ELEMENTARY Renewed for Season 6


ELEMENTARY has officially been renewed for a sixth season by CBS. The series has been on the bubble and wasn’t part of the 18 shows that CBS renewed back in March, but today the ELEMENTARY writers confirmed that the show will be returning for another season.

Renewal and cancellation news for CBS and other network shows is coming in fast over the last few days, so read our consolidated list for the latest updates.

ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: Joan’s Sister Makes an Appearance


A daredevil dies on this week’s ELEMENTARY, but who is the killer?

Sherlock and Joan get pulled into an investigation when a base jumper is shot out of the sky. Sherlock also discovers that there are two killers, not just one — after all, the victim’s parachute was also sabotaged. It seems like overkill, so Sherlock believes that two people may have tried to kill him. A little investigation reveals that the victim and his friends were all adrenaline junkies, which is not something Sherlock approves of. But did one of his fellow daredevils kill the victim?

Meanwhile, Joan’s sister, Lin, stops by for dinner and asks her sister if she’s seen Shinwell lately. Joan hasn’t, but Lin is concerned because she believes that she saw Shinwell with a member of his old gang. Worried that Shinwell might be violating his parole, Joan takes drastic measures to ensure that he won’t be drawn back into a life of crime.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: Sherlock Helps Captain Gregson’s Girlfriend With a Case


Paige, Captain Gregson’s girlfriend, approaches Sherlock with a private case in this week’s ELEMENTARY.

When Paige introduces herself to Sherlock, she explains that she believes her doctor/his staff are engaging in “criminal malfeasance”. She’s noticed that some of the women in the office have upgraded their clothing and jewelry lately and is suspicious about how they may have found the extra money. She doesn’t want to bring the matter to Gregson’s attention because he’ll go charging right in, so she asks Sherlock to keep the matter quiet for now. Later, he learns a secret about her.

Elsewhere, Sherlock and Joan are recruited to help the NYPD with a case involving an abducted woman. The first stop? A nudist colony.

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ELEMENTARY Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peek: Watson Reaches Out to an Old Patient


A serial bomber becomes active again when ELEMENTARY returns for its fifth season this week and this leads to a new character joining the cast.

The reappearance of this bomber leads Watson to reach out to Shinwell Johnson, a former patient whose life she saved when she was a surgeon. Shinwell is surprised to learn she’s no longer practicing medicine, but Watson is primarily interested in learning more about an old fellow patient of Shinwell’s who may be connected to this crime. Shinwell is down on his luck now, but he’s happy to be alive. When Joan hands him her card he wants to know how she changed her life so that he can learn from her. He’s also connected to the underworld of crime, which could actually be helpful to Sherlock and Watson. Unless, of course, it’s all a ruse and he can’t be trusted at all.

Meanwhile, Sherlock points out that Joan is coming up on her five year anniversary of becoming a detective, but he starts to sense that she’s unhappy and questions whether her life is actually being fulfilled by her detective career.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peeks: A Connection Between Morland, Sherlock and Joan


We’ve arrived at the penultimate episode of the season for ELEMENTARY and Moriarty has apparently become a problem again. Or, at least, that’s what Sherlock thought in the last episode.

Now, according to a clip from tonight’s episode, Sherlock has ruled out Jamie Moriarty as the suspect who is targeting Morland. Instead, he believes that someone else has taken over Moriarty’s network and is targeting the Holmes family. When Sherlock and Joan figure out who is made the attempt on Morland’s life, they “find a shocking connection to themselves” as well.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: Is Morland a Murder Suspect?


ELEMENTARY fans have seen how sketchy Morland Holmes is since his introduction this season. He’s definitely engaged in some questionable business practices to achieve his goals. But is he actually a murderer? That question is going to come up this week.

Sherlock and Joan get called to the crime scene that Marcus discovered last week and Joan is clearly thrown that her source in Morland’s office — Emile Kurtz — has been murdered. Sherlock and Marcus don’t seem aware of her connection to the victim, but her questions at the crime scene pique Sherlock’s interest. And soon enough, Morland becomes Sherlock and Joan’s prime suspect in the murder investigation.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peeks: Staging a Murder


Joan and Sherlock investigate a fake murder that turned into the real thing on this week’s ELEMENTARY.

First, Joan is shocked to wake up to a hairless cat in the brownstone. Sherlock announces that it was intended as a birthday gift for Fiona, but apparently the cat didn’t like her very much. Fortunately for Joan’s sanity, Mrs. Hudson has volunteered to adopt the animal.

Eventually the pair are called out to a crime scene featuring a double-homicide and both Sherlock and Detective Bell notice how odd the scene looks. We later learn that the victims were staging a fake murder right at the moment they were actually killed.

Finally, Joan’s inside man at Morland’s office runs into a problem that threatens to expose her spying to both Sherlock and his father.

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ELEMENTARY Teasers: The High-Stakes World of Illegal Poker


Sherlock and Joan get embroiled in the world of illegal poker games in this week’s ELEMENTARY.

Family Connection. A woman named Lin gets shot in her apartment and runs to Sherlock for help. She tells him that she’s a realtor and knows about him because she worked with Mycroft while he was in New York. Sherlock wants to know why they shouldn’t continue this discussion at the police station and she tells him the truth about her side job: she organizes illegal poker games. And one of her recent high-roller games was interrupted by a robbery by two guys in masks. Now she thinks that someone is framing her and so Sherlock heads to her apartment to gather her phone, which contains evidence on her players.

Delving in to a Shady World. As Sherlock meets Lin’s dealer while at Lin’s apartment, he tries to find out more about the two men who interrupted the poker game. One of the other players think that Lin robbed her own game, but Sherlock is convinced she’s being framed. And when Lin’s lookout for the event turns up dead, that changes the game and the police are brought into the situation. They uncover surveillance of the game and cheating and the situation becomes even more complicated, particularly when the NSA gets involved and orders them to stop their investigation.

Suspicions. But Joan thinks there’s something off about their new client — after all, she was close enough to Mycroft that she believes he would have told her about engaging Lin to find new locations for his restaurant. Sherlock thinks that it probably didn’t come up, but Joan can’t let her suspicions go and she starts covertly questioning Lin about her business to try and trip her up. She learns something about Lin that makes her question what she knew about Mycroft…and it turns out that what’s happening here has a far more personal connection to Joan than she suspected.

A Second Case. CBS will also be airing a second all new episode of ELEMENTARY this week. In it, Sherlock and Joan investigate a woman’s murder and discover that her death was linked to some artwork that has ties to a crime that was committed while she was in college.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peeks: Searching for a Survivalist


Sherlock’s relationship with Fiona continues on ELEMENTARY, but he starts exhibiting odd behavior when the relationship hits a critical point in tonight’s episode.

Sherlock and Joan will also be getting a visit from a potential client and it’s someone they know. In fact, it’s someone whose business partners they recently put behind bars. He brings a case to their attention because a survivalist doctor (who specialized in pain management) has gone missing and his son — who was a patient of the doctor — is a person of interest in the investigation. During the initial meeting about the case, Joan takes the boy out of the room and Sherlock confronts Mr. Springer, deducing that his son’s chronic pain came about because Springer was abusing the boy. But he also agrees to take on the case.

Also, in case you missed the news, ELEMENTARY has been recently renewed for a fifth season, along with a slew of other CBS shows.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: Hero Down


A real life superhero will be killed on an all new episode of ELEMENTARY, airing on a special night due to the recent NCAA basketball championship.

In “You’ve Got Me, Who’s Got You?”, Marcus asks for Joan and Sherlock’s help to solve a murder involving a man who secretly fought crime while dressed as a popular comic book superhero. Apparently, the “Midnight Ranger” liked to try and deal with low-level drug dealers and purse snatchers. But they can’t figure out his real identity, so they turn to the original comic book publisher who has also been searching for this man’s identity because he was been infringing on their copyright.

Elsewhere in the episode, Morland makes a surprise donation to Joan’s favorite charity, but it turns out not to be altruistic — he wants her to do him a business-related favor.

A new episode of ELEMENTARY airs tonight (March 20) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.