ELEMENTARY Sneak Peeks: The Tables Are Turned


ELEMENTARY fans in the U.S. are celebrating Thanksgiving, but they’ll also have a chance to sit down to a new episode tonight.

The tables will be turned on Joan Watson this week when she’s investigated by an NYPD detective. She denies committing any crimes, but Sherlock is concerned that this investigation could threaten their position with the police force again.

Meanwhile, the duo team up to investigate the murder of a fertility lab technician, but during the course of their investigation they discover that the victim had a secret personal life that actually leads them to multiple suspects.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: Back to Work


Morland Holmes kept his promise and got Sherlock and Joan reinstated with the NYPD. In this week’s ELEMENTARY, the pair are heading back to work.

After meeting up with Marcus, they begin investigating the double murder of two men who looked alike, which leads them all into the world of facial recognition technology.

Meanwhile, Sherlock is feeling out of sorts with his father’s continued presence in New York City. And so he offers to help Morland resolve a work issue if his father promises to depart immediately. We’re going to assume that plan doesn’t work out as Sherlock had hoped.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: The Toll Always Comes Due


Sherlock is going to be getting an offer from his father in this week’s ELEMENTARY.

When Morland offers to reinstate Sherlock to his consultancy position with the NYPD, Sherlock is miffed. Primarily because he doesn’t believe his father is charitable towards him. But he agrees to discuss the possibility with Joan. And he does, telling her that Morland is more than capable of doing as he promised, despite whatever orders came down from the NYPD brass. He also gives her a hint about his father’s job: “Father’s business exists to grease the skids so that politicians and corporations can operate around the globe. Sometimes these are noble ventures, more often they are not.”

But Sherlock is insistent that there will be a price associated with this offer — with his father there’s always a price. And yet, when Joan goes to meet with Morland he is still insistent that he’s doing this “free of charge”. Can he be trusted?

Elsewhere in the episode, Joan and Sherlock take a consulting offer from the FBI to prove their worth since no other job offers were coming in. But Sherlock finds working with this new agency to be unfulfilling and frustrating. Will this convince him to take his father’s offer?

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ELEMENTARY Season 4 Premiere Sneak Peek: The Strength of Partnership


When ELEMENTARY returns for its fourth season, it’s clear that Sherlock Holmes is concerned about many things. Chief among them are his career and the possibility of jail time. After his recent drug relapse and beat-down of his former drug dealer in the season 3 finale, Sherlock is facing possible prosecution. And his consultancy position with the NYPD is at risk.

But his most primary concern is Joan Watson. He’s prepared to accept the consequences of his actions, but he doesn’t want Joan’s budding detective career to suffer as well. When he gets an opportunity to work what could be “one last case”, he intends to solve it and let Joan take the credit, thereby securing her position with the NYPD. But when Joan learns about his plan she’s not impressed. It’s not about the job for her — it’s about their partnership.

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ELEMENTARY Preview: Introducing Mr. Holmes


Sherlock’s freedom is now in jeopardy as ELEMENTARY returns for its fourth season. He’s facing criminal charges in the aftermath of his recent violent behavior and relapse, which has seemingly ended his job with the NYPD. But Joan is determined to stick with him no matter what. Although, it seems like Sherlock is desperately trying to hang on to his position with the NYPD and he and Joan work on the case of a missing wife believed to have been killed by her husband to try and get back into the department’s good graces.

But one thing that could throw a wrench in all of their plans — aside from possibly going to prison — is the arrival of Sherlock’s father, Morland Holmes. The man is determined to fix his estranged son’s troubles by any means necessary. It seems that Sherlock’s father wants to see his son restored to his consultancy position at the NYPD, but Sherlock doesn’t seem to think that accepting his father’s help is “worth the cost”. After all, there’s always a cost with his father.

ELEMENTARY returns for an all new season on November 5 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

A Candid Conversation with ELEMENTARY Star Aidan Quinn

aidan quinn sherlock elementary

Full Disclosure: If you had asked us at the start of the new television season if we’d still be watching ELEMENTARY four episodes in, we probably wouldn’t have answered in the affirmative. Yet here we are on November 8th, eagerly awaiting tonight’s episode thanks in no small part to the winning performances of Sherlock star Jonny Lee Miller and partners in crime-solving Jane Watson. (Lucy Liu) and Captain Gregson (Aadan Quinn). The latter of whom we recently had the pleasure of chatting during a stop in Toronto to talk about the hit CBS series, what appealed to him about playing Sherlock’s supportive Captain and the controversy that comes with starring in a hit television show. [Read more...]