in and asked what’s going on and he said ‘Her job is ending,’ and she went, “Oh Mamma, you’re gonna work again!’ I was like, I wish you were my agent.” [Read more…]


Although I’ve really been enjoying all the scoop you’ve been posting from Sunday’s MuchMusic Video Awards, I couldn’t help but notice that we haven’t heard anything from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Kat Graham, who I know for a fact was in attendance! Any reason why? — Jess
The TV Addict: Simply put, much like her stunning dress, Graham was holding her cards a little too close to the vest when it came to sharing season three spoilers. Well, except to reveal that there is one thing we’re fairly certain she won’t be worrying about when it comes to what’s in store for Bonnie during the third season of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. That thing of course being: Death! “Technically, I already died in the second season finale, so I’m not too worried,” joked Graham when asked if she was at all concerned with Jeremy’s history of dearly-departed girlfriends. “Plus, it certainly helps that the characters have such a huge fan base rooting for them.”

Any word on what creator Marc Cherry has up his sleeve for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES traditional season long mystery this fall? — Zoe
The TV Addict: Not so much of a word, as an inkling that said mystery might have a little something to do with the newest arrival on the lane. According to sources, Producers have quietly been on the look out for a love interest for Vanessa Williams’ Renee, who moves into town along with his out-of-control teenaged daughter to escape his crazy ex-wife who not surprisingly enough may not be too far behind. [Read more…]