MOM Recap: Wanna Bet?


Season 2 | Episode 1 | “Hepatitis and Lemon Zest” | Aired Oct 30, 2014

“Mom” is a sitcom about a lot of things – alcoholism, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, the broken trust between an estranged mother and her equally lost daughter. But above all else, it’s a show unafraid to tell real stories about honest-to-God people who are unabashedly flawed. Few shows, let alone sitcoms, would dare take the risks that “Mom” is taking at the start of season two.

In “Hepatitis and Lemon Zest,” Christy (or should I say, Crusty) is coming up on a year and a half of sobriety, though as it turns out, she’s never quite quit her gambling addiction. It’s not a problem until she gambles away three months worth of rent money, and she and her family are threatened with eviction.

Christy, Bonnie and Marjorie are able to piece together a month’s worth of rent, but Christy’s need to satisfy her addiction prompts her to risk it all for a chance at winning $6,000. She miraculously wins, but her luck soon runs out when she’s robbed at gunpoint outside of work. Now penniless, she and her family will be forced to live in a fleabag motel until she and Bonnie can get together enough money to start anew.

In the interim, Christy has a bountiful dose of hurdles to conquer. She must overcome her gambling bug while sponsoring newly sober alcoholic, Jill (Jaime Pressly, “My Name is Earl”). Meanwhile, daughter Violet has yet to get over giving her baby girl up for adoption, and things are heating up between Bonnie and Alvin (Kevin Pollak, “The Usual Suspects”).

Needless to say, “Mom” has no shortage of stories to tell, and is in no danger of the feared ‘sophomore slump’.

TWO AND A HALF MEN Recap: An Elephant in the Room


Season 12 | Episode 1 | “The Ol’ Mexican Spinach” | Aired Oct 30, 2014

“Two and a Half Men” might be coming to an end, but it has only just begun to tackle its most controversial storyline yet.

In “The Ol’ Mexican Spinach,” everyone was in for a spook on All Hallows’ Eve when Walden was rushed to the emergency room following a minor heart attack. The newly placed stent in his heart couldn’t fill the void of loved ones, though. As the lonesome billionaire depressingly put things, the only people who give a damn about him are Alan, Berta and his seemingly distant mom.

After a failed marriage to Bridget, a failed marriage proposal to Zoey, and a destined-to-fail relationship with Kate, Walden isn’t keen on the idea of any further romantic entanglements. All he really wants is his own Jake – a son who isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions, like when the fourth of July falls in our current calendar year.

Walden’s decision to bring a child into his home isn’t made easy by his newly recruited adoption lawyer (Aisha Tyler, “The Talk”). As it turns out, large pockets and devilishly good looks won’t help our protagonist on his quest to fatherhood, as adoptions are almost always granted exclusively to married couples. Frustrated by the outcome, and realizing that Alan’s the closest thing he’ll ever have to a committed relationship (it’s not like he’s ever leaving that Malibu beach house), Walden gets down on one knee, and asks for his super friend’s hand in marriage. Together, they can adopt and raise a young boy, thus bringing “Two and a Half Men” full circle.

Walden’s desire to be a dad is perfectly understandable. What isn’t understandable is why a man with his wealth wouldn’t just avoid the adoption progress altogether and hire a private surrogate. Hopefully, that can be addressed in a not-so-distant future episode. After the honeymoon, of course.



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GREY’S ANATOMY Redux: “Calzona” Could Be No More and That’s OK!


There’s no Grey’s Anatomy this week but there’s still things to discuss from last week so let’s talk.

Last Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy saw what could be the end of Callie and Arizona and I’m here to tell you that this is a good thing. Ok, ok … before you all start to riot, let me explain myself. I want to start this off by saying that I’m a Callie and Arizona fan and thought they were definitely going to be endgame when they first got together. But this couple has been through a lot and now, I’m not so sure they are endgame or that I want them to be.

There are so many times when the Calzona relationship has taken a hit that’s hard to decide whien was the moment that we all should have known that it was over. Was it when they broke up because Arizona didn’t want kids? Or was it, when they broke up because Arizona was going to Africa and Callie didn’t really want to go? It could also be when Arizona returned and Callie had slept with Mark and was knocked up with his child. Maybe, it was Arizona cheating on Callie…? I honestly don’t know because it could have been any of those or maybe one that I didn’t even mention. [Read more...]



Starring: Tyler Ritter, Jack McGee (“Common Law”), Laurie Metcalf (“Roseanne,” “Getting On”), Joey McIntyre (“The Hotwives of Orlando”), Jimmy Dunn and Kelen Coleman (“The Newsroom”)

Genre: Multi-camera comedy

Premiere Date: Thursday, October 30, 9:30 p.m., CBS (CTV in Canada)

Direct Competition: “A to Z” (NBC), “Gracepoint” (Fox), “Scandal” (ABC), “Reign” (CW)

Premise (in 140 characters or less): A Boston-bred, Irish Catholic family has odd ways of eliciting affection for the youngest son, a 29 year-old gay man contemplating a change. [Read more...]



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