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Biggest Shock: GAME OF THRONES author Geroge R.R. Martin wasn’t kidding around when he wrote, “When you play a game of thrones you win or you die.” Even Bigger Shocker: That those who had already read the books managed to keep mum when it came Sunday’s shocking GAME OF THRONES murder! Seriously, we tip our
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ORPHAN BLACK Preview: The Clone Club Is Back With a Vengeance for Season 2


If you were one of the privileged few that discovered this gem of a television series last year when it first aired on BBC America, then you are a bone fide member of Clone Club. But, hey, anyone who subsequently discovered the series online or through the DVD’s also qualifies, because Clone Club welcomes all
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Must READ TV: Carol Leifer’s New Book “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Crying”

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Crying

To say Carol Leifer’s book How To Succeed In Business Without Really Crying left me feeling inspired is an understatement. As a college student I’m surrounded by people who have the same dream as me. Thousands of people my age are trying to work in television. Leifer’s book really gave me insight on how to
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ARROW Post-Mortem: EP Andrew Kreisberg Weighs In on the Events in “The Man Under the Hood”


  As promised, this week’s episode of ARROW was a non-stop thrill-ride.  It began with Oliver (Stephen Amell), Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), Diggle (David Ramsey) and Sara (Caity Lotz) breaking into Queen Industries’ warehouse and blowing it up so that Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) could not get his hands on all the cool scientifically advanced
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In the Mix: Adam Campbell and Alexis Carra Dish on MIXOLOGY

adam campbell alexis carra mixology

Adam Campbell and Alexis Carra star on the hilarious singles comedy MIXOLOGY. They star as Ron, a suave playboy, and Jessica, a single mom of two who is hoping to find Mr. Right on her one night out. I spoke with Adam and Alexis about their characters chemistry, what we can expect to see in
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THE 100 Scoop: Thomas McDonell Talks Playing A Character Torn Between Two Lovers

Thomas McDonell the 100

It is a predicament that most men would kill for: two women vying for a young man’s attention. But in the case of Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell), it is his worst nightmare. In the new CW series THE 100, Finn thought he had been condemned to die on a radiation-soaked planet, only to discover that
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ARROW Preview: “The Man Under The Hood”


Gotta give props to ARROW for the spectacular use of the character Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett). You don’t just bring in a character like that and use him sparingly. ARROW has gone full tilt towards the Oliver Queen/Slade Wilson ultimate face-off — and with each new battle, we are reminded that Slade Wilson is not
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You don’t have to be a genius working at one of the top computer companies in the country to see how awesome SILICON VALLEY is. The new HBO comedy debuted last week and has received great reviews, and for good reason. The nerd fueled comedy centers around Richard’s (Thomas Middleditch) web design for a program
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THE ORIGINALS Scoop: Danielle Campbell Talks the Continuing Tug-of-War For Davina’s Power

Danielle Campbell the originals

From the beginning of the series, THE ORIGINALS was about a brewing conflict between the vampires and witches — and now the werewolves. But the one pivotal piece on the chess board turned out to be a young teen witch, who has been inadvertently bestowed with all the power of all the ancestor witches of
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WAREHOUSE 13 Preview: The Search for Endless Wonder Continues As the Series Ends


For its fifth and final season, WAREHOUSE 13 offers six distantly memorable and exhilarating episodes to conclude its wondrous journey. It returns from its Season 4 cliffhanger with special guest star Tony Head reprising his role as Paracelsus, the alchemist who briefly acted as the Caretaker of Warehouse 9 before being bronzed, who later conned
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