ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: Their Hardest Case?


Joan and Sherlock are going to tackle what may be their most difficult case ever on this week’s ELEMENTARY.

The pair are called to the New York City morgue, where a bomb has recently exploded. Apparently someone either planted it in the body cooler or in a body itself. The Medical Examiner thinks that a cartel may be involved. The difficulty is that the bomb destroyed any possible physical evidence, leaving Joan and Watson to go into the investigation blind.

Meanwhile, Joan becomes suspicious when the NYPD detective who holds a grudge against her asks her to consult on a case. Is she setting her up to fail?

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: Secrets in the Holmes Family


Joan dropped a bomb on last week’s ELEMENTARY when she told Sherlock she believed someone had tried to kill his father.

In this week’s episode, Sherlock decides to investigate who may have targeted Morland for death. Apparently Scotland Yard and the French police are unaware of the potential killer, so Sherlock turned his attention to a contact within a mercenary group that Morland occasionally employs. But from the looks of the clip below, he spent more time having carnal relations with contact than getting valuable intel from her about the attempted murder.

Elsewhere in the episode, Sherlock and Joan are going to learn that Morland is keeping a secret that threatens the safety of all of them. And the pair investigate two murders that are connected to a for-profit college and its illegal recruitment practices.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: Driving Head First Into Danger


Joan and Sherlock are going to be dealing with a doozy of a case in this week’s ELEMENTARY. A Russian billionaire who is visiting New York City gets gunned down in front of a strip club. And it turns out that his assassins were also killed — via a hacked car that drove them to their deaths.

So the pair and the NYPD are searching for a computer hacker. The designer of the software is the first suspect, but it soon becomes apparent that she couldn’t have done it. As they turn their attention to other suspects they start to realize that the billionaire’s business in the U.S. relates to a dock workers’ union, the Mafia, and a political conflict back home. Which, of course, opens up the suspect pool.

Meanwhile, Joan is surprised when she receives a solo dinner invitation from Sherlock’s father and he asks her for a personal favor. This is going to lead to an interesting discovery about Morland at the end.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peeks: Did a Victim Know Her Killer?


Family has been a big theme on ELEMENTARY this year and it continues in this week’s episode. Only this time we’re not dealing with Sherlock on Joan’s family, but the victim’s.

In “A Burden of Blood”, Sherlock and Joan are called in to investigate the homicide of a young woman whose murder is partly recorded on her home’s answering machine. When they discover that she was pregnant and may have been having an affair, the suspect pool widens. It’s then that they realize she was murdered in a manner reminiscent of the crimes of an infamous, and already incarcerated, serial killer. And, it turns out, she and her family had an interesting and morbid connection to these crimes.

Meanwhile, Sherlock discovers that Joan has been tutoring Marcus Bell for a police sergeant’s exam that would lead to a promotion and he volunteers (rather forcefully) to take over the tutoring.

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ELEMENTARY Preview: Joan and Sherlock Return with a Fascinating Case and Family Drama


ELEMENTARY returns from its winter hiatus with a strong and intriguing case — as well as a little bit of Watson family drama — in what might be the best episode of the season thus far.

While the focus has primarily been on the Holmes family this season with the arrival of Sherlock’s father in the premiere, it’s Joan’s stepfather who steps into the limelight this week. Captain Gregson calls Joan into his office to hand her a book — a book about a Chinese-American and British detective duo who consult for the NYPD. Joan is shocked that someone has written about her and Sherlock, but she quickly realizes who the culprit is: her stepfather, Henry Watson (played by John Heard). Their relationship has been a solid one, but it’s threatened by Henry’s new book and Joan’s demand that he get it out of print immediately. Her biggest concern is for Sherlock himself — as an incredibly private person, she’s sure he won’t be eager to see his exploits in print.

As the Watson family drama unfolds, Joan and Sherlock are called in to consult on the murder of a retired FBI agent. Upon inspection, they realize that the man’s death is connected to an unsolved case from his career: the kidnapping of Mina Davenport. Davenport was returned to her family recently, but her kidnapper was never found. And if you think that the Watson family is going through some drama, wait until you see the Davenport family. In particular, keep your eye on Sarah Cetrulo, who plays Mina. Cetrulo’s performance becomes more and more compelling as more is revealed about her character and Mina’s circumstances. Without a doubt, this case is one of the most interesting we’ve seen from ELEMENTARY in a while and it will leave you guessing until the final scene.

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Strong Women as Show Leads: This Is Great Television

female leads

What do Alex Parrish, Jane Doe, and Elizabeth Keen all have in common? They’re all strong female lead characters in popular television suspense dramas. Actually, Dr. Joan Watson fits into that category, too.

I’m loving this new genre of series that suddenly appeared on our television screens in 2013 with the premiere of THE BLACKLIST when FBI most-wanted master criminal Raymond Reddington picked profiler Elizabeth Keen to join him in hunting down the world’s creepiest and most dangerous bad guys. The big mystery behind the series was why Reddington picked Keen, and the mystery pervaded the drama throughout its three season run and continues to this day, despite continual hints and suggestions that he is somehow related to her.

This year we were introduced to two new mystery heroines. Alex Parrish is an FBI agent accused of a terrorist act while searching for the real culprit from among her fellow classmates at the FBI Quantico training facility. Jane Doe is a body full of clues that lead to stopping or solving a series of criminal acts, while she herself is clueless to how she was left naked in the center of Times Square or how the tattoos that are the body of clues came to be on her body. Jane Doe is the lead character in BLINDSPOT and the Alex Parrish is the lead character in QUANTICO.

What all these female characters have in common is that they have been mysteriously thrust into a world of intrigue by unknown forces, required to act by instinct to solve a conundrum that deeply and dangerously affects their lives. As viewers, we share in their uncertainty and lack of clarity, as on the one hand they try to solve crimes or stop disasters yet on the other they try to bring light to the great unknowns in their lives. The suspense and the intrigue are palpable.

In a similar, although not altogether same, way, Dr. Joan Watson lives out ambiguity in her dealings with a modern day Sherlock Holmes in ELEMENTARY. Holmes was thrust into her life by his father to watch over Holmes as he attempted to overcome a heroin addiction, while she joined Holmes in his private detective consultancy. He trained her in deductive analysis, while she trained him in becoming more humane. But behind these main themes there were mysteries behind their personal and professional relationship and the motivations behind the father’s involvement. And Joan Watson proved to be more than equal to the challenge a brilliant Sherlock Holmes might face in solving crimes and dealing with ordinary human beings. She was a strong female character able to get along fine on her own, as she proved when during the off season Holmes moved back to London and Watson took on her own detective consultancy. When he returned to New York City, she didn’t really need him, although she did finally rejoin him out of concern for his well-being.

It wasn’t that long ago that it was hard to find a strong female lead in a drama series. Today there are at least four. You can probably also add Shaw and Root from PERSON OF INTEREST to the list of enigmatic women superheroes, as well as Olivia Benson from SVU.

I’m drawn to these new dramas far more than the old-style cop and law shows. They feature compelling characters with flaws and weaknesses that tease out their inner strengths and immense skills, which far surpass the morality plays that we often find in the cop shows and law dramas. Alex Parrish, Jane Doe, Elizabeth Keen, and Joan Watson are complex characters of depth that we come to know week by week, building on clues that the shows’ writers and producers have not been shy to fill out, to the excitement of fans. This is great television.

ELEMENTARY Sneak Peeks: The Tables Are Turned


ELEMENTARY fans in the U.S. are celebrating Thanksgiving, but they’ll also have a chance to sit down to a new episode tonight.

The tables will be turned on Joan Watson this week when she’s investigated by an NYPD detective. She denies committing any crimes, but Sherlock is concerned that this investigation could threaten their position with the police force again.

Meanwhile, the duo team up to investigate the murder of a fertility lab technician, but during the course of their investigation they discover that the victim had a secret personal life that actually leads them to multiple suspects.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: Back to Work


Morland Holmes kept his promise and got Sherlock and Joan reinstated with the NYPD. In this week’s ELEMENTARY, the pair are heading back to work.

After meeting up with Marcus, they begin investigating the double murder of two men who looked alike, which leads them all into the world of facial recognition technology.

Meanwhile, Sherlock is feeling out of sorts with his father’s continued presence in New York City. And so he offers to help Morland resolve a work issue if his father promises to depart immediately. We’re going to assume that plan doesn’t work out as Sherlock had hoped.

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ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: The Toll Always Comes Due


Sherlock is going to be getting an offer from his father in this week’s ELEMENTARY.

When Morland offers to reinstate Sherlock to his consultancy position with the NYPD, Sherlock is miffed. Primarily because he doesn’t believe his father is charitable towards him. But he agrees to discuss the possibility with Joan. And he does, telling her that Morland is more than capable of doing as he promised, despite whatever orders came down from the NYPD brass. He also gives her a hint about his father’s job: “Father’s business exists to grease the skids so that politicians and corporations can operate around the globe. Sometimes these are noble ventures, more often they are not.”

But Sherlock is insistent that there will be a price associated with this offer — with his father there’s always a price. And yet, when Joan goes to meet with Morland he is still insistent that he’s doing this “free of charge”. Can he be trusted?

Elsewhere in the episode, Joan and Sherlock take a consulting offer from the FBI to prove their worth since no other job offers were coming in. But Sherlock finds working with this new agency to be unfulfilling and frustrating. Will this convince him to take his father’s offer?

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ELEMENTARY Season 4 Premiere Sneak Peek: The Strength of Partnership


When ELEMENTARY returns for its fourth season, it’s clear that Sherlock Holmes is concerned about many things. Chief among them are his career and the possibility of jail time. After his recent drug relapse and beat-down of his former drug dealer in the season 3 finale, Sherlock is facing possible prosecution. And his consultancy position with the NYPD is at risk.

But his most primary concern is Joan Watson. He’s prepared to accept the consequences of his actions, but he doesn’t want Joan’s budding detective career to suffer as well. When he gets an opportunity to work what could be “one last case”, he intends to solve it and let Joan take the credit, thereby securing her position with the NYPD. But when Joan learns about his plan she’s not impressed. It’s not about the job for her — it’s about their partnership.

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