We Shine the Spotlight on TEEN BEACH MOVIE and DOUBLE DADDY Star Mollee Gray


Talented actress and dancer, Mollee Gray will appear in two highly anticipated TV movies this month, TEEN BEACH 2 and DOUBLE DADDY. Playing two incredibly different roles Gray effortlessly makes the transition from bubbly, Giggles to intense and dramatic, Amanda. I caught up with the gifted young actress about her roles in both TV movies, what we can look forward to in TEEN BEACH 2 and what shows she is loving right now on TV. [Read more…]

Review: GIRL MEETS WORLD Brings a Familiar Face Home

girl meets world

“Girl Meets World” hasn’t shied away from welcoming “Boy Meets World” alums back into the fold. Tonight, the show is welcoming back one of its most beloved characters in hopes of giving him the happy ending he deserves.

In the episode (which was made available early via the Watch Disney Channel app), Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) and Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) were (finally!) reunited, and though that’s cause enough for celebration, it’s not all the show – or Cory’s daughter – appear to be after. [Read more…]

We Shine the Spotlight on TEEN BEACH MOVIE’s Energetic Teen: Mollee Gray

Moved by a passion for dance, singing and acting, young Hollywood starlet Mollee Gray is taking the Disney world by storm.  In a recent exclusive interview, Mollee talked about her latest film project TEEN BEACH MOVIE and all the fun she had bringing her character Giggles to life while working on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico. [Read more…]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with GRAVITY FALLS and PARENTHOOD Star Jason Ritter

With a career that has spanned just over two decades now, there’s no denying that acting is more than likely akin to child’s play for Jason Ritter. Which should certainly serve him well for his latest role that sees him stepping into the shoes of, well a child! Premiering tonight on the Disney Channel, GRAVITY FALLS finds Ritter voicing the character of Dipper Pines, who along with twin sister Mabel are in for an unexpected adventure when they spend the summer with their great uncle in the mysterious town of… you guessed it… Gravity Falls. We caught up with Ritter late last week to find out what attracted him to the project, whether or not co-star Kristen Schaal is as funny as advertised, and of course what’s in store for PARENTHOOD fans when our favorite family drama returns this fall. [Read more…]

ONCE UPON A TIME Season Finale First Look Video: Emma Discovers the Key to Saving Henry!?

ONCE UPON A TIME "A Land without Magic"

In anticipation of what promises to be one helluva final chapter to ONCE UPON A TIME’s fantastic first season, co-creators Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz took some time out of their very busy schedule to chat about Sunday’s finale in addition to the upcoming premiere of Disney XD’s animated TRON: UPRISING series. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Behind the Music: Interviews with the Music Composers of CASTLE, PUSHING DAISIES, PHINEAS & FERB and Disney XD’s AVENGERS

WonderCon 2012 provided so many rich opportunities to not only preview the hottest shows on television and the biggest movies coming to a theaters near you, it allowed fans a chance to mingle with a fantastic variety of talent associated with film and television.  One special group that has begun to venture out into the conventions and which are talking about the art they create is music composers.  Music is not just about records, CD’s, MP3’s, concerts, or the latest song on the radio anymore.  Music is, in fact, prevalent in all aspects of entertainment these days.  It is the life-blood of any visual medium ranging from film to television, from commercials to movie trailers.  It is also an art form that has sparked growing attention and appreciation as fans are realizing that what we see is so much better with a bit of music bringing it to life. [Read more…]

T. Thornton, Brigit Mendler and Adam Hicks Talk DISNEY’S FRIENDS FOR CHANGE GAMES

Disney’s FRIENDS FOR CHANGE GAMES has found a fun way for kids to learn about going “green” and being aware of their impact on the world around them.  In the games series, Disney’s hottest young actors and stars participate in the games to show how easy and fun it is to make some changes in our lives that help the planet and protect the environment. 
What is the purpose of Friends for Change?
Tiffany: Friends for Change is a Disney initiative that started 2 years ago.  This is our third year to do it.  It’s trying to get the kids involved around the world in helping the environment, and knowing what it means to go green.  There’s ideas online.  There’s a website at ProjectGreen.com which invites kids to participate as a part of this initiative and they have ideas online on how to help the environment.  So it’s games about recycling and washing your clothes in an environmentally friendly way.  So I think it will draw their attention even more so than just the games themselves.
Brigit:  I think the first step is getting the kids aware of the causes that are out there and then making it accessible and making it fun.  I think that’s the great thing about the Friends for Change games is that, first of all, the kids can realize there are ways to make saving the environment fun; and then from there to know it’s something that they can do within their own life, and then can go to Disney.com Project Green and see the different ways that they can participate. [Read more…]

SUMMER SCOOP: China Anne McClain Talks About Her New Disney Series A.N.T. FARM

China Anne McClain
In the Disney series A.N.T. FARM, China Anne McClain plays a musical genius who must navigate high school with a bunch of other gifted youngsters as they pursue their passions.
What is A.N.T FARM about?
China:  A.N.T. Farm is a show basically about high school and the A.N.T. program, and A.N.T. stands for Advanced Natural Talent. Everyone in the program is very gifted in whatever it is they do.  I’m a musical prodigy.  You know, mathematics and arts.  So the characters are 11 and 12 and the high schoolers don’t want them there. And my character is China Sparks.  She is very complicated.  She doesn’t care about what the high schoolers think about her.  She is just going to make the most of her high school experience. [Read more…]